AllAmerican Pledge Roof Guarantee



2 No.__________________________ ™ ALL-AMERICAN PLEDGE ROOF GUARANTEE ROOF GUARANTEE OWNER: BUILDING AND ADDRESS: STEEP-SLOPE ROOF: SHINGLE: LOW-SLOPE ROOF: SPECIFICATION: LOW-SLOPE ROOF: SQS. STEEP-SLOPE ROOF: SQS. APPLIED BY: DATE OF COMPLETION: GUARANTEE EXPIRATION DATE: LOW-SLOPE ROOF SYSTEM – GUARANTEE THE GUARANTEE/SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY GAF guarantees to you, the original owner of the building described above, that GAF will provide “Edge To Edge” protection by repairing leaks through the GAF roofing membrane, liquid-applied membrane or coating, base flashing, high wall waterproofing flashing, insulation, expansion joint covers, preflashed accessories, and metal flashings used by the contractor of record that meet SMACNA standards (the “GAF Roofing Materials”) resulting from a manufacturing defect, ordinary wear and tear, or workmanship in applying the GAF Roofing Materials. There is no dollar limit on covered repairs. Leaks caused by any materials other than those listed above, such as the roof deck, non-GAF insulation, or any other materials used in the construction of the low-slope roof system, are not covered. LOW-SLOPE ROOF SYSTEM – GUARANTEE PERIOD ™ ® flashings are covered by this guarantee This guarantee term for your Low-Slope Roof System lasts for _______ years from the date of completion. NOTE: Lexsuco and uncoated M-Curb for the first ten years. ONLY STEEP-SLOPE ROOF SYSTEM – THE LIMITED WARRANTY WHAT IS COVERED/EXCLUDED This warranty covers certain GAF Steep-Slope roofing products installed on your roof including GAF Shingles, GAF Ridge Cap Shingles, GAF Starter Strip Shingles, GAF Leak Barrier, ® ™ ® GAF Roof Deck Protection, and GAF Cobra Attic Ventilation (the “GAF Products”). This warranty does not cover ShingleMatch Roof Accessory Paint, Master Flow Attic Ventilation, or any non-GAF roof products, such as roofing nails. Misapplication of your GAF Products and flashings at valleys, dormers, chimneys, and plumbing vents (the “Covered Flashings”) is also covered. MANUFACTURING DEFECTS: LIFETIME SHINGLES ® ® ® WeatherMax All GAF Shingles covered by this warranty, other than Royal Sovereign Shingles, carry a Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and a non-prorated and Marquis ® Shingles.) The word “Lifetime” means as long as you, the original owner(s) [or the second owner(s) if period of 50 years. (Note: This limited warranty is not available for roofs with Sentinel coverage was properly transferred within the first 20 years], own the property where the shingles are installed. The Lifetime warranty term and 50-year non-prorated period are applicable only to shingles installed on a single-family detached residence owned by individual(s). For any other type of owner or building, such as a corporation, government entity, religious entity, condominium, or homeowner association, school, apartment building, office building, or multi-use structure, the length of the warranty is 40 years and the non-prorated period is 20 years. MANUFACTURING DEFECTS: OTHER SHINGLES ® ® ® Shingles are warranted for 25 years. The non-prorated period is 20 years WeatherMax Marquis Shingles are warranted against manufacturing defects for 30 years; Royal Sovereign ® ® ® for both Marquis and Royal Sovereign WeatherMax Shingles. MISAPPLICATION: GAF PRODUCTS AND COVERED FLASHINGS When Lifetime Shingles are installed in the field of the roof, coverage for application errors, including the misapplication of Covered Flashings, lasts for the first 25 years after installation for single family detached residences owned by individual(s). For other types of owners or buildings and for shingles other than Lifetime Shingles, coverage lasts for 20 years. FAILURE TO SEAL/BLOW-OFFS/WIND DAMAGE Coverage lasts for 15 years. ALGAE DISCOLORATION ® All StainGuard -labeled shingles and ridge cap shingles are warranted against algae discoloration for 10 years. MANUFACTURING DEFECTS: WHAT IS COVERED/SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY GAF Warranty Company, LLC, a subsidiary of GAF, warrants that your GAF Products will remain free from manufacturing defects and that your GAF Products and Covered Flashings will remain free from application errors that adversely affect their performance during the applicable warranty term listed above. Note: Failure to seal/blow-offs/wind damage and algae discoloration are covered separately below. During the non-prorated period: If any of your GAF Products are found to have a manufacturing defect or there is an application error in installing your GAF Products or Covered (a) Flashings that adversely affect performance, GAF will pay you the full reasonable cost of labor to repair or re-cover the affected GAF Products or Covered Flashings, and will provide replacement products. The costs of labor to tear off some or all of your GAF Products and disposal are included if necessary to repair your roof. (b) After the non-prorated period: The repair or re-cover cost which GAF will pay, and the roof products to be provided, will be reduced to reflect the amount of use you have received from your roof through the date of your claim. The amount of use will be calculated by dividing the number of months which have elapsed since installation to the date of the claim by the number of months in the guarantee term. For a Lifetime