1 Any sailboat with an operating electric motor, outboard, inboard, inboard/o jet d rive motor of utdrive, any length. Click on the link in the left column for more information Registration is needed when an electric motor, or a gasoline, propane or diesel Registration engine is attached. You must have the boat registration certificate on board and validation stickers displayed. One for each person, properly sized, readily accessible and in good serviceable Life Jackets condition and US Coast Guard approved Life Jacket to be Under 12 years of age at all times when underway on a sailboat less than 65 feet except when in a fully enclosed cabin worn If the sailboat is less than 21 f ee t all passengers must wear a PFD from Nov 1 to May 1. Thro w able flotation Required if greater than or equal to 16 feet device Sound Producing Yes, mouth whistle is acceptable if vessel is under 39 feet in length device Not required unless the sailboat is over 39 f ee t Bell Required Anchor and line e Flame Backfir Only if the engine is a gas or diesel inboard engine arrestor Fire Extinguisher Yes, click on the link to find the number and type of extinguisher required. over 16 f Sailboats ee to carry t equipp ed with mechanical power are required Visual Distress signal daytime visual distress and nighttime visual distress signals . . When under sail only required at night and restricted visibility Yes , lights are Navigation Lights must carry red and green side lights and stern light. When operating under power you must add the mast head light . Capacity Plate Not required required for electric motor Not Muffled exhaust , required on all other engines. New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Marine Services Bureau 0445 • Albany, New York 12238 • (518) 474-

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