asrsd school committee meeting agenda may 7 2019 630pm


1 [email protected] ~3~2~9 !v ~~ · ~ . AYER OF TOWN Shirley · ~ Ayer 1 S\\as~r>g ll CLERK TOWN t onS t 1 IJ.>.0 y« A /Jrn ~ 1' 4'.>2 1 i ff JV • 112..a.soo 1Ma or e Pn ~~~q; School Regional District . L t!t1r11 mor e u/ \ l ' H"lt'. 11 1Jrg . \-r!ttl Meeting Ayer Shirley Regional School Committee Shirley - LGI High School Regional Ayer 2019 7, May Tuesday, Session Regular 6:30pm ton igh t's meeting should be aware that the meeting "Those being audio and video recorded by SPACO and ASRSO. Any audience members attending is wish who record any part of the meeting must inform the Chair who will announce the recording. This is to comply with the MA wiretap statute." The ' to listings of those reason ably anticipate d by the Chair, which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in are be discussed matters fact other not listed may also be brought up for items on to the extent permitted by law . and discussi Call to Order the Regular Session [Chair announces meeting is be i ng reco rded] 1. of Allegiance Pledge 2. Call 3. Roll ion 4. Publi c Participat "Little Shop of Horrors" - Mrs. JulieAnn Govang of 5. ASRHS Showcase - ASRHS Drama Preview ASRHS Representative - Ms. Shandy Ndjigue 6. Consent - Vote Agenda 7. Approval of April 24, 2019, Regular Session Minutes for Release a. of April 24, 2019, Executive Session Minutes Not for Release Approval b. c. Warrant Memo ASRMS Out State Field Trip Request s - Dr. Mary Malone d. of 8 Trip shingt on D .C . Grade i. to Wa 7 Mountain Classroom Trip to Cardigan Lodge, Alexandria, N.H. ii. Grade Trip Year to Canobie Lake Park, Salem, N.H . of 8 End Grade iii. Trip to Trills and Thrills Festival , Bristol, C.T . Band iv. New 8. Business a. Field Improvement - Dr. Malone - Vote Lower on Recommendation Choice Students in 2019-2020 School Year Based School Available b. ' to Accept - Dr. Malone - Vot e Seats Pr o po c. School Committee Meeting Schedule - Dr. Malone - Vote sed 2019-2020 Mr. Plunkett Bill Update - HWM Budget FY20 d. 9. Superintendent's Report Business 0. Ongoing 1 a. on Reduced Scope High School Field Project - Dr . Malone - Vote Presentation Policy e Items Sub-Committe 11. a. None 12. Chairman's Notes 3. Other Topi cs for Discussion Not Reasonably Anticipated ing Hours in Advan ce of this Meet 48 1 Communications 14. a. Announcements 5. Future Agenda Items 1 a. Mas s Core Requirements for High Sc hool Graduati on Class of 2021 l. s, Pe rso nn e Litigation, Neg otiation Executive - Con tract Negotiati on Session Futur e Me et ing Dates - RSC ary Libr , ASRMS [email protected] 6:3 0pm 15, Wednesday, May LGI ASRHS 6:30pm, 20 1 [email protected] 4, Wednesday , June Wednesday, June 19, ary 19 @ 6:30pm, ASRM S Libr 20

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