SD IS 1070 AM 1 1070 SERIES


1 SUBMITTAL EFFECTIVE DATA/INSTRUCTION May 2007 SHEET SD/IS 1070 AM-1 1070 SERIES PROPORTIONAL THERMOSTATIC MIXING VALVE PATENTED, 1070, 1017 CERTIFICATION, IAPMO, AND CSA LISTED IN ONE VALVE SUBMITTAL DATA APPROVAL SHEET INSTALLER For:______________________________________________________ 1. Write hand wheel setting on CAUTION label Job:______________________________________________________ and sign in space provided. Date submitted: _______________by: ___________________________ Date approved: _______________by: ___________________________ 2. Attach CAUTION label to AM-1 1070 Valve. Model number: _______________quantity: _______________________ 3. Explain CAUTION label to owner. Model number: _______________quantity: _______________________ 4. Deposit this instruction sheet with owner. Model number: quantity: ASSE 1070 APPLICATIONS-POINT OF USE: Individual showers, baths, or a combination of, SPECIFICATION automatic faucets, nursing homes, public facilities and wherever ASSE 1070 valves are required. Dual certification ASSE 1070 and ASSE 1017 • CSA Approved Constant water temperature under different operating • Union Cv MODEL B C A SIZE Connection NUMBER conditions. Proportional valve (simultaneous control of hot and • cold water). 4.4 2.7 Sweat 1/2” AM100C1070-US-1 Thermal shock protection at correct setting. • 4.9 2.9 Sweat 1.8 3/4” AM101C1070-US-1 3.2 6.1 3.5 Sweat 1” AM102C1070-US-1 • Lockable hand wheel (loosen top screw and lift hand wheel to adjust mixing valve). 4.8 2.9 Threaded 1/2” AM100C1070-UT-1 6.5 3.8 Threaded 1.8 3/4” AM101C1070-UT-1 3.2 7.0 3.9 Threaded 1” AM102C1070-UT-1 PRODUCT INFORMATION: 5.1 3.0 CPVC 1/2” AM100C1070-UCPVC-1 • Temperature range 70 – 120 °F 5.1 3.0 CPVC 3/4” AM101C1070-UCPVC-1 Maximum flow 10 Gpm; Minimum flow 0.5 Gpm • 5.3 3.1 PEX 1/2” AM100C1070-UPEX-1 3.2 1.8 5.3 3.1 PEX 3/4” AM101C1070-UPEX-1 Nickel plated brass/bronze construction, EPDM • O-rings. 6.6 3.9 Compression 1/2” AM100C1070-UC-1 • Straight thru design (hot and cold at same level). 7.2 4.1 Compression 3/4” AM101C1070-UC-1 • Maximum working pressure 125 psi. • Maximum hot water supply temperature 212 º F • Designed for easy maintenance and element replacement • Sweat, Threaded, CPVC, PEX and Compression connections available. coated spool and body to prevent • ® Teflon mineral buildup and extend life. • Minimum required temperature difference between hot and mix 3°F. Made in USA. • 1

2 VALVE ADJUSTMENT: To adjust temperature setting of the mixing valve. Loosen hand wheel screw, lift handwheel and turn to desired temperature, push the hand wheel on and retighten screw. APPLICATION INFORMATION: For domestic hot water applications the mix temperatur e upper limit must not exceed a temperature of 120° F to prevent scalding. This product should be installed by a qualified individual, in accordance with local codes and NOTE TO INSTALLER: staller to properly select, install and adj ust these devices as specified in thes e ordinances. It is the responsibility of the in th Building/Mechanical/Plumbing Codes, the appropriate AM-1 instructions. For installations, which require compliance wi mperature set and locked according to these instructions. Series Valve must be chosen and installed, and the discharge te These models shall be used to supply water to tubs, showers, bathing facilities and other outlets. These valves should be installed where they will be accessible for cleaning, servicing or adjustment. Note: Pressure difference between Hot and Cold ports should not exceed 10 psi. ed in any position consistent with These AM-1 1070 models can be install INSTALLATION ASSE 1070 APPLICATIONS: the intended use. The AM-1 1070 shall be installed as shown in the following figure. Check valves, as indicated, may be installed, to prevent migration of hot water into the cold branch, and cold water into the hot branch through the AM-1 1070 Valve. Sweat union connections (if used) should be soldered prior to assembly to the valve, or without the sealing gasket or optional plastic check valve present. After the joint has cooled, the sealing gasket and / or check valves may be installed. AM SERIES ASSE 1070 – HANDLESS FIXTURES AM SERIES ASSE 1070 – TWO HANDLE FIXTURES 2

