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1 ™ All for Books Processing and Reporting All for Books Receipt example: How to Process All for Books ContriButions Contribution with Other Items Gift certificate purchases ( Note: Contributions collected BEFORE THE FAIR BEGINS – Tally your pre-Fair are also tax exempt, making the donations and process the total through Scholastic EasyScan on the first Receipt example: non-taxable amount at the bottom day of your Book Fair. of the receipt $9.00.) All for Books Contribution ONLY Contributions collected DURING THE FAIR – We recommend you tally contributions daily, with each day’s total processed as a single contribution transaction through Scholastic EasyScan. Otherwise, please tally and process your total contributions on the day before your Fair ends through Scholastic EasyScan. 1 1 scholastic Easyscan steps or TAXABLE Touch 1. . TAX EXEMPT SALE All for Books Contribution 2. barcode on the scan sheet. Scan the . ENTER Enter the contribution amount using the keypad, touch 3. Continue scanning other items (if applicable). 4. 5. Touch PAY and complete the payment process. All for Books contributions Scholastic EasyScan FYI: TAXABLE tax exempt are . Even if a transaction is a , the Scholastic EasyScan system will not charge SALE tax on the All for Books contribution amount. How to Process All for Books rEdEmPtions Receipt example: Entire sale purchased with All for Books contributions. During the Fair If contributions are redeemed during the Fair to assist students or teachers to purchase books, it is necessary to process them through Scholastic EasyScan prior to redemptions to avoid a negative balance on the financial reports. 1. Select TAXABLE or TAX EXEMPT SALE . 2. Scan all items being purchased using All for Books funds. . 3. Touch PAY , total displays. If correct, touch YES Touch ALL FOR BOOKS . Enter the amount of contributions being 4. for the exact amount. redeemed, or touch TOTAL 2 5. If the amount of contributions is not the exact amount of the sale, select the next payment type and complete the payment process. 2 6. Tear off the first receipt and give it to the customer. 3 7. Touch OK to print the second receipt (not pictured). Customer completes the optional information on the receipt and it is placed in the cash drawer for the chairperson’s records. One Day Before Your Fair Ends 1. Add up any contributions not yet processed through Scholastic EasyScan (container collections, for example). Scan the All for Books barcode and enter the amount. Deposit money into cash drawer. 2. Run the Financial Summary Report (for all days). This will show the total All for Books collected and processed through Scholastic EasyScan. If you have multiple terminals, run this 3 report on each terminal. section to complete All for 3. Follow steps 1-7 in “During the Fair” Books redemption.

2 reporting All for Books Contributions and redemptions All redeemed contributions (items purchased at the Fair) must be reported in total sales . h h Participation in All for Books must be indicated on the Customer Rewards Form. h If contributions have not been scanned through Scholastic EasyScan prior to redemptions, a negative balance on the financial reports will result. h All All for Books contributions should be redeemed. The Sales Detail Report separates All for Books contributions and redemptions, making it easy to calculate unredeemed contributions. Financial Summary Report Sales Detail Report Gift Certificate (GC) Contributions = $55 Gift Certificate (GC) Redemptions = $5 All for Books (A4B) Contributions = $69 All for Books (A4B) Redemptions = $33.22 Formula for the Tax Exempt (GC/A4B) calculation: This amount may not be the full amount collected if (A4B Contributions - A4B Redemptions) + (GC Contributions - GC Redemptions) contributions (such as container collections) have So, for this example, it looks like this: not yet been processed through Scholastic EasyScan. ($69-$33.22) + ($55-$5) = $85.78 © 2012 Scholastic Inc. 10484 Printed in the U.S.A. 339350 V1

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