1 DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY HEADQUARTERS DoD 4000.25-5-M 8725 SUITE 2533 JOHN KINGMAN ROAD, J. VIRGINIA FT. 22060-622 BELVOIR, 1 REPLY IN DLMSO REFER TO FOREWORD the authority of Department of This manual (DoD) is issued under Defense 4, Directive 4140.1, Materiel Management Policy," January it implements 1993, and provisions of the Federal and the DoD FAR Supplement Acquisition Regulation (FAR) (DFARS). purpose The to prescribe standard procedures for use in of this manual is offices exchanging contract related data in automated form between purchasing and field contract administration offices, (including inventory and program managers) Defense Contract Management Districts (DCMDs) and Military Department plant e.g., have established cognizance representatives. These procedures to attain a been of degree simplification, standardization, greater automation in the processing of and contract related data. This standardization provides the basis for Defense Components to design and implement compatible internal procedures for coding, MILSCAP transmitting, decoding, and using automated logistics information. The reduce of hard copy documents between contract administration flow program will the other DoD activities, permit uniform systems at the contract organizations and DepartmentlAgency be tailored administration level and allow systems to to requirements at other activities, ensure of the contract administration that the systems responsive to the data purchasing activities, inventory of the offices are needs and managers, program managers, and assure a uniform data financial activities, system which makes the most economical use of resources. The proper use of these procedures will at all levels by providing: permit improvements Standard data a. elements, and codes for capturing key contract formats, information. b. Standard procedures for forecasting and reporting deliveries. c. Computer processable contract payment notification for input into allotment and obligation status records. 93, manual supersedes DoD 4000.25-5-M, Mar This and Changes 1 through 5. i

2 The text manual is similar to the previous editions. However, paragraph of this 3., 4. on page C1.8) to and numbering has been revised (see paragraphs C1.7.12, the recently issued requirernent for preparing DoD issuances. Other conform to in this edition of the manual are editorial changes and clarifications contained in designated italics. bold of Defense activities requiring copies of this manual should submit Department the DoD Component, as shown on through normal requisitioning channels of requests page C1-9. Heads of DoD Components may issue supplementary instructions only when necessary to provide for unique requirements within their commands. respective ~al encouraged. All proposed are Recommendations for revisions to this man or corrections should revisions sent to the designated focal points as shown on be C1-7. pages C1-6 and BY ORDER OF THE DIRECTOR NORMAN HODGE~ III B. Colonel, USA Headquarters Complex Commandant DISTRIBUTION: 0373) DA 12-04-E (Block Army: Navy: Special Distribution Air Force: F Marine Corps: HB Defense Logistics Agency: 2; 62

3 MILITARY STANDARD CONTRACT PROCEDURES ADMINISTRATION TABLE CONTENTS OF PAGE I Foreword ... 111 Contents Table of ... Xlll Acronyms and Abbreviations xvii References xix Definitions and Terms C1 CHAPTER AND GENERAL - ADMINISTRATIVE C1-I Authority C1.l C1-I C1.2 Purpose C1-I C1.3 Applicability C1-I C1.4 Policy C1-2 C1.5 Responsibilities C1-6 Point Committee C1.6 Focal Cl-7 C1.7 Publication of the Manual C1.8 Proposed Changes C1-10 C1- 12 C1.9 Approved Changes C1-12 0 Supplemental Procedures .I C1 C1-13 C1 .I 1 Quarterly Status Review C1-13 .I2 Semiannual Implementation Status Report (RCS: DD-A&T(Q&SA)1419) C1 C1 Noncompliance with Prescribed MILSCAP Procedures and Other .I3 C1-14 Unresolved Problems C1-14 C1 .I4 Addressee for MILSCAP Data

4 PAGE CHAPTER SYSTEM CONCEPT C2 - C2.1 General C2-1 Provisions C2.2 C2-1 System Description C2.3 Overall C2-2 of C2.4 Relationship and DFARS Certain FAR Provisions to MILSCAP C2-3 MILSTAMP and MILSTRAP, C2.5 MILSTRIP, Interfaces C2-4 Equal or Technique for Transmitting Amounts C2.6 Quantities which and Field Data Exceed Allotted C2-4 ABSTRACTS CHAPTER CONTRACTS C3 - OF C3.1 General ' C3- C3.2 Abstract Objective and Uses C3-1 C3.3 and lnclusions Exclusions C3-2 C3.4 Contractual Documents C3-2 of Distribution and Initiation and Abstracts Contracts C3.5 C3-2 Structure of the Abstract C3.6 C3-3 C3.7 Tailoring of Abstracts C3-5 C3.8 Abstract Formats C3-7 C3.9 AcknowledgmentlCancellation C3-7 C3.10 Exemptions/Exclusions C3-7 - OF MODIFICATIONS CHAPTER C4 CONTRACT ABSTRACTS C4.1 General C4-1 C4.2 Source Documents C4-1 C4.3 Validation and Distribution C4-2 C4.4 Changing Noncontrol Data C4-4 C4.5 Changing Control Data C4-5 C4.6 Adding or Deleting Data C4-5 andtor Correction Unsolicited Submission of Omitted C4.7 of Erroneous Data C4-6

5 Chapter 6 uses the old paragraph/page numbering format PAGE Exemptions1Exclusions C4-7 C4.8 - C5 NOTIFICATION SHIPMENT CHAPTER PERFORMANCE C5.1 General C5-I and C5-1 C5.2 Flow Distribution C5-1 C5.3 Shipment Performance Notice C5.4 Incomplete Items C5-2 C5-3 C5.5 Quantitative Discrepancies C5-3 C5.6 Replacement Shipments C5.7 Cancellations C5-3 C5.8 Data Discrepancies C5-4 C5-4 Exemptions C5.9 DESTINATION ACCEPTANCE REPORTING - CHAPTER C6 C6.1 General C6-1 C6-I C6.2 Flow of Documents C6.3 Delivery Date C6-1 Acceptance Alert C6.4 C6-2 C6-3 C6.5 Acceptance Report FOIIOWUP C6-5 C6.6 C6.7 Cancellations and Corrections C6-5 C6.8 C6-6 ExemptionslExclusions - CHAPTER C7 RESERVED C8 CHAPTER - RESERVED CONTRACT - COLLECTION NOTIFICATION PAYMENT AND C9 CHAPTER General C9.1 C9-1 C9-1 C9.2 Contract Payment Notice Formats C9-2 Header Record C9.3 Accounting Classification DisbursernentlCollection Record C9-2 C9.4

6 PAGE C9.5 Deduction Record C9-2 C9.6 Variance Record C9-3 Report Record Item C9.7 Line C9-3 C9.8 Collection Transactions C9-3 Record Header C9.9 Text C9-4 Recipients of Payment Notices C9.10 C9-5 C10 CHAPTER RESERVED - - COMPLETION STATUS REPORTING CONTRACT C11 CHAPTER C1l.l General C11-1 C11.2 Basis for Contract Closing c11-1 Standard Times for Contract Closing C11.3 c11-1 Contract Completion C11.4 Statement C11-1 Unclosed C11.5 Contract Status (UCS) Cl l-3 Contract C14.6 Closeout Extension (CCE) c11-3 Cancellations C11.7 c11-4 C1 .8 Fast Pay I Contracts c11-4 - CODES API APPENDIX AND MILSCAP ELEMENTS DATA ap1-1 Document Identifier Codes .I API AP1.l-I Dating Techniques API .2 AP1.2-1 API .3 and Priorities Allocations System Defense AP1.3-1 AP1.4 Identity Codes .4-1 API Board Site On AP1.5 Free AP1.5-1 Type .6 API Business of AP1.6-1 API .7 Kind of Contract AP1.7-1 API .8 Contract of Type API .8-I .9 Criticality Designator API .9-1 API AP 1.10 Reserved

7 PAGE APl.ll-1 Contract Provisions AP1 .I 1 Special AP1.12-1 .I2 AP1 Appropriation AP1.13-I Unit AP1 .I3 Purchase AP1.14-1 AP1.14 Procurement Quality Assurance Site AP1.15-1 API .I5 Acceptance Site AP1.16-1 .I6 Reference Number Accounting Classification (ACRN) API AP1.17-1 Accounting .I7 API Classification Data AP1.18-1 API. Discount Terms 18 AP1.19-1 API .I9 lndicator AP1.20-1 AP1.20 Amount AP1.21-1 .21 API Numbering API .22-1 .22 Transaction Status lndicator API API .23 Reserved Resened ?,?l.2.$ AP1.25-1 API 25 Contract Shipment Advice .26-1 API API Shipment Mode of .26 API .27-1 Discount Stipulation Cash AP1.27 AP1.28-1 Discrepancy Explanation API .28 ShipmentIAcceptance API .29-I .29 Transportation Priority API :30-1 API API .30 Contract Closeout Group AP1.31-1 AP1.31 Text AP1.32-1 AP1.32 Contract Payment Type API .33-1 Reporting AP1.33 Transaction Contract Fund .34-1 API Payment .34 Contract API DeductionlCollection .35-1 API .35 Contract Obligation Variance API AP1.36-1 AP1.36 Country Code API .37-1 API PlusIMinus 37 lndicator vii

8 PAGE AP1.38-1 of Contract File AP1.38 Reason for Delayed Closing APl.39-1 Status Line AP1.39 Contract Payment ltem .40-1 API API .40 Special Reimbursable Provisions APl.41-1 .41 API Kind of Modification API .42-1 Stock API Number .42 .43-I API Part Number AP1.43 AP1.44-1 Shipment Data .44 ldentification API API .45-1 MILSTRIP .45 API Data .46-1 API API .46 Quantity API .47-1 Quantity Variance .47 API API .48-1 (PIIN) lnstrument ldentification Number Procurement AP1.48 AP1.49-1 API Procurement Supplementary Number (SPIIN) ldentification lnstrument .49 AP1.50-1 AP1.50 Contract Line ltem L~ne Number (ELIN) Number ltem (CLIN)/Exhibit APl 51-1 API Reserved 54 API .52-1 Reserved AP1.52 API Award Considered for Not .53 APT .53-1 API .54 Failure to Award AP1.54-1 Bid Rejection AP1.55 Reason for AP1.55-1 API .56 Solicitation Method AP1.56-1 Reason for Rejection .57 Unsolicited Proposal API of API .57-1 AP2-1 APPENDIX AP2 - MlLSCAP Telecommunication and Supplemental Information Accounting AP2.1 Military Contract Standard Administration Procedures (MILSCAP) AP2.1-1 Telecommunication Precedence Guide AP2.2 Location of Supplemental Accounting Classification in MILSCAP AP2.2-1 - AP3 APPENDIX Layouts Record MILSCAP AP3-1 Data #I Record AP3.1 Administrative AP3.1-1 #2 AP3.2 Administrative Data Record AP3.2-1 viii

9 PAGE AP3.3-1 AP3.3 Accounting Classification Record AP3.4-1 Accounting Classification Trailer AP3.4 AP3.5-1 Data Record Supplies Line Item AP3.5 #I AP3.6-1 Data Record ltem Supplies Line AP3.6 #2 AP3.7-1 Supplies Schedule Data Record AP3.7 AP3.8-1 Services Line ltem Data Record AP3.8 AP3.9-1 AcknowledgmentlCancellation AP3.9 AP3.10-1 AP3.10 Modification Header RecordlCorrection Header Record AP3.11-1 AP3.11 Shipment Performance Notice Supplies Line ltem A. 3.12-1 Item AP3.12 Shipment Performance Notice Services Line AP3.13-1 Acceptance Alert AP3.13 AP3.14-1 AP3.14 Acceptance Report AP3.15 Reserved A??. ?R Resmed AP3.17 Accounting Classification Header Record AP3.18 DisbursementiCollection Record Deduction Record AP3.19 Record AP3.20 Variance Record AP3.21 Line ltem Report AP3.22 Text Header Record Contract Completion Statement AP3.23 AP3.24 Unclosed Contract Status AP3.25 Contract Closeout Extension APPENDIX AP4 Reserved - - MlLSCAP Validation Criteria APPENDIX AP5 #I Record Data Administrative AP5.1 Record Data AP5.2 Administrative #2

10 PAGE AP5.3 Accounting Record Classification Data AP5.3-I AP5.4 Accounting Classification Data Trailer AP5.4-1 ltem #I AP5.5 Supplies Line Data Record AP5.5-1 AP5.6 Supplies Line ltem Data Record #2 AP5.6-1 AP5.7 Supplies Schedule Data Record AP5.7-1 Data Record AP5.8 Line Sewices ltem AP5.8-1 AcknowledgmentlCancellation AP5-9 AP5.9-1 Header Record RecordiCorrection Header AP5.10 Modification AP5.10-1 Line ltem AP5.11 Shipment Performance Notice Supplies AP5.11-1 Performance Notice Services Line AP5.12 Shipment Item AP5.12-1 Alert AP5.13 Acceptance AP5.13-1 AP5.14-1 Report AP5.14 Acceptance Resewed AP5.15 Reserved A.P5 16 Accounting Classification Header Record AP5.17 AP5.17-1 AP5.18 Disbursernent/Collection Record AP5.18-1 AP5.19 Deduction Record AP5.19-1 AP5.20 Variance Record AP5.20-1 Report Record AP5.21 Line ltem AP5.21-1 AP5.22 Text Header Record AP5.22-1 Completion Statement Contract AP5.23 AP5.23-1 AP5.24 Unclosed Status Contract AP5.24-1 Contract Closeout Extension AP5.25 AP5.25-1

11 PAGE AP11-1 MILSCAP Participants APPENDIX API 1 - APll-2 Activities Army 1-6 API Navy Activities APl l-9 Air Force Activities API 1-20 DLA Activities APll-30 Activities DFAS

12 ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS Acronym or Definition Abbreviation Code PK5 Acceptance Alert, Dl A/ A Officer Administrative Contracting ACO Automated Contract Preparation System (Air Force) ACPS Accounting Classification Reference Number ACRN Data Automatic Processing ADP Accounting Finance Center (Air Force) and AFAFC Air Force Command Materiel AFMC Army Materiel Command AMC Change Letter MILSCAP Approved AMCL System Management Information Acquisition (Air Force) IS AM Institute American National Standards ANSI Applicable Applic Acceptance Report, Codes Dl PKN/PKP AIR Advanced Research Project Agency ARPA Aviation and Troop Command ATCOM Digital Network Automatic Autt~orizaoun uildgei Numbei Account Budget Program Activity Code BPAC Government Entity H4IH8, Contractor and Cataloging Handbook CAGE Contract Administration Office CAO Cost Center CC Contract Closeout Extension, Code PKZ Dl CCE Contract Completion Statement, Code PK9 Dl CCS Standard System Commodity Command CCSS Contract Delivery Date * CDD Communications and Electronics Command CECOM Contract Line Item Number CLlN code) seven-digit alpha Communications Routing Identifier (a . COMM RI Continental United States CONUS and PV5, through PVI PVA Dl Codes Payment Contract Notice, CPN Defense Automatic Addressing System DAAS Defense Printing Service Automated DAPS Defense Contract Management Area Office DCMAO Defense Contract Management Command DCMC Defense Contract Management District DCMD xiii

13 or Acronym Definition Abbreviation Department of Defense Form Form DD Mater~al Report and Receiving Inspection 250 Form DD $25,000) Report (over Action Individual Contracting DD 350 Form Progress Report Production 375 Form DD in Delivery Delay Form DD 375-2 for Supplies or Order Services DD Form 1 155 Contract Requirements List Data Form DD 1423 Contract Completion Statement DD Form 1594 Report Recommendation/Deficiency Contract Data Package DD Form 1716 for Defense (the Network Data DoD replacement AUTODIN) DDN Acquisition Federal DoD Regulation Supplement DFARS Defense and Service Finance Accounting DFAS Identifier Document Dl Defense Logistics Agency DLA Defense Logistics Agency Instruction DLAl Management System Defense Logistics DLMS Office Defense Logistics Management Standards DLMSO Standard Systems Defense Logistics DLSS Department of Defense DoD Code Address Department of Defense Activity DoDAAC Liirectory Aadress Activ~ty verense ut Ueparrrnent UOllHkU System Defense Priorities and Allocations DPAS D~rector of Defense Procurement DPP Plant Representative Office Defense DPRO Personnel Support Center Defense DPSC Switched Network Defense DSN Depot Standard System DSS D~sbursing Station Symbol Number DSSN Defense Secretary of Under (Logistics) Deputy DUSD(L) E E of of Expense Element Transfer EFT Funds Electronic ELlN Number Item Exhibit Line EOM Month End of Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR FC Formal Change FDD Forecast Delivery Date FMS Foreign Military Sales FOB Free on Board Interim Change xiv

14 Acronym or Definition Abbreviation Binding Requisition and Printing SF 1 AwardIContract SF 26 SolicitationIModification of Contract of Amendment SF 30 and Award Offer, Solicitation, SF 33 of Withdrawals and Credits Voucher and Schedule SF 1081 lnventory Control Point ICP lnventory Manager IM * Industrial Operations Command IOC and Air Navy, Joint Army, Publication Force JANAP Small Purchase System (Air Force) J023 and Due-in System Acquisition (Air Force) JO4q Military Assistance Program Address Directory MAPAD Missile Command MlCOM Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures MILSCAP Transportation Standard Military and Movement Procedures MILSTAMP Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedures MI LSTRAP Procedures Requisitioning and Issue Standard Military MILSTRIP Request Military Interdepartmental Purchase MlPR of lV~echanization Adminisiration Contract Services Materiel Program Code M PC National Stock Number NSN Form Optional OF Sheet Continuation OF 336 of Procurement Policy Office Federal OFPP Number Procurement Instrument Identification PllN Order Item Provisioned PI0 Project Manager PM MILSCAP Proposed Change Letter PMCL Purchasing Office PO Procurement Quality Assurance PQA Procurement Request Order Number PRON Responsibility Center RC Control Number Record RCN Report Control Symbol RCS Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation RDT&E Reimbursable Order Number RON

15 Acronym or Definition Abbreviation -- Record Position Materiel Standard Automated System Management SAMMS Standard Form SF Supplementary Procurement Instrument Identification Number SPllN Dl Notice, Shipment Performance PJR and PJJ Codes SPN Tank Automotive and Armament Command TACOM Document Transportation Control and Movement TCMD Uniform Automated Data Processing System UADPS PKX Contract Status, Dl Code Unclosed UCS Technology) Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and USD(A&TJ

16 REFERENCES DoD 41 40.1, "Materiel Management Policy," January 4, 1993. Directive 4000.25-M, "Defense Logistics Management System," December 1995, DoD DoDD 40.1, reference (a). 41 authorized by -M, "DoD Directives System Procedures," August 15, DoD 5025.1 1994, by DoD Directive 5025.1, DoD Directives System, June 24, 1994. authorized Regulation (FAR), current edition, authorized by the Federal Acquisition Office of Procurement Policy (OFPP). Federal Federal edition, DoD Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) current authorized by OUSD(A) in the Defense Acquisition Regulation System. 8320.1 -M-1, "Data Element Standardization DoD January 1993, Procedures," authorized DoD Directive 8320.1, by Data Administration, DoD September 26, 1991. DoD 4000.25-1 3-M, "DoD Logistics Data Element Standard~zat~on and Manageniel~l Prograrn es, Frucedur 1334, auihur~red Jariuary by 41 40.1 Directive DoD 4000.25-1-M, "Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures," DoD 1, 1987, authorized by May Directive 41 40.1. DoD DoD Reporting and Accounting 4000.25-2-M, "Military Standard Transaction Procedures," 1, 1987, authorized by DoD Directive 4140.1. May DoD 4500.32-R, "Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures," March 15, 1987. Digital Army, and Air Force Publication (JANAP) 128 Joint "Automatic Navy (J), Network (AUTODIN) Operating Procedures," July 30, 1993. "DoD Directory of Contract Administration Services Components," February. authorized by 1995, DASD(P) Memorandum dated April 5, 1990, subject: Directory of Contract Administration Services. Reserved. Reserved xvii

17 CONTRACT MODIFICATION. Any written alteration specifications, delivery in the rate of delivery, period, price, quantity, or other contract provision of an point, contract with in accordance existing contract, whether accompanied by unilateral action a (1) by mutual action of the parties to the contract. It includes: contract provision, or (2) actions such as supplemental agreements and such as bilateral unilateral actions changes, orders, administrative termination, and notices of the change notices of exercise of a contract option. CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION SERVICES (CAS) COMPONENT. A DoD DOD office listed in 4105.4, "DoD Components," DLAl Directory of Contract Administration Services contract administration services. performing is used ELIN. (ELIN) which An to identify an abbreviation of exhibit line item number of supply or service listed on an exhibit or schedule forming a part of a contractual item document. (See 204.7105.) DFARS (ICP). The organizational element INVENTORY CONTROL POINT within a distribution system which is assigned responsibility for system-wide direction and control of ,nateriel as the computation of including such management functions the initiation requirements, of procurement or disposal actions, the development of worldwide quantitative and monetary inventory data, and the positioning and repositioning of materiel. MILITARY STANDARD REQUISITIONING ISSUE PROCEDURES (MILSTRIP). AND system of standard data elements, forms, and formats for the requisition and A codes, materiel, adaptable to both manual and mechanical document preparation issue of and processing. MILSTRIP is applicable to all DoD activities requisitioning transmission to on wholesale distribution systems, the military or civil Agencies requisitioning on government General Services Administration (GSA) distribution systems, to foreign the Military Assistance Program (MAP), and to contractors requisitions under requisitioning Government furnished materiel in connection with contracts for repair, DoD 4000.25-1-M.) rebuild, and overhaul. (See MILITARY STANDARD TRANSACTION REPORTING AND ACCOUNTING PROCEDURES (MILSTRAP). A system which provides standard inventory accounting formats issue receipt, adjustment, and for processing and recording uniform codes and transactions. MILSTRAP storage is applicable to inventory control, stock control, and activities of the Military Services supply distribution systems. (See DoD 4000.25-2-M.) MILITARY STANDARD TRANSPORTATION AND MOVEMENT PROCEDURES (MILSTAMP). data elements, codes, forms, formats, rules, and A system of standard methods for shipment of materiel within the Defense Transportation System (DTS). MILSTAMP applies to shipments originating at Government facilities (including GSA depots) and at contract facilitieswhich terminate at military installations or at foreign government destinations under the MAP Grant Aid. (See DoD 4500.32-R.)

18 PIIN. An of procurement instrument identification number (PIIN) which is abbreviation identifying contractual documents and controlling MILSCAP used for transactions. (See 204.70.) DFARS, subpart PRIMARY CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION OFFICE (PRIMARY CAO). The DoD Contract Administration Services (CAS) Component reflected in the "Administered By" the the block of "Administered By" block of the contract or the purchasing office when contract is blank. A written notification to a contractor to deliver spare repair PROVISIONING ORDER. parts against a line item already contained in a contractual instrument. (Both delivery date and estimated on the order subject to later definitization on a be prices may agreement.) supplemental (PO). The office which awards or executes a contract for PURCHASING OFFICE or services. supplies as X-OVERPUNCH. the I lth row, sometimes referred to A punch in the X-row, of an 80 position record. xxi

19 C1. CHAPTER 1 AND GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE A AUTHORITY .I. C1 of the Department of Defense Directive manual (DoD) is issued under authority This * (reference (a)). 40. 41 I C1.2. PURPOSE The Military Standard Contract Administration (MILSCAP) have C1.2.1. Procedures established attain a greater degree of simplification, standardization, and automation been to of contract and contract related logistics and in the processing financial data. C1.2.2. manual prescribes uniform procedures, rules, data elements, codes, This and time standards concerning the interchange of information formats, contract related and among DoD Components. This standardization action provides the basis for between internal implement compatible procedures for coding, to tne design ana L)OU Components transmitting, decoding, and using logistics information. C1.3: APPLICABILITY The provisions of this apply to all Components of DoD on contracts assigned manual contract (DCMDs). Federal for administration to Defense Contract Management Districts (FAR), subpart 42.2, establishes the policy for assignment contract of Acquisition Regulation administration. All elements of DoD are encouraged to use these procedures, where possible, for those contracts not assigned for field administration. C1.4. POLICY * (a)), DoD Directive 4140.1 Under provisions of it is the policy of the DoD (reference that: C1.4.1. MILSCAP shall be disseminated, as required, to the using levels of DoD Components. Supplemental procedures issued by DoD Components or other organizations are authorized when additional detailed instructions are required.

20 C1.4.2. MILSCAP shall implemented uniformly between DoD Components and at all be each DoD Priority shall be given to the development and levels within Component. implementation of inter-DoD Component procedures before separate development and implementation of intra-DoD Component procedures. for Requests be considered when it can be C1.4.2.1. deviations or waivers shall a workable method or procedure or demonstrated that the system in question cannot provide accommodate interim requirements. cannot Deviations or waivers may not be requested solely to accommodate Cl.4.2.2. systems existing internal and procedures or organizational environments. Cl.5. RESPONSIBILITIES Under provisions of DoD Directive 4140.1 C1.5.1. (a)), the Director of (reference Defense Procurement (DDP) shall provide policy guidance, shall oversee MILSCAP, and shall direct implementation of and compliance with the Directive as it relates to MILSCAP. In carrying out the DDP shall: this responsibility, .I. or revisions to C1.5.l Approve the development of new MILSCAP assignments existing assignments. C1.5.1.2. Provide the Defense Logistics Management Standards Office (DLMSO) design, development, documentation, and maintenance with policy guidance concerning the MILSCAP procedures. of C1.5.1.3. Review and approve DLMSO plans, priorities, and schedules for MILSCAP. C1.5.1.4. Introduce new system improvements and expansion of MILSCAP. C1.5.l.5. Approve or disapprove requests to use a system other than MILSCAP. C1.5.1.6. Resolve issues submitted DLMSO concerning resources, policy, and by MILSCAP. requests for deviations or waivers from the use of S.2. The Director, DLMSO, shall establish a system administrator for MILSCAP. Cl C1.5.3. The DoD LIIISCAP System Administrator shall: C1.5.3.1. in coordination with the DoD Perform analysis and design functions, Components, to implement guidance and instructions provided by the USD(A&T) and to ensure the involvement of telecommunications planning in an integrated system design.

21 C1.5.3.2. Recommend system improvements and additional policy, required, as the development of procedures. during and this manual consistent with Cl.5.3.3. maintain Develop, publish, DoD 5025.1-M (reference (c)). and coordinate proposed system revisions with DoD Components C1.5.3.4. Evaluate to the DDP. a copy and of all revision proposals furnish 90 days after receipt Resolve issues concerning procedural matters within C1.5.3.5. all comments from DoD Components. Issues affecting resources or policy shall be of Components and a recommendation by the DoD referred, together with the comments of the MILSCAP DoD System Administrator, to the DDP for decision. Cl.5.3.6. Disseminate to DDP a quarterly status review of all revision proposals that not yet been have for publication or, that if approved, have not been implemented. approved C1.5.3.7. Ensure compatibility of assigned systems. Coordination shall be effected, when appropriate, among system administrators for assigned systems, with designated task logistics DoD DoD logistics systems, and with related other of system administrators be? Cornpatibi!ity systems and gmups sha!l these attained when appmpriate gr9trpc among coordination with the DoD Components. before Ensure uniform implementation C1.5.3.8. by: of this manual Reviewing all supplemental procedures issued Components DoD C1. by to of revisions to the approved system. ensure continuing conformance C1. Reviewing implementation plans and impiementation dates of DoD Components and making recommendations for improvements. Conducting periodic evaluations determine effectiveness of the C1. to system. Conducting staff assistance visits of selected system segments to C1. determine compliance with prescribed system requirements and to furnish clarification to ensure uniform interpretation of the requirements of the system. C1. the findings and recommendations of evaluations Reporting to DDP Components concerned. staff assistance visits, along with the comments of the DoD and

22 Cl. Securing semiannually, from the Components, status information DoD concerning implementation of approved system revisions. C1.5.3.9. curricula of DoD and other Defense Logistics Review and evaluate (DLSS) to MILSCAP Systems Standard participant training schools offering courses related recommendations for improvements. and make and deviations that arise during C1.5.3.10. Assist in resolving problems, violations, are DoD MILSCAP System Administrator. system operations and that reported to the resolution referred to DDP for be or continued violations shall problems Unresolved and action. corrective I. Review and coordinate with DoD Components all requests for system S.3.l C1 appropriate recommendations to make deviations and exemptions and USD(A&TJ based on finding studies or analysis of accompanying justification. fact The Heads of C1.5.4. Components and other participating organizations shall: DoD Designate an office C1.5.4.1. primary responsibility for MILSCAP to serve as the of MILSCAP Focal Point. They shall identify to the DoD MILSCAP System Administrator the name of focal point representative for MILSCAP to: a primary and alternate Serve on the MILSCAP Focal Point Committee. C1. or the DoD C1 Provide participating organization position and S.4.1.2. Component the authority to make decisions regarding procedural aspects. have C1. Ensure continuous liaison with the MILSCAP System DoD DoD Administrator and other Components and participating organizations. S.4.l.4. Evaluate all suggested changes to C1 that originate within the MILSCAP DoD Component or participating organization. Beneficial suggestions shall be evaluated initially by focal point. the .5.4.l A.1. C1 is received by the DoD MILSCAP System If a suggestion Administrator directly for evaluation, it shall be forwarded to the appropriate DoD Component or participating organization focal point for review and evaluation. C1. If the suggestion is considered worthy of adoption, the focal point shall submit a change proposal to the DoD MILSCAP System Administrator, stipulating specific narrative changes to the manual.

