outlook recovering deleted items


1 Recovering Deleted Items Within the Outlook system, Deleted Items (known as the Trash Folder in Groupwise) are managed according to system - wide rules. In other words, there are no user configuration options for the handling or preserving Deleted Items. However, you do have some leeway. First of all, within the first 14 days of a message being deleted, you can move the message from the Deleted Items folder into any other folder in your mailbox.

2 - day marker has been passed, the system wil l automatically move the messages to your Once the 14 “Recovery” folder. To find this folder, click on the Folder tab at the top of your Outlook page: Then click on the Recover Deleted Items icon. This will open the list of messages that have either been removed fr om the Deleted Items folder by the system or have been “emptied” from the Deleted Items folder by the owner of the Outlook account.

3 To recover one or more of these messages, highlight the message and click on “Recover Deleted Items” op of the Recovery window: icon located at the t The message will be returned to the Deleted Items folder in your mailbox. Messages in the “Recovery” folder, will remain there until they have aged a total of 30 days from their original deletion date. In other words, they stay in the Deleted Items folder for 14 days, then are moved to the Recover folder where they stay available for an additional 16 days. After that, the system permanently removes the message from the system. At that point, they are no longer available fo r recovery.

4 For more detailed information about Deleted Messages and their Recover, or other Outlook capabilities, click on the Blue Questionmark in the upper right - hand corner of the page. This will bring up the Outlook Help panel:

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