1 A S e P - a - t v e - A S e - P a v t e S P a e - A - t v e ANIMAL RELINQUISH REQUEST FORM Thank you for reaching out to Save-A-Pet to find a loving home for a companion animal. Save-A-Pet is a not-for profit, no-kill shelter dedicated to finding loving, quality homes for each cat and dog in its care. Our shelter strives to create an environment which enhances both awareness of and support for the humane treatment of animals. For more information about Save-A-Pet, please visit us on-line at We realize that sometimes there are very unique circumstances that might cause you to have to give up a companion animal. However, many cases of owners relinquishing pets may be resolved with some time and commitment. If you should decide that you would like to work with your companion animal, we would be happy to help you in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 847- 740 -7788 for companion animal LQWDNH#VDYHDSHWLORUJ counseling or e-mail us at The Humane Society of the United States has launched the Pets for Life program. Their goal is to curtail the numbers of animals relinquished to shelters because of breaks in the human-animal bond. To achieve this goal, they are developing a variety of programs to empower pet caregivers to solve the problems that threaten their relationships with pets. Also included in these resources is information on strays, feral cat populations and pet behavior tip sheets. Due to the large number of relinquish requests we receive, please be patient pending a response. In order to pplication, the form must be filled out completely. Please be thorough as this will allow us to place process this a the animal in an appropriate home once relinquished. We are often running at maximum capacity due to the vast numbers of stray and unwanted animals in our community so if we are unable to accommodate the animal at this time, we will provide you with additional resources. If the animal is a stray, please call your local police department or animal control to make a report. If you are a previous SAP adopter and must return your pet, we encourage you to give us the time necessary to make space available . Of course, we will make any accommodation necessary for our previously adopted pets. Thank you, " Please put us out of business spay and neuter your pets!" 3OHDVHFRS\DQGSDVWHDSSOLFDWLRQLQWRDEODQNHPDLODQGVHQGWR6DYH$3HWDW LQWDNH#VDYHD SHWLORUJ  RQHSHUDQLPDO  Please attach picture of animal if available  1DPH  $GGUHVV  &LW\   6WDWH   3KRQH   (PDLO

2 Relinquish Type: Save-A-Pet Return ( ) Owner Relinquish ( ) Stray ( ) Pet “name”, ID# and date of adoption required Save-A- (Save-A-Pet houses cats and dogs ) Species: only ( ) Cat Declawed? ( ) YES ( ) 2-Paw ( ) 4-Paw ( ) Dog Animal's Name: (please note breed types if mixed) Breed: lbs Approximate Weight: ( ) ( ) Gender: Female ( ) Unknown Male Age: Yes No Spayed Neutered: Unknown ( ) ( ) ( ) Veterinarian Information: Please provide us with current shot records and tact info) Up to Date on Shots: ( your veterinarian’s con Yes Unknown No ( ) ( ) ( ) Please list all medical conditions and concerns: Please list any behavioral issues : Has the animal had any formal training, if yes, where? Has the animal bitten in the last 15 days? ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) Unknown Has the animal shown any aggressive tendencies? ( ) ( ) No ( ) Unknown Yes ( ) ( ) No ( ) Unknown Is the animal housebroken/litter box trained? Yes ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) Unknown Good with Dogs: ( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) Unknown Good with Cats: under 12 years of age) Good with Kids: ( Yes ( ) No ( ) Unknown ( ) Where the animal is primarily kept ... ( ) House ( ) Outside Where did you originally get the animal ? Length of Ownership: Reason for Relinquish: Are there any special problems with the animal that we should be aware of? If yes, please explain ( *Proposed Donation Amount: $ Owner relinquishes, a relinquishment fee of $200 will be requested) * for each animal Save-A-Pet rescues it costs an average of $400 per month to care for that one animal. Save-A-Pet is a no-kill shelter where no animal is ever euthanized because it cannot find a home or because of their medical expenses are too high. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and desperately needed to keep our doors open. Things to remember... There are over 26,000 animals put to death in our local and extended community each year. Most shelters are full beyond capacity due to the vast amount of stray, abandoned, unwanted and abused animals. A stray animal is held for 5 working days... if that animal is not adopted or claimed, the animal will be disposed of, based on each organizations individual procedure. An owner turn-in (relinquish) can be disposed of at any time. The shelters are full of young and older animals, purebred and mixed, sweet and shy... please don't assume yours will be easily placed just because he's cute or has a great personality. Please remember that an animal is an actual life - They are such wonderful, compassionate, giving souls... we hope you find it in your heart to keep your pet. We will reply with many helpful attachments. Please make sure to check your “Junk e - mail” folder, especially when e -mailing from a business address.

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