23 C1. Such proposed changes shall coordinated in the normal be by manner with awards determined point in accordance with current procedures. the focal to DoD MILSCAP System Administrator Submit revision proposals the C1. with justification and expected benefits. and submit to the C1. MILSCAP System Administrator a Develop DoD coordinated DoD Component position on all system revision proposals within the time single, System Administrator. MlLSCAP DoD the specified limit by Participate in system staff assistance visits in coordination with the C1. MILSCAP System Administrator. DoD and revisions thereto C1.5.4.2. provide the DoD Implement approved systems and MILSCAP System Administrator with semiannual status information concerning of approved system revisions. This implementation be submitted within 15 information shall the and November 1st and shall begin with the publication of 1st workdays after May approved system change. C1.5.4.3. Accomplish internal training to ensure timely and effective implementation and continued operation of MILSCAP. In addition, furnish copies of initial training instnrctions concerning MILSCAP the DoD MILSCAP System Administrator. to Review, evaluate, and update, at internal C1.5.4.4. least annually, curricula of to ensure adequacy programs training of training. Cl.5.4.5. Provide representation to joint system design and development efforts and of the DLSS in coordination with evaluations DoD MILSCAP System Administrator. the C1.5.4.6. prevent duplication Review internal procedures continually to eliminate and records, of and administrative functions related to information provided by the DLSS, reports, C1.5.4.7. Provide the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) with an open rider requisition 1, "Printing and Binding Requisition," and bulk distribution lists to using Form (SF) Standard cover all printed changes to this manual. The SF 1 will be sent to: ATTN DAPS CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE DLA ROOM 1560 ROAD KINGMAN J JOHN 8725 BELVOIR FORT VA 22060-6221 FAX number is (703) 767-5078

24 C1.5.4.8. Ensure that operating activities supporting MILSCAP functions comply with this manual. supplemental DoD MILSCAP System Administrator copies of to the C1.5.4.9. Furnish to the operation of MILSCAP. and internal procedures, and changes thereto, relating Report to the DoD MILSCAP System Administrator violations C1.5.4.10. and deviations that arise during system operations. - C1.6. COMMITTEE FOCAL POINT Organization and Management. The MILSCAP Focal Point Committee shall: C1.6.1. C1.6.1.1. the DoD Components and other Consist of representatives from participating organizations for MILSCAP. C1.6.1.2. Be chaired by the DoD MILSCAP System Administrator. C1.6.1.3. Meet by at least quarterly. Minutes of these meetings shall be distributed DoD 30 days. the MILSCAP System Administrator within Functions. The MILSCAP committee shall participate in C1.6.2. the development, implementation, and maintenance of MILSCAP. C1.6.3. Focal Points. The following have been designated as the office of primary responsibility or focal point for MILSCAP matters within the following organizations (DSN is the Defense Switched Network): Army COMMANDER US ARMY MATERIEL COMMAND AMCRDA AT ATTN 5001 EISENHOWER AVENUE ALEXANDRIA VA 22333-0001 DSN 767-8348 - Carmen Jennings


26 C1.7. PUBLICATION THE MANUAL OF Organization and Numbering C1.7.1. the In addition to Table of Contents, Acronyms and front C1.7.1.1. matter (Foreword, chapters and appendices. is organized Abbreviations, etc.), the manual into chapter begins with C, the first chapter is C1.7.1.2. The chapter may Each CI. further divided into sections where necessary, into paragraphs and be and, will be numbered as follows: subparagraphs; all Cl Chapter C7. I. Section 1.1 Subsection I. C7.11. Paragraph Cll.7.1.1. Subparagraph are identified by C1.7.1.3. Appendices by the number of the followed AP e.g., API is MILSCAP appendix group, Elements and Codes. When appendices Data are subdivisions are then numbered beginning with subdivided, the e.g., API. I is I, Document Identifier Codes. Cl.7.1.4. Pages are numbered in a separate series for each chapter and appendix, Pages are numbered in sequence with Arabic numerals of a chapter the number number of a chapter is preceded by Each page of the I. beginning with 1 CI. Pages of an appendix are chapter, in sequence beginning with e.g., numbered and number of an appendix is preceded each page the number of the appendix, by appendix. individual I-, AP2. I-, etc., followed by the page number of the API. e.g., Reference to this manual messages, etc., will be shown C1.7.1.5. in correspondence, "MILSCAP" followed by stating sectionlparagraph or appendix; for example, by the "MILSCAP, paragraph C5.3.2." Cl.7.2. Distribution of the Manual C1.7.2.1. will distribute this manual and formal changes to a bulk distribution DLA by the each DoD Component and participating organization as requested point within

27 organization in their distribution is or Component open rider requisition. Further distribution data generated approved accomplished within each organization based upon through their internal publication channels. for changes C1.7.2.2. distribution list for this manual will be Requests in the a DoD Activity to its DoD Component as follows: submitted by COMMANDER Army US ARMY MATERIEL COMMAND AlTN AMCRDA AT EISENHOWER AVENUE 5001 ALEXANDRIA VA 22333-0001 COMMANDER Navy SYSTEMS NAVAL SUPPLY PIKE CARLISLE 5450 ATTN SUP 02XE 0 POSO BOX P MECHANICSBURG PA 17055-0791 PRICING AND CONTRACT Air Force ADMINISTRATION DIVISION ATTN SAFIAUCP THE PENTAGON ROOM 4C251 WASHINGTON DC 20330-5040 CORPS MARINE COMMANDANT OF THE Marine Corps HQMC-LBZ ATTN WASHINGTON DC 20380-0001 DEFENSE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING DFAS SERVICE ATTN DFAS-FCC WASHINGTON DC 20376-5001 ATTN DASC VC PUBS DLA DEFENSE AUTOMATED PRINTING AND SUPPORT CENTER 8725 JOHN J KINGMAN ROAD SUITE 1560 FORT BELVOIR VA 22060-6221

28 DoD Components (other than DLMSO ATTN DEFENSE LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT those shown above) STANDARDS OFFICE 7676 SPRINGHOUSE ROAD OLD McLEAN VA 22101-3403 of this manual may be obtained by C1.7.2.3. Activities through normal Copies DoD ofjhe involved; and by others through ServicetAgency publication requisitioning channels Director, DLMSO. the C1.7.3. Formal and Interim Changes Formal changes (FC) to this manual will be C1.7.3.1. as needed. Each published, FC will numbered consecutively and issued as page replacements. The change number be be be on each page and new or revised wording will will indicated by bold italics. indicated to C1.7.3.2. will be issued (IC) publish emergency or other changes Interim changes when there is insufficient time to publish a FC. Each IC will be incorporated in an FC will be numbered consecutively and will indicate the FC in IC without undue delay. Each to be it will the second IC incorporated. For example, incorporated in change which be 3 be numbered "IC 3-2." will DoD MILSCAP System Administrator will distribute copies The of IC to the each Focal Points. MILSCAP C1.8. PROPOSED CHANGES C1.8.1. Activities proposing revisions to this manual will forward the proposal to their focal point. '21.8.2. the focal point will forward the proposed change to the DoD If concurred with, MILSCAP System Administrator: DLMSO ATTN DEFENSE LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT STANDARDS OFFICE SPRINGHOUSE ROAD 7676 OLD FT BELVOlR VA 22060-621 7 following C1.8.3. DoD Directive 4140.1 (reference (a)), the In accordance with information must accompany proposed changes to this manual when they are forwarded to the DoD MILSCAP System Administrator:

29 C1.8.3.1. Proposed A narrative description of the idea ConcepffRationale: the proposed change and the need for the change. underlying an explanation of (The and why it is a andlor problem purpose of this information is to identify both the basic idea problem.) lnterfacellmpact C1.8.3.2. Requirements: Identify all known or potential impacts on or the DoD logistics or financial systems. (The purpose of this information is to DLSS other should be involved with or be made aware of this proposal.) determine who Advantages/Disadvantages: Identify the known or potential advantages or C1.8.3.3. benefits that are expected to result the proposed change. Disadvantages, when from also be known, should addressed. the and for for this manual Procedures: The proposed wording of C1.8.3.4. change that are affected by this proposed change. any other publications The DoD MILSCAP System Administrator will promptly evaluate and, C1.8.4. when appropriate, staff changes to this manual with the MILSCAP Focal Points. proposed Initiating Proposed MILSCAP Letters C1.8.4.1. (PMCLs). Consecutively Change PMCLs will numbered prepared for requests which demonstrate significant benefits. The be PVCL will be fwh!arded tr? IP3Q(APT)I tW narticipating Ser\ficeslAg~ncy and the Don System Administrators Systems impacted by the proposed change. A of other DoD staffing. Information 60 establishment be allowed for days in regard to the will of minimum an implementation date for the proposed change, if adopted, will also be requested. of DoD MILSCAP System Administrator will evaluation of a proposal, the When required for the ServicedAgency provide cosb'benefit data with their responses. Nonreceipt request that responses within the specified timeframes will result in the of DoD MILSCAP System Service/Agency. the nonresponding Administrator initiating follow-up correspondence with C1.8.4.2. Receiving and Evaluating Responses ServicelAgency Proposed letters not receiving complete ServicelAgency C1. change will be scheduled for discussionlresolution concurrence a subsequent meeting of the at designated ServiceiAgency focal point representatives. The establishment of an effective date for the change, if adopted, may also be subjected to joint meeting for resolution. C1. which involve procedural matters will be resolved by the DoD Issues all comments receipt of 90 days after the Administrator, normally within MILSCAP System from the participating ServiceslAgency.

30 C1. Matters affecting policy, with the ServiceIAgency comments together recommendation by (or from) DoD MILSCAP System Administrator, will be and a the for resolution. USD(A&T) the referred to C1.9. APPROVED CHANGES a proposed change to this manual is approved, the DoD Coordination. After C1.9.1. . Administrator will, in coordination with the MILSCAP Focal Points, MILSCAP System an for the change. Coordination will be effected through establish implementation date DoD MILSCAP Focal in most or, Point Committee deliberations agreements reached during . letters MILSCAP Focal Points. to cases, through the evaluation Component DoD Effective Date. Following receipt and preferred C1.9.2. of DoD MILSCAP System Administrator will select an effective date the implementation dates, changes for manual. The approved change and its effective date will be formally to this announced the by MILSCAP System Administrator through release of an approved DoD MILSCAP change letter (AMCL). AMCLs. These will be numbered consecutively and are provided to formally C1.9.3. notify system participants of approved changes. AMCLs may also be used as planning documents to in any program or system design efforts which may be assist participants will to MILSCAP System Administrator DoD necessarv implement the changes. The of AMCLs to the MILSCAP Focal Points. distribute copies Implementation. DoD policy (see section C1.4., above) requires full C1.9.4. If an approved change cannot be implemented as scheduled, implementation of MILSCAP. focal a deviation. Deviation requests must request approval for the must include a point justification and show understanding of the potential impact on other system participants. an Deviation requests may relate to the implementation date, particular aspects of the change, DoD MILSCAP System Administrator will attempt to resolve the request. or both. The . Unresolved requests for deviation forwarded to the DDP for resolution. will be .lo. SUPPLEMENTAL PROCEDURES C1 1 Supplemental procedures issued by DoD Components are authorized when additional detailed instructions are required. The following publications supplement the provisions DoD Components and participating Agencies. of this manual within the Cl.lO.1. Army: I I I 1 Commodity Command Standard System Operating Instructions 715-1 00, Volumes 2 and 4. (CCSSOI)

31 C1.10.1.2. CCSSOl 18-1-48 (MILSCAP File Guide). Automated Data System Manual (ADSM) 18-R19JCI-ZZZ-UN-01. C1.10.1.3. No or instructions. C1.10.2. implementing procedures Navy. C1.10.3. Air Force. To be determined. Ill, Supply Operations Manual, C1.10.4.1. Depot DLAM 4140.2, Volume Defense and Supply Procedures (for mechanization of warehouse and shipment Transportation processing (MOWASP) system). .lO.4.2. C1 471 5.1, Standard Automated Materiel Management System DLAM (SAMMS), of Operating Procedures for the Contracting Subsystem. Manual DLAM 8000.3, Mechanization Contract Administration Services C1.10.4.3. of Manual for Contract Administration. (MOCAS) Users The DoD the Quarterly Status MILSCAP System Administrator will disseminate C., above) by DoD Directive 4140.1 (reference (a)) Review required (see paragraph open 2 weeks of the close of the quarter. The review will be in two parts; one for within for approved changes which have not been implemented. another proposals and in process IMPLEMENTATION STATUS REPORT C1.12. SEMIANNUAL (RCS: DD-A&T!Q&SA)1419) Purpose Report Control Symbol (RCS). The Defense Logistics and C1.12.1. requires I, (b)), volume 4000.25-M (reference Management System (DLMS) Manual, DoD DoD MILSCAP System Administrator to ensure uniform implementation of the the Directive by securing from DoD Components and participating Agencies, on a semiannual basis, status information concerning implementation of approved MILSCAP revisions. The reporting requirement ends after the Component of "fully implemented" throughout a status purpose is to identify and resolve problems prior to the effective date of is provided. The DD-A&T(Q&SA)1419 as the report control symbol. The Directive assigned RCS: the AMCL. C1.12.2. Report Form. The report must provide, at a minimum, the following information:

32 DoD 4000.25-5-M C1.12.2.1. Title - Status Report. Semiannual Implementation - DD-A&T(Q&SA)1419. RCS: C1.12.2.2. Report Control Symbol Date - of 1st or November 1st. As C1.12.2.3. May . Cl.12.2.4. Approved MILSCAP Change Number. Cl 2.2.5. - As indicated on the AMCL. .I Effective Date * Due C1.12.3. The report must be forwarded to the Director, Defense Logistics Date. Management Standards Office, ATTN: DLMSO, to arrive within working 15 of the "as days of' of the report. date NONCOMPLIANCE PRESCRIBED MILSCAP PROCEDURES AF'3 OTHER WITH C1.13. UNRESOLVED PROBLEMS attempts to obtain compliance with prescribed procedures or resolution If reasonable MILSCAP related problems are unsatisfactory, the activity having the problem will of from its MILSCAP request assistance focal point. The request will include copies of all e necessarv to the problem. The focal point involved will take the pertinent corresp6ndence to issue or problem. Necessary action may include requesting assistance the resolve action MILSCAP System Administrator, who will follow the prescribed procedures from the DoD above). C1.5., (see section FOR MILSCAP DATA C1.14. ADDRESSEE C1.14.1. data should always be transmitted to the automatic data processing MILSCAP . activity servicing the prescribed recipient. The MILSCAP transaction recipient and (ADP) the ADP activity servicing the recipient may not be the same p0in.t. The ADP points for API 1. contract in appendix administration offices are shown (CAOs) If MILSCAP data are received by the wrong activity, reasonable effort should C1.14.2. be made to reroute the data to the correct activity. Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN) Operating Procedures, JANAP 128, (reference will be used for rerouting data over (k)) AUTODIN. If the correct activity cannot be determined for electrically transmitted or mailed messages, return to the sender with appropriate rernarks.

33 CONCEPT SYSTEM GENERAL C2.1. chapter This C2.1.1. introduces procedures which support, through automated the Under contract management. the administration and means, functions involved in contract DoD manual implements the Directive 4140.1 (reference (a)), this in authority contained following: Certain policy provisions published C2.1.1.1. (reference (d)) and in the in the FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) (reference (e)). DoD data C2.1.1.2. (f))) elements (authorized by DoD 8320.1-M-1 (reference Standard Data Element the Logistics covered elements and logistics data by Standardization and (g))). (reference 3-M, Management Program (implemented by DoD 4000.25-1 ~ozflicis inanual MILSCAP the event the lri C2.1.2. that the publiceiions, above tE-~e with Any will govern. such conflict Manual Data Standards or the DFARS, of the FAR, provisions MILSCAP System Administrator. should be reported to the DoD C2.1.3. sections subsequent are contained in procedures of this manual. The Detailed chapter is necessarily broad and intended in this to provide a perspective of the material overall program. C2.2. PROVISIONS program uses automated and high- equipment data processing C2.2.1. MILSCAP The exchange speed data transmission, thus permitting and automation of the of procurement data. contract administration All C2.2.2. MILSCAP transactions are transmitted through the AUTODIN (or its DoD (DDN)) Data Network Defense replacement, the to automated systems at purchasing offices, field contract administration activities, and finance and accounting inventory control points, offices.

34 C2.3. OVERALL SYSTEM DESCRIPTION This manual describes the external flow selected contract, production, C2.3.1. of information delivery, and contract administration organizations and between financial field procurement, materiel management, financial of and range activities performing a broad accounting functions. C2.3.2. purchasing offices (POs), CAOs, This description is intended to present points (ICPs), inventory managers (PMs), and financial accounting offices control proje~t of external procedures prescribed in this manual. An understanding of the with a picture the will enable these activities to assess the impact of MILSCAP on their external system systems and to assimilate and use the products of MILSCAP. internal operating proper The (1) standard at all levels by providing: use permit improvements of these products will data elements, and codes for contract data from procurement formats, capturing key instruments, (2) for forecasting and reporting deliveries, and (3) standard procedures payment notifications for input into allotment and obligation status automated contract records. C2.3.2.1. have been signed, the PO will forward contract abstract After contracts As formats the CAO for use in establishing record CAO master contract file. to later the contract modifications occur, such as changes in shipping instructions and definitization of prices, contract modification abstract record formats must also be forwarded by the PO for updating the master contract file. (In instances where the CAO initiates the CAO records is reversed.) modification, the flow of the contract modification abstract material is shipped, the CAO advises the PO, the ICP, or the When (as C2.3.2.2. PM the contract) by means of the Shipment Performance Notice (SPN). This designated in an updating of due-in asset and intransit permits at the PO or ICP level. If records acceptance is be accomplished at destination, the CAO advises the consignee of this fact to of by the Acceptance Alert receiving installation reports acceptance or rejection The (AIA). material by the Acceptance Report (AIR) which forms a basis for payment of the contractor invoice by the CAO. of As made to a contractor, the CAO notification are such C2.3.2.3. payments of the Contract Payment Notice expenditures to finance and accounting activities consists (CPN). These data formats are used by the recipient to update automated obligation and allotment accounting records and reduce accounts payable. C2.3.2.4. is utilized by the CAO to advise The Contract Completion Statement (CCS) when a contract is closed. The reasons for delayed closing and an estimated date of of the format. record by means (UCS) Unclosed Contract Status are reported closure

35 C2.4. RELATIONSHIP CERTAIN FAR AND DFARS PROVISIONS TO MILSCAP OF The procurement contract administration functions are benefited and C2.4.1. and those FAR and DFARS provisions which standardize and facilitated by forms, criteria, a prerequisite the efficient functioning of standardization actions were numbering. These to to MILSCAP is: MILSCAP. DFARS coverage directly relating identification numbering procedures. Uniform procurement instrument C2.4.1.1. This provides standard number structure management DoD basis for integrated a of all in all procurement instruments and furnishes an effective common reference point such instruments. Also, this uniform structure, when introduced communications involving ADP systems, permits economical and efficient control of contracts at all logistics levels. into DFARS, subpart (See 204.70.) numbering. Standard contract line item and exhibit line item for C2.4.1.2. techniques scheme facilitates use of ADP by permitting establishment and This uniform numbering of automated records for each item of supply or control on procurement instruments. service (See subpart 204.71 DFARS, .) Various and and receiving formats were standardized in C2.4.1.3. sundry inspection 250, "Material Inspection and Receiving Report." Deviations from the form are the DD Form already available in la cement of data is standardized; nnnessential data or data nrohibited: other reduced; automatic preparation of the form is facilitated. Under documentation is DD Form data is captured once and, throilgh the SPN transaction, made 250 MILSCAP, all activities needing the data, thus precluding several expensive keying to available at different installations. After implementation of the SPN, excessive distribution operations F.) of form is to be reduced and controlled. (See DFARS, appendix copies of the Uniform Standardization and modification documents. C2.4.1.4. of contractlaward and formats of procurement instruments facilitates the transfer of contract content administration data without misinterpretation and permits keying directly from the instruments without the need for operations and capturing data in coding and transcribing form simultaneously with of the contract. This same automated automated preparation data provides input to files of the materiel manager, the CAO, and potentially, the contract for 53 part standard 11 55, and FAR 3.505-70 for DD Form 21 (See contractor. DFARS forms.) C2.4.2. A greater amount of detail concerning the above subjects can be obtained by to appropriate sections of the FAR and DFARS. direct reference

36 C2.5.1. Current objectives developments of the DoD tend toward designing and systems through building block approach, i.e., each block standardization information the uniformity of elements established by capitalizing on the the other. Standardization permits data output the is the integration of various information systems whereby the of one system input to another. of the data in MILSCAP directly relates to the information requirements C2.5.2. Much other by standard data systems. MILSCAP interface with MlLSTRlP established DoD (reference (i)), MILSTRAP MILSTAMP (reference and (reference (h)), (i)) includes: When the contract involves requisitions, the end user's requisition number C2.5.2.1. in MILSTRIP) is forwarded to the CAO in the contract abstract record formats. (prescribed DD Form 250 MlLSTRlP is perpetuated on the This standard 15-position requisition number permit the customer to correlate the original requirement to the delivery. In addition, the to requisition number (as an option) MlLSTRlP in the MILSCAP SPN record is perpetuated and and format inventory manager or purchasing office to clear its record enables to the prepare shipment status required by MILSTRIP. C2.5.2.2. The procurement instrument identification number (PIIN) reflected on delivery documents IS number used by storage activities in preparing the MILSTRAP the rewi~f transaction The due-in records of an ICP can thus cleared by matching materiel be and the contract line item number (CLIN) common to the due-in records and the PllN transactions. Data in the contract abstract records, such as the requisition number, are C2.5.2.3. CAO used by the the traffic management function and enable preparation of in performing MILSTAMP and Transportation Control Movement Document (TCMD), when required. the C2.5.3. evolution of standardized and integrated logistics data systems, is a The continuing process; therefore, the development of other new systems, improvement to existing systems, and of MILSCAP are to be anticipated. the expansion TECHNIQUE WHICH TRANSMITTING AMOUNTS AND QUANTITIES FOR C2.6. OR ALLOTTED DATA FIELD EXCEED EQUAL C2.6.1. When the positions in contract abstracts which are allotted for amounts (other than unit price) and quantities are not sufficient to allow for the total amount/quantity, two transactions will required to be submitted. Both transactions will be identical except for be the amount fields. (This technique does not apply to the Unit Price data field.) C2.6.1 .I. Amount fields that exceed $99,999,999.99.

37 C2.6.1.1. Amount that exceed $99.999.999.99. fields Transaction Number One: in the C2. This transaction will contain, right positions (including the amount with an X-overpunch in the the cents) of amount field, from the right tenths field). (second position of the Transaction Number Two: This transaction will contain the remaining C2. to the left of the 10 positions posted in transaction number one and will be prefixed positions "T in the high orderposition of the field. zeros a with with - (in amount of $78,987,654,321 .OO for a 10 position field) C2.6.1.2. Example X Transaction Number One: 87654321 00 C2. Transaction C2. T000000789. Number Two: in appendix Amount data (except Unit C2.6.1.3. shown fields API .20 use this Price) technique. C2.6.1.4. Quantity 99,999,999. fields that exceed Number One: will contain, in the Transaction This transaction C2. right most quantity of the quantity with an X-overpunch in the second field, the positions from the right of the field. position Transaction transaction will contain the remaining Number Two: This C2. to the left of the eight positions posted in transaction number one and will be positions "T" in the high order position of the field. with zeros with a prefixed field). C2.6.1.5. quantity of 19,898,765,432 (in an eight-position for Example X C2.6.1.5.l. Transaction Number One: 98765432 C2. Transaction Number Two: TO0001 98 use C2.6.1.6. data fields shown in appendix API .46 The Quantity this technique C2.6.2. Designations for estimated amounts or quantities will be contained in transaction number one only.

38 DoD 4000.25-5-M 3 CHAPTER C3. OF ABSTRACTS CONTRACTS GENERAL C3.1. uniform procedures use of C3.1.1. This chapter for preparation and provides the . record individual data the formats. including elements, contract abstracts, codes, and C3.1.2. The abstract is a data instrument procurement of a contractual representation and is comprised of key a series of 80-position transactions. The abstract contains item, and delivery data extracted from line elements of administrative, contractual processable format. documents into an electronically an C3.q.3. The standard 80-position transactions permit interchange of data between among the in a uniform manner, thereby producing greater accuracy of ServicesIAgency and management products. reliable and more data in contract files a OBJECTIVE AND USES ABSTRACT C2.Z. (i.e., system C3.2.1. An objective in abstract preparation is source document automation to whereby is entered into the printed documents), all the data necessary print the contract of the contractual document, the computer preparation the computer. Simultaneously with abstract. generated prepares is not feasible, the abstract Where will this practice be the directly from the source document. keyed data base the from directly or by the PO or C3.2.2. The abstract data are processed electronically and are used (IM) inventory manager in support of: Due-in assets systems a. b. Procurement status and history files reporting c. MILSTRIP status system MILSTRAP pre-positioned receipt d. Finance and accounting records e. Management statistics f.

39 C3.2.3. CAOs of: use the abstract data in support a. Master contract file records I for receipt of hard copy documents b. Suspense production, quality in property administration, c. Work assignments transportation assurance, and I d. Voucher examination 1 Management statistics 1 e AND EXCLUSIONS INCLUSIONS C3.3. contractual procurement instruments to be abstracted under The are MILSCAP C3.3.1. contracts, purchase orders, delivery orders, and calls. Exhibits related to any of the also referenced aforementioned are term "contract" is used throughout in the abstract. The this to convey this all inclusiveness. chapter Those contractual procurement instruments excluded from the abstracting C3.3.2. hsic grc'ering agreements, 7~~5s ?~!rrhase agreevents, and ivdefinite Irn blarket contracts. Information from these instruments required delivery internal systems may be for extracted as necessary. locally, C3.4. CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTS are abstracted include the The contractual documents from which elements of data DD Form 11 55, Order for Supplies or Services; SF 26, AwardIContract; SF 33, Solicitation, 336, Continuation Sheet; Offer, and Award (when used as an award); Optional Form (OF) as 30, of SF of Contract, Amendment applicable. SolicitationlModification and C3.5, INITIATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF CONTRACTS AND ABSTRACTS C3.5.1. PO in accordance with FAR and DFARS instructions will prepare contracts The wi!l provide copies thereof to the CAO in accordance with distribution instructions in FAR and 4.2. and DFARS subpart 204.2. subpart C3.5.2. The office issuing hard copy contract is responsible for initiating the abstract the transmitting the abstract to the contract abstract recipient ADP point. For contracts and in by a PO, the contract abstract recipient is always the primary CAO activity reflected issued the "Administered By" block, as modified, of the basic contract. When authority has been

40 assigned to the CAO to or orders, the abstract recipient is the activity (PO, IM, or issue calls the CAO is the responsibility of the office PM) which authorized to issue the contract. It to issue responsibility (i.e., authorizing the CAO a CAO callslorders) to PO to delegating letter of delegation both the abstract recipient and the PO, IM, or indicate who is in the PM receive the to MILSCAP delivery transactions. will be two workdays after contract execution without Abstracts forwarded within C3.5.3. awaiting distribution of the hard copy. the reproduction and When the contract contains MILSCAP data elements that are classified, these C3.5.4. data elements will be abstracted and only the unclassified data will be transmitted in the not abstract. A "9" 61 of the PAA transaction indicates "partial abstract - see in position The contract containing the classified data will be forwarded in accordance with contract." existing security regulations. C3.6. OF THE ABSTRACT STRUCTURE C3.6.1. abstract records are described through AP3.8. These The in appendices AP3.1. of the record be used to abstract contract data. formats data element fields The will records are arranged sequentially by record position. C3.6.2. The abstract consists of four sections of information representing four levels of contract data as described below: C3.6.2.1. - Administrative Data Record Number I (Dl code PAA) Administrative Data Number and code PAB) will (Dl relative to the overall contract. 2 reflect information field for contract level data is PllN and Supplementary PllN (SPIIN). Therefore, the control Accounting Classification Data Accounting The C3.6.2.2. Classification Record (Dl - and the (Dl code PAD) reflect the accounting classification with code PAC) Trailer Record limiffsubhead placed in fixed locations. appropriation and C3. The Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN) is a two- position alphanumeric control code assigned (in accordance with DFARS 204.7107) to each accounting classification used The ACRN will be shown as a detached in a single contract. to The accounting classification on the contract. prefix ACRN is required to associate the Accounting Classification Trailer Record, the Supplies Schedule Data Record, and the the long line accounting classification. The with the appropriate Item Data Record Line Services is also used to associate ACRN various record formats of the Contract Payment Notice the segment of this manual. The control fields for accounting classification data are ACRN U.S. dollars. within PIIN. All dollar figures in MILSCAP are

41 C3. It will necessary to provide identification of accounting information be is not related a CLlN or an Exhibit Line ltem Number (ELIN) when this identification is that to services for which recipient of the CPN. contract authorizes contingent required by If the the is established, a Special Reimbursable CLlNlELlN and reimbursed be contractor may the no entered in the Accounting Classification Trailer Record to identify Provision indicator will be accounting classification to be If an the charged for each Special Reimbursable Provision. not a variance), it will be included (i.e., been obligated for these contingencies has amount the amount for the line item also ehargeable to the accounting classification. Multiple with records may accompany any PAC record. PAD Line ltem - Line item data is segregated into two areas as follows: Data C3.6.3. Line ltem Data Record Number I (Dl Code PAE) and Number 2 Supplies C3.6.3.1. Code PAF) pertain to items of supply, as differentiating from (Dl and reflect such services, information as stock number, purchase price, noun, procurement quality assurance, unit, points, etc. acceptance Services Line ltem Data Record (Dl Code PAH) pertains to services on C3.6.3.2. as differentiating from supplies, and reflects such information as short description contracts, of the service, completion date, dollar amount, etc. Some examples of service line items are ~nnir)eeriry wvices research and development services. training services; DD Form 1423, Contract Data Requirements and testing services. Services line items List, data items; lot of at one location (delivery destination) and are to be paid for services normally cover one as one lot. services being procured are to be accomplished at several locations When the payment is on the basis of the level of effort (e.g., hours expended per month), such andtor be defmed on Supplies Line ltem Data Records with Supplies Schedule Data items should for be made. of services against which payments are to Record each unit item The fields for supplies line C3.6.3.3. level data are PIIN, calllorder control number, and CLINIELIN; for services line item level data the control fields are PIIN, calltorder number, CLINtELIN, ACRN, and completion date. For contract line items that do nothing more than reference an exhibit C3.6.3.4. those in the the Dl Code PAE is required. In these instances, the Dl Code PAF and contract, only furnished. be (Dl Code PAG) will not Supplies Schedule Data Record the which For CLlNs or C3.6.3.5. those do contain sublines, the following applies: ELlNs C3. Contract and exhibit subline items that reflect a numeric suffix are established for informational purposes only and MILSCAP records will not be created therefor.

42 C3. Contract exhibit subline items that bear an alphabetic suffix are and for separate reporting therefore, when the contract established by MILSCAP records; or sublines, the applicable MILSCAP records (Dl Codes PAE, PAF, CLlN ELlN contains and PJR) will be at the PAG, PAH, PJJ, level. The contract or exhibit subline associated a common denominator for serves only as accumulation of management data by line the procuring activity. No data will be transmitted for this associated contract or exhibit line the item. For exhibit subline items on line and Form 1423 MILSCAP records DD C3.6.3.6. if the will be created only DD Form 1423 indicated that a DD Form 250 is required. Destination and Schedule Data -The Supplies Schedule Data Record format C3.6.4. (Dl Code reflects information relative to destination and delivery date level. This PAG) format includes such information as ship-to, mark-for, delivery date, ACRN, and record for fields contrnl The 250 and MILSTAMP purposes. Form for DD MILSTRIP data required schedule level PIIN. CLINIELIN, ship-to, mark-for, delivery date, destination and data are MILSTRIP number, when used. These elements make up most of the and document therefore, the entire record shall be considered control for the purpose of format; making changes. TAILORING ABSTRACTS C3.7. OF contracts will normally require the preparation of Administrative Data All Record and and Number 2 1 the Accounting Classification Record and Trailer. Number Additionally, all contracts will normally require either Supplies Line ltem Data Record 1 Number 2 along with their relatable Supplies Schedule Data Records or it and Number Line ltem Data Records. In some cases, a contract will require both will require Services used be code will Contract Item Data Records. The Kind of Line Services Supplies and the predominant feature which best describes The codes shown on the of the contract. abstract. page are intended to be used only as an aid in editing an next

43 Supplies Services Acctg. Admin. Kind of ltem Line Contract ltem Data Classif. Line #1&2& Code, of Kind Schd. Data Records Record Data Contract AP1.7 Trailer 8 Record Record and 2 #I 1 When X Con- X Supply X tracts and Applic Priced Orders X 2 & X Research When X Development Applic Contracts 3 Systems' X When X X Acquisition Applic Contracts 5 Maintenance X X When When Contracts Applic Applic Service 6 X When X X Contracts Applic Facilities 7 X X When When Contracts Applic Applic 8 Undefinitized X X When When Letter Applic Applic Contracts 9 Unpriced When When When BOA Orders Applic Applic Applic Other 0 When When When Applic Applic Applic and 3, Systems Acquisition Contracts, includes both ADP systems 'Code weapons systems contracts.

