Monthly Asset Management Checklist


1 Monthly AM Processing Checklist Note: All Processes can be run daily, weekly or monthly except for Depreciation Close (this is to be run once at the end of the month only)  Run the BORQM002 query to view which vouchers are ready to be loaded into AM Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager from the Voucher Accounting This query pulls voucher and receiver information Line table for any vouchers that are ready to be loaded into AM.  Run the Receiver Interface Push Process (PO_RECVPUSH) Rec eipts Purchasing > > Process Receipts This process loads receiver lines into the Pre -Interface table (INTFC_PRE_AM). (INTF APAM)  Run the Payables to Assets Interface Process > Extracts and Loads > Load Assets Request Accounts Payable > Batch Processes This process, which copies the voucher information from the selected vouchers, populates the Pre -interface table in PeopleSoft Asset Management (INTFC_PRE_AM) . It also updates the Asset Management distribution status on the distribution lines for the selected vouchers to be distributed.  Review INTFC_PRE_AM Asset Management > Send/Receive Information > Preview AP/PO Information he data in the Pre- AM table (INTFC_PRE_AM) . You will typically Preview t Interface have an “AP” page and a “PO” page for each asset that is being loaded.  -Interface Load er Process (AMPS1000) Run the Pre Asset Management > Send/Receive Information > Retrieve Info from AP/PO This process load s the data from Payables or Purchasing (INTFC_PRE_AM ) into the Asset Management Loader tables . (INTFC_FIN and INTFC_PHY_A) You can go back to review the data in the Pre- Interface AM table (INTFC_PRE_AM) page to identify the Interface ID that will be used in the next step, Review AM Interface Loader Tables.  Review AM Interface Loader Tables ( INTFC_FIN and IN TFC_PHY_A ) Financial Transactions - Asset Management > Send/Receive Information > Approve Financial Information > Review

2 View data in the financial loader table . Correct data as needed. (INTFC_FIN) Physical Transactions – > Approve Physical Information > Asset Management > Send/Receive Information Review A View data in the physical loader table . Correct data as needed. (INTFC_PHY_A) Assets (as needed)  Consolidate Send/Receive Information > Load Transactions > Consolidate Asset Management > Assets Consolidate many load lines in the Asset Management loader tables into a single asset. must be done before running the Transaction Loader process Note: This Unitize Asset s (as needed)  > Send/Receive Information > Load Transactions > Unitize Assets Asset Management Split a load line in the Asset Management loader tables into many assets. Note: This must be done before running the Transaction Loader process  Run the Transaction Loader Process (AMIF1000) Asset Management > Send/Receive Information > Load > Load Transactions Transactions into AM reads data staged in the loader tables (INTFC_FIN and INTFC_PHY_A) This process and populates Asset M anagement tables with the data and capitalizes the assets  Review the AM Interface Loader Tables (INTFC_FIN and INTFC_PHY_A) Asset Management > Send/Receive Information > Approve Financial Information > Review Asset Management > Send/Receive Information > Approve Physical Information > Review A Once you run the Transloader process, please go back and Review the AM Interface Loader Tables (INTFC_FIN and INTFC_PHY_A) to verify that no Errors exist and that Asset ID’s have been assigned to the rows that you were trying to load. If Errors exist, you can correct the errors, set the Load Status to Pending on both o the Review Financials and Review Phy run the Transloader -A pages, and re- process .  Run the Depr eciation Calc ulation Process (AM DPCALC) Asset Management > Depreciation > Processing > Calculate

3 This process calculates the depreciation for an asset for its entire useful life based on the depreciation attributes selected for the asset – cost, salvage value, and useful . This process must be run to account for every transaction that is performed on life an asset. Run the Load Depreciation Reporting T Process (AMDPREPT_RQST) able  As set Management > Financial Reports > Load Reporting Tables > Depr Reporting Table tion Reporting table ( DEPR_RPT) and pulls its the Deprecia This process loads information from the Depreciation table that is populated during Depr Calc . Use this table for all depreciation reports. Run the Load Asset Net Book Value T  Process (AMLDNBVT) able Asset Management > Financial Reports > Load Reporting Tables > Net Book Value Table oad s the Asset Net Book Value table ( ASSET_NBV_TBL ). Use this table This process l net book value for reports.  Run the Accounting Entry Creation Process (AM_AMAEDIST) Asset Management > Accounting Entries > Create Accounting Entries This process generates accounting entries for all financial transactions that are not related to depreciation. the Depr eciation Close Process (AM_DPCLOSE)  Run > Accounting Entries > Close Depreciation Asset Management This process generates period depreciation accounting entries for all depreciable – can be run once per asset per open period . assets in a particular accounting period This process should be run for an accounting period that has not yet been closed. You can rerun this process if error s are detected in the results and replace your current Depr Close entries if the Depr Close entries in Dist_Ln have not been journal generated .  the Journal Generator Process (FS_JGEN) for Asset Management Run General Ledger > Journals > Subsystem Journals > Generate Journals > Generate Journals Request This process generates creates journal entries from the DIST_LN table.  Close the AM Accounting Period Setup Financials/Supply Chain > Business Unit Related > General Ledger > Open Periods > Open Period Upda te > Open Period Update

