Auto save function of photos videos


1 Auto function of photos/videos save 04 or iOS will download photos and videos from the FlashAir W - ™ T he FlashAir App for Android card automatically based on your setting. You can set the date and file type for automatic download. This function is available on the FlashAir ● - 04 . W ● Keep the connection with the FlashAir W - 04 while auto saving is running. If the device in which the FlashAir - 04 is inserted is powered off, the connection will be lost, and the auto saving will be stopped. To resume W auto saving, connect to the FlashAir W - 04 again. ● Some operation s may be needed to uplo ad photos/videos to online storage services. How to s Auto save of photos/videos et up Use the latest version of FlashAir App ● for Android or iOS . Step 1 Open the FlashAir App for Android or iOS. Step 2 t urn on For Android, Auto save of photos/videos”. “Settings” > “ For iOS, turn on “Settings” > “Application Settings” > “ Auto save of photos/videos”.

2 * These figures s how the screen images for iOS app. Step 3 Set the s tart date and file types to save automatically. is figure s hows the screen image for iOS app. * Th Step 4 The app will download photos and videos from the FlashAir W - 04 card which is connected to the app based on your setting. If you want to stop the auto saving, turn off “ Auto save of photos/videos”.

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