44 C3.8. ABSTRACT FORMATS There are that can be included in the contract abstract. C3.8.1. eight record formats formats, record positions, field legends, and instructions for field entries are contained The in appendix AP3. applicable codes for use in the abstract are contained in appendix The in appendix AP5. The abstract originator is API. Abstract validation criteria are contained responsible for validating abstract data. Additional record formats, data elements, or codes may used to satisfy local C3.8.2. be however, will not be transmitted. needs; such data C3.9. ACKNOWLEDGMENTICANCELLATION An Abstract Acknowledgment Record (Dl Code PFK) C3.9.1. be generated by the will abstract recipient upon receipt of each contract abstract. This will serve confirm receipt to be (PA- by the recipient and will only) transmitted to the of a basic abstract records the contract abstract within originator of workdays from abstract submission date. 5 Confirmation not received within 7 may be subject to followup via workdays message, advising that the acknowledgment has not been received for contract number , $332 To canrel a nreviorrsly s~~bmitted abstract, or withdraw an abstract where the data entries erroneok to the extent that the abstract originator desires to start over, the are (Dl be used. Internal procedures will be code PEK) will Abstract Cancellation Record the related abstract records out of the applicable internal systems. utilized to back This method not apply to contract modifications and can be initiated only by the originator does Dl code of the abstract. The recipient of request for canceling an abstract will provide a the PFK to indicate that the original abstract has been deleted from their files. It should be noted that cancellation acknowledgment must be received before a new abstract can be the sent. The data format for both the Acknowledgment and Cancellation Records, which C3.9.3. are differentiated by Dl codes, is as shown in appendix AP3.9. C3.10. EXEMPTIONSIEXCLUSIONS The abstract segment of MILSCAP is operational between selected purchasing (DCMDs). The participants are Defense Contract Management Districts offices, and the 1. listed in appendix API

45 C4. CHAPTER 4 OF CONTRACT ABSTRACTS MODIFICATIONS C4.1. GENERAL chapter prescribes procedures for abstracting modifications (provisioned .I. This CAI to a contract. Contract be item orders (PIO) will treated and numbered as modifications) FAR, subpart 43.1, as "any written change in the terms modification is defined in of the includes changes to specification, delivery point, rate of contract." This definition the price, or other contract provisions of an existing contract delivery, contract period, quantity, action in accordance with a contract whether accomplished by unilateral or by provision, mutual parties to the contract. It includes: (i) bilateral actions such as action of the and unilateral actions such as change orders, orders for supplemental agreements, (ii) items, administrative changes, notices of termination, and notices of the provisioned exercise of a contract option. contract above definition covers all additions, deletions, or changes to the C.4.1.2. The involving elements of data found in the contract abstract. This includes amending or ;+plei.i.isnCirig iristructions and agreements such as iriitial (foilow-on) shipping ir-~sb-ucticjns, amended shipping provisioning instructions, exhibits to contracts, and modifications to will be in accordance with the provisions of orders. Contract modifications numbered 204.7004. DFARS MILSCAP also includes a clerical correction procedure. This procedure allows C.4.1.3. addition of contract data that was omitted for the the abstract, and of the correction of from erroneous contract data that was included Clerical corrections are further in the abstract. discussed in section C4.7., below. C.4.1.4. The format for modification abstracts and error correction abstracts is shown at appendix AP3.10. SOURCE C4.2. DOCUMENTS Amendment of Solicitation/Modification SF 30, is the form authorized for of Contract, use in modifying contracts (including purchase and delivery orders entered on DD Form 1155). OF 336, Continuation Sheet, is authorized for use with the SF 30.

46 C4.3. VALIDATION DISTRIBUTION AND The office issuing the copy contract modification is responsible for C.4.3.1. hard modification initiating and transmitting ADP point. abstract the abstract to the recipient are AP5. in appendix validation criteria The modification Modification contained abstract abstract data. For contract modifications the abstract originator is responsible for validating the purchasing office, the modification issued recipient is always the CAO by abstract in the "Administered block, as modified, of the basic contract. For activity reflected By" by the CAO the modification abstract recipient varies: modifications contract issued On calls and orders issued by the CAO, if the C. issues a modification, CAO the abstract recipient will be the as recipient of the calllorder abstract, as provided for same calVorder, then AP3.2, office modifies the position if another in appendix 64-69; however, the the abstract recipient will be CAO. C. For other modifications issued by the CAO, the recipient of the abstract is the office who initiated the original contract abstract unless the modification for the modification is initiated by another activity, in which case the other requirement(s) becomes the abstract that particular modification abstract. This means activity recipient for that for supplemental agreements definitizing the PlOs, recipient is the activity abstract which has been assigned item management responsibility for the items of supply being oroc~.~rerl F~.irthw, a sup~lernental agreement or other modification issued by the CAO and which relates to a cannot encompass PlOs issued by more than one activity. PI0 The modification abstract consist of the following records: C.4.3.2. will Modification reflecting information contained in the A C. Header Record SF 30. For continuity and control purposes, the header record will be of the header portion the PO and primary CAO and the disbursing office designated furnished between in the contract, if different, for all modifications change affects the abstract. The whether or not the for the Modification is shown at appendix AP3.10. format Header Record When a modification reflects a transfer of a contract between POs, C. the Modification Header Record (Dl Code PBI) will indicate the identity code of the PO from which the contract was transferred and the PBA record will indicate the identity code of the gaining PO. The By of the PBI and PBA records will be used for this Issue field "DM in position 61 Modification Header Record of the identification purpose. In addition, a of the PO function to the activity identified will indicate a transfer PBA in the associated record. When a modification reflects a transfer of a contract between CAOs, the Modification Header (Dl Code PBI) will indicate the identity code of the CAO from Record which the contract was transferred and the PBA record will indicate the identity of the PBI gaining CAO. By fields of the The Administered and PBA records will be used for this

47 identification purpose. In addition, "E" in position 61 of the Modification Header Record an CAO identified in the associated PBA. assignment to the activity will indicate a transfer of CAO activities will be negotiated at the time of of The supporting transfer records between each transfer. a contract modification is created due to a hard copy C. When initiator prior to abstract transmission, documentation error detected by the the initial will revised to reflect correction made by the hard copy modification and abstract be PB1 consist of The modification abstract will point: only the recipient transmitted to the ADP account for the hard copy modification. An "F" in position 61 of the to Modification Header Record will indicate correction copy error, of a hard In the C. Modification Header Record contains a "P" or "Q" in the event position the affected abstract records indicated in subparagraph C4.3.2.3., below, will be 61, no 61, or "X other "T" in position a Record Header Modification If the provided. contains are the termination notice processing has been completer' and an records required until 30, "Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of SF is issued with the concurrent Contract," coding of "U" in position 61 of the Modification Header Record. C. For obligation adjustments subsequent to physical completion of a "R" will be entered in position 61 contract in accordance MILSCAP contract closing, an with represent repricing, recosting, If the Modification Header Record to renegotiation, etc. PBD, "R 61, only are PBB, PBC, in position and PBE, as applicable, PBA, an contains in association with the PBI. The "R" in position 61 will enable supporting required systems up new obligation positions. unmatched condition and set to for an allow applicable For than subparagraph C.4.3.3. above, a set of records of the other C4.3.2.2., C3. The abstract records will contain the contract abstract series as described in chapter SPllN modification number, the control fields and Dl codes listed below, and the changed, added, or deleted entered field(s) prescribed for the given elements information in the same data contract abstract. (In the event the Modification Header Record contains of in the basic "P" or "Q" in position 61, the affected abstract records will be provided. If the Modification a "X" in position 61, no other records are required until the a "T" or Header Record contains SF 30 is issued with the termination processing has been completed, and an notice Record.) Modification Header "U" in position 61 of the of concurrent coding

48 Dl MOD CONTROL ELEMENTS CODE ABSTRACT RECORD P BA #I Administrative Data Record Number CalllOrder and PllN and Number CalllOrder PllN PBB Administrative Data Record #2 CallIOrder Number and ACRN PIIN, PBC Accounting Classification Record PBD Accounting Classification Trailer CallIOrder PIIN, ACRN and Number PBE CLINIELIN CalllOrder Number and PIIN, Supplies Line Data Record Item #I PBF Number CallIOrder CLlNlELlN PIIN, and Data Supplies Line ltem Record #2 The entire record (except quantity and Schedule Data Record PBG CLlN for exhibit) basic ltem Data Services Line Record PBH CalllOrder CLINIELIN, PIIN, Number, ACRN, and Completion Date C4.4. CHANGING NONCONTROL DATA When one or more fields of the abstract are to be changed, enter the control ( data in iheir proper fieid iocatios~s, and the listed noncontroi jnewj the changed data above, above. appropriate (Dl) (for modifications) as listed identifier Those fields which document are not being changed should be left blank. If it is desired to delete (blank) a field containing significant data, alphabetic "Xs" be entered in the complete field. The Dl, the will and the SPllN as being a modification. The format of the PIIN, identify the record the that of the basic contract abstract. modification abstract is same as This method of abstracting noncontrol data changes permits the use of the C.4.4.2. master whereby records overlay technique for updating a given record is located contract of control and the changed (new) information replaces the through comparison elements the remainder of the record remains current (old) information while unchanged. C4.4.1., above, will be used for C.4.4.3. The overlay technique described in paragraph changing all noncontrol data except for increasing or decreasing quantities and amounts (not unit price) on modification and error abstracts. When quantities and amounts correction net affected record will be transmitted or decrease in each are being changed, the increase is involved; (when a decrease X-overpunch will be inserted in the last position of the an field). When changing an estimated quantity or amount, an X-overpunch is required in the first position field. When definitizing an existing estimated quantity or amount, zero fill of the the quantity or amount field; omit the X-overpunch. This technique applies to the quantities 2, Accounting Data Classification and amounts in the Administrative Data Record Number

49 Trailer, Supplies Line ltem Number 1, Supplies Schedule Data Record, and Data Record ltem Data Services Line Record. CONTROL DATA C4.5. CHANGING to change control data Where there is a than PllN or requirement C.4.5.1. other 80 position record (except for Dl code) containing CLINIELIN, duplicate the entire the old i.e., X-overpunch position 10 which the control data and utilize deletionlreversal technique, of the fiscal year in the structure of the decade position is the Dl code The applicable PIIN. for modification will be used. Prepare a record with the new control data, filling in all other fields to complete C.4.5.2. the for addition of data records, i.e., X-overpunch in technique the record and utilizing 11, which is the units position of the fiscal year in the structure of the PIIN. The position applicable code for modification will be used. Dl The first record having the will X-overpunch in position 10 C.4.5.3. deletionlreversal serve delete the record having the old control data. The second record having the to addition X-overpunch in position 11 will serve to establish a record having the new control data. The common use of this method will be to update delivery schedules with most amend schedules to change destination and add data. shipping information and MILSTRIP the infrequent occasions On a modification changes the PIIN, calllorder C.4.5.4. when or CLINIELIN, a message will be used indicating the number, of the modification and PllN information relative to the following situation, applicable: as changed to a new The PllN C. number old PllN and call/order and calllorder number. C. The current PllN and calllorder number and old CLlNlELlN changed to a new CLINIELIN. C. old PIIN, call/order number and CLINIELIN changed to a The PIIN, new calllorder number and CLINIELIN. C4.6. ADDING OR DELETING DATA C.4.6.1. A contract modification requiring the addition of a new record to the abstract or same deletion without further replacement, will utilize the of an existing record procedures and X-overpunch techniques prescribed in section C4.5, above, for deleting and adding data.

50 C.4.6.2. This be used for deleting specific records in an abstract and will not method will to be retire an entire contract abstract. Contract completion will normally delete used or contract retire a abstract. serve to OF OMITTED C4.7. CORRECTION OF UNSOLICITED SUBMISSION AND/OR ERRONEOUS DATA errors discovered by the initiator after C.4.7.1. of the abstracts (these Data transmission errors the contractual documentation is correct; however, the abstract record is are in which i.e., of stock required) and cases list changes, in error; therefore, contract modification is not non-NSN to national going (NSN) (if from stock number or DFARS does not require a FAR may be correctedlchanged by submission of abstract records contract modification) code. "E" of the MILSCAP Dl position PE- transactions can be in the second containing an by of the contract abstract or, initiator only in the case of modifications, the prepared the PE- transaction is used to modification abstract. In the event a initiator of the a modification (PB-) abstract the same modification number that was correctlchange in the reflected will also be transaction the PE- transaction. PB- cited in all PE- transactions involving other than control data must contain Unsolicited C.4.7.2. required control elements. Only the noncontrol elements of the changed must be filled being establishlreplaceloverlay their respective except for quantity and amount, and these fields, fields. Quantity and price) are net increaseldecrease, plus or minus, amount (excluding unit section (see The net increaseldecrease is the difference between the source C4.4., above). the contract modification, and previously submitted transactions for i.e., same document, or document. C.4.7.3. Unsolicited Transactions Involving Control Data All errors, control and noncontrol data, associated C. abstracts with containing control errors will be corrected by message form. PIINISPIINICLINIELIN Messages correcting PIINISPIIN CLINIELIN errors will cite the old PIINISPIIN and and PIINISPIIN CLlNlELlN changes) and the new CLINfELIN and CLINIELIN (if CLINIELIN (if changes). The PIINISPIINICLINIELIN correction will be a one from and to change line will applicable to all contract abstract records in error. Whenever both which be and other errors occur together, all PllNlSPllNlCLlNlELlN transactions will contain the PE- corrected SPIIN, CLINIELIN. PIIN, Control data errors other C. the above will be corrected in the normal than PE- transaction mode, by preparing an exact duplicate of control elements contained in the original record an entering except for in the second position of MILSCAP Dl code and "E" 10 to delete the old record. A record with the the reversalldeletion X-overpunch in position "En in the second position of the correct control data will be prepared containing an

51 complete MILSCAP remainder of information to code, the the full record and an Dl X-overpunch in position 11 as a designator to add the new record. C4.8. EXEMPTIONSIEXCLUSIONS Chapter C3, section C3.10. also pertains to the exemptionslexclusions provision of this chapter.

52 C5. CHAPTER 5 GENERAL C5.1. This chapter prescribes standard procedures for by the CAO of the reporting shipment of supplies or the performance of services. The purpose of the SPN is to provide the PO, IM, or PM with and to reduce information in automated form the number more timely of copies of the DD Form 250, Material Inspection and Receiving Report, used in reporting shipments. FLOW AND DISTRIBUTION C5.2. The SPN flows from the CAO to the ICP or PM, as indicated in the contract, or to an ServiceIAgency for the line item number. If no ADP point specifically designated by the SPN that or issued the contract PO to the be transmitted will order manager is indicated, the CAO The contract. the under SPN line same point for the than one to more will not send the be Service!Plgency. iitimber. Further distribiition may item accornp!ishec! internally within tho C5.3. SHIPMENT PERFORMANCE NOTICE shipment of the notification C5.3.1. Purpose -The SPN is the means of providing timely or the SPN a contractor. The by of a service the completion of material, obviates of need and verifying DD 250 shipping Form the from data several DoD activities editing, keying, document. The SPN provides information for updating due-in assets, intransit accounting, on direct delivery and major item status, control. billing customers MILSTRIP shipment line are provided for supplies formats items. Separate notice line items and for service instructions applicable to preparation of distribution and DFARS, the appendix F, contains Form 250. the DD Form 250 contains an the -Whenever estimated Dates Shipment Estimated C5.3.2. DD Estimated rather than actual shipment date, the SPN will contain an estimated dates date. of the are identified by an in the Date Shipped X-overpunch in the decade position year field. working day after Time Standards -The CAO will transmit the SPN within the 1 C5.3.3. receipt of the DD Form 250 or DD Form 55. 11

53 C5.3.4. Preparation Line ltem SPN -A separate supplies line item SPN of Supplies be prepared for line item1MILSTRIP document number on the shipping record will each document format or (DD Form 1155) in accordance with the 250 and instructions at Form DD AP3.11. appendix Control Elements - The following fields represent control elements for discretely C5.3.5. identifying one supplies line SPN from another: PIIN CalllOrder or CLlN Number ELlN Ship-To Identity Contractor Shipment Number Contractor Shipment Number Suffix Document Number or Stock Number MILSTRIP Suffix Code (when applicable) Preparation C5.3.6. Line ltem SPN -A separate services line item SPN of Services (DD Form record will be prepared for each service line item on the performance document 250 or DD Form 11 55) in accordance with the format and instructions at appendix AP3-12. C5.3.7. Control Elements following fields represent control elements for discretely - The anohel: from services identifying one line SPN PllN CalllOrder Number OR CLlN ELlN ldentity Performed-At Contractor Shipment Number C5.4. ITEMS INCOMPLETE Components Missing - Items may be shipped with components missing. When C5.4.1. .25, code A. This will contain Contract Shipment Advice, appendix API this occurs, the SPN advice code indicates that the incomplete. items are Missing Components Furnished C5.4.2. When components are shipped to complete - items previously shipped incomplete, the SPN will contain Contract Shipment Advice code of the B. code indicates that the shipment is not an additional quantity This line item, but the components required to complete previously shipped items.

54 DISCREPANCIES C5.5. QUANTITATIVE C5.5.1, quantity the between acceptance at destination shipments, discrepancies On documented as shipped and the quantity accepted are reported to the CAO in the MILSCAP AIR. a indicating A/R MILSCAP quantitative discrepancy, of Upon receipt C5.5.2. CAO the an prepare an additional SPN as follows: will C5.5.2.1. as the quantity accepted is greater than the quantity documented When This difference. be will SPN an shipped, transmitted to reflect the by identified be will SPN to reflect the code C and will be Contract Shipment Advice increase in the quantity used shipped. as When the quantity accepted is less than the quantity documented C5.5.2.2. by identified be will This SPN difference. to reflect the be transmitted will SPN an shipped, used to D and will be code Contract Shipment Advice reflect the decrease in the quantity shipped. REPLACEMENT C5.6. SHIPMENTS a shipment of replacements consists for When supplies previouslv shipped and reported as damaged, nonconforming, or missing (quantitative discrepancies) subsequently will E. The reflect SPN will contain at destination, the SPN Contract Shipment Advice code contractor shipment number suffix to of the initial an the alphabetic serial shipment with indicate block the replacement shipment. (The alpha suffix is taken from 17 Form the of DD 250.) CANCELLATIONS C5.7. may Conditions arise that necessitate the cancellation of an SPN. When cancellation by transmitting the original records to be canceled, is necessary, this will be accomplished by of year modified In the PIIN. in the adding position X-overpunch over the decade an canceled. event that an SPN is transmitted in error, the erroneous record will be The corrected record will be prepared in the appropriate format and will contain Transaction 80. Status Indicator code C in position

55 4000.25-5-M DoD C5.8. DATA DISCREPANCIES in the SPN will not agree with information that the At times, some of the information CAO the contract. has on information does not agree knows that the shipment CAO The with and information contract the SPN the In these situations, the difference. resolve cannot appropriate will be issued with the Transaction Status Indicator code T. H, G, P, Q, S, or L, of explanations The .22. API appendix at codes are these EXEMPTIONS C5.9. I the Certain SPNs are exempted from Army, cited provisions of this chapter. For Dl Code $25,000 or less, the SPN, PJJ, will not be Navy, of contracts fast pay DLA and Army will provided to PK9, the PO. to use the Contract Completion Statement, Dl Code and completion. indicate both final shipment contract

56 This chapter uses the old paragraph/ page numbering formats. DoD 4000. 25-5-M 6 CHAPTER DESTINATION ACCEPTANCE REPORTING GENERAL A. 1. This chapter provides standard procedures for the receiving activity to report acceptance of material at destination. This procedure does not apply to contracts specifying acceptance at origin. The provisions of this chapter apply only to contracts assigned to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) for payment. Use of this procedure by all elements of DoD is recommended even when contracts are not assigned for field administration. Activities performing acceptance at destination will prepare and transmit an A/R, see appendix C14, “Payment will Be Made By” block of whenever a DFAS is indicated in the 250 or the DD Form 1155. the DD Form 2. This procedure also provides for initial A/A, see appendix C13, and subsequent followup requests for A/Rs to be sent to the destination DFAS. by the Purchase orders which contain fast pay provisions (see FAR, 3. subpart 13.3) are exempt from the destination acceptance reporting provisions of this chapter. Neither inspection nor acceptance documentation is required to support payment of invoices under fast pay procedures. B. DWUMENTS FLOW OF The A/A flows from the DFAS to the Defense Automatic Addressing for further routing to the acceptance point System (DAAS) when accept– ante is at other than the origin. The A/R flows from the acceptance activity to the DAAS for further routing to the DFAS. c. DELIVERY DATE 1. The A/R contains a field for reporting the date of delivery (record position (rp) 73-79). This date will be used in determining the contractor’s performance under the contract. The date to be entered in this field is the date that the supplies are physically delivered to the 6-1

57 DoD 4000. 25-5-M .._. . ..>. address of the Ship-To identity code shown in the contract delivery schedule. 2. In the event that the supplies are offered for delivery and the consignee is unable to receive them on the day offered, the supplies will be considered to have been delivered on the day offered if they are found The date offered will be reported as the to be acceptable when received. This does not apply when supplies are offered for date delivered. delivery in advance of the contract delivery schedule and the contract prohibits acceleration of deliveries by the contractor. In the event that supplies documented as a single shipment on 3. the DD Form 250 or the DD Form 1155 are delivered as partial transporta- tion units, the A/R will be prepared when each transportation unit of the line shipped is delivered. The date of delivery will be the date that each transportation unit is delivered. D. ACCEP!C!N?CE ALERT 1. The A/A is the means by which the CAO notifies the Ship-To addressees of the shipment of material requiring acceptance at destination. The A/A is designed to facilitate preparation of the A/R. The A/A will also be used as a followup on a delinquent A/R or as a An A/A will not be sent to the request for retransmission of an A/R. destination by the CAO if an A/R has already been received by the CAO. 2. – The A/A will contain a Special Liquidated Damages Clause Contract Provisions code A (see appendix All) to indicate the presence of Priority will be given to the liquidated damages clause in a contract. acceptance of deliveries under such contracts because of the urgent need for the supplies. 3. Cash Discounts – The A/A will contain a Cash Discount Stipulation code D (see appendix A27) to indicate the provisions for cash Priority will be given to inspection and/or discounts in a contract. acceptance of deliveries under such contracts to preclude the loss of discounts. 4. – An A/A for each item shipped must be for- Time Standards warded to the Ship-To addressee within 1 workday after receipt of the DD In no case, however, will an DD Form 1155 by the CAO. Form 250 or the A/A be generated when the shipment date is more than 30 days past. In such cases, a written document (letter or teletype message) must be used. 6-2

58 DoD 4000.25-5-M 5. Preparation of Acceptance Alerts - A separate A/A will be pre- pared for each CLIN/ELIN on the shipping document in accordance with the format and instructions at appendix C13. 6. represent Control Elements - The following fields control ele- ments for relating A/As and A/Rs, and for discretely identifying one A/A from another: PIIN Call/Order Number Ship-To Identity Contractor Shipment Number Contractor Shipment Number Suffix ELIN or CLIN E. ACCEPTANCE REPORT . The A/R is the means 1. by which the DFAS disbursing officer is notified that acceptance has been accomplished at destination and of the quantities accepted. Because inspection is a prerequisite to acceptance, the a. forwarding of an A/R indicates that inspection has been accomplished copy either at source or at destination. The A/R replaces the acceptance A of the DD Form 250 or Form 1155 for the DFAS disbursing officer. DD signed copy of the acceptance document will not be mailed to the DFAS office. b. To ensure that it does not issue fraudulent PKN or PKP transactions, the receiving activity is responsible for ensuring that its data system complies with the internal control requirements of chapter 14 of the DoD Accounting Manual. These requirements apply to electronic data systems that are used in lieu of signed hard copy documents. Retention of Acceptance Documents – No routine external dis- 2. tribution of the DD Form 250 or the DD Form 1155 will be made by the accepting activity. A signed copy of the acceptance document will be retained in the files of the accepting activity. These documents will be retained in support of the A/R in accordance with contract records retention plans currently being employed by each Service/Agency. 6-3

59 DoD 4000.25-5-M In the event that supplies Nonreceipt or Late Receipt of A/A - 3. are received and accepted prior to the receipt of the A/A, the accepting Preparation and activity will prepare the A/R using code PKP. DI forwarding of the A/R will not be held in abeyance pending receipt of an A/A . If an A/A is received after an A/R has already been transmitted, no action is required. A / R provides for reporting both the The 4. Quantity Discrepancies – quantity documented on the Form 250 or the DD DD Form 1155 as shipped and The major reason the quantity accepted by the Government representative. for the difference is coded in the A/R as information for the CAO. Report – Interim reports are submitted under Interim Acceptance 5. the following conditions: Acceptance Delayed – In the event that inspection and/or a. acceptance at destination requires extensive testing or other prolonged processes, an interim A/R will be forwarded with an estimated date of The Quantity An X–overpunch will be entered in position 66. acceptance. The Transaction Status Indicator Accepted field will be zero filled. The normal code D will be used to indicate this is an interim report. A/R will be forwarded upon completion of the acceptance. request prior to b. Undelivered – Upon receipt of a followup The the material being delivered, an interim A/R be forwarded- will Quantity Accepted field will be zero filled and Acceptance Date field The Shipment in position 66. will be left blank. Enter an X-overpunch The Acceptance Discrepancy Explanation code U will be assigned. Transaction Status Indicator code D will be used to indicate this is an interim report. within 5 DFAS Time Standards – The A/R will be forwarded to 6. workdays after date of delivery. A/R will Preparation of Acceptance Report – A separate be 7. prepared for each exhibit/contract line item on the shipping document will be prepared in accordance The A / R (DD Form 250 or DD Form 1155). with the format and instructions at appendix C14. 6-4

60 DoD 4000.25-5-M 8. - The following fields represent control Control Elements and for discretely identifying one elements for relating A/As and A/Rs, A/R from another: PIIN Call/Order Number Ship–To Identity Contractor Shipment Number Contractor Shipment Number Suffix ELIN or CLIN F. FOLH3WCJP . Followup Request - The DFAS will forward a 1. to the followup Ship–To addressee when an A/R has not been received within a reasonable A reasonable of time will be determined by adding length of time. length . to the date of shipment the normal delivery time to the destination by the transportation and 7 workdays for accepting the material and mode.of A followup will be identified in the Transaction forwarding the A/R. followup and a code “l” for the first Status Indicator field with a code “2” for the second followup. Subsequent followups (if necessary) will be in the of a narrative teletype message that will be transmitted from form the DFAS to the communication center at the designated acceptance The teletype message will cite the basic information contained activity. in the initial A/A record and, in addition, will contain a short narrative in regard to the acceptance responsibility. – When an A/R is submitted subsequent to the 2. Followup Reply receipt of a followup, the report will contain the appropriate Transaction Status Indicator code A or D in position 80, as follows: the reply is an interim AIR, enter code D. If a. If the reply is not interim but acceptance has been reported b. previously or is being reported initially, enter code A. prepared in be will Followups - Followups Preparation of 3. accordance with the format and instructions at appendix C13. 6-5

61 DoD 4000 .25-5-M G. CANCEILATIONS AND CORRECTIONS 1. Conditions may arise that necessitate the cancellation of an A/R . When cancellation is necessary, this will be accomplished by transmitting the original formats to be canceled modified by adding an X–overpunch over the decade position of year in the PIIN. Incorrect A/As will not be canceled. 2. A corrected A/R will be prepared in the appropriate format and will contain Transaction Status Indicator code C in position 80 (see appendix A22) . 3. The DFAS may request retransmission of an A/R by preparing an A/A with Transaction Status Indicator code E in position 80. The receiving activity will prepare a new A/R from the source document and DFAS. forward to the This report will contain Transaction Status Indicator codeC. If a further error still exists, the DFAS will communicate by message or telephone to resolve the error. H. EXEMPTIONS/EXCLUSIONS Air Force acceptance activities are exempted from receipt of A/As (DI Code PK5) and follow–on preparation of A/Rs (DI Code PKN or PKP). The DFAS sends a teletype message to the Air Force receiving activities and the Air Force sends an acceptance DD Form 250 to the DFAS. 6-6



64 C9. CHAPTER 9 PAYMENT AND COLLECTION NOTIFICATION CONTRACT C9.1. GENERAL This chapter prescribes procedures for of detail paymenffcollection data preparation funds cited on contracts) and their transmission from the CAO to an accounting (pertaining to dollars. ServiceIAgency. dollar figures in MILSCAP are U.S. All the point specified by C9.2. CONTRACT PAYMENT NOTICE FORMATS C.9.2.1. CPN is the means The which the disbursing element of the CAO reports by contract payment and designated accounting point of the collection data to the listed ServiceIAgency in section J., below. As paymentslcollections are made on public a separate CPN vouchers, be generated for each contract and accounting classification will cited on the voucher. C.9.2.2. 'The inior-rna~ion io be irrcluded in the CFN, e.g., ccrrr'rracl identity, accounting classification, voucher number, it necessary to divide the data into amount paid, makes a separate record format for segment. Each CPN will consist of two or segments with each 80-position records depending on the amount of data required to fully report the more A 0) Z (except I and through will be assigned to each batch sequence code, transaction. A CPN record for batch control purposes. The record formats which can comprise a CPN are: Accounting Classification Header Record Record DisbursementICollection Deduction Record Variance Record Item Report Record Line C.9.2.3. The records which constitute a CPN can be associated by a match of the following elements in each set: control PllN CallIOrder Number ACRN Voucher Number Batch Sequence Code

65 C9.3. ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION HEADER RECORD Dl code prepared as shown at appendix AP3.17, will contain This record format, PVI, the payment and as cited the accounting classification applicable to in the contract. This C9.8., below). it is a also (see section used be in a may record collection transaction CPN. mandatory record in every DISBURSEMENTICOLLECTION RECORD C9.4. code PV2, prepared shown at appendix AP3.18, reports the as Dl This record format, net gross to a payment and is a mandatory record in the and amounts applicable This CPN. be used in a collection or recoupment transaction (see section C9.8., below). record may also between The Contract Payment Type code distinguishes advance payment, a progress an Disbursement/Collection payment, payment. Two or more or a payment, a non-CLIN delivery on be when payment made for will and non-CLINs is disbursed fmished the Records CLlNs same voucher. C9.5. DEDUCTION RECORD AP3.19, appendix at will include shown as Dl This record format, code PV3, prepared allowance applied against the gross amount arrive at the net amount paid or identify each to previously deducted. This record will amounts included as part of the CPN when the net be amount paid is different from the gross amount because of discounts taken, trade-in allowance, etc. (all minus amounts) or refunds (plus arnounts) of previous deductions from gross amounts paid. Each deduction or refund will be identified by a type of now being deduction code. If the exhibit or contract applicable, the deduction will cite contract reported be refunds may andlor of deductions three many as As linelsubline. different types however, each deduction must relate to the exhibit or contract in one deduction record; prepared. in that linelsubline many deduction records as needed will be record. As Recoupment of advance and progress payments will be in a separate PV2 record in a collection part of C9.8., below. A PV3 record may be prepared as with section accordance of records when reversing a previous disbursement. set CPN VARIANCE RECORD C9.6. This record format, Dl code PV4, prepared as shown at appendix AP3.20, will include each variance between the gross amount (contained in the Disbursement/Collection Record) and comparable contract amount. This record will be included as part of the CPN only the when such gross and contract amounts differ because of quantity variances (overrun and underrun); unit price variances; added charges for transportation, packing, and handling; reusable containers; state and local taxes; royalty payments; and minimum guaranteed

66 payments. Price be reported at contract line item level and may and quantity variances will combined in one packing and handling, reusable be variance record. Transportation, and containers, royalty payments, and minimum guaranteed payments will local state taxes, a separate record and will on be at line item level. Additional variance reported be not be used records report the variance types of payments as necessary. will to LINE REPORT RECORD C9.7. ITEM C.9.7.1. Dl code This record format, prepared as shown at appendix AP3.21, will be PV5, report the gross amount for each exhibit or contract linetsubline and contractor used to shipment number to which the applies. Citation of the six-digit line item number permits CPN of the payment maintained by the correlation to obligation and allotment accounting records DM. Air Force, and Army, Navy, The contractor shipment number will be as shown on the DD Form 250, or the C.9.7.2. and is 11 (when used in lieu of DD Form 250), 55 provided to enable correlation of Form DD payment notice document with the related delivery. The line item report record format will the not be provided on cost type payments or on initial advance and progress payments. The line item report be furnished as subsequent deliveries are made record format will, however, previous advance and progress payments are recouped. and by recoupments of advancelprogress payments, refunds, C.9.8.1. Collections occasioned of errors involving the appropriation, etc., require notification to the correction payment designated ServicelAgency accounting points. A recoupment or the C.9.8.2. advance or progress collection of the overpayment of an payment, whether processed as a separate deducted from the disbursement voucher or transaction. PV2 a collection record as voucher, will depicted be in a C.9.8.3. the CPN record formats (the Accounting Classifications Versions (four) of Header, the Disbursement~Collection Record, the Variance Record and the Line Item Report) will normally this purpose and prepared in accordance with procedures contained be used for a C9.4., C9.6., and C9.7. A PV3 record may be received as part of C9.3., in sections transaction when reversing a previous disbursement. In some instances, collection not it will e.g., voluntary refunds or lack of be possible to identify collections to the line item level, capability. the line item report record will not be provided by the CAO. In these instances, C9.9. TEXT HEADER RECORD will C.9.9.1. This record format, Dl code PVA, prepared as shown at appendix AP3.22, 0

67 accompany each daily batch of CPNs. be the first The Text Header Record will always in each batch. Each of CPNs will contain a batch serial number to be assigned record batch October 001 on the 1st of each year for by the number CAO beginning consecutively at the point to Each batch will also contain an each different accounting which CPNs are sent. A continuing sequence code batch assigned consecutively beginning with alpha alpha to be Z (except I and 0). Repeat the alphabet after alpha Z used. has been through The Text Header Record contains a count records in the batch (including the C.9.9.2. of and control totals of header record), a batch serial number, a batch sequence code, disbursementslcollections. It permits the recipient to: Balance-control the number of records in the batch to C. in the text the count header. the Balance-control sum of the individual CPN records in the batch C. the to totals in the text header. For this balancing, collected and disbursed amounts are defined as follows: Amount Collected Amount - the sum of the PV2 Net PaidtCollected C. with a Reporting Transaction code C, plus the PV3 deducted amounts with a Contract Fund code M. PlustMinus - the sum of the Disbursed Amount Gross Amount with Contract PV2 C. D, plus the PV3 deducted amounts with P. code PlustMinus Fund Reporting Transaction code Produce only "flash" report of the daily financial actions since, normally, C. a of new CPNs will be transmitted each day to each accounting point. one batch C. Ascertain if all batches of CPNs have been received by checking for an unbroken sequence of batch serial numbers. Relate CPNs to the proper Text Header Record (by of the batch C. use sequence code). Notify each CPN recipient of the last transmission for the C. month. C.9.9.3. A Text Header Record will be prepared for transmission of duplicate or missing CPNs from a previously transmitted batch. The header record will contain the batch serial the original batch. The Batch Sequence code will not necessarily be the same number of code as contained in the original batch. They will not be combined with other CPNs in current daily batches.

