Seattle SDCI Tip #620 Register Your Rental Property


1 Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections Tip 620 sdci Code Compliance — guidelines on Seattle regulations governing safety and quality of life is the only contact that will be publicly displayed Registering Your on the RRIO Certificate of Registration. The on your property. „ number of rental units Rental Property . You will need to Declaration of Compliance „ Updated January 1, 2019 declare that the property and available rental units - meet the standards described in the RRIO Check WHAT IS RRIO? - list. You can find the RRIO Checklist at in the Owners & Managers section. The Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) was established by the Seattle City Council after an extensive public involvement process. RRIO HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO REGISTER? helps ensure that all rental housing in Seattle is safe The RRIO registration fee is good for 2 years from the and meets basic housing maintenance requirements. date you register your rental property. The 2-year fee All rental property owners in Seattle must register their is $70 for a property and its first rental unit, plus $15 properties with the City. Inspectors will make sure all for each additional unit. For example: registered properties comply with minimum housing and safety standards at least once every 5-10 years. Number Base Fee of Rental Housing (property + Total for Five WHO IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER? Units 1st unit) Unit Fee Years Anyone who owns or manages a rental housing unit $0 $70 $70 1 in Seattle is required to register unless they qualify for 2 $15 $85 $70 a registration exception. Exceptions include govern - ment-owned, government-operated, and institutional $135 $70 10 $205 rental housing. To find out if your property qualifies for $70 $1,555 $1,485 100 a registration exception visit and go to the Owners & Managers section. HOW TO REGISTER WHAT DO I NEED TO REGISTER? You can register online. When using the online option, you must pay your registration fee with a credit card. To register a property, you will need the following: To register online go to and click on Register My Property under “What Do You „ Property Address for the rental unit(s). Want To Do?” on the right side of the page. You will „ for each property registered: Three contact types need to create a sign-in account for the system and then register for the RRIO program. Applicant—this is the person filling out the „ application. This could be the owner or the You can also register by mail or in-person. property manager. 1. You can download a mail-in registration form from Owner(s)—this is the person(s) or organization „ . You can also get a form listed on the title for the rental property. from the 20th floor at Seattle Municipal Tower (700 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104) or by calling „ Tenant Contact for Repair—this is the person/ (206) 684-4110. company that a tenant would call if a repair needs to be made in a rental housing unit. This 700 5th Avenue, Suite 2000 P.O. Box 34019 Seattle, WA 98124-4019 (206) 684-8600 Printed on totally chlorine-free paper made with 100% post-consumer fiber

2 page 2 —Registering Your Rental Property SDCI Tip #620 If you are registering by mail, send your completed registration form and payment to: City of Seattle—Rental Registration P.O. Box 34234 Seattle, WA 98124-1234 You may pay your registration fee with check, money order, or cashier check—please do not send cash via mail. 2. In person registration is possible on the 20th floor at the Seattle Municipal Tower (700 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98124). A paper registration form will - be available for you to fill out and sign the declara tion. You may pay your registration fee with credit, check, money order, cashier check or cash. WHERE TO GO FOR HELP If you need help with your registration or if you have questions about the RRIO program: „ Find more information on our website at . „ Submit a question through our website by clicking the Send us a RRIO Question link under “Still Need Help?” on the right side of the page. Call the RRIO Hotline at (206) 684-4110. „ Visit the walk-in help desk at the following location: „ Seattle Municipal Tower 700 Fifth Avenue, 20th floor Seattle, WA 98104 Access to Information Tips, Direc - Links to electronic versions of SDCI are tor's Rules , and the Seattle Municipal Code available on the "Tools & Resources" page of our website at . Paper copies of these documents are available from our Public Resource Center, located on the 20th floor of Seat - tle Municipal Tower at 700 Fifth Ave. in downtown Seattle, (206) 684-8467. This Tip should not be used as a substitute for codes and regulations. The applicant is responsible for compliance LEGAL DISCLAIMER: with all code and rule requirements, whether or not described in this Tip.

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