1 Host Subject Cat # Class Title Host # Elective Req Geographical Historical DEPT ARHA ARHA 110 Intro 110 Introduction to Western Art Venice in the Golden Age ARHA Intro ARHA 127 127 ARHA 140 ARHA 140 Van Gogh Intro ARHA Intro European Architecture to 1750 151 ARHA 151 ARHA 170 Intro ARHA 170 The Long 1980's ARHA ARHA Intro 172 Memory Image: Introduction to Art (As) History 172 Mughal India:Intro Art History 181 Intro 181 ARHA ARHA Intro to Archaeology ARCP ARHA Any 200-lvl 201 204 202 CCIV 201 Any 200-lvl Ancient ARHA Bronze Age Mediterranean Survey of Greek Archaeology 214 Any 200-lvl Ancient 203 ARHA CCIV Greek Vases as Art & Artifact CCIV 283 Any 200-lvl Ancient ARHA 204 205 Visualizing the Classical 341 Any 200-lvl Ancient ARHA CCIV 207 CCIV 223 Any 200-lvl Ancient ARHA Survey of Roman Archaeology 208 ┬┐Convivencia o conflicto? ARHA 208 ARHA No ARHA Credit! No ARHA Credit! ARHA Islam and the Medieval West ARHA 209 Any 200-lvl Europe Medieval 209 210 Medieval Art and Architecture 210 Any 200-lvl Europe Medieval ARHA ARHA Greece & Egypt 244 Any 200-lvl Ancient 219 CCIV ARHA Renaissance Art & Architecture ARHA 221 Any 200-lvl ARHA Early Modern 221 Europe 224 16C Italian Art/Architecture ARHA 224 Any 200-lvl Europe Early Modern ARHA 225 Art/Society in Ancient Pompeii CCIV 234 Any 200-lvl Ancient ARHA 233 Italian Baroque Art ARHA 233 Any 200-lvl Europe Early Modern ARHA 240 ARHA 240 Any 200-lvl Europe Modern ARHA 19th Century French Painting 241 Intro to European Avant-Garde ARHA 241 Any 200-lvl Europe Modern ARHA ARHA 244 ARHA 244 Any 200-lvl Europe Modern European Architect. 1750-1910 ARHA America Architecture 1770-1914 ARHA 246 Any 200-lvl The Americas Modern 246 ARHA 248 Frank Lloyd Wright: Myth/Fact ARHA 248 Any 200-lvl The Americas Modern ARHA 249 ARHA 249 Any 200-lvl The Americas Modern "Public Freehold" 251 Artists Design Exhibitions 251 Any 200-lvl Modern ARHA ARHA Contemporary Art Since 1980 252 Any 200-lvl Modern 252 ARHA ARHA Art After 1945 ARHA 253 Any 200-lvl The Americas Modern ARHA 253 Architecture of 20th Century 254 254 Any 200-lvl Modern ARHA ARHA Just Cities: Architectures of Public Encounter CSPL 332 Any 200-lvl ARHA 257 258 Contemporary Architecture ARHA 258 Any 200-lvl Modern ARHA 262 ARHA HIST 262 Any 200-lvl Integrating Environmental History and Visual Studies 263 Curatorial Workshop: Images of the Floating World 263 Any 200-lvl East Asia ARHA ARHA Photography and Law HIST 286 Any 200-lvl ARHA 264 276 Edo-Period Art (1615-1868) ARHA 276 ARHA East Asia Any 200-lvl ARHA Arts of East Asia ARHA 279 Any 200-lvl East Asia 279 284 Buddhist Art and Architecture in East Asia ARHA 284 Any 200-lvl East Asia ARHA ARHA 286 Empire And Erotica ARHA 286 Any 200-lvl South Asia Early Modern ARHA 290 ARHA 290 Any 200-lvl South Asia Epic and Indian Visual Culture 291 ARHA 291 No ARHA Credit! No ARHA Credit! ARHA Classical Indian Thought 292 Archaeology in South India ARHA 292 Any 200-lvl South Asia ARHA ARHA 310 ARHA 310 Any 300-lvl Medieval Muslims, Jews, and Christians ARHA Landscape and Ideology ARHA 322 Any 300-lvl Europe Early Modern 322 ARHA 339 Total Work of Art ARHA 339 Any 300-lvl Europe Modern ARHA 352 ENVS 352 Any 300-lvl The Americas Modern Energy and Modern Architecture 1850--2015 ARHA Thresholds of Art and Activism Since the 1960s AMST 361 Any 300-lvl The Americas Modern 361 ARHA 379 Japanese Art of Pilgrimage ARHA 379 Any 300-lvl East Asia Medieval ARHA Archaeology Of Indian Buddhism ARHA 381 Any 300-lvl South Asia 381 ARHA 382 Archaeology of Money ARHA 382 Any 300-lvl Revised: March 29, 2019

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