warranty, GAF’s contribution in years 51 and beyond will be 20%. MISAPPLICATION: WHAT IS COVERED/SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY If any of your GAF Products or Covered Flashings is found to have application errors that adversely affect performance, GAF will arrange to have your roof repaired or re-covered or, at its sole option, will provide you with replacement roofing product(s) and reimburse you for the full reasonable cost of labor and other materials to repair or re-cover your roof, including Covered Flashings. The costs of labor to tear off some or all of your GAF Products and Covered Flashings and disposal are included if necessary to repair your roof. SPECIMEN After the non-prorated period, GAF’s maximum liability for any roof shall NOT exceed three times the reasonable cost of replacement GAF Products before any reduction for use. FAILURE TO SEAL/BLOW-OFFS/WIND DAMAGE: WHAT IS COVERED/SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY in accordance with strictly on your shingles or ridge cap shingles being fastened and installed specifically conditioned This Failure To Seal/Blow-Offs/Wind Damage Warranty is GAF’s application instructions. GAF warrants to you that your shingles and ridge cap shingles will not fail to seal and that your other GAF Products will not blow off or sustain damage from winds (including gusts) up to the applicable wind speed listed below after your shingles and ridge cap shingles should have sealed but did not due to a manufacturing defect. If your shingles and ridge cap shingles do fail to seal, blow off, or suffer wind damage, or your other GAF Products blow off or sustain damage from winds, GAF’s contribution to you will be for the reasonable costs of replacing the blown-off shingles or ridge cap shingles and other affected GAF Products and hand-sealing any unsealed shingles or ridge cap shingles. Costs relating to metal work and flashings are not included. GAF’s maximum liability under this paragraph is to reimburse you for the cost of hand-sealing all of the shingles or ridge cap shingles on your roof. Wind Speed Coverage Wind Speed Coverage Wind Speed Coverage Wind Speed Coverage with special installation without special without special with special installation (mph/km/h) Shingle Ridge Cap Shingle installation (mph/km/h) installation (mph/km/h) (mph/km/h) ® ® 130/209* Timbertex All GAF Lifetime Shingles 130/209* 110/175 & Ridglass 110/175 ® ® All other GAF Ridge 80/130 80/130 Marquis WeatherMax 90/144* 70/112 Cap Shingles ® 60/96 60/96 Royal Sovereign if ONLY * Your ridge cap shingles will be covered up to the maximum wind speed above * Your roof will be covered up to the maximum wind speed above ONLY if your your ridge cap shingles are installed in strict accordance with the “Maximum Wind Speed per shingle you have GAF Starter Strip and 6 nails shingles are installed using Coverage Under Ltd. Warranty” section of the applicable ridge cap shingle application and Products installed at the eaves rakes. instructions. SEE LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS ON REVERSE (Continued on reverse)

3 All self-sealing shingles and ridge cap shingles, including GAF’s, must be exposed to warm, sunny conditions for several days before they completely seal. Before sealing occurs, shingles and ridge cap shingles are vulnerable Note: to blow-offs and wind damage. Shingles or ridge cap shingles installed in Fall or Winter may not seal until the following spring. Shingles or ridge cap shingles that are not exposed to direct sunlight or to adequate surface temperatures or that are not fastened properly may never seal. Failures to seal, blow-offs, and wind damage under these circumstances result from the nature of self-sealing shingles and ridge cap shingles, not a manufacturing defect, and are not covered under this warranty. ALGAE DISCOLORATION: WHAT IS COVERED/SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY ® ® logo. GAF warrants to you that blue-green algae (also known as cyanobacteria) Limited Warranty applies only to shingles and ridge cap shingles sold in packages bearing the StainGuard This StainGuard ® ® StainGuard labeled shingles or ridge cap shingles. During the first year, if your StainGuard labeled shingles or ridge cap shingles do exhibit a will not cause a pronounced discoloration of your pronounced discoloration caused by blue-green algae, GAF’s contribution will be either the reasonable cost of commercially cleaning your shingles or ridge cap shingles or, at GAF’s option, replacing ® discolored shingles or ridge cap shingles up to a remainder of the StainGuard maximum warranty period, GAF’s of the original installed cost of the affected shingles or ridge cap shingles. During the contribution to you will be reduced to reflect the amount of use you have received from your shingles or ridge cap shingles since they were installed (100%, reduced by a percentage equal to the number of months from the installation date to the date of claim divided by 120). Note: Preventing pronounced algae-related discoloration of your shingles or ridge cap shingles is achieved through formulations or through unique blends of granules. BOTH ROOF SYSTEMS – EXCLUSIONS FROM COVERAGE (e.g., items that are not “ordinary wear and tear” or are beyond GAF’s control) ™ ™ cover conditions other than leaks. The All-American Pledge NOT Roof Guarantee does cover leaks caused by any of the following: NOT Roof Guarantee also does The All-American Pledge 1. Inadequate roof maintenance, that is, the failure to follow the Scheduled Maintenance Checklists Sheet is installed directly over isocyanurate insulation, or (b) the blister is in a seam and may affect the watertight integrity of the Low-Slope Roof System. provided with this guarantee (extra copies available by calling Guarantee Services at 1-800- ROOF-411) for the low-slope portion or standard good roofing practices for the steep-slope 6. Changes in the use of the building or any repairs, modifications, or additions to your roof portion of your roof. systems after completion, unless approved in writing by GAF. Unusual weather conditions or natural disasters including, but not limited to, windstorms (if 2. 