1 MACMILLAN & BAUER MEDIA IT’S BEEN AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE TO BE PART OF THIS Driven by the power of Bauer Media’s brands and a multi-platform PARTNERSHIP AND TO WORK approach, this campaign created a bespoke partnership with Macmillan WITH SUCH A PASSIONATE to drive awareness and highlight the services Macmillan has available. AND ENGAGED TEAM. Through a variety of on-air, online and print creative editorial, we were CHARMAINE MORRIS, MACMILLAN’S CAMPAIGN MANAGER able to communicate Macmillan’s message to a mass audience of adults over the age of 35. Brand awareness/engagement

2 OUR APPROACH THE CHALLENGE RESULTS We proposed that Absolute Radio and the Magic network lead the Macmillan’s 2016 Q4 primary campaign objectives were to educate a target audience Social media delivered over 1million impressions, with a 1.94% on-air campaign as both brands have large audiences of listeners aged 35+ on four key Macmillan services – information and support centres, financial click-through rate (above the 1% benchmark) and almost 150,000 over 35 (Absolute has 3million, Magic has 1.5). For print, Yours and support, the charity’s support line and its online community. Macmillan also wanted video views of the events and case studies. We massively Top Santé, with their average reader ages of 63 and 49 respectively, its emphasis to shift from showing the problem to highlighting the solution, driving home overdelivered on the radio impacts by 127%, delivering over were the perfect partners for providing more in-depth information the positive impact of support. £180,000 of extra value across the campaign overall. through advertorials and editorial content. Christian O’Connell, Absolute Radio’s breakfast show presenter, has personal links with THE IDEA MindMover conducted independent research, interviewing 935 the charity and is a strong supporter of its work, so integrating him Through a combination of on-air, print, online and social media content, we created a respondents aged over 35 who were affected by, or diagnosed into the campaign, along with a Magic presenter, allowed it to have bespoke four-month partnership that communicated Macmillan’s messages to a mass with, cancer. credible endorsements. Bauer’s Charity Insight study also showed audience of adults over 35. The campaign culminated in a Macmillan and Magic that emotive campaigns with abstract angles are the most effective Presents event with Gregory Porter, exclusive to Magic listeners and guests, and an The results from the campaign showed that: for driving awareness, so we aimed to focus around real-life stories Absolute Radio Live Comedy Event with Macmillan Cancer Support. Presented by that could be embedded into the fabric of the editorial and provide Christian O’Connell, this saw comedians Al Murray, Mark Watson, Zoe Lyons and • All campaign content was well-recalled, particularly for radio, relevant emotional content for Bauer consumers. Tom Allen performing. Every aspect of this event – from its conception to its on-air with the personal stories resonating well with listeners (around 2 announcement to ticket sales – acted as a vehicle for us to communicate the range in 3 of those exposed to each stage of the campaign remembered of Macmillan’s services. This was then supplemented by additional PR support in some content). editorial, social and online coverage. • The campaign was distinctly Macmillan, with almost all of those EXECUTION who engaged with it remembering who it was for (81% brand attribution in mid-wave, 76% in post-wave). The campaign began with four bespoke spotlight audio features running across all day parts on Absolute Radio and Magic, with each covering one of the different Macmillan • Around 1 in 3 people wanted to mention the campaign to friends services. On both stations we focused on real-life Macmillan experiences through case or family, helping to spread the message to others affected by study stories. In addition, Magic featured Macmillan professionals being interviewed cancer. by its weekend breakfast presenter, Harriet Scott. All of these drove listeners online to creative pages where they could find out more information, watch case study videos, get • The campaign was a natural fit for Macmillan, with 98% of involved or donate. In a Bauer radio first, our Magic presenters introduced the spotlights respondents in the post-wave agreeing that the activity fitted in well in their shows, creating additional editorial integration and endorsement. These features with how they currently think about Macmillan. were followed by on-air ticket promotions, combining trails and live reads, to give tickets away to the two events. Mentions of Macmillan were also organically built into the • It was very effective in driving action, with over half of those shows, with breakfast show presenters Christian and Ritchie discussing on-air their plans exposed to it taking action as a result. The campaign not only drove to have a Comedy Event to raise money and awareness of Macmillan. traffic to Macmillan’s website but encouraged those diagnosed with cancer to discuss it with others affected by the disease, helping to Yours and Top Santé ran DPS advertorials focusing on Macmillan stories and experiences spread the message to a wider network of people. of the different range of Macmillan services. These were then followed up by advertorial columns. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of this partnership and to work with such a passionate and engaged team. We felt incredibly supported At the events, Macmillan branding was executed throughout, with logos on external and throughout this activity and appreciated the lengths the team went to to understand our brand and partnership objectives. It’s been such a rewarding internal screens, step-and-repeat boards and merchandise points. At Absolute Live, extra experience and it’s been amazing to hear the reaction of the listeners and readers who have been so involved in making this partnership a success. video content, featuring all the performers backstage, was also shown online against a step-and-repeat backdrop, with a number of on-stage Macmillan mentions. All profits Charmaine Morris, Macmillan’s Campaign Manager from Absolute Radio’s ticket sales went to Macmillan Cancer Support.

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