68 C.9.9.4. For Text Header Records being prepared for the last transmission of CPNs for the a code F will entered in position 80 to indicate that this is the final report. For the month, be the last transmission, but have those accounting stations which are not receiving CPNs on (EOM) Text the accounting month, transmitted CPNs during end of month been a dummy will be prepared and transmitted concurrently with the last Header Record which day's batch shows the last Serial Number transmitted to a particular CPN recipient and Batch code in a F position 80, with positions 46-79 left blank. RECIPIENTS OF PAYMENT C9.10. NOTICES sent to the following addresses CPNs shall be C.9.10.1. based on the department identity . codes in the appropriation being expended: Appropriation To Transmit ldentitv De~artment Accounting station shown in contractor and any code bearing 21, Code 97 abstract. 01 limitation/subhead 301 -1 00 or The activity indicated in the contract any code 97 bearing Code 17, and responsible for keeping the accounting 0400 0500 or 1304 or limitation/subhead records. Accounting station shown in the contract or hearing lirnitation/subhead Anv node 97 abstract. 00 series (DLA) 51 in the C.9.10.2. Transmission of payment data by the CAO to activities other than those shown above is not sanctioned. responsibility It is the of the designated accounting point to supply such data to those activities having a valid requirement.


70 DoD 4000.25-5-M a Cll. CHAPTER 11 STATUS CONTRACT REPORTING COMPLETION C1l.l. GENERAL of standard procedures for reporting: This status chapter unclosed prescribes (a) the b to physical completion, contracts subsequent events leading to (b) closing of the major the files the CAO, (c) the extension of contract closeout by the CAO, and (d) by contract the of contract closeout by the PO. These reports provide a basis to the PO for closing extension and DFARS 204.804 4.804-1 and in FAR complement its files. These procedures those computer processable lieu of hard copy documents. provide formats in FOR CONTRACT CLOSING BASIS C11.2. basis for ciosing contract The is dependent upon the face value of the files C11.2.1. contract and the extent of it. to administration accorded 0 used The set fa tli ir? +per-idix AF1.3C, Caritrac: Clcseout Group, C1'1.2.2. condi2io1'is are by CAO to group the contracts for follow-on closing actions. the Cll.3. STANDARD TIMES FOR CONTRACT CLOSING The time standards c.ontracts are prescribed in FAR 4.804-1. established for closing and on the standards are based the date that the contract is physically completed These on API .30. The contract closeout groups are contained in appendix pricing provisions. Contracts that are closed within the lime standards are . the procedures in reported under section below. Contracts that are not closed within the time standards are reported C11.4., C11.5., below, until they are closed. Such contracts are also the procedures in section under closed. are when they C11.4., section under reported CONTRACT COMPLETION STATEMENT C11.4. The CCS, Dl Code PK9, is the DFARS authorized MILSCAP version of the DD C11.4.1. 1594, Contract Completion Statement. It is the means by which Form informs the PO the CAO or Service designated ADP point of the major events of physical completion, final payment, CCS and/or the CAO contract file is closed. For all contracts, a final that is the basis for the PO to closeout its contract file. a C11-I

71 C11 A.2. Reporting Physical Completion is physically completed A contract the contractor has completed when: C11.4.2.1. (i) the required deliveries of supplies and the Government has inspected and accepted such the supplies, and (ii) and the Government has accepted contractor has performed services all the contractor by been given or (iii) notice of complete contract termination has such services, Facilities contracts and rental, the and storage agreements shall be Government. use, to physically complete when a notice of complete termination has been issued considered be period the contract has expired. or a large purchase contract (Contract Cll.4.2.2. B, C, or D) is When Closeout Group (i.e., delivered complete and the material or service accepted), the CAO physically completed PK9 the (i.e., a with primary contract administration responsibility will forward an interim CCS J as 80) to the PO with Transaction Status Indicator code a means of transaction in rp reporting physical completion. Small purchase contracts (Contract Closeout Group A) usually do not C11.4.2.3. require payment reporting for contract completion or file closeout. For these contracts the final be issued and may include only the physical completion dates. CCS will normally Reporting Final Payment of all Administrative Actions - and Completion C11.4.3. for Contract Closeout Group A usually do not require Contracts meeting the closing criteria final payment reporting for contract completion or file closeout. the payment function on When B, C, or D is assigned to for Contract Closeout Groups contracts meeting the closing criteria an office than the office with primary contract administration responsibility, the disbursing other made and disbursing office office will notify the primary CAO when final payment has been the payment is made and other actions completed, primary CAO with closed. When final file the (i.e., a final CCS contract administration responsibility will forward a PK9 transaction with Transaction Status Indicator code in rp 80), designated as Contract Closeout Group B, C, or F completion, final payment, to PO based upon physical D and completion of all the administrative actions. C11.4.4. In those cases when a PKZ transaction has been received from the PO, the CAO if 5 workdays after the Extended Closeout Date, only transaction within will issue PK9 a final the CAO had to perform an additional contract administration function. The contract file will be have additional contract CAO did not the if PK9 will apply last issued the closed and final administration functions perform after issuance of the final PK9 transaction. to Cll.4.5. Preparation of a CCS - Dl Code PK9 will be prepared in accordance with the AP3.23 for each condition specified in paragraphs format and instructions at appendix

72 @ Cl1.4..Z, and C11.4.4.. above. C11.4.3. I .5. CONTRACT STATUS fUCS) UNCLOSED C1 Requirement for a C11.5.1. UCS be to the PO or designated ADP will furnished a UCS - contract that will not be closed within the timeframe established in FAR 4.804-1. for point each include the reasons for delay and the target The has been set for status will date which closing. closed by the target date, a revised UCS will be forwarded with If the contract is not target new and reasons for further delay. date the .I. A Disbursing Officer with secondary contract administration responsibility C11.5.1 4 the status information to the CAO with primary responsibility. will forward status will be The workdays after expiration of the standard closing period. 5 forwarded within A CAO with primary contract administration responsibility will fonvard the C11.5.1.2. expiration the The status will be forwarded within 15 to PO. of the UCS workdays after the closing period in accordance with FAR 4.804. standard Code be PKX, will - a UCS report, Dl in accordance prepared UCS Preparation C11.5.2. of for each condition specified the instructions at appendix AP3.24 and in paragraph with format above. C11.5.1., CONTRACT CLOSEOUT EXTENSION C11.6. (CCE) Date in used - The Contract Completed be the CCS will Requirements for CCE C11.6.1. by the PO as the closeout date for file purposes. When completion of any pending significant PO action date, the PO will advise the CAO of the Extended extends beyond this closeout Date. The PO a CCE to the CAO within 5 workdays after receipt of the Closeout will forward the CAO then hold the contract open until The Extended Closeout Date. The PO CCS. will that when the Extended Closeout Date must ensure be revised, another PKZ transaction, is to - a new Extended Closeout contract file is sent to the CAO. The CAO will close the with Date, Extended Closeout Date is passed. If an additional contract administrative function after the previous the issued; otherwise, PK9 transaction will be CAO, another the was performed by PK9 remain in effect. - transaction will C11.6.2. Preparation of a CCE A CCE, Dl Code PKZ, will be - for the condition prepared specified in paragraph above, in accordance with the format and instructions for C11.6.1., the CCS except as shown at appendix A1.25. CAO I .6.3. In those cases when a PKZ transaction has been received from the PO, the C1 5 workdays after the Extended Closeout Date, only if issue a final PK9 transaction within will the CAO had to perform an additional contract administration function. The contract file will be C11-3

73 closed and the final PK9 will apply if the CAO did not have additional contract last issued PK9 transaction. the administration functions to perform after issuance of final C11.7. CANCELLATIONS may arise that necessitate the cancellation of a CCS, a CCE, or a UCS Conditions 35 positions When first the report. cancellation is necessary, it is accomplished by transmitting ' position of canceled and adding an of the over the decade be original formats to X-overpunch the year in the PIIN. C11.8. FAST PAY CONTRACTS and Normally an SPN, Dl Code PJJ, receives both a CCS, Dl Code PK9, on each a PO is not On fast pay contracts which do not exceed $25,000, however, an SPN contract. to by the Army, Navy, and DLA. The Army will use the CCS, both required show performance SPN and 'Ye CCS on and to close the contract. The Air Force still requires and receives the fast pay contracts.

74 API. APPENDIX 1 DATA ELEMENTS CODES MILSCAP AND Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures (MILSCAP), Manual The DoD 4000.25-5-M, prescribes uniform procedures, rules, data elements, codes, formats, and standards concerning the time of contract related data between and among interchange DoD Components. This series of appendices is devoted to descriptions of data elements and codes used in MILSCAP. Data elements developed under the criteria 8320.1-M-1, "Data Element Standardization Procedures," reference DoD outlined in (0 have approved by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Center for been Standards. All data elements in this manual are defined in the DoD Logistics Data DoD 4000.25-13-M, "DoD Resource Management System (LOGDRMS) as described in Logistics Data Element Standardization and Management Program (LOGDESMAP) Procedures," reference (g). API -1

75 API .I .I APPENDIX 1 CODES IDENTIFIER DOCUMENT OF CHARACTERS: Three NUMBER CODE: TYPE OF Alphanumeric Each Dl code consists of a first position Standard DEFINITION: a second and Logistics Data Systems code and third position MILSCAP code. Format Identifier Each code signifies the type of automated by identifying the documentary record format a layout of the data therein, thus permitting manlmachine recognition of the record. EXPLANATION CODE Abstract: Contract #I Contract Abstract, Administrative Data Record PAA #2 Contract Abstract, Administrative Data Record PAB Contract Abstract, Accounting Classification Record PAC Contract Abstract, Accounting Classification Trailer PAD #I Contract Abstract, Supplies Record Data ltem Line PAE Contract Abstract, Supplies Line ltem Data Record #2 PAF Contract Abstract, Supplies Schedule Data Record P AG Contract Abstract, Services Line Data Record ltem PAH Modification Abstract: Modification Header Record PBI Modification, Administrative Data Record #I PBA API .I -1

76 EXPLANATION CODE Modification, Administrative Data Record #2 PBB Modification, Accounting Classification Record PBC Modification, Accounting Classification Trailer PBD Modification, Supplies Line ltem Data Record #I PBE ltem Data Record Line Modification, Supplies #2 BF P Modification, Supplies Schedule Data Record PBG Modification, Services Line ltem Data Record PBH Correction Abstract Data: Omitted or Erroneous of Correction Header Record PEI #I Correction, Administrative Data Record PEA PEB Correction, Administrative Data Record #2 Correction, Accounting Classification Record PEC PED Correction, Accounting Classification Trailer Correction, Supplies Line ltem Data Record PEE #I PEF #2 Record ltem Data Correction, Supplies Line PEG Correction, Supplies Schedule Data Record PEH ltem Data Record Correction, Services Line AcknowledgmenVCanceIlation: PEK Abstract Cancellation Record PFK Abstract Acknowledgment Record Shipment and Performance: PJJ Shipment Performance Notice - Supplies Line ltem PJR Shipment Performance Notice - Services Line Item Destination Acceptance: Destination Acceptance Alert

77 EXPLANATION CODE to an alert Destination Acceptance Report in response PKN no alert received Destination Acceptance Report, PKP Completion Status: Contract Completion Statement Contract P K9 Unclosed Contract Status PKX Extension Contract Closeout PKZ Contract Payment Notice: Record Header Classification Accounting 1 PV Record Disbursement/Collection PV2 Deduction Record PV3 Variance Record PV4 Line Item Report Record PV5 Record Text Header PVG

78 API .2 APPENDIX 1.2 DATING TECHNIQUES Three, five, or seven OF CHARACTERS: NUMBER Alphanumeric CODE: TYPE OF identify DEFINITION: type of datehime period To the in the MILSCAP manual configurations used EXPLANATION A. Seven-Position Date is a notation that specifies a given day of the Gregorian year. This "Date" for identification of the year, the month, and the day, in that the notation provides sequence. 1 and 2: A period of either 365 or 366 (for leap year) days of Positions (00 to by the Gregorian calendar a century as defined 99). into which 4, and 5: is divided as and a year Positions 3, One of the I2 parts defined by the Gregorian calendar: -July Jul - January Jan August - Feb -February Aug - September Sep March - Mar Oct - October Apr - April November - Nov May May - December - Dec Jun June - One of the 24-hour periods of a month as defined by 7 and 6 Positions the Gregorian calendar (01 to 31). API .2-I

79 EXPLANATION Five-Position E3. Month-Day Positions 1, 3: 2, and abbreviation Alphabetic month (as detailed above) 4, and Positions 5: Numeric day of month through (01 31) C. Three-Position Day I Positions 1, 2, and 3: Ordinal (Julian) day 001 -366

80 API .3 APPENDIX 1.3 ALLOCATIONS SYSTEM AND DEFENSE PRIORITIES Four NUMBER CHARACTERS: OF TYPE CODE: Alphanumeric OF Defense Priorities and Allocations System The DEFINITION: prime (DPAS) requires contractors of Defense their subcontractors, and suppliers to Agencies, employ the priority powers Defense of the Production Act on their purchase orders for and materiels needed to complete products production, construction, and research and development schedules programs. for Defense contractors identify DPAS, Defense must Under their Defense placing the appropriate orders by identification and certification on their program orders. properly identified Such purchase orders must be given delivery Defense business by the preference over non-Defense 11 -600.) receive them. (See FAR suppliers who EXPLANATION Priorities are assigned contracts only by Defense Agencies. The prime to prime whom their priority ratings are assigned must place them on contractors to the purchase orders which they place to complete their Defense subcontracts and Codes contracts. as specified in the DPAS handbook, dated October will be 1984, and published by: Office of Industrial Resource Administration International Trade Administration U.S. Department of Commerce 20230 DC Washington, that which appears in rld be the same as the Rating block at the top of This code sho~ the contract or order.

81 API .4 1.4 APPENDIX CODES IDENTITY CHARACTERS: NUMBER OF Six TYPE CODE: OF Alphanumeric code of contractors; purchasing, Identification DEFINITION: and contract administration offices, finance etc. These codes accounting offices; consignees; used to interchange MILSCAP data within are DoD. EXPLANATION DoD utilize codes published in - 4000.25-6-M, "DoD Activity Government Entities A. (DoDAAD)', reference Address Directory" and DoD 4000.25-8-M, "Military (o), Assistance Program (MAPAD), reference Address Directory" (MAPAD (p). codes are (FMS) and generally used to identify ship-to and mark-for in Foreign Military Sales The objective of MILSCAP is to perpetuate Grant Aid requisitions.) data as the reflected in MlLSTRlP requisition through the procurement process and the to the back requisition processing point in the RDF and/or the SPN. Therefore, the Ship-To field of MILSCAP transactions will contain the data reflected 30-35 of the in positions requisition and the Mark-For field will the data reflected in positions MlLSTRlP contain of the MlLSTRlP requisition. These data fields will not necessarily represent 45-50 codes and therefore will not be validated against master address files. When address of source the be contract may MAPAD, the to codes cannot these be cross-referenced in-the-clear addresses for marking containers and addressing documents. 1 contracting office is identified in the first six positions of the PllN by an The 94, code. For contract and order numbers issued before Fiscal Year (FY) alphanumeric contract and this code was from DFARS appendix G; for taken order numbers issued FY95 and later, the identifying code is a DoDAAC.

82 DoD 4000.25-5-M Non-Government Entities - utilize codes published in the B. Cataloging Handbook (q). These are five Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE), reference H4/H8, in the blank a first for use, they must be preceded with and, codes position MILSCAP position. DFARS Appendix C. the first six positions G2 - in DFARS of each PIlN are identified , location. Appendix G to an individual purchasing office name and D. Disbursing Station Symbol Number (DSSN) - the coded identity of the disbursing . officer. Retain current four position DSSN and suffix with zeros. is the recipient of the Contract E. - the identity Accounting Station of the activity that Payment Notice. coding for MILSCAP purposes are as follows: of F. Examples 2 contracting office is identified in the first six positions of the PllN by an The (FY) 94, Year alphanumeric code. For contract and order numbers issued before Fiscal issued this code taken from DFARS appendix G; for contract and order numbers was FY95 and later, the identifying code is a DoDAAC. API .4-2

83 APPLICABLE ADDRESSING DFARS DoDAAD CAGE Apu. G DSSN MAPAD Purchasing Office X X Issued By X Contract Adminis- X tration Office Contractor Facility Contractor ADP Point Paying Office Accounting Station Item or ,Project Manager Ship-To (including Contractor) Mark-For Performed At Disbursing Officer CPN Recipient

84 1.5 AP1.5 APPENDIX ON SITE BOARD FREE One CHARACTERS: OF NUMBER Alphabetic TYPE CODE: OF agreement, The designated site, under a sales DEFINITION: where deliver merchandise the seller agrees to charge to onboard conveyance without extra the buyer. the EXPLANATION CODE Destination D (Source) Origin S Intermediate 0

85 API .6 1.6 APPENDIX OF CHARACTERS: NUMBER One CODE: TYPE OF Alphabetic DEFINITION: The classification of contractor's business in with accordance guidance in DFARS the 253.204-70(d)(5)(i), Dl, Type of Business. block are These of Business codes as published the Type in block Dl of the DD Form 350, Individual Contracting Action dated August 1992. Report, EXPLANATION Small Business Performing in the United States Disadvantaged Other in the United States Small Business Performing Large Business Performing in the United States Nonprofit Agency Employing People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled Hospital ConcernlEntity Foreign Domestic Firm Performing Outside the United States Historically Black Colleges and Universities or Minority Institutions Other Educational Other Nonprofit

86 API APPENDIX .7 1.7 CONTRACT OF KIND CHARACTERS: One NUMBER OF Numeric CODE: OF TYPE Identifies various kinds of contracts for the DEFINITION: purpose of tailoring abstracts. MILSCAP EXPLANATION CODE 1 Priced Orders Supply Contracts and and Research Development Contracts 2 Acquisition Contracts System 3 Maintenance Contracts 5 Service Contracts 6 Facilities Contracts 7 Undefinitized Letter Contracts 8 Agreement Unpriced Order Against a Basic Ordering 9 Other 0

87 API APPENDIX .8 1.8 CONTRACT OF TYPE CHARACTERS: One NUMBER OF CODE: Alphabetic OF TYPE The specific kinds of contract pricing provisions DEFINITION: by the structure and clause as differentiated of the contract. (See DFARS content on page 253.204-14.) 253.204-70(c)(4)(v)(C) EXPLANATION CODE Redetermination Fixed Price A Firm Fixed Price J Economic Price Adjustment Fixed Price K Incentive Price Fixed L Cost Plus Award Fee R Cost Contract S Cost Sharing T Cost Plus Fixed Fee U Cost Plus Incentive Fee v Materials Time and Y Labor Hour z

88 API .9 APPENDIX 1.9 CHARACTERS: OF NUMBER One TYPE OF CODE: Alphabetic the order of importance of DEFINITION: Classification by contracts for purpose of contractor procurement (See production and performance surveillance. 105 42.1 DFARS 242.1 105.) FAR and CODE EXPLAN_ATION Critical contracts, including: A DX-rated FAR subpart 12.3), contracts (see (i) FAR 6.302-2), negotiated under exigency (see contracts public (ii) contracts for major systems, or (iii) contracts for items with a priority 01, 02, 03, or 06 (if emergency (iv) supply of clothing) under 441 0.6, Uniform Materiel DoDD and System (see DFARS 242.1 105) Movement Issue Priority Contracts (other items: "A) for than those designated B needed to maintain or a Government or contractor production (i) line, (ii) to preclude out-of-stock condition, repair or (iii) to meet user needs for nonstock items All contracts other than those designated "A or "B" C

89 API .I 0 APPENDIX 1 .I 0 Reserved For Future Use

90 API APPENDIX 1 .I 1 1 .I OF CHARACTERS: One NUMBER OF CODE: TYPE Alphabetic certain contract of The identification DEFINITION: which require specialized clauseslprovisions more five than handling. (When and attention the codes with a given contract, to codes apply be lowest priority sequence numbers should the used.) PRIORITY EXPLANATION SEQUENCE CODE Liquidated Damages A 3 Advance Payments Authorized B 13 Progress Payments Authorized 1 C Remittance Address Different From BidIOffer Address D 5 Government Property Anticipated of Administration E 4 Test SamplelLaboratory ArticleIPre-Production First F 2 Approval Required Flight Operations Involved (Aircraft Acceptance) G 11 DangerouslHazardous Material Involved (Safety H 6 Clauses) API .I 1-1

91 PRIORITY EXPLANATION SEQUENCE CODE Cost Anticipatory Government Furnished Facilities 10 J Approval Required Bond Bailment (DPSC Clothing Contracts only) 14 K . Requiring Delivery Schedules on Maintenance Contract 12 L Future Definitization i Formalized Delivery Schedules on Maintenance Contract 15 M Unnecessary in Canadian Funds Made be Payment to 16 N Delivery Schedule Required Based Upon Delegation 9 P Approval of First Article Assignment and Upon Items Se~aratelv Not Subline Contract Schedule 8 Q payment clause and Priced -Withholding of Billing Included for Small Small Incentive Subcontracting Program and 7 R Disadvantaged Business Concerns (FAR Clause 52.219-10) T Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment Required 5 -- For Cross-Reference Table in Priority Sequence, see next page.

92 Cross-Reference in Priority Sequence: Table PRIORITY PRIORITY CODE CODE SEQUENCE SEQUENCE Q P J G L B K M N

93 AP1 1.12 .I2 APPENDIX APPROPRIATION NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: Ten Alphanumeric TYPE OF CODE: DEFINITION: the established by of numbers A combination of: (a) Department consisting Treasury the department identity, (b) appropriation fiscal year, of the appropriat' number and (c) the serial to .n, account for funds made available for obligation the Treasury. from disbursement and POSITION EXPLANATION Identity 2nd 1 2: Department the Treasury to - The number assigned by Government to which an appropriation the identify ServiceIAgency transferred. it has been to which or applies Department Transfer 4: 3 - The number assigned by the Treasury to and identify the Government ServiceIAgency from which an appropriation was transferred Fiscal Year Appropriation low order - The 5: digit of the beginning fiscal year in which effective. a multiyear appropriation is If the blank. appropriation is not a multiyear type, leave this space Appropriation Fiscal Year - The low order digit of (a) the ending 6: year in which a multiyear appropriation is effective or (b) the fiscal fiscal year in which an annual appropriation is effective. If the appropriation no-year type, an alphabetic is a X is used in this position. Appropriation Fund - A serial number assigned by the Treasury 10: through 7 for the purpose of identification, control, accounting, and reporting.

94 API .I APPENDIX 1 .I 3 3 UNIT PURCHASE Two NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: OF CODE: Alphabetic TYPE The the physical term which connotates DEFINITION: measurement of quantities of an item for procurement such as each, dozen, gallon, pair, pound, ream, yard, etc. set, EXPLANATION Codes are as identified in DoD 4000.25-13--M (reference g), data element "Unit of Materiel Measurement."

95 API .I4 APPENDIX I .I4 QUALITY PROCUREMENT SITE ASSURANCE One NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: Alphabetic TYPE OF CODE: at which quality assurance is The designated site DEFINITION: to determine conformance with performed contractual requirements. (See FAR and 46.4 F-301, block DFARS 1 2 .) EXPLANATION CODE Destination D Origin S (Source)

96 .I5 API I .I5 APPENDIX SITE ACCEPTANCE One OF CHARACTERS: NUMBER Alphabetic TYPE OF CODE: The Government designated site at which the DEFINITION: to ownership of contract line items. (See assents 8.) block F-301, DFARS and 46.503 FAR EXPLANATION CODE Destination D Origin S (Source)

97 API .I APPENDIX 1 .I 6 6 CLASSIFICATION ACCOUNTING REFERENCE NUMBER [ACRN) OF CHARACTERS: Two NUMBER OF Alphanumeric TYPE CODE: The identification of the line accounting long DEFINITION: classification number used in the contract. EXPLANATION A unique code assigned to each long line accounting classification number in a contract. (See DFARS Used to relate the long line accounting classification 204.7108.) items. Required in all contracts that are number in the contract to the applicable line assigned to a contract administration services activity, usually DCMC, in the identified "DoD Directory of Contract Administration Services Components," reference (I). API .16-1

98 APIA7 APPENDIX .I7 1 DATA ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION OF CHARACTERS: Fifty NUMBER OF CODE: Alphanumeric TYPE The long line accounting data that is specified in DEFINITION: the contract and identifies the obligated funds. EXPLANATION Accounting Classification Data of: consists Ten-position Appropriation data, see appendix AP1 .12, a. data, and b. Four-position LimitISubhead c. Thirty-six-position Supplemental Accounting Classification data (see appendix AP2.2., pages AP2.2-1 thru AP2.2-5).

99 AP1 .I 1 .I 8 8 APPENDIX TERMS DISCOUNT NUMBER Fifteen OF CHARACTERS: Numeric TYPE OF CODE: prompt payment discount terms that The specific DEFINITION: apply to a given contract. EXPLANATION data chain that reflects the discount in the contract price, offered by the contractor to A Government, for prompt of the invoice. The data chain allows for two payment the periods and a net payment period. Each of the two discount periods consists discount (i.e., 3-114% = 0325) and a two-position number of days. The of a four-position percent the net consists of a two-position number of days when period invoice is to be payment "9" when discount. The final position in the data chain allows for entry of a paid without cited other cited in the contract are different from or in addition to the terms terms in the 14 positions. preceding

100 AP1.19 1.19 APPENDIX INDICATOR NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: One OF CODE: TYPE Alphanumeric DEFINITION: a specific condition applies to that indication An contract the data individual Each abstract. or below. is identified element and explanation DATA ELEMENT CODE EXPLANATION Code 61. rp P-A, Dl See contract for missing data. See 9 Partial Abstract requirements. See FMS Contract includes P-A, Code Dl Foreign 1 rp 75. Military Sales (FMS) Requirements F Fast Pay Code Contract includes fast pay provisions. See Dl P-B, 44. rp 3 P-B, 71. rp Contract Contract is assigned for payment only. See Dl Administration Functional Limitations

101 API .20 APPENDIX 1.20 AMOUNT OF Various (see below) NUMBER CHARACTERS: TYPE OF CODE: Numeric collection of monetary values with individual A DEFINITION: definitions that are used in various places in Each individual transactions. MILSCAP data element and explanation is identified below. ELEMENT EXPLANATION DATA face value of the contract being abstracted. See The Dl of Total Amount Code P-6, rp 45-54. Contract The obligated amount of the contract being abstracted Amount Obligated given accounting classification. See Dl Code P-D, a for rp 45-54. The amount of the item quantity on order, i.e., unit price Amount Total Item times quantity. See Dl Codes and rp 65-74. P-H, P-E two The amount of a single purchase unit; includes Price Unit positions for mills. See Code P-E, rp 54-64. Dl The amount, before deductions, applicable to the Gross Amount 59-68. Dl Code PV2, rp payment. See The amount, after deduction, paid or collected. See Dl PaidlCollected Net PV2, rp 69-78. Code Amount The amount deducted from the invoice payment for a Deduction Amount specific reason. See Dl Code PV3, rp 45-54, 57-66, 69-78. and

102 DATA ELEMENT EXPLANATION Variance Net is the difference between the gross Amount The net variance the amount to the contractor. and amount payable See PV4, rp 51-60 and 69-78. Dl Code . Gross Amount Item The for the item, including overall payment amount price quantity variances, but not netted for and Dl Code PV5, deductions. See rp 69-78. Collected Amount The sum of monies shown as collections in the CPNs. See Dl Code rp 58-68. PVA, Amount Disbursed of monies shown as payments in the CPNs. The sum Dl Code PVA, rp 69-79. See Unliquidated Amount The remainder of the accumulated amounts paid as netted all collections subtracted from the amount by obligated against the contract and adjusted by deductions and variances. See Dl Code PK9, rp 35-42.

