Winter 2019 Grid


1 WE D N E S DAY SUNDAY THURSDAY FR I DAY SATU R DAY MONDAY TU E S DAY Midnight– Midnight– Public Radio Remix BBC World Service Overnight — For detailed listings, visit: PRX 5 am 5 am Counterspin 6 am am 6 NPR’s Morning Edition from National Public Radio (starts at 5 am) TUC Radio NPR’s BBC World News live from London on the hour, a Daily Almanac at 5:49 & 8:49, and the school lunch menu at 6:49 On Being with Weekend Edition Crosscurrents Morning Report at 6:51 & 8:51, Monday-Thursday, and 99% Invisible with Roman Mars on Friday at 6:51 & 8:51 7 7 am am Krista Tippett with Scott Simon Jim Hightower’s commentaries at 7:30 on Monday and Tuesday, and World According to Sound on Friday at 7:30. Sandip Roy’s “Dispatch from Kolkata” Wednesday at 7:44, Sights & Sounds Thursday at 7:44 Hidden Brain with 8 8 am am Shankar Vedantam Wait Wait... Fresh Air with Terry Gross 9 am 9 am Don’t Tell Me with BirdNote at 9:04am To The Best Of Our Knowledge Your Call with Rose Aguilar Bullseye am 10 am 10 Join the conversation at 415-841-4134 or 866-798-TALK  1 A with Joshua Johnson Snap Judgment  Philosophy Talk am 11 11 am 855-236-1212 • [email protected] • @1A on Twitter Harry Shearer’s Philosophy Talk This American Life Reveal Inflection Point CBC’s Day 6  Binah noon noon (Rebroadcast) (Rebroadcast) Le Show Open Air Alternative Radio Big Picture Science Snap Judgment KALW Presents... This American Life Latino USA pm 1 1 pm  with David Latulippe BBC Cultural Frontline Thistle & Shamrock BBC The Real Story BBC’s Newshour 2 pm 2 pm with Fiona Ritchie Alt.Latino Sound Opinions NPR’s All Things Considered 3 3 pm pm Folk Music & Beyond with JoAnn Mar & BBC News update at 4:01, Bob Campbell  Open Source with 4:45pm features: Wednesday/Sandip Roy’s “Dispatch from Kolkata,” Thursday/Sights & Sounds/The Slowdown 6:01 pm 4 4 pm Christopher Lydon Yo u r C a ll  Crosscurrents from KALW News A Patchwork Quilt  Selected Shorts Media Roundtable pm 5 pm 5 The Daily with (Rebroadcast) Kevin Vance  Fresh Air with Terry Gross The Moth Radio Hour On The Media 6 pm 6 pm Tuesdays 1/15, 1/29, 2/5, 2/19, 3/12 S.F. School Board meetings on Bluegrass Signal with Work with INFORUM from the Left, Right & Center  City Visions  Minds Over Matter  Your Legal Rights  Peter Thompson 7 7 pm pm Marty Nemko  Commonwealth Club As it Happens from the CBC Fascinatin’ Rhythm Revolutions Per Minute pm 8 pm 8 Marketplace Tech Report at 8:01 pm with In Deep with Chamber Music Society Sarah Cahill  pm 9 pm 9 Africamix Lincoln Center Angie Coiro Fog City Blues Tangents L. A. with with with Theatre Works Emmanuel Nado & Devon Strolovitch   Dore Stein Radiolab Record Shelf  Edwin Okong'o pm 10 pm 10 Music From The Hearts of Space BBC Cultural Frontline Music From New Music Afropop Worldwide Sound Opinions pm 11 pm 11  Other Minds Bowling Green This Way Out Available on KALW Local Music Player   KALW podcast available =new program or time 11 10

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