Microsoft Word Know Before You Go Native Am Religious Items (FINAL)


1 no pre-contact is made. If icer (STSO) or a PSS for assistance. to touch because of the tenets of your Native American ng, or after the screening process, you should immediately screening considerations and have access to a job aid dures, a Passenger Support Specialist will try to facilitate manager of your itinerary, but and request that a PSS assist you through the checkpoint. resources; therefore, the level of assistance you receive at uire them to be handled by TSA Officers. AMERICAN RELIGIOUS ITEMS . Each airport has different y Transportation Security Off TSA Cares before your travel irports have an individual who will call you to gather additional information and arrange a with required screening proce he checkpoint, TSA recommends that you call no less than 72 hours ahead of travel so that locations notify the checkpoint at you do not want a TSA Officer ne, 1-855-787-2227 or Federal Relay #711, available for travelers to ask questions about FOR TRAVELERS WITH NATIVE and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time weekends and holidays. screening or to request help at the checkpoint. You may call from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday, TSA Cares is a toll-free helpli Passenger Support Specialists have received training on special regarding screening Native American religious items. If you would like assistance at t Passenger Support Specialist (PSS) TSA Cares has the opportunity to coordinate checkpoint support. Checkpoint support may include coordination with a To the extent possible consistent screening of your religious items in a manner that does not req religious beliefs, you should call If you have a religious item th the checkpoint can vary. Some a meeting time and place. Other request to speak with a Supervisor you arrive at the checkpoint and have any concerns before, duri o TSA Cares: o o o  WHAT TO KNOW

2 . You may request a “3-1-1” practitioner of your Native the screening procedures described below. the x-ray screening procedure. ange your religious items in a bin. uld unpack and separate any religious items as much as ll help facilitate better x-ray images so that religious items s. screening. Please explain that the item has religious to touch because of the tenets of your Native American point must be screened with x-ray technology. Bins are to TSA Officers when you begin the process of divesting with nothing on top of them ing them in a bin. If available, a bag will be provided. carry-on luggage and property may also be subject to visual property into bins for x-ray , or manager be present during , or manager be present during the screening procedures that will be performed. carried with you at the check x-ray screening bins, you sho or further screening procedure nstructions about how best to arr ce religious items before putt x-ray conveyor belt close to a bin containing religious items. at you do not want a TSA Officer items results in an alarm, your ndergoing x-ray technology. If you have a religious item th your carry-on baggage and personal religious beliefs, please clearly and politely communicate that clear plastic bag in which to pla American religion. possible. Place religious items in an x-ray bin by themselves significance and your religious beliefs hold that the item should not be touched by a non- You may ask TSA Officers for i When divesting your property into You may ask for an explanation of You may request to speak with a STSO, PSS, or manager. You may request that a STSO, PSS You may request that a STSO, PSS may be cleared without the need f Unpacking and separating religious items for x-ray screening wi Carry-on luggage and all property Do not place other bins on the provided to hold items u If x-ray screening of religious inspection by TSA Officers. o Communication: o o o o o o o o X-Ray Screening: o o Visual Inspection:   

3 TD screening of religious physical inspection of those heir hands being sampled. change gloves prior to inspection procedure. y a religious item for TSA Officers or that you do not want your religious items to be handled, tion, except an ETD of your hands need not be conducted e religious item or lay it on a flat surface while a sample SA Officer wear gloves or equest a new swab prior to t the presence of potential explosive residue. ing procedures, only conduct ligious items by themselves in x-ray screening bins will help Officers will attempt to resolve the alarm and clear the items hysical inspection may be necessary. med on your religious items, you may ask TSA Officers to collect a sample without nder. You may request that a male TSA Officer perform the E nsufficient to clear an item, p handling the items. Placing re tems results in an alarm, TSA nnot be resolved through visual inspection, ETD screening may be necessary. ection is required, you may ask to personally hold and displa If x-ray screening of religious i facilitate effective visual inspection. using visual inspection without At any time, you may request that a STSO, PSS, or manager be present during the visual If an x-ray screening alarm ca place it on a flat surface for viewing. If further visual insp If ETD screening must be perfor For ETD testing, the area is swabbed and the swab is tested for is collected. At any time, you may request that a STSO, PSS, or manager be present during the ETD screening procedure. If ETD screening must be performed, you may also ask that the T picking up and handling the items. If ETD screening must be performed, you may also ask to hold th performing screening. If other screening methods are i items. by a TSA Officer of the same ge A TSA Officer of the same gender conducts explosive trace detec TSA Officers will, to the extent possible under standard operat If you have utilized the TSA Cares process and/or communicated At any time, you may request that a STSO, PSS, or manager be present during a physical inspection. TSA Officers may also swab a traveler’s hands. Travelers can r items if other methods of screening are insufficient. o o o Explosives Trace Detection (ETD): o o o o o o o Physical Inspection: o o o o  

4 other r that does not require eet a Passenger Support ended that you call TSA Cares in advance leave plenty of time to m d by a companion of your choosing. A second TSA e screening. m other belongings and placed by itself in a bin for x-ray ay request a “3-1-1” clear plastic bag in which to place n advance of your travel is the best way to help TSA facilitate , you may request that a TSA Officer put on gloves or change d, you may explain to TSA Officers how best to hold or place for help arranging your religious items in bins. It is best to pack religious items in a clear plastic bag or er that can be easily opened so that you can remove religious nce of your scheduled flight to TSA will try to facilitate your security screening in a manne lways be present during privat a religious item is require Unpack and separate religious items as much as possible. Try to place them in an x-ray nothing on top of them. You m items. Contacting TSA Cares i ontainer. Try to use a contain igious items for screening. If you are traveling with special religious items, it is recomm Get to the airport well in adva Pack religious items in a container that can be separated fro Officer of the same gender will a You can request private screening at any time and be accompanie into new gloves before touching the item. If further physical inspection of a religious item is necessary If additional physical screening of the religious item. o You may request that a male TSA Officer perform the physical inspection of religious items. religious items before putting them in a bin. You may also ask Arrive Early: o Contact TSA Cares: Packing: of your travel. screening. Do not use a metal c items and spread them out in separate bins for x-ray screening. Divesting for X-ray Screening: clear plastic container. screening bin by themselves with TSA Officers to handle religious Specialist and organize your rel Physical Inspection May Be Required: o Private Screening: o       WHAT TO REMEMBER

5 portant religious items in ical bag search, but TSA may t be adequately screened using ve a TSA Officer touching the nspection of your property ned without the need for a phys ect a religious item if it canno your property is physically inspected, TSA will place a notice Physical inspection may invol hat an officer conducted an i want a TSA Officer to touch under any circumstances, you TSA does not recommend placing im g the screening process. If you to an airport security screening checkpoint. You may wish to consider alternative methods Checked Baggage Is Also Subject to Physical Inspection: of getting the item to your destination. your screening in this manner. TSA may have to physically insp your checked baggage. The majority of checked baggage is scree inspect your checked baggage durin should not carry that item with religious item. If you have an item that you absolutely do not of baggage inspection inside your bag. This is to inform you t x-ray, visual inspection, ETD, or other screening procedures. 

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