103 AP1.21 APPENDIX 1.21 NUMBERING NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: Various (see below) TYPE OF CODE: Alphanumeric of data elements that serve a counting A collection or DEFINITION: numbering purpose. Each individual data element and explanation is identified below. EXPLANATION DATA ELEMENT being The count of all records this for abstracted Record Count 9999, transmit When counter exceeds PIINISPIIN. of count only. See page last four positions AP5-2. Also see Dl Codes P_-A and P--1, rp 77-80. The five-position voucher serial number assigned to Voucher Number the payment/collection (prefixed with a zero). See various locations Dl see transactions; and PV- in and PK9 Codes PKZ, rp 72-77. A sequential code assigned to each CPN transaction Sequence Code Batch The same code is set for batch control purposes. assigned to each record within the CPN set. The disbursing office sequentially assigns the code to codes each CPN set it issues. Use A Z, through except I and 0, and repeat the alphabet after use of Z. See PV- transactions, rp 29. A consecutive number which identifies the number of Batch Serial Number the to the accounting point since batches transmitted the first day of the fiscal year. See Dl Code PVA, rp 42-44.

104 DATA ELEMENT EXPLANATION Item Count The number of items (i.e., transactions) in the batch, the Text Header Record. See Dl Code including PVA, rp 21-24.

105 AP1.22 APPENDIX 1.22 INDICATOR TRANSACTION STATUS CHARACTERS: NUMBER OF One Alphanumeric TYPE OF CODE: Identifies a transaction: a) as other than normal DEFINITION: and therefore requires special handling; as a b) a or c) to previously submitted request; to reply identify specific types of American National Standards Institute transactions. EXPLANATION CODE Reply to a previous request A' record No B C' Corrected transaction D Interim reply Request for corrected transaction E F Final replylreport Ship-to code differs from contract G number differs from contract numberlpart H Stock Physically completed and accepted J ' Status Code A or C will take precedence when they, as well as other status codes, are applicable to the same record.

106 DoD 4000.25-1-M CODE EXPLANATION in DLMS K2 to Cancellation (used replace the X-overpunch method of "CANCEL" in the text message code PEK) used for cancellation; also Dl L MILSTRIP differs from contract document number . M3 Modification (used in DLMS to identify modification abstracts Abstract the PB- transactions) -which are replacing - Abstract Acknowledgment N3 to replace the PFK Contract (used in DLMS an as abstract acknowledgment) when used quantity shipped exceeds quantity P CLlN Final variance for this Mark-for differs from contract Q R3 Cancellation Acknowledgment (used in DLMS to Contract Abstract the when used as an abstract cancellation replace PFK acknowledgment) a S Two more of the following control data elements do not match or MILSTRIP document number) mark-for, contract (ship-to, T Two noncontrol data elements not match contract (quantity shipped do on order quantity and stock exceeds numberlpart number differs from contract) U3 ErrorlCorrection (used in DLMS to identify errorlcorrection Abstract - which are transactions) the PE- replacing abstracts - V3 Quantity (used in DLMS, Estimated Set 561, 2/P011050, with Transaction PO102 when the quantity is estimated; replaces the X overpunch in PAE, + rP 44) code is not used in This it has been identified and reserved here MILSCAP; solely for use in DLMS transactions. 3These codes are not used in MILSCAP; they have been reserved here solely for use in DLMS transactions. API .22-2 I

107 CODE EXPLANATION 1 First followup 2 Second followup

108 APPENDIX A22 CODE MATRIX shows of the and the MILSCAP transactions MILSCAP Appendix A22 This matrix all codes individual codes can be used. The footnotes identify the references in the the in which MILSCAP Manual. 11 Chapter Chapter 9 APP CCS CPN A22 PVA PV- PK9 PKX PKZ Code A B C D E F F(8) G H J K L M N P Q R S T U v 1 2 See 5-3, (1) paragraph 5 page G. See page 7-4, paragraph 7 J. (7) (2) See page 5-4, paragraph 5 H. (8) See 9-5, paragraph 9 1.4. page paragraph 6-5, 6 F.1. See (3) page (9) page 11-2, paragraph 11 D.2. See (4) See page 6-5, paragraph 6 F.2. (10) See page 11-2, paragraph 11 D.3. (5) page 6-6, paragraphs 6 G.2. and 3. See (1 1) These codes not used in MILSCAP; reserved use. page 6-6, paragraph 6 G.3. See here solely for DLMS (6)

109 Reserved For Future Use API .23-4

110 API .24 APPENDIX 1.24 Reserved For Future Use

111 API .25 APPENDIX 1.25 ADVICE CONTRACT SHIPMENT NUMBER CHARACTERS: One OF TYPE OF CODE: Alpha An expression of information concerning a DEFINITION: a contractor from to the shipment of material Government. EXPLANATION CODE A some of Components Missing. Authorized shipment of an end item less the Components required by specifications. Missing Components Furnished. The subsequent shipment of 3 components missing at the time of shipment of the original end item. NOTE: The MOCAS system of an SPN final the on only DLA will issue shipment, i.e., it will not issue an SPN on a partial shipment furnishing missing components. C Quantity Increase. Due to overages, the quantity is an increase over that as shipped. previously reported D Quantity Decrease. Due nonconforming missing, damaged, or to supplies, the quantity is a decrease to that previously reported as shipped. Replacement Shipment. Supplies were previously reported as quantity E decrease supplies. due to missing, damaged, or nonconforming Shipped and held in bond at contractor's plant. Shipment has been F accepted. G Shipped and held as Government furnished property. Shipment has been accepted.

112 CODE EXPLANATION H Shipped or performed as indicated. No special circumstances. Z Underrun Quantity. Final shipment of contract line item where underrun variation is authorized and the condition exists. API .25-2

113 API .26 1.26 APPENDIX OF SHIPMENT MODE NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: One Alphanumeric TYPE OF CODE: Identifies the initial line haul of an item when shipped. DEFINITION: Codes are in authorized j.) (reference MILSTAMP F-14 and prescribed for DD 250 appendix in use DFARS F-302. CODE EXPLANATION A Motor, truckload Motor, less than truckload Van (unpacked, uncrated or Government property) personal Driveaway, Truckaway, Towaway Bus Channel and Special Assignmant Airlift Air Mobility Command (AMC) Mission Surface parcel post Air parcel post Government truck, for shipment outside local delivery area small package carrier - Air Rail, carload' Reserved trailerlcontainer-on-flat car (excluding SEAVAN). 'Includes .26-1 API

114 CODE EXPLANATION Freight forwarder - Surface M N Resewed (including aircraft of foreign governments) Organic military air 0 - Through Government Bill Lading (TGBL) of P and provided Commercial Air Freight (includes regular expedited service Q - air taxis) and major airlines; charters by R Resewed (STS) (applies contract carriage, guaranteed to S Sewice Scheduled Truck andtor traffic routings scheduled service) Air Freight Forwarder T Reserved U v SEAVAN W Water, River, Lake, Coastal (commercial) materiel) of Bearer, Walk-Thru (customer pickup X Y Reserved z arranged space) or Military Sealift Command (MSC) (controlled contract 2 Government watercraft (barge or lighter) 3 Off (RORO) service Roll On Roll 4 Armed Forces Courier Service (ARFCOS) 5 - small package carrier Surface 6 Military Official Mail (MOM) 7 Express Mail 8 Pipeline API .26-2

115 CODE EXPLANATION 9 Local delivery by Government or commercial truck including on-base transfers and deliveries between air, water, or motor terminals, and adjacent activities. Local delivery areas are identified incommercial carriers' tariffs which are filed and approved by regulatory authorities.

116 API APPENDIX 1.27 .27 CASH DISCOUNT STIPULATION NUMBER One CHARACTERS: OF CODE: Alphabetic TYPE that identifies when cash discount terms A code DEFINITION: for prompt payment apply to the contract. CODE EXPLANATION D Discount (contract contains cash discount terms) N No discount (contract does not contain cash discount terms)

117 API 1.28 28 APPENDIX SHIPMENTIACCEPTANCE DISCREPANCY EXPLANATION CHARACTERS: NUMBER OF One Alphabetic OF CODE: GYPE A code that identifies the reason for either a DEFINITION: difference between the quantity shipped and the or when documentation is quantity accepted, incomplete. missing or EXPLANATION CODE D without authority and Documentation (incomplete, improper, or which precludes acceptance) (shipment number missing or Documentation incomplete, but does not E preclude acceptance) (material Misdirected to wrong activity) addressed M not conform to the contract specifications) do Nonconforming (items N Overage (quantity received in excess of quantity on shipping document) 0 quantity on shipping document) than Shortage (quantity received less S (includes Inadequate technical data (missing, mutilated, incomplete T warranty data)) Undelivered U Wrong item (incorrect item received) W .28-I API

118 CODE EXPLANATION X Damaged (received in damaged condition)

119 API .29 1.29 APPENDIX PRIORITY TRANSPORTATION OF CHARACTERS: One NUMBER TYPE OF CODE: Numeric Identifies the precedence of handling and method DEFINITION: j.). of shipment (see MILSTAMP, reference the codes are described as shown Generally, date below. However, a specific required delivery (regardless of UMMIPS priority) may also affect the Transportation Priority that must be applied to meet that delivery date. CODE EXPLANATION UMMIPS 01-08 with RDD of N-, or E-; expedite 999, 1 expedite UMMIPS 01-08 with RDD of 555 or 777; 2 UMMIPS 01-15 with no RDD; routine 3 API .29-1

120 AP1.30 APPENDIX 1.30 CONTRACT CLOSEOUT GROUP One CHARACTERS: NUMBER OF TYPE OF CODE: Alphabetic DEFINITION: A classification of contracts for the purpose of of physically completed evaluating the closing established time standard an contracts against (see FAR 4.804 and DFARS 204.804) and specifying the the final conditions under which Contract Completion is issued. (PK9) Statement CODE EXPLANATION A Contract Contracts using simplified acquisition procedures. The final (PK9) is automatically issued to the Completion Statement purchasing office when the contract is physically complete and payment has been made; payment date may be included. (a)(l).) 204.804-1 (See FAR The final Contract Completion Statement Firm-fixed-price contracts. to the purchasing office when final is automatically issued (PK9) payment is made; normally within 6 months. (See (a)(2).) 4.804-1 FAR overhead rates, contracts that i.e., Contracts requiring settlement of are appendix .8. codes R, T, and U. The final Contract S, API issued to Completion Statement (PK9) is automaticaliy the purchasing office when all administrative actions are completed and months. final payment has been made; normally within 36 (a)(3).) 4.804-1 FAR (See

121 DoD 4000.25-1-M EXPLANATION CODE D All other contracts. final Contract Completion Statement (PK9) is The automatically issued to the purchasing office when all administrative actions are completed final payment has been made; normally and 4.804.1(a)(4).) 20 months. (See FAR within

122 API 1.31 APPENDIX .31 TEXT NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: Various (see below) Alphabetic CODE: OF TYPE statements of in various are included that DEFINITION: A series MILSCAP transactions. Each individual statement and, applicable, explanation where is identified below. ELEMENT DATA EXPLANATION ldentifies the name of the item as shown in the contract. Noun Code rp See Dl P-F, 29-39. Dl purchased or delivered. See service the ldentifies Services Description of Codes rp 62-79. P-H, rp 30-53 and PJR, the 35-52. Cancels abstract. See Dl Code PEK, rp Message Acknowledges the abstract or acknowledges notice to a Message the abstract. See cancel 35-52. Dl Code PFK, rp authority for the contract Authority ldentifies the Modification modification as shown on the SF 30. See Dl Code PBI, rp 30-44. ldentifies the Payment Text Header. See Dl Code PVA, Record Legend rp 4-20.

123 e API APPENDIX 1.32 .32 CONTRACT PAYMENT TYPE - CHARACTERS: One NUMBER OF OF CODE: Alphabetic I TYPE A code that DEFINITION: the type of payment made identifies to a contractor in anticipation of performance, for actual performance or partial performance of a contract. EXPLANATION CODE Advance Progress not advance or progress) (Non-cost type contract) Partial (if Collection reversal (other than progress payment advancement and recoupments) Final (non-cost type contract) Special tooling Value engineering Termination charges Escalating clause payments Price redetermination payments ' Codes C and F will be used only when other codes are not applicable. API .32-1

124 CODE EXPLANATION Q Partial (cost type contracts) R Final (cost type contracts) Z Other lump-sum settlement (non-CLIN)

125 API APPENDIX 1.33 .33 CONTRACT FUND REPORTING TRANSACTION NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: One OF CODE: Alphabetic TYPE Identification of the type of cash record specified DEFINITION: in an MILSCAP contract payment notice. EXPLANATION CODE Collection Disbursement

126 API 1.34 .34 APPENDIX CONTRACT PAYMENT DEDUCTIONICOLLECTION NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: One Alphabetic TYPE CODE: OF Authorized conditions that DEFINITION: deduction/collection used to: be can a. Adjust the gross amount of the contract contractor, paid the net amount at the arrive to and con- from Reflect monies collected b. the tractor which can be handled via applicable do not regulations/procedures which payment require contractual modification. CODE D and advance progress than Disbursement reversal (other payments) E Transportation overpay recovery F of overpayment for unauthorized quantity variation Recovery G Recovery of previous progress overpaymentlerroneous payment H Recovery of previous advance overpayrnenfferroneous payment J Recovery of previous cost overpaymenfferroneous payment Price redetermination N P Recovery of previous overpayment/erroneous payment (other than progress, advance and cost)

127 CODE EXPLANATION Voluntary refund Q R discounts Cash S Trade discounts T Trade-in allowance from Proceeds of surplus materiels sale U Liquidated damages v W of funds Temporary withholding X Recoupment of advance payments Y Recoupment of progress payments Recoupment of other contractor indebtedness z API .34-2

128 API 1.35 .35 APPENDIX CONTRACT OBLIGATION VARIANCE One NUMBER CHARACTERS: OF TYPE CODE: Alphabetic OF the gross amount to A difference which changes DEFINITION: be paid the contractor from those amounts recorded as payable by the contract. EXPLANATION CODE by no contractor for which the Packaging and handling charges billed A recorded obligation was B Reusable containers billed by the was contractor for which no obligation recorded State and local taxes billed by the contractor for which no obligation was C recorded Royalty payments billed by the contractor for which no obligation was D recorded Minimum guarantee payments billed by the contractor for which no E recorded obligation was difference between unit price used to compute The and the obligation the P unit price billed on the contractor's invoice the difference between the quantity to of items used The compute the Q obligation and the quantities delivered by the contractor (overruns and underruns) T Transportation charges paid and billed by the contractor for which no

129 DoD 4000.25-5-M obligation was recorded

130 AP1.36 APPENDIX 1.36 CODE COUNTRY OF CHARACTERS: Two NUMBER OF TYPE Alphabetic CODE: DEFINITION: A series of codes assigned to friendly foreign nations and used to identify the countries in international balance payment transactions. of EXPLANATION Codes are as identified in DoD 4000.25-1 3--M (reference g), data element "Countries the World." API .36-1

131 API APPENDIX 1.37 .37 NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: One TYPE OF CODE: Alphabetic to considered be Signifies whether a data field is DEFINITION: or negative. algebraically positive CODE EXPLANATION P Plus Minus M

132 API APPENDIX .38 1.38 DELAYED OF FOR CLOSING REASON CONTRACT FILE CHARACTERS: One OF NUMBER Alphanumeric CODE: TYPE OF The factors which contribute to the delay in DEFINITION: period closing the contract file within the time established as the norm. EXPLANATION CODE invoice/voucher not submitted final Contractor has Final acceptance not received patenthoyalty report has Contractor not submitted clearance required Patent/royalty has not submitted proposal for final price redetermination Contractor Supplemental agreement covering final price redetermination required Settlement of subcontracts pending Final audits in process Disallowed cost pending Final audit of Government property pending Independent research and development rates pending

133 EXPLANATION CODE Negotiation of overhead rates pending M funds requested but not yet received Additional N P being accomplished contractor Reconciliation with paying office and Board Armed Services Contract Appeals case of Q 85-804 case Public Law R Litigationlinvestigation pending S T in process Termination Warranty clause action pending U Disposition pending of Government property v W Contract modification pending X pending Contract release and assignment Y payment of final Awaiting notice z of classified pending Disposition material 8-9 1-5, Reserved 6 Fee withheld' 7 Awaiting removal of excess funds ' Fee is being withheld because a question about the fee must be resolved before final payment can be made and the contract can be closed

134 API 1.39 .39 APPENDIX CONTRACT PAYMENT LINE ITEM STATUS One CHARACTERS: OF NUMBER Alphabetic TYPE OF CODE: The status a contract line item after a particular of DEFINITION: payment or been collection has applied. EXPLANATION CODE Interim C Complete F

135 API .40 1.40 APPENDIX OF CHARACTERS: NUMBER One CODE: OF TYPE Alphabetic Requirements expressing contractor DEFINITION: responsibilities not directly involving performance line item(s) or service(s), but for on the supply the contractor may be reimbursed or the which may Government collect. The Special Reimbursable Provision codes identify those non-CLINIELIN or lump sum materials, services, cost items authorized in the contract. Some of costs these be incurred, while will definitely others may or may not be incurred. The dollar amount of the cost may or may not be known at the time of the When the costs are known award. time and will definitely be at the of award, the funds will incurred, included in the be obligated amount of the award and reflected in Dl code PAD, positions 45-54. Codes A, B, C, D, E, and not require an obligated amount. T do CODE EXPLANATION A Packing, packaging, and marking B Reusable containers C Federal, state, local taxes D Royalty E Minimum guarantee

136 EXPLANATION CODE Testing F Form DD charges 250 G H tooling Special Value engineering J K Termination charges L Escalation clause M redetermination Price P Set-up charge T Transportation charges z Other lump-sum settlements (CLIN and non-CLIN)

137 API .41 APPENDIX 1.41 KIND OF MODIFICATION OF One CHARACTERS: NUMBER TYPE OF CODE: Alphabetic special designation for modification header A EXPLANATION: identify specific conditions concerning to records modification. the EXPLANATION CODE of order including exercise unpriced options (requires code Change A G definitization) B Change orderlfunding actionladministration change (definitization not required) Supplemental agreement, including no cost partial termination settlement C (does not require further definitization) purchasing activities between Transfer of contract D E of contract between administering activities Transfer hard copy of error Correction F Supplemental agreement (definitizes code A document) G H Definitized provisioned item order (PIO) (a one-step PIO; does not PIO) definitize a previous I acquisition or recoupment resulting from a spare parts Refund initiative (does not require further definitization) J Z definitization) orderltask order (requires code Work

138 CODE EXPLANATION K order, unpriced an definitization (definitizes order Unpriced which is a Kind API .7., code 9 document) appendix of Contract, L definitization (definitizes a letter contract, which is either a Letter contract document, Kind of a or 8 code .7., of Contract, appendix Kind API API appendix Modification, .41., code W document) M (Army uses this code to identify use Reserved for internal SetvicelAgency the order cancellation complete which is administered in- of a purchase have been made) deliveries no which on and house N option of priced Exercise (definitization not required) 0 adjustment (modification Lease to facility contract) P code convenience (requires Partial termination for definitization) U default Partial termination for (requires code U definitization) Q R Obligation adjustment of contract after physical completion S definitization) V PI0 (requires code T definitization) U Complete termination for convenience (requires code U code Termination settlement (definitizes X documents) P, Q, T, and v or total) S document, partial Provisioned item order (definitizes code W definitization) L modification (requires code Letter contract X definitization) Complete termination for default (requires code U Y or ... due to partial (decommit and deobligate Excess funds removal complete termination) z J document) Work and task order definitization (definitizes code 2 Complete termination for default (definitization not required)

139 APl.42 APPENDIX 1.42 NUMBER STOCK CHARACTERS: Thirteen NUMBER OF CODE: OF TYPE Numeric A number usually assigned under the Federal DEFINITION: and/or North Cataloging System Atlantic Treaty Organization Codification of Equipment (NATO) to each approved item identification System provides a unique identification of an item which a specified Federal Supply of supply within Classification (FSC). The National Stock Number (NSN) consists of a four-position FSC, a two-position Item National Codification Bureau (NCB) Code, and a seven-position National Number (NIIN). Identification Occasionally, local stock number may be used that is constructed like an NSN except a that it will include alphas, usually in the fifth and sixth positions (the NCB field). The the transaction allows 15 positions for stock number. When appropriate, P-E 13 position stock number is suffixed with a two-position management data code.

140 AP1.43 APPENDIX 1.43 NUMBER PART OF CHARACTERS: Thirty-two NUMBER TYPE OF CODE: Alphanumeric A number assigned by a manufacturer to an DEFINITION: item of production. EXPLANATION For purposes of MILSCAP the part number includes: a. In the first five positions, the CAGE code to identify the manufacturer. b. Beginning in the sixth identifying number the manufacturer has position, the assigned to the item. When the identifying number requires less than 27 positions, the unused positions are left blank. When fractions are included use three positions, e.g., 112.

141 API .44 1.44 APPENDIX lDENTlFlCATlON DATA SHIPMENT Eight NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: OF CODE: Alphanumeric TYPE DEFINITION: assigned by the A to identify number contractor DFARS, F-301, shipment (see each individual block 2). EXPLANATION Data consists of a Shipment Identification and, when applicable, a shipment number sufix code. The number consists of a. shipment three-position alpha code identifying the a and a four-position alphanumeric serial number identifying each shipment contractor against the contract. (1) The code in the first three positions is controlled and assigned by the prime contractor and for each shipping address or facility. The code remains is different the life of the contract. constant throughout The contractor shipment serial (2) is consecutively assigned and is number used to identify each shipment from the same shipping address or for the numbering sequence. The shipment number suffix code is a one-position code attached to the b. Z. Replacement shipment of the contract will use code shipment number. The final A for the first replacement, B for the second, etc. shipments will use code

142 API .45 1.45 APPENDIX DATA MILSTRIP CHARACTERS: Fifteen NUMBER OF CODE: OF Alphanumeric TYPE element consists of the DEFINITION: This data 14-position document number and, when MlLSTRlP one position MlLSTRlP document applicable, a number suffix code. EXPLANATION MlLSTRlP data of a MlLSTRlP document number and, when applicable, a consists suffix code. a. document consists of the requisition number of a requirement The MlLSTRlP that resulted in a new procurement or a modification to a contract. a six-position DoDAAC to b. The document number consists of MlLSTRlP a four-position ordinal date, and a four-position serial number. identify the requisitioner, c. The document number suffix code is a one-position code attached MlLSTRlP to the document number that further identifies the requisition. Suffix codes are is e.g., when a portion is divided, normally used when a requisition to relate the parts a portion is put on contract. furnished from stock and

143 API APPENDIX .46 1.46 QUANTITY below) Various (see CHARACTERS: OF NUMBER Numeric TYPE OF CODE: collection of data elements A identify that DEFINITION: individual quantities used in various places in transactions. Each data MILSCAP individual element and, where applicable, explanatic' is identified below. EXPLANATION ELEMENT DATA The total quantity on order for Order Quantity Dl a given CLIN/ELIN. See 44-57. rp P-E, Code by Quantity be The quantity on the delivery schedule; may Delivery Schedule and MILSTRIP, Ship-To, Delivery Schedule Date. See Dl Code P-G, rp 48-55. delivery the The quantity shipped by the contractor against Quantity Shipped be by MILSTRIP, Ship-To, and Delivery schedule; may Schedule Date. See Codes Dl PJJ, rp 46-51; PK5, rp 47-54; PKN and PKP, rp 47-54. Quantity Accepted The quantity accepted by the receiving activity. See Dl Codes PKN and PKP, rp 57-64. The quantity made. See was of items for which expenditure Expenditure Dl Code PV5, rp 55-62. Quantity .46-I API

144 API APPENDIX .47 1.47 QUANTITY VARIANCE OF Two CHARACTERS: NUMBER OF TYPE CODE: Alphanumeric A coded percentage which identifies the variation DEFINITION: in quantity authorized by the contract. This variance be an increase (over), a decrease may (under), or a combination of both. Coded percentages are shown below. EXPLANATION Item Data entered as overruns and underruns in the Supplies Line Variances will be Dl Code PAF, according to the following: #2, Record For fractions of 2-118 through 9 percent, the whole number percentage will be substituted for the percent in the above chart. If none of the above combinations 1 in these positions. contract) 9 blank (i.e., see express the variation, enter accurately

145 API .48 1.48 APPENDIX PROCUREMENTENIDENTIFICATION NUMBER (PIIN) CHARACTERS: OF NUMBER Thirteen Alphanumeric TYPE OF CODE: used in MILSCAP, this is the contract number As DEFINITION: other all from one It uniquely identifies contract contracts. The PllN is developed by the DFARS in accordance with contracting office 204.7003. EXPLANATION The number consists of For pre-FY95 contract a. Contracting Office - A six-position alphanumeric code. and order numbers, the code identifying the office that issued the contract or order is listed for FY95 and later contract and order numbers, the identifying code G; in DFARS appendix DoDAAC. is a b. Fiscal Year - A two-position numeric code identifying the fiscal year in which the contract was awarded. c. of Instrument -A one-position alpha code that identifies the type of Type fixed price, etc. as contract d. Serial Number - The four-position alphanumeric serial number of the contract.

146 API .49 1.49 APPENDIX PROCUREMENT SUPPLEMENTARY INSTRUMENT [SPIIN) NUMBER IDENTIFICATION OF CHARACTERS: NUMBER One Alphanumeric OF CODE: TYPE in conjunction with that is used A coded number DEFINITION: the or to supplement PIIN. Identifies a (and a calllorder a contract, or modification to related modifications) under a contractual agreement. EXPLANATION SPllN in accordance with DFARS is developed 204.7004 The The contract modification number is a six-position alphanumeric that a. the identifies the issuing office and of modification. type A calllorder may be a delivery order under an Indefinite Delivery number b. Type Contract, an order under a Basic Ordering Agreement, or a call under a Blanket office Agreement. by either the DoD be issued that issued the basic Purchase It may or contractlagreement be issued by another office. it may (1) issued by the contracting office identified in the Callslorders are PllN 0001 thru 9999. numbered (2) Callslorders, issued by an office other than the contracting office a identified PIIN, are numbered by a two-position alphanumeric code followed by in the two-position alphanumeric serial number. The first two-position code of the calllorder is listed in DFARS appendix G and identifies the office issuing the calilorder. API .49-1

147 EXPLANATION Calllorder modification order number: a two-position alphanumeric (3) (calllorder modification indicator) will be added to the call/order number to identify the calllorder modification.

148 API .50 .SO APPENDIX 1 ITEM {CLIN! 1 LlNE CONTRACT NUMBER ITEM NUMBER [ELIN) EXHIBIT LlNE OF CHARACTERS: Six NUMBER Alphanumeric TYPE OF CODE: number that identifies all items of supply or A DEFINITION: set forth in the contract and in other services documents related to contract. the EXPLANATION The is developed in accordance with DFARS 204.71, CLINtELIN CLlNs to to items in the contract. ELlNs are used as an aternative refer a. setting forth in the schedule list of contract line items. The list of items is an extensive by a CLIN. The items in the exhibit are identified by called an exhibit and is identified ELINs. b. The basic CLINIELIN is four positions and, when further subdivided, an positions additional two positions are When six positions are used, the last two added. subline. are generally referred to as the API SO-1



151 API APPENDIX .53 1.53 FOR CONSIDERED AWARD NOT CHARACTERS: One NUMBER OF Alphabetic CODE: TYPE OF Identifies the longer reasons that an offer is no DEFINITION: (b)). (This code 001 award (FAR 15.1 for considered list is not used in MILSCAP. It is listed here for use 836, Procurement with ANSI Transaction Set X12, data element 1270, code NL.) Notices, CODE EXPLANAgQN Offer A is unacceptable Offer is outside of competitive range B Offer does not meet required delivery C ineligible Offeror is suspended, debarred, or otherwise D Other Z NOTE: This Appendix was not developed for use in MILSCAP; it is expected to be used solely for DLMS transactions.

152 AP1.54 APPENDIX 1.54 AWARD TO FAILURE CHARACTERS: NUMBER OF One CODE: TYPE OF Alphabetic Identifies an offer does not the reasons that DEFINITION: award (FAR 15-1 001 receive (This code the (c)). not in MILSCAP. It is listed here for list is used 836, X12, ANSI Set Transaction use with Procurement Notices, data element 1270, code RF.) EXPLANATION CODE Offer is unacceptable A B not Offer is low Offer does not meet required delivery C ineligible or otherwise debarred, is suspended, Offeror D is not best value E Offer Offer is determined F to be other than fair and reasonable Offer responsible is determined not G z Other NOTE: This Appendix was not developed for use in MILSCAP; it is expected to be DLMS transactions. used solely for

153 API APPENDIX 1.55 .55 REASON FOR BID REJECTION NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: One Alphabetic CODE: OF TYPE the reasons that rejected and DEFINITION: a bid was Identifies (This not considered for award (FAR 14.404-2). It is listed code list is not used in MILSCAP. ,t S 836, here with ANSI X12, Transaction for use code Procurement Notices, data element 1270, RR.) EXPLANATION CODE A reasonable be than fair other and Bid is determined to B essential requirements does not conform to Bid of the IFB does not conform to delivery schedule Bid C Bidder ineligible otherwise or debarred, is suspended, D Bid is materially imbalanced F G Bidder is nonresponsible determined H conform Bid does not to specifications Bid to other imposes conditions prejudicial bidders J not submitted Bid guarantee required but K z Other NOTE in MILSCAP; it use not developed for be to is expected This Appendix was ~O~DLMS transactions. used solely API .55-I

154 API APPENDIX .56 1.56 SOLICITATION METHOD CHARACTERS: NUMBER OF One CODE: Alphabetic TYPE OF method of solicitation that applies to Identifies the DEFINITION: is not list code (This award. the used in It is listed here for use with MILSCAP. ANSI X12, 836, Procurement Notices, data Transaction Set code 1270, SM.) element CODE EXPLANATION A ED1 unrestricted public solicitation (one-to-all) B business (one-to-all) ED1 public solicitation restricted to small other than C a small regulation or statute by ED1 public solicitation restricted business set-aside (one-to-all) D sources solicitation (one-to-few) ED1 restricted (one-to-one) E ED1 noncompetitive solicitation unrestricted solicitation Non-ED1 F G Nan-ED1 solicitation restricted to small businesses public solicitation restricted Non-ED1 H by statute or regulation other than a small business set-aside (one-to-all) solicitation sources restricted Non-ED1 J Non-ED1 K noncompetitive solicitation

155 CODE EXPLANATION Z Other MILSCAP; it is expected to be developed for use in NOTE: This Appendix was not DLMS transactions. used solely for

156 API .57 1.57 APPENDIX FOR REJECTION UNSOLICITED REASON OF PROPOSAL OF CHARACTERS: NUMBER One TYPE OF CODE: Alphabetic Identifies the reasons for the rejection of an DEFINITION: unsolicited proposal (This code (FAR 15.506). is not list MILSCAP. It is Listed here for used in 836, Set Transaction X12, ANSI with use code 1270, Procurement Notices, data element UP.) EXPLANATION CODE Offeror is suspended, debarred, or otherwise ineligible A B not related to Proposal is agency mission area Proposal contains insufficient technical information C D Proposal contains insufficient information cost offeror official Proposal is not approved by authorized F Proposal 15.509 does not comply with FAR markings G innovative or Proposal is not unique H offeror originated and Proposal was not independently developed by J K Proposal was prepared with Government supervision

157 CODE EXPLANATION L Proposal is for known Agency to competitive requirement subject procurement Z Other NOTE: This Appendix was not developed for use in MILSCAP; it is expected to be used solely for DLMS transactions.

