1 I. Definitions are defined as any occasion in which a member contacts the office of ethics to obtain clarity about any Inquiries issue pertaining to the ACA Code of Ethics. Complaints contacts the office of ethics and are defined as any occasion in which either a member or consumer expresses a desire to formally file a grievance against a counselor who is suspected of having violated one or more portions of the code of ethics. guilty of having violated one or more Sanctions are defined as the penalties applied to any member who is found portions of the code of ethics. The penalties may include suspension or revocation of one’s membership. II. Inquiries The number of informal inquiries is tallied, but the tallies are not individually processed, docume nted and archived in the same manner as the formal inquiries. Therefore, this data should be regarded as a close approximation of the number of informal inquiries received during a calendar year. — Ju Approximate number of total inquiries FY ’11 : (July 2010 ne 2011) 4,943 Nature of the inquiries: Confidentiality issues: 32% Responsibility (including Duty‐to‐Warn): 19% Supervision: 5% Licensure: 27% % Other: 17 III. Complaint Tally FY ’11: (July 2010 June 2011) — s # of Complaint 9 : # Accepted for Adjudication: 3 (Remaining complaints either involved non‐members or did not meet standards for adjudication ) # Pending submission to Ethics Committee for Acceptance: 1 3 # Currently before the Committee: cases in which Accused found guilty of ethical violations: # of 1 IV. Sanctions imposed Member was permanently expelled from ACA membership. The in which the accused was found guilty involved violations of the following sections: case Section F.3.a. Relati onships Boundaries with Supervisees   Section F.3.b. Sexual Relationships with Supervisees  Section F.3.c. Sexual Harassment of Supervisees  Section F.10.a Sexual or Romantic Relationships (Counselor Educators) Section F.10.b  Sexual Harassment (Counselor Educators)  Section F.10.d Nonprofessional Relationships (Counselor Educators) V. Trends The current influx of complaints and inquiries from graduate students indicates a continuing trend involving students using the ACA Code of Ethics and the ethical com plaint process to appeal counseling program decisions including grades or sanctions which they view as being unfair or having been applied inappropriately.

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