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1 ► Our Suppliers so Sustainability: Our Suppliers Delivering not only Quality, but al We establish long-term relations with our suppliers. We deal with them fairly and reliably, to our mutual benefit. The fairness of our relations with our suppliers and the fact that we are interested in their success is frequently confirmed in the feedback we receive. At the same time, we attach great importance to suppliers meeting our high standards, such as those concerning quality, good working conditions, and responsible environmental protection. These standards form the basis for a partnership that lasts many years – and that justifies cons umers' confidence in our products. Only by guaranteeing that our suppliers also assume social, ecological and economic responsibility, we n sustainable products. We are therefore dependent upo are able to offer our consumers integrally cooperate. our suppliers' willingness to Our international, cross-functional team developed a global supplier management concept. This provides for continuous supplier assessment – including the extent to which they take sustainability aspects into account. The assessments are m anaged using the newly implemented "Sourcefinder" internet platform, which also facilitates a clear improvement in data transparency throughout the entire Group. The first supplier assessments were successfully completed in 2009, and we global scale. Furthermore, the Beiersdorf Code continue to gradually implement the process on a of Conduct for Suppliers ensures that our Supply Chain is based on principles for responsible action beyond our own factories. Our suppliers commit to complying with our Code of Conduct and prove their responsible administration in standardized supplier audits. Page 1 of 1

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