158 AP2. 2. APPENDIX x SUPPLEMENTAL ACCOUNTING INFORMATION This appendix addresses both MILSCAP telecommunications details and the details of the unique Service requirements for the use of Supplemental Accounting Classification data in both the abstract and the Contract Payment Notice processes in MILSCAP.


160 Footnote ' from previous page: an emergency situation authorizes MINIMIZE, the first priority for electronic traffic When is defined in Allied Communication is that it must he essential. Essential traffic Publication the that "... must be 121 in order for traffic as transmitted electrically concerned to avoid a serious detrimental impact on mission command/activity or safety of life." Therefore, the local commander has the final accomplishment to authority be released. MILSCAP determine which telecommunication traffic will that be dispatched electronically should not be held for more than a day. traffic cannot . then be sorted by It should mailed. addressee and DL4 4630.2, Reduction and Control of Telecommunications Traffic Directive in an . Emergency (MINIMIZE), exempts all DLA-issued MILSCAP transactions from the restrictions of MINIMIZE. MILSCAP traffic from the Sewices should be given similar consideration, wherever possible; especially transactions issued by receiving activities, because these will affect does this Warfare Publication now in Naval payments to contractors. Navy 4, a Reduction and Control of Information 25-10, document involving MINIMIZE. Army (AR 700-7, lnformation Processing Transfer in an Emergency (MINIMIZE) and Air Force (AF Center Operations Management) regulations do not address MILSCAP MINIMIZE transactions. Whenever possible, local commanders are encouraged to authorize MILSCAP data to be transmitted during MINIMIZE conditions. Because MILSCAP data are contained in system generated transactions, are not manually processed. authorization is they This best as a pre-emergency decision that includes the prepositioned "MINIMIZE given Considered" statement allowing MILSCAP transactions to flow (with routine precedence) during MINIMIZE condition. the Questions concerning this policy should be addressed to the appropriate manual. of this 1 in chapter MILSCAP representative identified ServiceIAgency

161 AP2.2 2.2 APPENDIX LOCATION OF SUPPLEMENTAL ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION IN MILSCAP 44-79 of the PVI Record. of the equals position Record PAC Position 39-74 DATA RECORD DATA REMARKS FORMATION ELEMENT POSlTlONS ARMY be May blank. Year Alphanumeric Program 39 AR paragraph 00, 37-1 See Alphanumeric General Operating 40-41 -4 2 Agency Code Right justify and prefix with Alphanumeric Serial Allotment 42-45 May blank. zeros. be Left justify and suffix with Element1 Alphanumeric Program 46-52 blank. May blanks. be Project Budget justify and suffix with Left Alphanumeric of Element 53-56 37-100 See AR blanks. Expenselobject Class 3 and 2-2. paragraphs 1-1 CONUS, blank for Leave Country Code Alphanumeric 57-58 Alaska, and Hawaii. See 37-100 AR for other country codes. 59 S in rp code Enter Fiscal Station Number Alphanumeric 59-64 followed by the appropriate fiscal station number, -2. reflected in AR 37-101

162 DATA RECORD DATA REMARKS FORMATION ELEMENT POSITIONS cost or cost For all Alphanumeric Procurement Request 65-70 reimbursable type Order Number (PRON) contracts, and those fixed price type contracts for advance or which progress payments are authorized, the following data. enter For all other type contracts, leave blank. Mandatory for activities under jurisdiction USA of the Materiel Development and Readiness and USA Ballistic Missile Defense Commands. For Systems activities, Army other use optional Agency or leave blank. applicable fiscal year Enter Fiscal Year Numeric (65) PRON. in the contained as five-digit serial the Enter (66-70) Alphanumeric Serial PRON number PRON. of the Leave blank. 71-74 Reserved NAVY 39-41 Right justify and prefix with Object Class Numeric zeros. 42-46 Bureau Control Right justify and prefix with Alphanumeric Number zeros. 47 Suballotment or If not applicable, zero fill. Alphanumeric Budget Operating Subdivision 48-53 Authorization Right justify and prefix with Alphanumeric Accounting Activity zeros. 54-55 Transaction Type Alphanumeric AP2.2-2

163 DATA DATA RECORD REMARKS FORMATION ELEMENT POSITIONS and prefix with justify Right Alphanumeric Property Accounting 56-61 zeros. Right with justify and prefix Alphanumeric Code Cost 62-73 zeros. Leave blank. Reserved 74 Air Force Alphanumeric Code Fund 39-40 Alphanumeric Program Year 41 Numeric Operating Agency 42-43 Code If not applicable, zero fill. Alphanumeric Serial Allotment 44-45 NumberIOperating Budget Account Number Left and justify - BPAC Alphanumeric Budget Program 46-51 zeros. suffix with Activity Code (BPAC)IProject- Subproject1 Responsibility Center (RC)-Cost Center (CC)/Advance Research Project Agency (ARFA) Program RC-CC for fund code 28, Alphanumeric Materiel Program 52-57 47. Four digit OAC MPC in Code (MPC)IRC-CC positions in 2-5; add zero for RDTBE (Fund positions I and 6. Zero fill if 28) Code MPCIRC-CC is not applicable. Leave blank for open allotment.

164 RECORD DATA DATA POSITIONS ELEMENT REMARKS FORMATION 58-62 Element of Expense 1-3; in rp E of E Alphanumeric subaccount (E E) Subaccount/ of 1-5. rp RCN in 4-5. in Record Control Modification in rp ID 1-5. (RCN)-Grant Number rp RON 2-5. ARPA order in ID/ AidIModification FMS in rp 1-5. case code Case in 1-2. ARPA Order Number1 in code in rp Order Reimbursable rp in rp 1-3. BAAN 3-5. Number (RON)/FMS Country Code-FMS CodeIBudget Case Authorization Account Number (BAAN) Program Element 63-68 significant digit The of the Program Major Force in major force will be shown for Fund Code 30 1 rp 30. Zero fund code for fill nonsignificant parts of this field. Accounting Station 69-74 Numeric DLA 39 Reserved Leave blank. 40-42 Allotment or Sub- Numeric with Right justify and prefix allotment zeros. 43 Reserved Leave blank. 44-48 Program and Cost Numeric and suffix with Left justify Account Number zeros. 49 Reserved Leave blank. 50-52 Object Class Numeric with suffix Left justify and zeros. 53-74 Reserved Leave blank.

165 AP3. APPENDIX 3 Record Layouts MILSCAP Contract Administration The (MILSCAP), DoD Manual Military Standard Procedures prescribes 4000.25-5-M, rules, data elements, codes, formats, and uniform procedures, time standards concerning the interchange of contract related information between and among DoD Components. This series of appendices describes the various MILSCAP record layouts and the the data in each. The data elements are considered from included user elements perspective of the data being entered, as opposed to appendix E which considers the of the data entered. Rp data the programmers perspective for validation elements from is the acronym used throughout these appendices for record position.

166 AP3.1 APPENDIX 3.1 DATA RECORD #I ADMINISTRATIVE e Administrative Data Record #I will be prepared per contract. A singl Record Entry and Instructions Positionls) Leaend Field Enter PAA. code Identifier 1 -3 Document contract. to the Enter the number assigned 6 4-1 PllN See appendix API .48 and DFARS subpart PIIN. 204.70 for explanation of the Enter the assigned call or order number in rp 17-22 CallIOrder SPIIN: 17-20, -22 rp 21 leave and if applicable, See appendix API .49. If not blank. applicable, leave blank. (See chapter for C4 the use of this field with contract modifications.) the from Enter Effective Date the Effective Date or from Date Order the AwardlContract forms or Date Order This date is expressed 55. the DD Form 11 in accordance with as year-month-day .2. appendix API that identifies the 13-position Enter PllN the Basic PllN 30-42 agreement to basic contract or which the in order number rp 4-16 applies. Leave blank. 43-44 Reserved contract in to the code assigned Enter the 45-48 Defense Priorities and accordance with the DPAS handbook. See Allocations System appendix API .3. DO or DX should be (DPAS) entered two positions followed by a in the first (A Program Identification code. two-position fifth position suffix code will not be entered.)

167 DoD 4000.25-5-M Record Field and Instructions Leaend Entrv position!^) When than one rating applies to a more rp in 9 the leave and 45 contract, enter code indicates this blank; field of the remainder rating DPAS "see contract." If no is assigned, enter code and 45 in rp N leave the blank. of the field remainder By Issued ldentity Code: the purchasing Enter the identity code of 49-54 the See office issuing contractual document. AP1.4. appendix Code: ldentity 55-60 of the Enter the identity code office By Administered administering the contract. appendix See API .4. Indicator: Partial Abstract 6 1 Enter indicating 9 all contract," when "see in this other data elements are not included appendix (PAA-PAH). See abstract set Otherwise, .19. leave blank. AP1 ldentity Code: 62-67 the identity code of the contractor Enter Contractor of the shown in the contractor's block procurement instrument. See appendix .4. Right justify. API ldentity Code: 68-73 is to be If the covered by the contract work Contractor Facility performed in a facility address other at an contractor's the in the address shown than of the enter the appropriate block contract, at which the identity code of the facility work is to be performed. See appendix A4. Right When more than one facility justify. is the contract, enter in performing involved and 9 in rp 68 leave remainder of the code the field blank; this indicates "see contract." leave blank. Otherwise, Type of Business 74 Enter the appropriate type of contractor code as listed in appendix API .6.

168 Record Position(s) Entrv and Instructions Field Leaend FMS contract includes 1 if the Enter code 7 5 Indicator: API 9. .I requirements. See appendix FMS Requirement Otherwise, leave blank. 76 Leave blank. Reserved count of being all the records the Enter 77-80 Numbering: abstracted for this PIIN/SPIIN. See Count Record counter .21. (When the API appendix exceeds 9999, transmit last four positions of PAA only. Crunt for count only.) Use with in the is recorded related PBI and PBA PEA or PEI record.

169 AP3.2 APPENDIX 3.2 DATA ADMINISTRATIVE RECORD #2 will be prepared per contract. single Administrative Data Record #2 A Record Entry and Instructions Leaend Fieid position!^) Enter code PAB. Identifier 1-3 Document Enter the number assigned to the contract in as manner the the prescribed for same #I. related Administrative Data Record Enter the supplementary number assigned to CalllOrder 17-22 SPIIN: manner as the contract in the same prescribed for the related Administrative Data #I. Record Enter discount percentage and Terms 23-37 Discount number corresponding allowed for of days prompt payment. See appendix AP1 .18. Percentages should be expressed in terms of two positions for the whole number two and decimal. For 03.25 example, positions for the percent; 15.00 percent. Enter the first with the 23-26, in rp discount percentage number of days in rp 27-28. corresponding in rp Enter the second discount percentage 29-32, corresponding number of with the days in rp 33-34. If net days appear in the contract, they will be entered in rp 35-36; however, if net days in the are not specified N in rp 35 and leave rp enter contract, a code 36 blank. If discount terms are not applicable be N will entered in rp an a given contract, to 23, leaving rp 24-37 blank. If other terms are

170 Record and Instructions Entry Field Leclend Position(s1 to the contract in lieu of or in addition cited in 9 will be those shown in rp 23-36, code 37 entered in rp 37; otherwise, leave rp blank. Enter the identity code of the office making Code: Identity See appendix API .4. If more than payment. Paying Office office is designated in the contract the one payment purposes, enter code for in rp 9 38 field In and leave the remainder blank. of the this case, the responsible paying offices will in rp 55-60 of the be record. identified PAD Pay 44 Indicator: Fast Enter code for fast pay provision. See F 9. Otherwise, leave blank. API .I appendix Amount: 45-54 (rp 45-52) in dollars (rp and cents Enter, Contract of Total Amount face of the contract being value 53-54), the API .20. Right abstracted. appendix See justify and prefix with zeros to fill the field. As in paragraph C4.4.3., increases and specified will decreases changes. An reflect net X-overpunch in rp 54 indicates a decrease. C2.6., an As specified in paragraph X-overpunch in rp 53 indicates the amount PAB exceeds the limit of the field; another transaction will follow with the overflow in rp 45. If no costs are T amount and a code involved, zeros in rp 45-54. enter Date of Signature the date Enter or date of award of signature in the case of a formal advertised procurement. For purchase orders, this is Dl Code PAA, rp the same as date in the 23-29. Year-month-day will be expressed in accordance with appendix API .2. Kind of Contract Enter the appropriate kind of contract code in API accordance with appendix .7.

171 Record Position(s1 Entry and Instructions Field Leaend Enter the appropriate of pricing type 63 Type of Contract in accordance provision code with appendix applies .8, the entire contract; when it to API line or subline, use either Dl when it varies by rp 29. costs are Code PAF or PAH, If no contract, in this involved leave blank. Code: 64-69 Enter the identity code of the activity - Identity ADP support to the abstract the furnishing Abstract Recipient abstract recipient. See appendix API .4. For ADP Point issued contracts PO, the Abstract by the the reflected is always CAO activity Recipient 55-60 of Dl rp in the "Administered by" block, as modified, of the basic contract. PAA, Code issued by the CAO, enter the For callslorders of the furnishing ADP identity code activity support to the office indicated in the letter of delegation which authorized the CAO to issue the calllorder. See paragraph C1.14., a for further explanation of ADP point. 70 Enter the appropriate Criticality Designator in Criticality Designator API .9. accordance with appendix Enter the Contract Administration Functional Indicator: 71 Assignment Limitation code 3 when a Contract Administration a CAS contract is assigned to component for Functional Limitations API 9. .I payment only. See appendix 72-74 Leave blank. Reserved Enter one or more of the applicable codes 75-79 Special Contract API Entries 1. indicate .I in appendix listed Provisions the certain clauses or provisions existence of in the When more than five codes contract. apply, the code with the lowest sequence number, shown in the appendix, will be as used. Entries will be left justified and suffixed with zeros to fill the field. If no entry, leave blank.

172 Record Entrv Instructions Position[s) and Leaend Field 80 Leave blank. Reserved

173 AP3.3 APPENDIX 3.3 RECORD ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION will be prepared for each accounting classification in a given record separate A not be prepared for information to the transportation need a record contract. However, officer Bills of Lading for shipment at Government expense for citation on Government on FOB origin contract. Each accounting classification will be an of items assigned a number for the purpose of associating accounting classification trailers, reference schedule data records, and service line item data records with the appropriate su~ulies . . long line accounting classification Record and Instructions Entrv Positionls) Leaend Field PAC. Enter code 1-3 Document Identifier number assigned in to the contract the Enter 4-1 6 PllN same as prescribed for the the manner #I. Administrative Data related Record Enter the supplementary number assigned to 1 7-22 CallIOrder SPIIN: contract in the the same manner as prescribed for the related Administrative Data #I. Record Enter classification reference accounting the 23-24 ACRN number assigned to the accounting .I 6. API classification. See appendix see below (also shown Structured as 25-74 Accounting .17). appendix API Data: Classification in the Enter the appropriation as shown (25-34) Appropriation contract. See appendix API .12. Enter the appropriation limit or subhead (35-38) code. Left justify and suffix with blank spaces to fill the field.

174 Record Entrv and Instructions Field Positionfs) Leqend (39-74) Supplemental Accounting Enter the balance of the accounting Classification classification data in any arrangement However, ServiceIAgency. the by desired arrangement should be this consistent as it ServiceIAgency will be reported back to the same in the data, in payment manner as AP2.2-1 recorded in the abstract. See pages through AP2.2-5 for current data structure. Identity Code: Enter the appropriate accounting station Accounting Station identity (CPN recipient) code for the Army, .4. API DLA, See appendix and Air Force. This field will be left blank for the Navy funds.

175 AP3.4 APPENDIX 3.4 CLASSIFICATION TRAILER ACCOUNTING is at the is required for each accounting The trailer record accounting classification level and classification and each paying office cited in a contract. Record Entrv and Instructions Leaend [email protected]) Field Enter code PAD. 1-3 Document Identifier in contract the assigned to Enter the number as same prescribed for the the manner related Administrative Data Record #I. Enter the supplementary number assigned to SPIIN: 17-22 CallIOrder as the contract in the same manner related Administrative Data prescribed for the Record #I. Perpetuate the ACRN in the Accounting ACRN 23-24 Classification Record. Enter the applicable code(s): 25-35 Special Reimbursable a. When the contract authorizes Provisions contingent services for which the contractor (i.e., if the cost may be reimbursed is incurred) with a charge for to this ACRN but which no CLlNlELlN is applicable and no obligation has been established codes A (i.e., E, T, or Z). or thru b. When the contract authorizes material, services, or lump sum payments for which the contractor will be reimbursed (i.e., the cost will be incurred) with a charge to this ACRN but for which no CLlNlELlN has been P, M, thru F thru H, J codes established (i.e., or Z). See appendix API .40. Left justify, leaving the unused portion of the field blank.

176 Record position!^) Entrv and Instructions Field Leaend 36-44 Leave Reserved blank. Amount: 45-54 Enter, in dollars (rp and cents (rp 53- 45-52) Obligated Amount obligated amount of the contract 54), the - being abstracted for a given accounting See appendix AP1.20. Right classification. and prefix with zeros to justify the field. As fill in paragraph increases and specified C4.4.3., + will reflect net changes. decreases An X-overpunch in rp 54 indicates a decrease. As specified in paragraph C2.6., an X-overpunch in rp 53 indicates the amount exceeds the limit of field; another PAD the with the overflow transaction will follow 45. T in rp If this record and a code amount is issued only to identify the accounting classification chargeable for a non- CLINIELIN payment for which no obligation has been established, zero fill. Identity Code: 55-60 Enter the identity code of each office making Paying Office payment when more than one office is designated in the contract. See appendix API .4. Otherwise, leave blank. Reserved 61 -80 Leave blank

177 AP3.5 3.5 APPENDIX ITEM RECORD #I SUPPLIES DATA LINE Line Item Data Record #1 will be prepared for each line item pertaining to A Supplies position CLlN deliverable as expressed by a four or six items or ELlN in the or supplies is not 250 Form DD a DD Form 1423 for which a ELlNs on for those except contract required. Record Instructions and Ent~ Positionls) Leaend Field code Enter Document Identifier 1-3 PAE. Enter the number assigned to the contract in manner as prescribed for the the same #I. related Administrative Data Record Enter the supplementary number assigned to SPIIN: 17-22 CalllOrder the contract as same manner in the prescribed for related Administrative Data the Record #I. or Enter the basic contract line exhibit line CLlN 23-28 or ELlN in number 23-26. See appendix API .50. rp Right justify and prefix with zeros the to fill field. Enter the corresponding subline item leave number 27-28. If no subline, in rp blank. Enter the National Stock Number or local 29-43 Stock Number (NSN) stock number in rp 29-41. Rp 42-43 may be used for management data related to a stock See When number. appendix AP1.42. a is not available but stock number be will a U for "undefinitized" will be furnished later, the leaving the remainder of 29, in rp entered 29 rp A code U will be entered in blank. field when a stock number is not applicable. If this line item references an exhibit, enter code N

178 Record Entry and Instructions Field Leaend PositionIs) in rp leave rp 30 blank, insert "EXHIBIT" 29, in rp and leave the remainder of the 31-37, field blank. If delivery schedules are applicable to a services line enter code item, 29, leave rp 30 blank, insert in rp N "SERVICES" in rp 31 -38, and leave the rest the services of the field blank. In this case, used. line record will not be Quantity: a given total quantity on order for Enter the Order Quantity CLlN ELIN. See appendix API .46. Right or justify and prefix with zeros to fill the field. An X-overpunch entered in rp 44 when be will the quantity the quantity is estimated. When U will be entered in rp 44, a code is unknown, leaving the remainder of the field references an exhibit item blank. If this line service, a code or N in rp 44 be entered will the left blank. of the field and An remainder X-overpunch in rp 51 indicates a decrease. As specified in paragraph C2.6., an in rp X-overpunch 50 indicates the quantity exceeds the limit of the field; another PAE overflow transaction will follow with the 44. T in rp quantity and a code Unit Purchase Enter the two-position purchase unit to reflect as the unit of purchase contract. shown in the appendix See API if no .I 3. Leave blank unit is shown in the contract. Amount: Enter the unit price, in dollars (rp 54-60), Unit Price cents (rp and mills (rp 63-64). See 61-62), appendix .20. The dollar and cents API segments of the field will be right justified and prefixed with zeros, the mills segment will be left and suffixed with zeros. If blank, justified 54 fill the field. An X-overpunch in rp zero

179 Record Entrv and Instructions Position(sJ Field Leaend the unit price that indicates is estimated. be When the unit price is unavailable but will U be entered in rp will furnished later, a code leaving the remainder of the field blank. 54, than fixed price services, price unit On other may not be applicable, in which case a code will be entered in rp 54, leaving the N C of the field blank. Enter a code remainder in rp 54, of the field leaving the remainder the price for this contract subline blank if unit exhibit or item is not separately subline priced and the unit price for this contract subline is included within the unit price of a item. (If mills exceed two subline related 9, indicating "see contract," positions, enter in rp 54 and leave remainder of the field blank.) 73- (rp and cents 65-72) Enter, in dollars (rp 65-74 Amount: 74) the amount of the item quantity on order Total ltem Amount quantity unit price times (i.e., rounded to the N, U, or C, a code cent) except when nearest appears in rp 54. See appendix API .20. 9 and prefix with zeros to Right justify fill the specified As field. paragraph C4.4.3., in increases and decreases will reflect net An X-overpunch will be entered in changes. 65 when the Total ltem Amount is rp estimated. When Total ltem Amount is the undefinitized, a code U be entered in rp will 65, leaving the of the field blank. remainder If the Total ltem Amount is not applicable, a and the N will be entered in rp 65 code X- of the field left blank. An remainder overpunch in rp 74 indicates decrease. As C2.6., an X-overpunch specified in paragraph

180 Record Field Leaend Positionfs) Entry and Instructions transaction will PAE of the limit another field; T follow with the overflow amount and a code in rp 65. * Identity Code: 75-80 MILSCAP to receive follow-on If the activity Project Manager Item or records of shipment performance is not the By of the initial abstract or an activity Issued * with the Issued By, enter the collocated identity code of the authorized activity. See .4. Otherwise, leave blank. appendix API

181 AP3.6 APPENDIX 3.6 ITEM RECORD #2 SUPPLIES DATA LINE Data Record #2 will be prepared for each line A Supplies Line for Item item except a those lines on a DD and for 1423 for which that reference exhibits contract lines Form Form 250 is not required, pertaining to any deliverable item or end item as DD a or ELlN on the procurement instrument. four position CLlN by expressed Record Instructions and Entrv position!^) Field Leaend Enter code PAF. -3 1 Identifier Document to the contract in assigned number the Enter the same manner as prescribed for the related Record Administrative Data #I. CallIOrder Enter the supplementary number CalllOrder SPIIN: 1 7-22 the same in manner the contract to assigned prescribed related Administrative for the as #I. Data Record Enter line exhibit or the basic contract line CLlN ELlN or See AP1.50. appendix 23-26. in rp number Right justify and prefix with zeros to fill the subline item field. Enter the corresponding in rp number If no subline, leave 27-28. blank. name and Enter the first 11 positions of the Text: Noun description item being procured as of the shown in the contract. See appendix API .31. Enter the manufacturer's Federal Supply Part Number Code for Manufacturers in rp and the 40-44 in rp part number See appendix 45-71. API .43. If not available, leave blank. Left justify and suffix with blank spaces. If fractions are involved, use three positions, i.e., 112.

182 Record Instructions Entry and Field Leaend Positionfs) Procurement Quality Enter with in accordance code, the appendix 72 (PQA) Assurance Site PQA API. 14, site where indicating the (inspection) of supplies will take place. Acceptance Site 73 Enter the code, in accordance with appendix .15, indicating the site where acceptance API of supplies (i.e., when the Government assumes ownership of the supplies) will take place. (FOB) Site Board on Free 74 Enter appropriate FOB code for item, this line Level) (CLINIELIN .5. API in accordance with appendix Quantity Variance: Over 75-76 terms Enter permissible quantity overage in of percentage. See appendix for API .47 appropriate codes. Right justify and prefix leave If no entry, with zeros to fill the field. blank. Quantity Variance: Under 77-78 Enter permissible quantity shortage in terms percentage. See appendix AP1.47 for of and prefix appropriate codes. Right justify fill with zeros to the entry, field. If no leave blank. Type of Contract 79 appropriate Enter the of pricing type .8) when It API provision code (see appendix varies by line or subline within the contract. Otherwise, leave blank. Reserved 80 Leave blank,

183 AP3.7 APPENDIX 3.7 DATA SCHEDULE RECORD SUPPLIES for each ship-to, mark-for, delivery A Supplies Schedule Data Record will be prepared MILSTRIP document number, when applicable, within a six-position CLlN or and date, in the contract. This record pertains to procurement of supplies or end items as ELlN of services. Records be provided when the contract will not opposed to procurement or when the ELlN on a line item references an exhibit Form 1423 does not require a DD 250. DD Form Record Entry and Instructions Position&) Field Leaend Enter code PAG. 1-3 Document Identifier assigned to the contract in the Enter number 4-1 6 PllN the same manner as prescribed for the related Administrative Data Record #I. Enter the supplementary CallIOrder number 77-22 CallIOrder SPIIN: assigned to the contract in the same manner as prescribed for the related Administrative #I. Data Record exhibit line Enter or line contract the basic 23-28 ELlN or CLlN appendix number in rp 23-26. See AP1.50. the Right justify and prefix with zeros to fill field. Enter the corresponding subline item If no 27-28. number in rp subline, leave blank. code. See identity Enter the destination 29-34 Identity Code: Ship-To API appendix .4. If shipping instructions are to be furnished later, enter code U in rp 29 (i.e., undefinitized) and leave the remainder of the field blank.

184 Record and Field position!^) Instructions Leaend Entry Identity Code: Mark-For Enter the identity code of the ultimate 35-40 appendix recipient of the supplies. See MILSTRIP technique .4. The following API be also used: code may Y entered in rp 35 in the indicates the remainder of the coding field is meaningful only to the recipient and is not a formally establrshed identity code. entry, leave blank. If no Delivery Schedule Date Enter the contract date for delivery of -47 41 material which will be addressed to the Mark- shown in the Ship-To and destination fields. This date is expressed as For year- month day in accordance with appendix API .2. An X-overpunch will be entered in rp 41 when the date is estimated. When the be will entered U a code date is undefinitized, 41, leaving the remainder of the field in rp blank. Quantity: Delivery 48-55 the quantity scheduled for delivery on Enter Schedule Quantity date shown in the Delivery Schedule the to the destination in Date field and addressed Ship-To and Mark-For fields. the See appendix API Right justify and prefix .46. zeros to fill the field. with X-overpunch An is will be entered in rp 48 where the quantity estimated. When the quantity is undefinitized, a code be entered in rp will U 48, of the field blank. leaving the remainder specified in paragraph C4.4.3., increases As will reflect net changes; an and decreases 55 Indicates a decrease. in rp X-overpunch As C2.6., an specified in paragraph quantity the 50 indicates in rp X-overpunch specified in paragraph C2.6, an X-overpunch 50 indicates the quantity exceeds the in rp

185 Record Field Leaend Positionls) Entry and Instructions limit of the field; another PAG transaction will T quantity follow with the overflow a code and in rp 48. ACRN - 56-57 the entry in the Accounting Perpetuate Classification Record of the reference number which represents the accounting classification that is applicable to a given ' destination (ship-tolmark-for), delivery date, .I 6. In rare and quantity, API See appendix when multiple accounting cases, classifications apply to a single unit so the quantity cannot be subdivided to relate to a single accounting classification, enter a code 9 followed by a blank. The "nine blank" indicates that information under.the heading "Payment lnstructions for Multiple Fund Accounting Citations" is provided in the In those 204.7108.) DFARS contract. (See be cannot ACRN cases where the determined for a Supplies Schedule Data to be Record, shipping instructions are a code furnished later and U for undefinitized appears in rp 29; a code U for 56, undefinitized may be entered in rp 57 leaving rp blank. This will require entry of the proper ACRN at the time shipping issued prior to shipment. the instructions are 58 Leave blank. Reserved from Enter the applicable code the contract. 59 Transportation Priority . See appendix API .29. The TP code will (TP) appear in consignment instructions of the the 247.305-1 0. contract as required by DFARS The codes are constructed in accordance with 4500.32-R, (reference DoD (j)). Leave blank when a TP is not included in the contract.

186 Record Instructions and Entry Position(sl Leaend Field in a MlLSTRlP requisition results When an 60-74 MlLSTRlP Data: procurement or amendment new to a contract, the following MlLSTRlP data will be Otherwise, entered. leave blank. See - appendix APl.45. MlLSTRi? the Enter number for a document (60-73) Document MILSTRIP given requisition. , Number Enter number suffix the MlLSTRlP document MlLSTRlP Suffix (74) if given; otherwise, leave blank. linelsubline the Enter item number contract 75-80 CLINISubline (for Exhibit) which establishes the exhibit line item appendix See 23-28. in rp shown number AP1 SO. Leave blank if no ELlN is involved.

187 AP3.8 APPENDIX 3.8 ITEM RECORD SERVICES DATA LINE A Services Line Item Data Record will be prepared for each CLlN pertaining to Procurement of services is not confined to a service contract procurement of services. may be included in other contracts such as research and development (R&D) and but contracts. system~acquisition Record Instructions Entrv and position!^) Field Leaend Enter code PAH. Identifier Document 1-3 Enter the number in to the contract assigned the same as prescribed for the manner #I. related Administrative Data Record CallIOrder number Enter the supplementary SPIIN: CallIOrder 17-22 assigned same manner in the to the contract prescribed for the related Administrative as #I. Data Record Enter the basic contract line number in rp CLlN API 23-26. See appendix .50. Right justify and prefix with zeros to fill the field. Enter subline item number in rp the corresponding subline, leave blank. 27-28. If no the appropriate type pricing of Enter Type Contract of 29 provision code (see appendix API when it .8) varies within the contract. subline or line by Otherwise, leave blank. services description, Enter a portion of the 30-53 Text: appendix See 25 positions. not to exceed Services Description of API .31. in accordance with appendix Enter the code, Quality Procurement 54 API .14, indicating the site where PQA Assurance (PQA) Site (inspection) of services will take place.

