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1 Hazardous Items Storage for Child Care NC Sanitation of Child Care Centers Rule 15A NCAC 18A .2820 (centers) NC Child Care Center Rule 10A NCAC 09 .0604 and .1719 (family child care homes) Keep all hazardous items in their original containers or in other containers labeled with the name of the hazard. Use these items according to the manufacturer's instructions only. Store all items in a container or cabinet that you can lock with a combination, electronic or magnetic device, key, or equivalent locki ng device. Store toxic substances below or separate from medications and food. Keep devices you use to unlock storage units out of children’s reach and not inside the lock. Items to keep in locked storage, off the premises, or Items to keep in locked storage out of reach of children • Corrosive agents • ellent and bleach Pesticides including insect rep Potentially hazardous items including: • Cleaners and detergents • Power tools • Polishes • Loose nails and screws Items under pressure in an aerosol can or • • Chemicals dispenser • Propane stoves Substances which may be hazardous if a child • • Lawnmowers ingests, inhales, or handles it • Gasoline • Employee purses/personal effects that contain • Kerosene hazards • Toxic plants • r starting fires, such as All materials used fo matches, lighters and accelerants and centers located in a residence In centers , • All smoking materials firearms and ammunition are prohibited unless Medications (except emergency medication • - see carried by law enforcement. below) In family child care homes, firearms must be emptied of ammunition and kept in separate locked storage. Items to keep out of reach of children Store designated - those used or needed for the immediate recovery from a life - emergency medications threatening event - in unlocked storage and out of reach of children, five feet or more above the floor. • Glucagon (GlucaGen) -injector (Epi ephrine auto Epin -Pen) • Emergency Diazepam rectal instillation (Valium, Diastat) • Medication • Albuterol inhalers or ampules for nebulize rs Store items that are labeled keep out of reach of children , and have no other warning, on a shelf or in an unlocked cabinet. The shelf or cabinet must be mounted at least five feet above the floor. Examples: detergents that labeled as sanitizing, disinfecting or detergent Non -aerosol sanitizers, disinfectants, and • (soapy water) solutions • Hand soap, sanitizers, lotions, and soap that are not in a bulk containers Any other item labeled “keep out of reach of children” and have no other warnings • The North Carolina Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center and NC DHHS DCDEE 2017 November Updated

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