4 This page is used to define open periods for a PeopleSoft product, business unit and ledger group. It is best to close the AM accounting period once you have completed AM processing for a given month. Perform Reconciliations – the following is a list of BOR delivered queries that may be  helpful in reconciliations. These queries are reconciliation tools and it is not expected that all schools will run all the queries each month however some method of monthly reconciliation is re quired. Wimba Training Session: AM Reconciliation, January 25 2011 for Note: Refer to the reconciliation listed below ( located in the following additional details on the processes directory - -fin/training/archives ) NBV Report to DIST_LN Reconcile - Run Queries: - Asset Summary by asset, account and BOR_AM_LTD_SUMM -level (or asset -level) transaction type (DIST_LN only) – quick account – Asset Summary by asset, account and compare with NBV Rpt quick account transaction type (DIST_LN only) – -level) -level (or asset compare with NBV Rpt BOR_AM_NBV_COMPARE - Asset Compare by asset and account (ASSET_NBV_TBL and DIST_LN tables) – identify assets causing differences with NBV R pt BOR_LTD_DETAIL - Asset Detail by asset, account and transaction plus identify type, journal id and accounting period (DIST_LN only) – transactions for an asset, which comprise differences with NBV Rpt Reconcile DIST_LN to JRNL_LN (for AM transactions only) – Run Query: - BOR_AM_DIST_JRNL_RECON Net Book Value by asset, DIST_LN and JRNL_LN tables Reconcile – AM to GL (JRNL_LN to LEDGER) Run Query: BOR_AM_CY_RECON - Account balance in DIST_LN, JRNL_LN & LEDGER tables Includes JRNL_LN transactions from all sources, not just AM • Carries forward DIST_LN transactions for “comparison” • purposes • Includes transactions recorded in the CAPITAL, ACTUALS and GAAP ledgers • Includes all periods (0 -12, plus adjustment periods) Reconcile AM to G L ( CAPITAL Ledger to ACTUALS Ledger ) –

5 Run Queries: - Account balance by ledger BOR_AM_CAP_ACT_RECON (Similar to ) BOR_AM_CY_RECON, but ... Only includes transactions recorded in the CAPITAL and • ACTUALS ledgers Excludes GAAP Ledger transactions • • Period 0, Adjustment Period transactions Excludes • Lists Asset ID and Voucher ID in the same column, labeled “Ref” (JRNL_LN_REF) • Adds Journal Header Status to output BOR_AM_CY_RECON - DIST_LN, JRNL_LN and LEDGER table compare for CAPITAL, ACTUALS & GAAP Ledgers (see separate presentation for more details) Variances between CAPITAL and ACTUALS ledgers may also be investigated using the following ‘BQ’ Q ueries: - BOR_ACTUALS_CAP_DETAIL_BQ (JRNL_LN) detailed listing of online entries to asset accounts, excluding 843 2XX - BOR_CAP_ACT_DTL_BQ detailed listing of entries (LEDGER) posted in the CAPITAL and ACTUALS ledgers by account BOR_CAP_LED_TTL_BQ - (LEDGER) total of account 890100 (depreciation expense) for a specified fiscal year and period BOR_VCHR_ACCT_LN_BQ (VCHR_ACCTG_LINE) provides - additional detail for investigating differences between ACTUALS and CAPITAL ledgers identified in the BO_CAP_ACT_DTL_BQ query BOR_AM_ CAP_DTL_BQ - ( COST, ASSET_ACQ_DET) provides additional details for investigating differences bet ween ACTUALS and CAPITAL ledgers identified in the BOR_CAP_ACT_ DTL_BQ query

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