188 Record and lnstructions Entnr Leaend [email protected]) Field Enter the code, in accordance with appendix 5 Acceptance Site 5 .I API 5, acceptance indicating the site where of services (i.e., where the Government approves specific services) will take place. the entry in Perpetuate the Accounting 56-57 ACRN sf the reference Classification Record number which represents the accounting classification that is applicable to a given .16. In rare API service CLIN. See appendix cases when multiple accounting classifications apply to the same CLINI and the quantity cannot be subline subdivided to relate to a single accounting enter a code classification, 9 followed a by blank. The nine blank indicates that information under the heading "Payment lnstructions for Multiple Fund Accounting Citations" is provided in the contract. (See DFARS 204.7108.) Enter the date a given service is scheduled 58-64 Service Completion Date far completion. This date is expressed as year-month-day in accordance appendix with .2. will be entered in rp An X-overpunch API 58 when the date is estimated. When the date is undefinitized, a code U will be 58, leaving the remainder of the in rp entered field blank.

189 Record Field PositionIs) Entry and Instructions Leaend 65-74 Enter, and cents (rp Amount: in dollars (rp 65-72) a on the amount of the item 73-74), order for Item Total Amount given CLIN. See appendix AP1.20. Right justify and prefix with zeros to fill the field. As in paragraph C4.4.3., specified and increases decreases will reflect net changes. An 65 where will be in rp entered X-overpunch is estimated. When ltem Amount the Total Total ltem is undefinitized, a code Amount U will be entered in rp 65, leaving the remainder of the field blank. If Total ltem Amount is not applicable, a code N will be in and the remainder of the rp 65 entered left An X-overpunch in rp 74 field blank. As specified in indicates a decrease. paragraph C2.6., X-overpunch in rp 73 an the limit of the indicates the amount exceeds another PAH transaction will follow with field; 65. overflow amount and a code T in rp the Identity Code: 75-80 the activity to receive MILSCAP follow-on If records of performance is not the PO (the Item Project Manager or Issue-By of the initial abstract) or an activity collocated with the Issue-By, enter the identity code of the authorized activity. See API .4. Otherwise, leave blank. appendix

190 ACKNOWLEDGMENTICANCELLATION This format serves code and the message in record two purposes. Only the Dl positions 35-52 are different. To cancel a previously submitted abstract, or withdraw an abstract where the a. are erroneous to the extent that the abstract originator desires to start data entries (Dl Code PEK) will be used. Internal procedures will over, the Cancellation Record related abstract back the records out of the applicable internal system. This method does not apply to contract be initiated only by the originator of modifications and can PFK the The recipient of the request for canceling an abstract will provide a abstract. transaction to indicate that the original abstract has been deleted from their files. It should be noted that the cancellation acknowledgment must be received before a new sent. abstract can be PFK) will Code Acknowledgment Record (Dl abstract the generated by be An b. recipient upon receipt contract abstract and on receipt of each abstract of each (Dl Code PEK). This will serve to confirm receipt of a basic Cancellation Record the of the records) by (PA- recipient and will be transmitted to the originator abstract 5 workdays from abstract or cancellation submission date. contract abstract within 7 via message, followup subject to be may workdays Confirmation not received within the or acknowledgment has not been received for advising that the contract abstract the abstract cancellation of the contract number. both the acknowledgment and cancellation records c. The data format for is as follows: Record and Instructions Leaend Positionls) Entw Field Enter code PEK for a Cancellation Record; -3 1 Identifier Document for an code PFK enter Acknowledgment Record. contract. to the assigned Enter the number 6 4-1 .48. API appendix See

191 Record and Instructions Entrv Field Leaend Positionts) CalllOrder SPIIN: 17-22 calllorder assigned the Enter number in rp See blank. and leave rp 21 -22 17-20, API appendix If no .49. number, calllorder leave blank. Identity Code: Abstract 23-28 activity that Enter the identity code of the Recipient Point ADP the cancellation received the abstract or .4. API notice. See appendix By Identity Code: Issued 29-34 identity of the activity that code Enter the .4 originated the abstract. See appendix API Text: Message 35-52 Cancellation Record; a Enter "CANCEL" for abstract "ABSTRACT RECEIVED" for an Acknowledgment Record; or "ABSTRACT CANCELED" for a cancellation Acknowledgment Record. Transaction Date 53-57 the date of preparation of this Enter This transaction. date is expressed as month-day in accordance with appendix .2. API Reserved 58-80 Leave blank.

192 AP3.10 APPENDIX 3.1 0 c HEADER RECORD CORRECTION the in the header Header Record reflects The Modification information contained 30. The Correction Header Record reflects the correction of of the portion SF was furnished in a previous abstract. (Following the information or PEI that PB1 will PA- records involved in the modification or correction. be the applicable record A to B or E, as appropriate. They position of these records will change the The second be will PE- or records.) PB- In general, changing noncontrol data requires the overlay technique; changing control Refer to data requires delete and C4 for the control data in the add. chapter formats and for detailed instructions for changing both control and succeeding change noncontrol data Record and Instructions Entry position!^) Field Leaend PBI Enter code for a contract modification 1-3 Identifier Document PEI for a correction abstract. abstract or contract Enter the number assigned to the is against correction or which the modification issued. See appendix AP1.48. For modification to contracts, enter the 17-22 SPIIN: CalllOrder For modification number in rp 17-22. or the modifications to calls orders, enter number in rp 17-20 and the calllorder 21-22. See modification number in rp number be API .49. This will appendix in all abstract records required perpetuated to effect a given change to the contract. Enter the effective date of the modification, if Effective Date of applicable. The date is expressed as year- Modification month-day in accordance with appendix API .2.

193 Record and Instructions Entry Positionlsj Field Leaend SF Enter the modification authority from the Text: 30-44 30, This if applicable. See appendix .31. API Modification Authority blank. may be left and optional entry is an Leave blank. Reserved 45-48 identity code of the Enter office issuing the 49-54 ldentity Code: Issued By correction. See appendix or modification the API .4. the Enter identity code of the office 55-60 ldentity Code: contract. See appendix the administering By Administered .4. API for the Kind of Enter appropriate code the Kind of Modification 6 1 Modification outlined in appendix API .41, if applicable. Otherwise, enter of the kind modification as indicated paragraph by numbers in block i.e., 13 of SF 30, a - administrative - change order, b etc. change, Reserved Leave blank. 62-63 ldentity Code: Abstract 64-69 identity code the activity of the Enter Recipient ADP Point support abstract to the furnishing ADP recipient. See appendix For API .4. the modifications or corrections issued by for C4.3.1., CAO activity, see paragraph determining the abstract recipient. Date of Signature 70-76 date that the modification document Enter the was signed, if applicable. The date is expressed as year-month-day in accordance with appendix API .2. Numbering: 77-80 being Enter count of all records the Record Count abstracted (including the P-1 Header appendix PIIN/SPIIN. See Record) for this 9999, .21. When the counter exceeds API transmit the last four positions of count only.

194 AP3.11. APPENDIX 1 3.1 PERFORMANCE NOTICE SHIPMENT CM Record and Instructions Entry position!^) Enter code PJJ. Document Identifier 1-3 number signed to the contract Enter the the shipment was made. See against which X-overpunch .48. rp 10 An in appendix API indicates a cancellation. Enter the call or order number, if applicable, CallIOrder 17-20 SPIIN: the against which was made. shipment See appendix API .49. Modification numbers, including Provisioned Item Order numbers, will not be entered. Leave blank if no call or order number applies. Enter the basic exhibit line item number in rp or CLlN ELlN 21-24, if not, enter the basic if applicable; contract line item number. See appendix API 50. Right justify and prefix with zeros to Enter the field. fill subline the corresponding if no item number in rp 25-26; subline, leave blank. Enter the identity code of the consignee to 27-32 Identity Code: Ship-To shipment was made. See appendix whom API .4. Enter the identity code of the ultimate Code: Mark-For Identity 33-38 recipient of the supplies. See appendix API .4. If no entry, leave blank.

195 Record Instructions and Entrv Position(s) Field Lesend shipment as of the the Enter on reflected date 39-45 Shipped Date 250 1 155. This date is DD Form or DD Form expressed as year-month-day in accordance API If the shipping .2. with appendix that document indicates the shipping date is 39. an estimated, enter X-overpunch in rp shipped as Enter quantity shown the on the Quantity: API document. See appendix .46. shipping Quantity Shipped fill the with and prefix Right justify to zeros field. See appendix .44 API Shipment: Identification Data: DD Enter from the Form or DD Form 250 Shipment Number assigned 11 55 the shipment number to under discretely identify this shipment the contract. Enter the alpha suffix code Form from the DD Shipment Number Suffix 250 or DD Form 1155, if applicable. This code be will shipment against the a Z (final indicating an or contract) alpha, a replacement shipment (see C5.6.). Otherwise, leave blank. code from appendix Enter the appropriate Mode of Shipment to indicate .26 transportation mode the API used to ship the supplies. Contract Shipment Advice in accordance Enter the appropriate code API with appendix .25. or Stock Number MILSTRIP data: Stock Number For and DLA contracts, enter the Navy National Stock Number (NSN) or local stock number as reflected on the shipping document. See appendix API .42.

196 Record Instructions and Entrv Positionls) Field Leaend (75-76) Blank. Reserved For Force contracts, enter Air and Army the (62-75) Document MlLSTRlP MlLSTRlP on document number as reflected Number . document; the shipping the MILSTRIP document number and, enter MlLSTRlP Suffix (76) suffix code when reflected on the shipping document. See appendix .45. API If no leave blank. entry, Enter the ordinal date on which this 77-79 Transaction Date be will prepared. This date transaction was all numeric in accordance with appendix AP1.2. Enter the appropriate code in accordance 80 Transaction Status with appendix AP1.22. If no entry, leave Indicator blank.

197 2 3.1 AP3.12 APPENDIX SHIPMENT PERFORMANCE NOTICE SERVICES LINE ITEM Record Entry and Instructions Field Leaend position!^) Enter code PJR. Document Identifier 1-3 to the Enter the number assigned contract 6 4-1 PllN services were performed against which the in An X-overpunch .48. API See appendix position rp indicates 10 a cancellatim call applicable, Enter the order number, if or 17-22 SPIIN: CallIOrder against which the services were performed. .49. Modification See appendix API numbers, Item including Provisioned Order numbers, will not be entered. Leave blank if no order number applies. call or rp in item number Enter the basic exhibit line CLlN ELlN or 21-24, the basic if applicable; if not, enter contract line item number. See appendix and Right justify zeros to prefix with .50. API fill this field. Enter the corresponding subline in rp item number leave 25-26; if no subline, blank. Enter the identity code of the activity at which Identity Code: the services were performed (this may be a Performed-At contractor's facility or a Government activity). .4. API See appendix Leave blank Reserved

198 Record and Instructions Entry Positionfs) Leaend Field 39-45 of the date the Enter Date Completed of completion services on Form 250 or DD Form DD as reflected the 11 55. This date year-month- as is expressed API .2. If day in accordance with appendix the shipping document indicates that the completion an enter estimated, date is 39. X-overpunch in rp Reserved 46-51 blank. Leave 52-58 Shipment Identification Form DD or Form DD 250 Enter from the Data: Shipment Number I55 the shipment number assigned to 1 of discretely identify this increment services performed by the contractor. See appendix .4. API Reserved 59-60 Leave blank. 61 Contract Shipment Advice in accordance code appropriate the Enter .25. with appendix API Text: 62-79 Enter description of a portion of the services of Services Description positions. See 18 exceed performed, not to appendix API .31. 80 Transaction Status Enter the appropriate code in accordance Indicator .22. If no entry, leave with appendix API blank.

199 APPENDIX AP3.13 3.1 3 ACCEPTANCE ALERT Record Entry and Instructions Leaend Field Positionls) PK5. Enter code 1 -3 Identifier Document the number to the contract assigned Enter 6 4-1 PllN to be which acceptance is against reported. appendix See API .48. or number, if applicable, order the call 17-20 Enter SPIIN: CallIOrder shipment the under which made. See was API appendix numbers, Modification .49. numbers, Item including Provisioned Order call if no will not be entered. Leave blank or order number applies. ADP DCMR of the the identity code Enter 21 -26 Identity Contract Code: in appendix point. This code is prescribed Administration ADP Point AIR is later forwarded through API .4. (The ADP point.) to this DAAS Enter the identity code of the consignee to 27-32 Identity Code: Ship-To whom was made. See appendix shipment .4. API .44 API appendix See 33-40 Identification Shipment Data: DD Farm Form 250 or the Enter from the DD (33-39) Number Shipment 1 155 the shipment number assigned to discretely identify this under the shipment contract. Enter the alpha suffix code from the DD Form Shipment Number Suffix (40) 250 Form or DD 11 55. This code will be a Z (final shipment against the contract) or an alpha (replacement shipment). See chapter Otherwise, leave blank. 5, section C5.6.

200 Record Instructions and Entrv position!^) Field Leaend the basic exhibit line item number in rp Enter CLlN ELlN or if not, enter the basic if applicable; 41-44, line item number. See appendix contract AP1.50. Right justify and prefix with zeros to fill the field. Enter the corresponding subline leave subline, if no 45-46; in rp number item blank. the on shipped shown as Enter quantity the Quantity: APl.46. shipping document. See appendix Quantity Shipped Right justify and prefix with zeros to fill the field. the Enter the purchase unit shown on Purchase Unit See appendix document. shipping .13. API Enter the National Stock Number (NSN) or Number Stock local stock number for the CLlN as reflected appendix on the shipping document. See API .42. is not When a stock number manufacturer's part applicable, enter the 13 positions or rp in less, FSCM number if 57-61 and part number in (see appendix .43) rp 62-69. When neither a stock API nor number applies and there number a part in the is a mark-for code Form DD 1155 or in block 4 of the DD Form 250, enter the DoDAAC in rp 58-63. When none of the above applies, enter other identifying information, such as an office symbol or 58-69. Otherwise, leave blank. name, in rp Date Shipped Enter the date reflected on the as of shipment shipping document. This date is expressed year-month-day in accordance with as API .2. When the shipping appendix document indicates that the shipping date is estimated, enter an X-overpunch in rp 70.

201 DoD 4000.25-5-M Record and Instructions Positionls) Entrv Procurement Quality When quality assurance (inspection) is to be 77 D; enter at destination, code performed Site Assurance (PQA) code appendix See otherwise, enter S. AP1.14. - 78 If the contract contains a Liquidated Special Contract code Clause Damages clause, enter A from Liquidated Provision: otherwise, blank. appendix AP1.ll; leave Damages the consignee that acceptance This advises action should be expedited. Enter the Discount Stipulation 79 code from appendix appropriate Cash AP1.27. This advises the consignee that a cash discount applies and acceptance should be expedited. in accordance appropriate Enter the code 80 Transaction Status appendix AP1.22. See chapter 6, with Indicator leave sections C6.6. and C6.7. If no entry, blank. a v

202 AP3.14 APPENDIX 3.14 ACCEPTANCE REPORT Record Instructions Entry and position!^) Field Leuend code PKN if NA Enter has been received; 1-3 Document Identifier enter has not been received. PKP if NA Enter the number contract assigned to the 6 4-1 against which acceptance is being reported. API in rp .48. An X-overpunch See appendix a cancellation indicates of the report. 10 order number, if applicable, the call or Enter 17-20 SPIIN: under which the shipment was made. See CallIOrder appendix Modification numbers, .49. API Item numbers, Order Provisioned including not will call if no entered. Leave blank or be number applies. order Enter of the the identity code DCMR ADP 21-26 Code: Contract Identity point. This code is prescribed in appendix ADP Point Administration .4. (The API is A/R DAAS through forwarded point.) to this ADP consignee to the identity code of Enter the 27-32 Code: Ship-To Identity whom shipment made. See was appendix AP1.4. See appendix .44. API 33-40 Shipment Identification Data: Form or 250 DD Form DD the Enter from (33-39) Shipment Number the shipment number assigned to 1155 discretely identify this shipment under the contract.

203 Record Instructions and Entrv position!^) Field Leqend Shipment Number Suffix the Suffix Enter the alpha suffix code from DD (40) 1 will This code Form 250 or DD Form 155. the or contract) be a Z (final shipment against alpha indicating a replacement shipment an . chapter 5, section C5.6.). Otherwise, (see leave blank. in rp -46 Enter the basic exhibit line item number 41 ELlN CLlN or 41 basic -44, if applicable; if not, enter the contract item number. See appendix line to .50. Right justify and prefix with zeros API fill the field. Enter the corresponding subline leave if no subline, item number in rp 45-46; blank. Quantity: 47-54 shipped on quantity shown as the Enter the Quantity Shipped shipping document. See appendix API .46. Right justify fill and prefix with zeros to the field. 55-56 Purchase Unit DD Enter the purchase unit shown on the 55. appendix Form 250 or DD Form 11 See AP1.13. Quantity: 57-64 Enter only that quantity actually accepted by Quantity Accepted the Government representative at the destination. Right justify and prefix with .46. zeros to fill the field. See appendix API If this is an interim report, enter zeros. ShipmentiAcceptance 65 Enter the appropriate code from appendix Discrepancy Explanation API .28 when either a difference exists the shipped and the between quantity or the material quantity accepted, is accepted when the complete shipping information is not available, i.e., documentation is missing or reason is incomplete. If more than one applicable, enter the major reason for the difference. Leave blank if no discrepancy is involved.

204 Record Instructions and Entry Positionls) Field Leaend Enter 66-72 the date that the material was accepted ActuaVEstimated as Government the by representative Date Acceptance DD Form DD indicated on the or Form 250 year-month- as is expressed This date 55. 11 If .2. with appendix API day in accordance interim report, insert an this is an and enter estimated 66 X-overpunch in rp date will if Leave blank accepted. be material not been received. has material the delivered was that the material date Enter 73-79 Date DeliveredIOffered 6, delivery (see chapter for section offered or year- C6.3.). as expressed date is This with appendix in accordance month-day, Leave .2. been if material has not blank API delivered. in accordance Enter the appropriate code 80 Status Transaction 6, See chapter .22. with appendix API Indicator If no entry, leave sections C6.6. and C6.7. blank.



207 AP3.17 7 3.1 APPENDIX ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION HEADER RECORD Record Entrv Instructions and Positionts) Leaend Field PVI. Enter code 1-3 Document Identifier Enter the number to the assigned contract 6 4-1 PllN involved payment/collection. in the See appendix .48. API the Enter order number, if a, plicable, call or 17-20 SPIIN: Call/Order paymentlcollection is being the which against Leave blank .49. API applied. See appendix applies. if number no calllorder the Accounting Classification Enter 21 -22 applicable Number Reference to the the accounting classification against which is being applied. See payment/collection .l6. (This code is identical to appendix AP1 the contract or contract the code in the abstract Accounting Classification Record office.) prepared by the purchasing serial Enter the voucher number to assigned 23-28 Numbering: See appendix payment/collection. the Voucher Number .21. API Enter a sequential alpha code A through Z 2 9 Numbering: except set. transaction CPN for each 0, I and Batch Sequence .21. See appendix API Structured as Also see below. shown 30-79 Accounting Classification appendix AP1 .17. Data: furnished Enter the appropriation (exactly as (30-39) Appropriation in the abstract or contract) applicable to the paymentlcollection. See appendix API .I 2.

208 Record Entrv and Instructions Position{s) Field Leaend Enter appropriation limit the subhead or (40-43) LimiVSubhead abstract in the furnished (exactly as or contract) applicable to the paymentlcollection. (44-79) of the Enter the balance accounting Supplemental Accounting in the furnisiied as classification data (exactly Classification to the or contract) applicable abstract paymentlcollection. 80 Leave blank Transaction Status Indicator

209 AP3.18 APPENDIX 3.18 RECORD DISBURSEMENTICOLLECTION Record Instructions and Entry Leaend Field position!^) Enter code PV2. Document Identifier 1 -3 PllN the to the contract number assigned as Enter 4-1 6 in the related Accounting prescribed Classification Header Record, PVI. Code Dl 17-20 Enter or call the order number, if applicable, CalllOrder SPIIN: in the related Accounting prescribed as PVI. Code Dl Classification Header Record, calllorder no Leave blank if is number applicable. the Accounting Classification Enter 21 -22 ACRN in the prescribed as Number Reference related Accounting Classification Header Dl Code PVI. Record, Enter voucher serial number as the 23-28 Numbering: in the related Accounting prescribed Voucher Number PV1 Dl Code Classification Header Record, Enter the batch sequence code as prescribed 29 Numbering: in the related Accounting Classification Sequence Batch PVI. Code Dl Header Record, Enter the identity code of the accounting 30-35 Identity Code: is being sent. See CAN to which the point CAN Recipient 9, section C9.10. and appendix chapter .4. API reflected Enter the identity code as in the Identity Code: voucher of the disbursing officer who made Disbursing Officer .4. API payment. See appendix

210 Record Instructions and Entry Positionfs) Leaend Field to 42-48 Enter the date of the voucher pertinent the Date Voucher date is CAN.' expressed as year-month- This .2. appendix in accordance with day API 49 which payments) (for Enter the code Contract Payment Type being made. identifies kind of payment the will be .32. Code C or F API See appendix used is not only when another code blank Leave applicable. for collections. 50-5 1 if the appropriate code Enter the Country Code International an paymentlcollection is as Balance of Payments defined transaction in Instruction 7060.2. Country codes DoD (reference 8320.1-M-1 DoD published in are (f)), the World." data element "Countries of appendix API .36. See 52-57 the voucher number of Enter the original Numbering: (Original) Voucher Number by SF previous transaction being corrected in the 1081 or other adjustment document See appendix CAN. reversed corrected and API .21. Otherwise, leave blank. 58 Contract Payment type the code which identifies of Enter the Deduction/Collection appendix collection. See API .34. Leave blank for disbursements. of (Type Collection) Amount: Gross Amount Enter, in dollars (rp 59-66) and cents 59-68 (rp 67-68), gross amount before the (plus minus), applicable to the or deductions Right .20. payment. See appendix API justify and prefix with zeros to fill the field. For example, on fixed price contracts, this is computed as by quantity unit price multiplied being paid for. Leave blank for collections and reverse deductions (if net amount paid includes reverse deductions, do not add reverse deductions to gross amount).

211 Record Entry Instructions and Bositionls) Field Legend Enter, in dollars (rp 69-76) and cents (rp 69-78 Amount: Net paid, after 77-78), the net amount Amount PaidICollected if a payment. amount the Enter deductions, collected if a collection. See appendix Right justify and prefix with zeros to .20. API fill the field. Enter the appropriate code which identifies 79 Contract Fund Reporting a collection. or disbursement a CAN as the Transaction appendix API See .33. 80 Leave blank. Reserved

212 AP3.19 APPENDIX 3.19 RECORD DEDUCTION -, Record Entrv and Instructions Field Positionfs) Leaend Identifier 1 -3 - Document PV3. Enter code Enter the number assigned to the contract as prescribed in the related Accounting PVI. Dl Code Record, Classification Header Enter the call or order number, if aydicable, 17-20 CallIOrder SPIIN: prescribed in related Accounting the as PVI. Dl Code Record, Classification Header if no calllorder number is Leave blank applicable. Enter the Accounting Classification @ ACRN Reference Number as prescribed in the related Accounting Classification Header . Record, PV1 Dl Code Enter the voucher serial number as 23-28 Numbering: prescribed in the related Accounting Number Voucher Header Record, Classification Code Dl PVI. Enter the batch sequence code as prescribed Numbering: 29 .. in the related Accounting Classification Batch Sequence Header Record, Dl Code PVI. Enter the basic exhibit line item number in rp CLlN ELlN or - 30-33, enter the basic if applicable; if not, contract line item number. See appendix Right justify and prefix with zeros to API .50. fill field. Enter the corresponding subline the item number in rp 34-35; if no CLlNlELlN is applicable, leave blank. Leave blank. Reserved

213 Record Instructions and Entry Position(s) Field Leaend Enter the primary a code which identifies Payment (Type Contract difference between i.e., reason for deduction, Deduction) of Net Gross in the Amount Amount and Deduction/Collection Code Dl Record, DisbursementlCollection C See appendix API PV2. .34. in dollars (rp 45-52) and Enter, cents Amount: - Deduction Amount deduction. of the the amount (rp 53-54), See appendix and prefix Right .20. API justify the field. zeros to fill with the Enter is amount the which indicates code PlusIMinus or a refund (plus) or a deduction (minus) a See reverse deduction (plus). appendix .37. API Contract Payment See if any. deduction code, second Enter the DeductionlCollection appendix .34. Otherwise, leave blank. API Deduction) of (Type Amount: in rp Enter second deduction (dollars amount Deduction Amount if any. See 57-64, cents in rp 65-66), leave blank. .20. API Otherwise, appendix PluslMinus Enter the code applicable to the second deductionlrefundlreverse deduction amount, any. See API Otherwise, appendix if .37. leave blank. Payment Contract Enter the third deduction code, if any. See Deduction/Collection Otherwise, leave blank. .34. API appendix (Type of Deduction) Amount: Enter third deduction amount (dollars in Deduction Amount rp 69-76, cents in rp if any. See 77-78), appendix API Otherwise, leave blank. .20. Enter the code applicable to the third deductionlrefundlreverse deduction amount, .37. Otherwise, if any. See appendix API leave blank.

214 Record Entrv Instructions Position(sj and Leaend Field 80 Leave blank. Reserved

215 AP3.20 3.20 APPENDIX VARIANCE RECORD Record Entrv instructions and Positionfs) Field Leaend Enter code PV4. 1-3 Identifier Document 4-1 6 Enter assigned the number contract to the as PllN prescribed in the related Accounting . Classification Header Record, Code Dl PV1 Enter the call or order number, if applicable, 17-20 SPIIN: CallIOrder in the related Accounting prescribed as PVI. Code Dl Classification Header Record, calllorder Leave if no is number blank applicable. Accounting Classification Enter the 21-22 ACRN the prescribed in Number as Reference Accounting related Classification Header . Code Dl PV1 Record, Enter the voucher as serial number 23-28 Numbering: in the prescribed related Accounting Voucher Number Code Dl Record, Header Classification PVI. Enter prescribed as the batch sequence code 29 Numbering: in the related Accounting Classification Batch Sequence . Header Record, Dl Code PV1 Leave blank. 30-43 Reserved item number in rp Enter the basic exhibit line 44-49 CLlN or ELlN not, enter 44-47, if applicable; if the basic item number. See contract line appendix API .50. Right justify and prefix with zeros to fill the field. Enter the corresponding subline item number 48-49; if no subline, leave in rp blank. If rp 50 is code A, B, C, D, E, or T, leave blank.

216 Record Instructions and Entrv Positionls] Field Leaend 50 the primary code which identifies Enter the Contract Obligation reason Gross variance between the for Variance Amount amount and the comparable contract API .35. appendix See (rp in dollars Enter, 51-58) and cents (rp 51 -60 Amount: Net Variance Amount See net variance. of the the amount 59-60), appendix API .20. Right justify and prefix zeros field. with to fill the Enter the code which indicates whether the 61 to the variance is an addition contract obligation a subtraction amount (plus) or API .37. therefrom (minus). See appendix 62-67 item basic exhibit line Enter the in rp number or ELlN CLlN if applicable; if not, enter the basic 62-65, appendix contract See line item number. to Right justify and prefix with zeros .50. API subline the corresponding Enter the field. fill subline, number in rp 66-67; if no item leave is code blank. If rp 50 B, E, T, A, or C, D, leave blank. 68 Contract Obligation to the second Enter the code applicable Variance variance amount, if any. See appendix API is .35. Otherwise, leave blank. If rp 50 T, C, B, leave blank. or E, D, code A, Amount: 69-78 Enter the second variance amount, If any. Net Amount Variance See API .20. Otherwise, leave appendix blank. If rp 50 is code A, or T, B, C, D, E, leave blank. 79 Enter the code applicable to the second variance amount, if any. See appendix Otherwise, API .37. is leave blank. If rp 50 B, C, D, E, or T, leave blank. code A, Reserved 80 Leave blank.

217 AP3.21 3.21 APPENDIX ITEM REPORT RECORD LINE I Record Instructions and Entry Positionfs) Field Leaend code PV5. Enter 1-3 Identifier b Document Enter contract as to the assigned number the 4-1 6 PllN in the related Accounting prescribed PVI. Record, Classification Header Code Dl Enter the call or order number, apdicable, if 17-20 SPIIN: CallIOrder in the related Accounting prescribed as . Code Dl PV1 Classification Header Record, if Leave blank is number calllorder no applicable. Accounting Classification Enter the 21 -22 ACRN a as prescribed Number Reference in the related Accounting Classification Header Record, Dl Code PV1 . as number serial Enter the voucher 23-28 Numbering: related Accounting the prescribed in Number Voucher PVI Dl Classification Header Record, Code Enter the batch sequence code as prescribed 29 Numbering: in the related Accounting Classification Sequence - Batch Header Record, Dl Code . PV1 appendix See .44. API 30-37 Identification Shipment * Data: DD Form Enter from the DD Form 250 or (30-36) Shipment Number 11 55 the shipment number assigned to the items for which payment is being made. If no number is applicable, e.g., advance payment, leave blank.

218 Record Entry Positionls) and Instructions Field Leoend DD Form Enter the suffix code from the alpha Shipment Number Suffix 55. 11 Form DD Z a be This code will 250 or against the contract) an or shipment (final alpha indicating a replacement shipment (see 5, section C5.6.). Otherwise, leave chapter blank. Reserved Leave blank. Ship-To Identity Code: consignee of the the identity code Enter from the the covering for document shipping items which appendix made. is being payment See .4. API Reserved blank. Leave Payment Line Contract or not Enter the code which indicates whether paymentlcollection this transaction completes Status Item .39. API the line action. See appendix Quantity: items Enter the quantity of for which made. appendix was See expenditure Expenditure Quantity Right API .46. to justify and prefix with zeros fill the field. ELlN CLlN or the Enter basic exhibit line item number in rp 63-66, if applicable; if not, enter the basic line appendix contract item number. See Right justify and prefix with zeros to .50. API Enter field. corresponding the fill the subline item number in rp 67-68; if no subline, leave blank. Amount: Enter, in dollars (rp 69-76) and cents (rp Gross Amount Item 77-78), the overall which payment amount applies to the line item cited. See appendix API .20. (This gross amount includes price and quantity variances but is not netted by deductions.) Right justify and prefix with zeros to fill the field.

219 Record Leaend Position(s! Entry and Instructions Field Contract Fund Reporting 79 Enter the appropriate code which identifies or the reported transaction as a disbursement Transaction a collection. See appendix AP1.33. Reserved 80 Leave blank.

220 AP3.22 3.22 APPENDIX TEXT HEADER RECORD Record and Entw Instructions Position(s) Field Leaend PVA. Enter code -3 I Identifier Document Enter with HDR TEXT "PAYMENT words the Text: Record Legend 4-20 a blank words. space between of Enter the number items in records) (i.e., Count 2 1-24 Numbering: Item the batch, including the Header Record. Text .21. appendix API See Leave blank. Reserved Enter the batch sequence code as prescribed Numbering: in the related Accounting Classification Batch Sequence Header Record, Code If this is a Dl PVI. dummy a enter report, of month (EOM) end A through Z (excluding sequential alpha code appendix the I and 0). See Repeat API .21. Z. alphabet after use of code Enter the identity code of the accounting Identity Code: sent. CPN See is being point to which the CPN Recipient 9, section C9.10. and appendix chapter API .4. code, the on reflected as Enter the identity 36-41 Identity Code: voucher, of the disbursing officer who made Disbursing Officer the payment. See appendix API .4. Enter a consecutive serial number which Numbering: 42-44 identifies the number of the batches Number Batch Serial transmitted accounting point since the to the first day of the fiscal year. If this is a dummy EOM report, perpetuate the last batch serial number transmitted to the CPN recipient this month. See appendix API .21.

