Second monitor setup in XP


1 – Windows Second Monitor Setup XP To insert a second monitor • Insert the Monitor into the second monitor port in the computer. ** • Open the Display Properties by either;  Right mouse click the Desktop and choose Properties .  From th e Start menu, choose Control Panel , (in some views you may need to go to first) and then double click the Display icon. Settings • Open the Settings tab. • Select the monitor icon One (or select from the Display drop down list) . Make sure Use this device as the primary monitor check box is selected • • (or select from the Display drop down list) Two Select the monitor icon check box settings • Make sure Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor is selected. Monitor icon Monitor icon One Two st Display li Settings ** Depending on the computers age and type, you may need an adaptor or even a new video car d. PowerPoint second display You can use this setup to run a slide show on the full screen of a secondary monitor while you view the presentation in normal view on the primary monitor. When using a laptop has the Normal view, including notes (Primary) and data projector, this means the laptop show running. slide has the and the screen (Secondary) To setup the display n PowerPoint, i choose Set Up Show . • From the Slide Show menu, In the area, in the Multiple monitors • : list, click the show on Display slide monitor . you want the slide show to appear on Note, the Computer second screen settings and PowerPoint settings when finished. may need to be reversed Page Inserting a second monitor.doc May -2010 1/1

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