Contraceptives Save and Improve Lives Infographic


1 ContraCeptives save and improve Lives in 5 2 pregnancies in the in the developing developing world world want to avoid 222 are unintended. pregnancy but are not utilizing Million contraceptives. WoMen Unintended pregnanCies Can have dire ConseqUenCes for mothers and babies. Complications More than during pregnancy WEDNESDAY 3 million and childbirth babies die kill nearly in their first 5 78 month of life 785 women every day. every year. by spaCing and Limiting pregnanCies, ContraCeptives save the Lives of mothers and their ChiLdren. Using contraceptives F amily Planning Clini C to plan pregnancies could prevent Spacing pregnancies by more 1 in 3 maternal than could reduce 3 years . deaths under-5 mortality by 25% . donated Commodities are CritiCaL to ensUring aCCess to ContraCeptives aroUnd the worLd. in FY2012 alone, USAiD 64.6 751 male donated: oral pills Million Million condoms 1.6 36.3 1 IUDs injectables implants Million Million Million in the hands of men and women who need them, these Life-saving Commodities, CoUpLed with Comprehensive CoUnseLing and serviCes, prevented approximateLy 230,000 15,000 infant Maternal Deaths Deaths Sources:­ administration-s-comprehensive-efforts-promote-gender-e This infographic was produced by the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT.

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