7. Conditions that prevent positive drainage or result from ponding water (asphaltic and your claim involves your Low-Slope Roof System) or winds above the applicable wind speed restoration systems only). stated above (for your Steep-Slope Roof System), hail, floods, hurricanes, lightning, tornados, Exposure to sustained high-temperature conditions; however, for systems utilizing EverGuard 8. and earthquakes, unless specifically covered under this guarantee, or by a separate limited ® ® TPO membrane, exposure in excess of 195°F. Extreme warranty providing additional coverage (e.g., where an EverGuard TPO Puncture Resistance Limited Warranty is also issued for a roof, damage from hail may be covered under the terms 9. Any condition (e.g., base flashing height or lack of counter flashing) that is not in accordance of that limited warranty), or ice damming on your Steep-Slope Roof above the area covered by with GAF’s published application instructions, or any deviation or modification from any leak barriers or above flashings. published specification or application instructions, unless specifically authorized by a GAF Field Services Manager or Director in writing. Damage to either roof due to: (a) movement or cracking of the roof deck or building; (b) improper 3. installation or failure of any non-GAF insulation or materials; (c) infiltration or condensation of Shading or variations in the color of your shingles, or discoloration caused by fungus, mold, 10. moisture through or around the walls, copings, building structure, or surrounding materials unless ® lichen, algae (except for blue-green algae if your shingles were labeled with the StainGuard high wall GAF waterproofing flashings are installed; (d) chemical attack on your roof systems logo), or other contaminants, including that caused by organic materials on the roof or including, but not limited to, exposure to grease or oil; (e) the failure of wood nailers to remain membrane fading or discoloration. attached to the structure; (f) inadequate attic ventilation; (g) impact of foreign objects on the 11. Damages caused by, or the cost to repair or replace, products not supplied by GAF, including, roof; (h) improper storage or handling of any roofing products; or (i) the use of materials that but not limited to, counter flashing, or GAF products not specifically included above. are incompatible with the products covered by this guarantee. 12. Improperly designed or installed gutter or downspout systems. Traffic of any nature on the roof unless, for your Low-Slope roof system, using GAF walk pads 4. applied in accordance with GAF’s published application instructions. Damage to or caused by rooftop air conditioning units (and their flashing), pipe works, brace 13. works, rooftop satellite dishes or other radio/tv devices, counter flashing, or flashings other 5. Blisters in the Low-Slope Roof System that have not resulted in leaks unless (a) the blister is ® ™ than those specifically included above. Eliminator between the base sheet and insulation and a Stratavent Perforated Venting Base OTHER LIMITATIONS CONCERNING COVERAGE Decisions as to the extent of repair, re-cover, or cleaning required, and the reasonable cost of such work, will be made solely by GAF. GAF reserves the right to arrange directly for your roof STEEP SLOPE: products to be repaired, re-covered, or cleaned instead of reimbursing you for such work. The remedy under this warranty is available only for those GAF Products actually exhibiting manufacturing defects, application errors (including misapplication of Covered Flashings), or blue-green algae growth at the time of settlement. Any replacement GAF Products will be warranted only for the remainder of the original warranty period. GAF reserves the right to discontinue or modify its shingles or accessories, including the colors available, so any replacement shingles or accessories may not be an exact match for the shingles or accessories on your roof. Even if GAF does not modify a color, replacement shingles or accessories may not match your original shingles or accessories due to normal weathering, manufacturing variations, or other factors. LOW SLOPE: Any INSPECTIONS made by GAF are limited to a surface inspection only, are for GAF’s sole benefit, and do not constitute a waiver of any of the terms and conditions of this guarantee. BOTH ROOF SYSTEMS – NOTIFICATION OF LEAKS/CLAIMS; OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITIES 30 In the event of a leak through your Low-Slope Roofing System or a claim in connection with your Steep-Slope Roofing