3 1. DOMESTIC WATER MIXING (TEMPER ING) (ASSE1017)(SOURCE OF HOT WATER) Use when water temperature produced by heater is hotter than designed at point of use. Many codes require that water suppl ied to the system be limited to 120ºF max. 1.1 WATER HEATER WITHOUT RECIRCULATION SYMBOLS 1 = Check Valve/Flow Check 2 = Alternate Pump Location V = Any device which turns the domestic water system into a closed system such as; backflow preventers, che ck valves or pressure reducing valves. T = Pump Control Thermostats NOTES: • “V”’ is optional depending on local codes. If a “V” type valve is used, it is mandatory that a thermal expansion tank be installed as shown. Otherwise, dangerously high pressures could result or water heater safety relief valve will frequently expel water. If no “V” device is used, the thermal expansion tank is not required. • st fixture and water heater, as shown Install recirculation pump between la in 1.2 and 1.3. • shown. recirculation pump should not Use a pump control thermostat where run continuously. 1.2 WATER HEATER WITH RECIRCULATION 1.3 WATER HEATER USED FOR DOMESTIC WATER AND HEATING The AM-1 1070 Series valve provides for automatic oper ation through the use of a thermostatic element in OPERATION: ld supply waters to provide mixed, tempered, water to the product. The element will control the mixing of the hot and co constant water temperature under connected fixtures. This provides different working conditions. Warning : Water temperatures above Thermostrip temperature indicator 120F/49C can cause serious injury. easily indicates water temperature Mixing valve temperature setting should ° (110 ° F) for accurate control F -140 be done by licensed contractor per local and quick set-ups. To ensure correct code requirement. temperature control use water Thermostrip installation instructions: thermometer at faucet outlet. Clean pipe to mix outlet of valve and firmly apply Thermostrip. Flow water and Thermal temperature indicator strip is adjust mixed outlet temperature for One Time use only for initial system desired setting range. Actual mixed temperature setting. Check date code water temperature is indicated in green printed on temperature strip to ensure with 2 degree F and one-degree C . temperature reading accuracy increments. Blue means slightly lower and brown slightly higher. 3

4 VALVE MAINTENANCE - Hard water conditions may results in scale depos its causing binding of internal parts in extreme e operating conditions. In some cases it may be necessary to cases. Cleaning the internal parts will usually restore the valv replace the lower assembly. EXPLODED VIEW To clean and/or replace the lower assembly shut off water and: 1. With a screwdriver remove screw and hand wheel. 2. Unscrew lower nut (counter clockwise). This removes top assembly. 3. Brass top assembly will pop up. Remove lower assembly, diffuser and spring. 4. Carefully remove any scaling (calcium deposits) or foreign particles from valve seat and other internal parts. Use vinegar to remove calcium. Soak parts until calcium becomes soft and can be scrubbed and washed off. . Do not use solvents or scratch metallic / Teflon coated surfaces r and lower assembly following 5. Replace cleaned spring, diffuse instructions below or use new replacement kit assembly. A. Insert spring onto diffuser. B. Insert diffuser with spring end first into body. C. Fit valve top assembly into lower assembly and insert into valve. Tighten lower nut. Line up arrow on Handwheel Stop with raised arrow on body and hold while tightening upper nut. D. Place handwheel on valve E. Turn handwheel to desired temperature setting and insert screw. Thermostatic Mixing Valve Certified to ASSE 1017, ASSE 1070 and CSA approved with Anti- TYPICAL SPECIFICATION: scald capability. Temperature Setting Range (as required s ee page one), Maximum Pressure rating of 125 PSI, Maximum Hot inlet temperature of 212°F, Nickel plated Brass/Bronze c onstruction, Teflon coated valv e body wear surface, Teflon coated brass shuttle, EPDM O-rings, propor tional design (simultaneous control of hot and cold ports), with either sweat union, NPT (female) union or NPT (femal e) connections. Valve for domestic hot water applications shall have temperature at the same level. The design shall permit easy access for lock. Design shall be straight thru, with hot and cold ports maintenance, with replaceable thermostatic element. acement Kit – AM-1-030 RP Thermostatic Element Repl The AM-1 Series valves are “in-line” plumbing components (NSF 61 Section 8) in the context of ANSI/NSF 61, Drinking Water System Components - Health Effect s. They are not end point devices (NSF 61 Section 9). They are all made of various metals, none of which exceeds 8% lead content, which is the limit imposed by NSF 61 for lead content. They all therefore comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, as amended in 1996. HONEYWELL Water Solutions 65 Access Rd. Warwick, RI 02886 Tel (800) 247 - 2919 Fax (800) 777 – 2726 Copyright HONEYWELL 4

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