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1 I am Joaquin /Yo Soy Joaquin was written by “I am Joaquin” Gonzales, Rodolfo “Corky” a Chicano activist from Denver, Colorado in 1967. the Chicano Civil Rights became a leading figure in After a brief career as a professional boxer, Gonzales in (the narrator) speaks of the historical triumphs, struggles, and M ovement in the 1960s. In the poem, Joaqu inherent contradictions experienced by Mexicans and Mexican Americans. He dedicated this poem to the younger generation of Mexican Americans. Yo soy Joaquin. I stand here looking back, I am Cuauhtémoc, proud and noble, And now I see the present, And still I am a campesino, leader of men, king of an empire civilized beyond the dreams of the gachupín Cortés, – I am the fat political coyote I, who also is the blood, the image of myself. Of the same name, . Joaquín I was part in blood and spirit of that courageous village priest Hidalgo who rang the bell o f independence In a country that has wiped out All my history, and gave out that lasting cry -- El Grito de Dolores Stifled all my pride, "Que mueran los gachupines y qu e viva la In a country that has placed a Different weight of indignity upon my age - Virgen de Guadalupe.. ." I sentenced him who was me I old burdened back. excommunicated him, my blood. Inferiority is the new load . . . I look at myself I am Joaquin. And see part of me I rode with Pancho Villa, crude and warm, a Who rejects my father and my mother tornado at full strength, And dissolves into the melt nourished and inspired by the passion and ing pot To disappear in shame. the fire of all his earthy people. I ride with revolutionists La raza! against myself. Méjicano! Español! I have been the bloody revolution, Latino! The victor, The vanquished. Chicano! Or whatever I call myself, I have killed And been killed. I look the same I feel the same the despots Díaz I am I cry And Huerta And And the apostle of democracy, Sing the same. Francisco Madero. I rode east and north I am the masses of my people and As far as the Rocky Mountains, I refuse to be absorbed. And I am Joaquín. All men feared the guns of The odds are great Joaquín Murrieta. But my spirit is strong, I killed those men who dared My faith unbreakable, To steal my mine, My blood is pure. killed my love Who raped and I SHALL ENDURE! My wife. I WILL ENDURE! Then I killed to stay alive.

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