System, you must make sure that GAF is notified directly about the leak or claim within days of discovery or GAF will have no responsibility under this guarantee. For a leak, notify GAF in writing either by email (preferred) at [email protected] or by postal mail to GAF Guarantee Services, 1361 Alps Rd., Bldg. 11-1, Wayne, NJ 07470. For a claim, you must either call GAF at 1-800-458-1860 about your claim or send a notice in writing to GAF Warranty Services at the same address. NOTE: Your roofing contractor and dealer are agents of GAF; notice to your roofing contractor or dealer is NOT notice to GAF. NOT For your Steep-Slope Roof System, GAF may require you to send to GAF, at your expense, sample products for testing and photographs. Within a reasonable time after proper notification, GAF will evaluate your claim and resolve it in accordance with the terms of this guarantee. Any claim for products that have been replaced before notifying GAF of your claim may be denied. For your Low-Slope Roof System, by notifying GAF, you authorize GAF to investigate the cause of the leak. If the investigation reveals that the leak is not covered by this guarantee, you agree to pay an investigation cost of $500. This guarantee will be cancelled if you fail to pay this cost within 30 days of receipt of an invoice for it. You should retain this document for your records in the unlikely event that you need to file a claim. Preventative Maintenance and Repairs A. In order to help keep your roof performing properly, you must perform regular inspections and maintenance and keep records of this work. B. To keep this guarantee in effect, you must repair conditions in the building structure or roofing system that are not covered by this guarantee but that GAF concludes may be threatening the integrity of the GAF Roofing Materials (e.g., porous walls allowing water entry into the roofing system). C. You may make temporary repairs to minimize damage to the building or its contents in an emergency, at your sole expense. These repairs will not result in cancellation of the guarantee as long as they are reasonable and customary and do not result in permanent damage to the GAF Roofing Materials or GAF products. D. Any equipment or material that impedes any inspection or repair must be removed at your expense so that GAF can perform inspections or repairs. BOTH ROOF SYSTEMS – TRANSFERABILITY ™ This All-American Pledge Roof Guarantee may be transferred or assigned once to a subsequent owner of this building for the remaining term but only if: 1) the request is in writing within 60 days after transfer of ownership; 2) you make any repairs to your Roof Systems or other roofing or building components that are identified by GAF after an inspection as necessary to preserve the integrity of your Roof Systems; NOT otherwise transferable or assignable by contract or by operation of law, either directly or indirectly. and 3) you pay an assignment fee of $500. This guarantee is SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY/GUARANTEE THIS WARRANTY/GUARANTEE IS EXCLUSIVE AND REPLACES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS, REPRESENTATIONS AND GUARANTEES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WHETHER BY STATUTE, AT LAW OR IN EQUITY, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This written warranty/guarantee is your exclusive warranty from GAF and represents the SOLE REMEDY available to any owner of GAF Products. GAF makes NO OTHER REPRESENTATIONS, CONDITIONS, GUARANTEES, OR WARRANTIES of any kind other than that stated herein. GAF WILL NOT BE LIABLE IN ANY EVENT FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR OTHER SIMILAR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, including DAMAGE TO THE INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR OF ANY BUILDING, whether for breach of this warranty/guarantee, negligence, strict liability in tort, or for any other cause. Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. MODIFICATION OF GUARANTEE This guarantee may not be changed or modified except in writing, signed by an officer of GAF. This guarantee gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. BOTH ROOF SYSTEMS – MEDIATION; JURISDICTION; CHOICE OF LAW ™ The parties agree that, as a condition precedent to litigation, any controversy or claim relating to the All-American Pledge Roof Guarantee shall be first submitted to mediation before a mutually acceptable mediator. In the event that mediation is unsuccessful, the parties agree that neither one will commence or prosecute any lawsuit or proceeding other than before the appropriate state or federal court in the State ™ Roof Guarantee shall be governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws. Each party irrevocably consents to the of New Jersey. This All-American Pledge jurisdiction and venue of the above identified courts. NOTE: This guarantee becomes effective only when all bills for installation and supplies have been paid in full to the roofing contractor and materials suppliers, and the guarantee charge has been paid to GAF. This document must have a raised seal to be valid. GAF 1361 Alps Road Wayne, NJ 07470 _____________________________________________________________ By: Authorized Signature Date 2014 GAF • 3/14 • 361 Alps Road • Wayne, NJ 07470 #242 COMTS570 1 ©

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