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1 Local Reply LocaL RepL y SeR vice – How to make youR inteRnationaL maiLingS a SucceSS! How to complement your international direct marketing campaigns optimally.

2 geneRate maximum ReSponSe RateS by pReSenting youRSeLf in tHe “LocaL Look”. anyone who wants to open up international markets successfully needs to take the customs and needs of international customers seriously. Demonstrate proximity to the customer. take the opportunity to use a local address in your target group’s country when launching mailing campaigns.

3 Benefits and tariffs  This generates trust. By using Deutsche Post’s Local Reply Service, you can ensure your international mailing has the crucial local touch. Our service enables your company to have a local presence by giving you an address that is typical of the country – just like any local company. By opting for this service, you can make it even easier for your international customers to respond, while generating additional trust from the word go – an advantage that certainly should not be underestimated. Local Reply Service is free for Your benefits at a glance. persons returning the items and this in itself makes it particularly attractive to customers abroad. By using the Local Reply Service, you can make your mailings even more attractive. You will benefit from: • High response rates • “Local look” • Simple handling. Greater proximity to the customers at a low cost. The price for the Local Reply Service is made up of the graded postage plus the local reply charge: Tariffs Maxibrief Großbrief Kompaktbrief Standardbrief Postcards Maxibrief (oversized) Minimum dimensions* 140 mm Length 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm 140 mm Width 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm 90 mm 90 mm Maximum dimensions* 600 mm** Lenght 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm 5 mm 25 mm 00 mm** 250 mm 250 mm 125 mm 125 mm Width 125 mm Height 5 mm 10 mm 20 mm 50 mm 150 mm** 2,000 g 20 g 50 g 500 g 1,000 g Maximum weight* euR 0.55 euR 0.45 euR 0.90 euR 1.45 Rate euR 2.20 euR 4.40 euR 0.25 Plus local euR 0.25 euR 0.25 euR 0.25 euR 0.25 euR 0.25 reply charge ** Length + width + height ≤ 900 mm Please note that these formats and weights are only relevant for * postage calculation. Please respect country-specific layout require- ments as given in the country-specific profiles available. The set-up of and the collection of mail from a P.O. box is free of charge. In addition the following transport costs apply: postage for Maxibrief Inter- national or M-Bag to your address. 3

4 4 Benefits and tariffs geneRating HigHeR ReSponSe – a Step by Step by opting for the Local Reply Service, you will break new ground with your international mailings, creating greater proximity to the customer and hence and best of all – you can benefit from a comprehensive service more success. package and pay no more than the domestic mail charge. 4

5 5 Benefits and tariffs You send a mailing to your target groups abroad, 1 – Your mailing reaches the recipient... 2 – including a response option that has the local look. 3 – ...who uses the practical reply option which goes DHL Global Mail forwards the replies that have been 4 – directly to your P.O. box abroad. collected to you without further delay. You can leave all the rest to us, as our Achieve maximum success at minimum cost! Deutsche service package includes almost everything: Post provides you with a foreign P.O. box address, set up by DHL Global Mail – which will save you from having to invest in creating your own infrastructures in The set-up of a P.O. box address in the destination • the individual destination countries.We will collect the country replies received on your behalf and will send them to • All replies received are sent to your address your address. This will enable you to focus fully on the • Collection of postage for replies received. content of your international mailings, while we take care of all the rest. Your benefit: you only have to pay for responses that are actually returned. All services at a glance. The Local Reply Serivce enables you to offer your international customers a response address in their own country. 5

6 tHe faSt tRack to LucRative cuStomeR DiaLogue. Deutsche p ost’s Local Reply Service is the ideal solution for your international direct marketing campaigns. use the practical reply service to develop new customer potential and to cultivate existing business relations. The local look made easy. Different layout regulations apply to different destination countries – your sales representative will be pleased to provide you with country specific profiles containing postal require- ments and a host of practical tips for the optimum design of your Local Reply Service mailings. The correct design enables you to benefit from swift transit times and smooth delivery in order to ensure that your customers‘ replies reach you and are processed as soon as possible. Please contact our local customer service to clarify all product and country-specific details and any organisational issues. Service Number 00 800 / 13 45 62 45 your personal consultant in your local office is looking forward to hearing from you. riday: 8.0 am – 6.00 pm monday – f (accessible in most european countries) www.dhl-globalmail.com 6

7 Deutsche p ost ag product management maiL international 5250 bonn germany www.dhl-globalmail.com as at: 01/2007

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