221 Record Instructions and Entrv position!^) Field Leaend Leave 45 blank. Reserved 46-51 Leave blank (until first voucher number Reserved becomes operational). 7 Leave blank (until last voucher number 52-57 Reserved becomes operational) 1 Enter, in dollars (rp 58-66) and cents (rp 58-68 Amount: sum of shown as monies 67-68), the Collected Amount appendix See CPNs. in the collections Right justify and prefix with zeros to .20. API EOM report or fill the field. If this is a dummy amount no is applicable, leave blank. if Enter, in dollars (rp 69-77) and cents (rp Amount: as 78-79), the monies shown sum of Disbursed Amount CPNs. See appendix payments in the API .20. Right justify and refix with zeros to @ fill the field. If this is a dummy EOM report or amount is applicable, leave blank. if no the If this is the last transmission of month or Transaction Status EOM report, enter code F, in a dummy Indicator accordance with appendix API .22. See chapter 9, paragraph C9.9.4. Otherwise, leave blank. * C a

222 3.23 AP3.23 APPENDIX CONTRACT COMPLETION STATEMENT Record and Instructions Entrv Position(s) Field Leaend 1-3 PK9. Enter code Identifier Document Enter the number assigned to the contract 4-1 6 PllN contract which is against status completion .48. An API being reported. See appendix indicates a 10 in rp X-overpunch should rp 35-80 in which case cancellation, left blank. bs for in rp 17-20 number order or call Enter the 17-22 SPIIN: is being reported. If which completion status Last or CallIOrder last modification applicable, enter the number Number Modification call for the is not or order in rp 21-22. If this 0 of the a call or order, enter the number the latest in rp modification with effective date .49. 17-22, See appendix API Leave this blank if field applicable. not reflected in Enter the identity code, as the 23-28 Identity Code: contract, of the office assigned primary By Administered See contract administration responsibility. appendix API .4. reflected Enter the identity code, as in the 29-34 Code: ldentity contract, of the office issuing the contract. Purchasing Office See appendix API .4.

223 Record Field Entrv and Instructions Leaend position!^) Enter, in dollars (rp 35-40) and 41- cents (rp 35-42 Amount: 42), remainder of the accumulated the Amount Unliquidated by all collections amounts paid as netted the from on the subtracted amount obligated contract modifications and contract by any adjusted deductions and all variance by .20. Right justify API See appendix codes. the field. and prefix with zeros to fill Leave i.e., when rp 43 is not applicable, blank when code A (see chapter 11, subparagraph C11.4.2.3.) 43 Contract Closeout Group code in accordance Enter the appropriate appendix API with .30. This code indicates the time and condition under which this contract is closed. blank. 44 Leave Reserved the is physically contract 45-51 Enter the date that Physically Date completed, in accordance with chapter 11, Completed C11.4.2.1. This date will be subparagraph expressed as year-month-day in accordance .2. API with appendix the reflecting voucher Enter the date of the 52-58 of Date Final Payment of the contract. This date will final payment expressed as year-month-day be in with appendix API .2. accordance Leave blank when not applicable, i.e., when rp 43 is code A (see chapter 11, subparagraph * C11.4.2.3.). Contract Completed was Enter the date that the contract Date 59-65 accordance with the contract completed in closing criteria. This date will be expressed as year-month-day in accordance with .2. Leave blank when not API appendix applicable, i.e., when rp 43 is code A (see chapter 11, subparagraph C11.4.2.3.)

224 Record position!^! Entrv and Instructions Field Leaend on as reflected the code, Enter the identity 66-71 Code: Identity made voucher, of the disbursing officer that Disbursing Officer final payment. See appendix API .4. Leave i.e., not applicable, when is 43 rp when blank subparagraph code A (see chapter 11, C11.4.2.3.). serial number final Enter the to the assigned 72-77 Numbering: API payment voucher. See appendix .21. Number Voucher when May be blank when not applicable, i.e., 1, rp 43 is code A (see chapter 1 subparagraph C11.4.2.3.). 78-79 Leave blank. Reserved (for physically J F (for final) or Enter code 80 Transaction Status completed). See appendix .22. API Indicator

225 AP3.24 3.24 APPENDIX Record position!^] Instructions and Entry Leaend Field 1-3 Enter code PKX. Document Identifier 4-16 number to the assigned the contract Enter PllN against which the unclosed contract status is being reported. See appendix API An .48. cancellation, X-overpunch in rp 10 indicates a case in which rp 37-80 is left blank. the call Enter or order number in rp 17-20 for 17-22 SPIIN: which unclosed being reported. If status is Last or CallIOrder applicable, enter last modification number the Number Modification or order for the call in rp 21-22. If this is not a the number of the or call order, enter the with rp latest effective date in modification Leave this API .49. 17-22. See appendix if not applicable. blank field blank. Leave 23-24 Reserved in the Enter the identity code, as reflected 25-30 Code: ldentity contract, office of the assigned primary By Administered administration responsibility. contract See API .4. appendix Enter reflected as in the identity code, the 31-36 Identity Code: office issuing the contract. contract, of the Purchasing Office API .4. See appendix code, as reflected in the identity Enter the 37-42 Identity Code Contractor contract, of the contractor. See appendix API .4. Right justify.

226 Record and Instructions Entry Positionfs) Leaend Field 45-51 Enter the date that the contract was Date Physically with physically completed in accordance Completed 11, chapter subparagraph C11.4.2.1. This date as year-month-day in is expressed appendix with AP1.2. accordance 52-58 If final made, enter the payment has been Date of Final Payment of the voucher final payment date reflecting of the contract. Otherwise, leave blank. This date in is expressed as year-month-day .2. API accordance with appendix Enter date by which the estimate of best the 59-65 Estimated Completion contract the will be completed in accordance Date This date closing criteria. contract with the is expressed year-month-day in accordance as .2. with appendix API Leave blank. 66-71 Reserved code, in accordance appropriate the Enter 72 Reason For Delayed that most .38, the indicates Contract Closing of File API with appendix significant reason the contract has not been closed. Enter in accordance the appropriate code, 73 Reason for Delayed most .38, for the second with appendix API of Contract Closing File has not the contract significant reason that been closed, if applicable. Otherwise, leave blank. Reason for Delayed 74 in accordance the appropriate code, Enter API with appendix third .38, for the most Closing of Contract File significant reason that the contract has not if applicable. Otherwise, leave closed, been blank. 75-79 of preparation of this Enter the date Transaction Date transaction. The date is expressed as month-day (see appendix .2). API 80 Reserved Leave blank.

227 AP3.25 3.25 APPENDIX CONTRACT CLOSEOUT EXTENSION Record and Instructions Entrv Positionls) Field Leaend code Enter PKZ. 1-3 Document Identifier to the contract the number assigned Enter 4-1 6 PllN contract completion status which against is appendix See being reported. An .48. API indicates a 10 in rp X-overpunch cancellation. for Enter order number or the call in rp 17-20 17-22 SPIIN: contract closeout extension is which the Last or CalllOrder the being reported. If applicable, enter last Number Modification order or for the call number modification in rp If this is or the order, enter 21-22. not a call latest of the modification with the number in rp 17-22. date appendix effective See API .49. Leave field blank if not this applicable. identity code, Enter the as in the reflected 23-28 Identity Code: of the office assigned primary contract, By Administered administration responsibility. contract See .4. API appendix as reflected in the identity code, Enter the 29-34 Identity Code: contract, of the office issuing the contract. Purchasing Office .4. API See appendix Leave blank. 35-42 Reserved in accordance appropriate code Enter the 43 Contract Closeout Group API This code indicates .30. appendix with the time and condition under which this contract is closed. blank. Leave 44 Reserved

228 Record and Instructions Entrv Positionlsl Field Leaend 45-51 the is physically contract the Enter date that Physically Date 11, completed, in accordance with chapter Completed be This date will C11.4.2.1. subparagraph expressed as year-month-day in accordance API .2. with appendix Leave blank. 52-58 Reserved Enter the date that the contract file will be 59-65 Extended Closeout Date closed by the PO. date is expressed as This appendix in accordance with year-month-day API .2. blank Leave Reserved

229 AP4. APPENDIX 4 Reserved For Future Use

230 APPENDIX A5. 5 PURPOSE AP.5.1. 1. AP.5.1. Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures (MILSCAP), DoD The Manual 4000.25-5-M, prescribes procedures, rules, data elements, codes, formats, uniform and time standards concerning the interchange of contract-related information between and among DoD Components. AP.5.1. This appendix provides detailed validation criteria which will form the basis for 2. accepting or rejecting ServicesIAgency. the internal operating systems of the data into SCOPE AP.5.2. ServicesIAgency the by utilized be will These criteria transaction cited the whenever herein are prepared. The (originating) organization is responsible for validating preparing various data make the the MILSCAP records. Validation and correction is to be up performed by the originator prior to transmission of MILSCAP records. AP.5.3. IMPLEMENTATION The provisions of this appendix will be implemented concurrent with the implementation of applicable segments of MILSCAP. AP.5.4. GENERAL the detailed are validation criteria for each transaction in the initial Listed below and as well as instructions for validating contract the follow-on transaction, contract abstract Since the originating activity is responsible for the data validation and modification abstracts. corrective action thereto prior to release of the MILSCAP records, the internal systems should be designed to reject erroneous data and reinput corrected data based upon these criteria. Receivers use these validation criteria. of to MILSCAP records may also choose Rejection of erroneous by the receiver will necessitate research and corrective action data by receiver when possible. The originator of the data should be advised by message or the letter whenever the receiver corrects the data. In the event the correction cannot be made at the receiving site because it requires contractual corrective action by the originator, a for action will request originator and the notification to made. be

231 AP.5.5. VALIDATION CRITERIA 1. The entire abstract will be checked, record for record, and all errors identified AP.5.5. to the originator. before reporting erroneous conditions AP.5.5. all transactions (PAB thru on basic abstracts when a PAA is not Rejects 2. PAH) all transactions (PAA thru PAH) when the PIINISPIIN is not formatted included. Reject correctly. 3. PA- transaction must equal the total quantity (record count) shown in All AP.5.5. PAA, except when the count exceeds 9,999. Then, only record positions (rp) 77-80 of the transmitted. If the quantity in rp 77-80 of the the last four positions are record does not PAA equal all transactions for that PA- PIINlcalllorder. 4. (PBA thru PBH) when a PBI is not included. Reject all transactions AP.5.5. All 5. transactions must equal the total quantity (record count) shown in rp AP.5.5. PB- of the PBI, except when 77-80 exceeds 9,999. Then, only the last four positions the count PB- quantity in rp 77-80 of the PBI record does not equal all are transmitted. If the all PB- transactions for the PIIN/call/order. transactions, reject AP.5.5. 6. When letter type contracts are definitized, rp 62 of the PBB must indicate the Kind of Contract. when a Reject (PEA thru PEH) on error correction abstracts transactions 7. all AP.5.5. is not included. PEA 8. PE- transactions must equal the total quantity (record count) shown in rp All AP.5.5. 77-80 of the except when the count exceeds 9,999. Then, only the last four positions PEl, transmitted. quantity in rp 77-80 of the PEI record does not equal all PE- If the are all PE- transactions for the PIINlcallIorder. transactions, reject 9. PB and PE- transactions can be accepted with an X-overpunch in rp 10 to AP.5.5. 11: AP.5.5. I. When an X-overpunch is present in rp 9. field may be left 10, noncontrol blank. AP.5.5. 9. 2. When X-overpunch is present in rp 11, all data field must be filled. For modifications, the field may be filled with X's for deleting data from the master files.

232 X-overpunch AP.5.5. PB- transactions correcting a modification can have an 10. in the units position of any quantity or amount field (excluding unit price) to denote a decrease. - t

233 AP5.1 5.1 APPENDIX ADMINISTRATIVE DATA RECORD #I Record Data Entries Element Name Data Position(s) 1 -3 or PEA PBA, PAA, Identifier Document 4-1 6 PllN six-position appendix DoDAAC or DFARS A Purchasing Office (4-9) code. G ) I 0-1 (I (NOTE: A possible X-overpunch in Numeric. Fiscal Year when add) delete) or (to 10 in rp 11 (to rp C4.) chapter control data. See changing V, W. or S, P, A, C-H, J-M, Type of lnstrument (12) Rp -9999; 3-1 6: 0001 1 (I 3-1 6) Serial Number rp 13: or rp and A-Z 001 -999; 6: 14-1 01 -99. 6: or rp 13-14: AA-ZZ and rp 15-1 used. be cannot 0 I and 17-22 SPIIN: is A, 12 in rp If the Type of lnstrument D, or (1 7-20) Number CalllOrder G, then rp 17-20 is four positions, rp 17-20 is blank. alphanumeric. Otherwise, be in the PBA The record. Must PAA blank (21 -22) Modification CallIOrder of combination any be and PEA records may Number alphanumerics. I and cannot 0 be used. In the PBA record. Must be blank in the PAA (1 7-22) Contract Modification and PEA records, when Type of lnstrument in Number rp 12 is other than A, D, or G, 17 then rp be 18-22 must rp P and or contain A must alphanumeric.

234 Record [email protected]) Data Entries Element Data Name May PBA records. be and the PEA blank in Effective Date or shown be record must PAA as The structured Order Date: below. Numeric. Year FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JAN, Month SEP, JUL, AUG, OCT, NOV, DEC. rp 25-27. Applicable day month in for the Day 4-16 number the in rp Required when Basic IN PI as the same Structured includes PllN code J. rp 4-16. Blank. Reserved May be blank in the PBA and PEA records. Priorities and Defense The be must record shown PAP, as structtired Allocations System below. (DPAS): rp then QX, If blank. N or blank, 9 DX, 30, Prefix Rating 70 of P-B record must contain a code A. 45-46 is either 9 blank or N Blank when rp Identification Program blank; otherwise, must be Al, A3, A4, A5, A2, A6, A7, El, 58, 59, C2, C3, C8, C9, Dl, D2, D3,El,E2,E3, F2,F3,GI,G2,G3, F1, HI, H2, N1. or K1, Jl, H7, H6, H4, H5, H3, PEA records. May be blank in the PEA and By ldentity Code: Issued The PAA record must be a valid DoDAAC. May in the be records. PEA PBA and blank Code: Identity valid a DoDAAC. The PA, record must be Administered By Verify that the CAO code is in agreement with the CAO code listed in the CAGE file for the 63-67. in rp contractor code 9. Blank or Partial Indicator: Abstract

235 Record Data Entries Positionls) be must Rp blank. Rp 63-67 62 may 62-67 Identity Coqy and blank be in the records; the PEA PBA Contractor CAGE code. record must PAA a valid be Verify that the CAGE code and in rp DoDAAC administration point i.e., are proper, 55-60, for is valid specified. contractor Rp be 68 must 9 or blank. Rp 63-67 may be 68-73 Identity Code: ,, PBA PEA blank records. and in the In the Contractor Facility then 69-73 must 9, record when rp 68 is PAA is blank, then 69-73 be blank; if 68 be may valid CAGE code. or a either blank PBA be records. in the May PEA and blank 74 of Business Type M, L, F, D, C, B, A, be: must The PAA record Z. P or N, 1. Blank or 75 Indicator: Requirement FMS Blank 76 Reserved records. May be blank in the PBA and PEA 77-80 Numbering: be The numeric. PAA record must Count Record abstract The CAGE structure consists of a five-position code. For MILSCAP 11 order high in the with a coding, these entries preceded be must position.

236 AP5.2 5.2 APPENDIX RECORD #2 ADMINISTRATIVE DATA Record Data Entries Positionfs) Name Data Element PAB, or PEB. PBB, -3 1 Document Identifier Must the related with agree P-A record. 6 4-1 PllN record. P-A agree Must the related with 17-22 SPllN blank records. May be in the PBB and PEB 23-37 Discount Terms follows: The PAB record must as be rp 23-34 may numeric or blank; rp 35-36 may be be numeric or N blank; rp 37 may be blank or 9; and if then 24-37 must be blank. N, rp 23 is blank be may Rp 23-34 in rp with numerics and in rp 37. blank 35-36 PEB and records. In May be blank in PBB 38-43 Identity Code: record it PAB the be a valid must DoDAAC; Paying Office or 9 in rp 38 and blank in rp 39-43. or blank. F 44 Indicator: Fast Pay records. The PEB and in PBB blank May be 45-54 Amount of Total Amount: 11 record must be a numeric value with a PAB Contract possible X-overpunch in rp 53 or 54. If this amount is less sums of the than the Amounts in related Obligated contained records, it may be erroneous and P-EIP-H must against the hard copy be reviewed contract prior to transmission of the abstract. An X-overpunch in rp 53 indicates the Total Amount of Contract exceeds in 45, rp be followed by an identical $99,999,999.99 must and a code T except with P-B, and the additional overflow amount. An X-overpunch in rp 54 denotes a decrease. AP5.2-1

237 Record Entries Data Positionls) Data Name Element blank be May records. PEB and PBB in the 55-61 of Date Signature: must record The PAB shown be structured as below. (55-56) prior year. or current Numeric, Year (57-59) JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, Month DEC. NOV, OCT, JUL, AUG, SEP, for the Applicable month day in rp 57-59. ) 1 (60-6 Day records. PEB PBB May in the be blank and 62 of Contract Kind PAB The must record 5-9. or 0-3 be 63 May be blank records. PEB and PBB in the of Contract Type Z Y, or R-V, The PAB record may be A, J-L, the PAF and blank. If blank, and PAH records are also blank, then the Total Contract, 45-54 of this record, Amount of rp Item Amount, rp 65-74 of and Total the N related or filled zero be must record, P-E blank, respectively. 64-69 records. PEB and PBB in The Identity Code: be blank May for the PAB record must be a valid DoDAAC Abstract Recipient ADP ADP point of the CAO in rp 55-60 of PAA Point record. 70 in PBB blank or May PEB and be A, B, C, Criticality Designator B, or must PAB record be an A, records. The C. When rp 45-46 of the related P-A the be an A. entry must DX, transaction is 3. 71 Blank or Indicator: Contract Administrative Functional Limitations Reserved 72-74 Blank.

238 Record Data Name Position[sl Data Entries Element 21 Rp 75-79: blanks; 75-79 Special Contract or rp 75: A-H, J-N, or P-R, and rp 76-79: Provisions zeros; rp 75-76 each: A-H, J-N, or P-R, and rp or 77-79: zeros; rp 75-77 each: A-H, J-N, or P-R, and rp or 78-79: zeros; or rp 75-78 each: A-H, J-N, or P-R, and rp 79 zero: or J-N, P-R. or 75-79 each: A-H, rp 80 Blank. Reserved 21 If codes L, M, or P are reflected, Contract Abstract Supplies Schedule Data (P-G records) do not have to be submitted with the initial abstracts.

239 @ APPENDIX 5.3 AP5.3 ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION DATA RECORD Record 9 Data Entries position!^) Name Data Element or PEC. PAC, PBC, 1 -3 Document Identifier record. P-A Must agree with the related 6 4-1 PllN P-A record. with the related Must agree 17-22 SPllN alphalnumeric, cannot Must be have 23-24 AC RN be cannot 0 and I duplicate within contract, used. and May be blank in the PBC PEC records. 25-74 Accounting data must record reflect the in the The PAC Classification Data: B contract and should agree with appendix criteria. Data and authorized Appropriation Must be [25-341 Appropriation: in accordance with appendix structured AP1.12. (25-26) Department Identity (27-28) Transfer Department Year Appropriation Fiscal (29) . (Beginning) Appropriation Year Fiscal (30) (Ending) -34) (31 Appropriation Fund LimitISubhead. Must be an authorized (35-38) LimitISubhead (39-74) Supplemental Accounting Classification

240 Record Data Name Position(s) Data Entries Element and May be blank in the PBC 75-80 PEC records. Identity Code: In the PAC record, it must be a valid Station Accounting DoDAAC. Applies only when rp 25-26 is or when rp 21,43, 57; or Department Code v 97 and Department Code 25-26 equals Limitationlsubhead, rp 35-38, is 01 00, 1301, This field will be 1302, 0200, or 5100 series. - blank for Navy accounting stations.

241 AP5.4 APPENDIX 5.4 CC NTIN dS,A TRAILER Record Data Entries Positionk] Name Element Data PAD, PBD, or PED. 1-3 Identifier Document record. P-A related Must agree with the Rp 4-16 PllN indicate to an X-overpunch contain may 11 a new record. with related agree Must the P-A record. 17-22 SPllN Must record. agree P-C with the related 23-24 ACRN A-H, must blanks. Entries or Z, P, be J-M, T, 25-35 Special Reimbursable left justified with no duplications. Provisions Blank. 36-44 Reserved PED records. and PBD May be blank in the 45-54 Amount: '1 record must PAD numeric value The be a Obligated Amount possible X-overpunch in rp 53 or rp 54 a with can be codes filled if It A-E, T, or blank zero are in rp 25-35. If the sum of all Obligated Amounts is greater than the Total Amount of Contract contained related in the P-B record, reviewed be erroneous and must be it may prior to contract copy against the hard transmission of the abstract. Must be a valid rp PAB when DoDAAC 38 is 55-60 Identity Code: code 9; otherwise, leave blank. Paying Office X-overpunch '/An 53 indicates that the Obligated Amount exceeds in rp $99,999,999.99 and must be followed by another P-D record, except with a code T in rp 45, and the additional overflow amount. An X-overpunch in rp 54 denotes a decrease.

242 Record Data Element Name [email protected]) Data Entries Reserved 61-80 Blank.

243 AP5.5 5.5 APPENDIX ITEM DATA RECORD SUPPLIES #I LINE Record Data Entries position!^] or PBE, PAE, PEE. 1-3 Document Identifier P-A record. the related Must agree with 6 4-1 PllN agree with the related Must record. P-A 17-22 SPllN 23-28 or ELIN: CLlN any be and 0001-9999 given number cannot (23-26) CLlN repeated for this type record within a given contract. be may alpha and Rp 23 must be rp 24-26 (23-26) I and alphanumeric any combination. 0 used. be cannot cannot be entry This blank. or AA-ZZ (27-28) CLINIELIN Subline repeated within the CLlNlELlN of rp 23-26 for I 0 cannot be used. and a given contract. records. May be blank in the PBE and PEE 29-43 Stock Number: The PAE record must be as shown below. If rp the of the remainder 29 contains "N," ) (29-41 Stock Number can be blank contain a blank in rp 30 field or and in rp the 31-37 the word "EXHIBIT" and remainder of the field will be blank. May contain code N in position 29, blank in 30, and word '3ERVICES"in rp 31-38. If rp the blank. be U, then rp 30-41 must is code 29 Otherwise enter stock number or management control number. No validation required. (42-43) Management Data

244 Record Entries Data Positionfs) Element Data Name records. PEE PBE and May be blank in the 44-51 Quantity: / 1 The 44-51 record must be as PAE rp follows: Order Quantity each: 0-9 with a possible X-overpunch in rp or 45-51 is code N then 44. If rp 44 U, rp rp when be a valid entry must be blank. Must 9 blank. 54-64 is blank. Alpha or Unit Purchase records. PEE May be blank in the PBE and Unit Price Amount: PAE must be as follows: The record 0-9 with a possible rp each, 54-64 X-overpunch in rp 54; 55- rp then U, 9, C, N, or is code 54 or if rp blank. 64: Order Quantity, rp When 9 blank is used, Amount, rp 65-74, must Item and Total 44-51, be entered. The Order Quantity must 'I the sum of the CLlNlELlN related Delivery agree with Schedule Quantities Supplies Schedule Data Record (Dl in the Code P-G) or it will be rio and there are EXHIBIT" contain "N 29-37 rps when considered erroneous except #2 (Dl Code P-F) Schedule Data Records or Supplies Line Supplies Data Record Item required. An X-overpunch in rp 50 indicates the Order Quantity exceeds 99,999,999 and be followed by another P-E record with a code must T in rp 44 and the additional in rp 51 denotes a decrease. overflow quantity. An X-overpunch

245 Record Data Position(s) Data Entries Element Name be blank in the PBE and PEE records. May 65-74 Amount: 2/ follows: The PAE record must be as Unit Amount Item Total Price, rp 54-64, times Order Quantity, the nearest cent, equals rp 44-51, rounded to N Amount, rp Total be ltem 65-74. May blank, have an X-overpunch in rp 65. The or of all Total ltem rp 65-74, of all sum Amounts, and P-G records in the contract abstract P-E must be equal to less than Total Amount of or Contract, 45-54, of the P-B record. If this rp sum is greater than the Total Amount of P-B record, it may be Contract, rp 45-54, in must reviewed against the erroneous and be hard copy contract prior to the abstract transmission. blank when rp 63 of the N record PAB or when rp 54 contains is blank code C. Code: 75-80 Must be Identity a valid DoDAAC or blank. ltem Manager or Project exceeds 73 indicates that the Total ltem Amount in rp An X-overpunch P-E record with a code T in rp 65 and by another $99,999,999.99 and must be followed the additional overflow amount. An X-overpunch in rp 74 denotes a decrease.

246 AP5.6 5.6 APPENDIX Record Entries Data Positionis] Data Element Name or PEF. PAF, PBF, 1 -3 Document Identifier Must agree with P-A record. related the 4-1 6 PllN record. P-A related agree with the Must 17-22 SPIIN with the related Must agree P-E record. 23-28 ELlN CLlN or No validation. 29-39 Noun (Item Text: Description) validation. No 1 40-7 Part Number blank be May and PEF records. in the PBF 72 Procurement Quality must S. or be D record PAF The Assurance (PQA) Site PBF the in and PEF records. be blank May 73 Acceptance Site or S. must record PAF The be D and PEF PBF records. in the be blank May 74 Free (FOB) Board on D, or 0. S, record The PAF be must Site Level) (CLINIELIN 0, rp Rp 75 may be blank and 1, 2, 9, or 76 75-76 Over Quantity Variance: blank. or may be A-H, numeric, blank and rp 78 0, 1, 2,9, or Rp 77 may be 77-78 Under Quantity Variance: may be A-H, numeric, or blank. Z. Y, V, R, or J-L, A, may be or May be blank, 79 Type of Contract Blank. 80 Reserved

247 5.7 AP5.7 APPENDIX RECORD DATA SUPPLIES SCHEDULE Record Entries Data Positionls) Name Data Element PAG, PEG. or PBG 1-3 Document Identifier related with the agree Must record. P-A 4- 16 PllN P-A record. Must agree with the related 17-22 SPllN related record. P-E the Must agree with 23-28 CLlN PEG records. PBG and May be blank in the 29-34 Ship-To Code: Identity 0, D, The PAG record must be as follows: if P, U if code validate, not do 29, rp in T or K, in rp 29 and blank in 30-34, do not validate, must otherwise, be a valid DoDAAC. If rp do Y, or T, K, D, validate. not P, 35 is B, 35-40 Identity Code: Mark-For blank. valid DoDAAC or a must Otherwise, be code Must be rp 41, blank; 42-47 in rp with U 41-47 Date: Schedule Delivery or Numeric year with X-overpunch in a possible 1 -42) (4 Year rp41. JUN, JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, (43-45) Month JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC. rp 43-45. month in Applicable day for the (46-47) Day

248 Record Entries Data Name position!^) Data Element in the May records. be blank PEG PBG and 48-55 Quantity: Delivery, 1 if a follows: The PAG record must be as Quantity Schedule code U is in rp 48, then rp 49-55 will be blank No comparison to CLINJELIN Order Quantity U in rp 48, then rp is required. If other than be with a possible 0-9 48-55 may X- rp 48. A sum of all Delivery overpunch in Schedule Quantities for a given CLlNlELlN must be equal to the Order Quantity, rp 44-51 of the (for that CLINIELIN), related P-E not equal, all the this sum is If record. Delivery Schedule Quantities the for CLlNlELlN are considered applicable erroneous, except for those abstracts in rp which the Administrative Data Record #2, 75-79, contains Provision a Special Contract code L, or M, of the sum then the P; than the Order less be schedules may of the Quantity line. records. PEG May the PBG and be blank in ACRN U PAG record The be as follows: if 9 or must 57 in rp 56, then rp is blank. If other than 9 of U in rp 56, then rp 56-57 must agree with an P-C related of a 23-24, record. in rp ACRN to Control levels for this entry extend (i.e., and Ship-To/Mark-For) destination Schedule Delivery Date. Reserved 58 Blank. 59 Transportation Priority 1, 2, 3, 4, or blank. May be 60-74 Data: MILSTRIP Total field may or validated as blank be follows: X-overpunch in rp 54 indicates that the Delivery Schedule Quantity exceeds '/An T in rp 48 and the P-G record with a code and must be followed by another 99,999,999 additional overflow quantity. An X-overpunch in rp 55 denotes a decrease.

249 Record Data Entries Positionk) Name Data Element P-W, A-H, Z, or 0-9. J-N, Service (60) Must filled. be (61 -65) Requisitioner [66-691 Ordinal Date: 0-9. Year of Decade (66) 001-365 year). (366 for leap (67-69) of Year Day 0-9. or A-Z 3) 0 -7 (7 Serial Number be filled. If filled, then rp 60-73 must MILSTRIP Suffix (74) 75-80 CLIN/Subline (for EXHIBIT): ELIN. Numeric if rp 23-26 contains (75-78) CLlN Two different CLlNs Otherwise, blank. ELlN cannot be submitted for the same alpha rp 23-26. designator in blank. AA-ZZ or used. I and 0 cannot be (79-80) Subline Must be blank if rp 75-78 are blank.

250 5.8 AP5.8 APPENDIX DATA SERVICES LINE RECORD ITEM Record Data Entries position!^) Name Data Element PEH. PAH, PBH, or 1-3 Document Identifier Must agree related the P-A record. with 4-1 6 PllN agree Must the related with P-A record. 17-22 SPllN Must agree with the related P-E record 23-28 CLlN J-L, A, or Z, blank. Y, R-V, 29 Type of Contract No validation. 30-53 Description of Text: Services May records. blank in the PBH PEH be and 54 Procurement Quality be code must record PAH The or D S. Site Assurance (PQA) PBH in the be blank and PEH records. May 55 Acceptance Site S. or D must be code The PAH record 9 in rp 56, then rp Must be as follows: when 56-57 ACRN 9 56, then when other than in rp 57 blank; 23-24, in rp 56-57 must agree with an ACRN related a P-C record. of May be blank and PEH records. in the PBH 58-64 Date: Service Completion follows: if as be rp The PAH record must 58 as is code U, then 59-64 is blank. Otherwise, shown below. in Numeric, with a possible X-overpunch (58-59) Year 58. rp JUN, JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, (60-62) Month JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC. 60-62. Applicable day for the month in rp (63-64)

251 Record Data Element Name Data Entries Positionfs) May be blank in the PBH and PEH records. Amount: 65-74 I I as PAH 65 record must be The follows: if rp Item Total Amount N or U, then rp 66-74 is blank. If is code N or U in rp 65, then rp 65- other than code . 74 a possible X-overpunch in each 0-9 with 65. If rp rp of the P-B record is blank, 63 then rp 65 will contain code N with the remainder of the blank. Balancing field amount be the same as for will criteria for this ltem Amount of the related P-E the Total record. Code: 75-80 Must Identity a valid DoDAAC or blank. be ltem or Project Manager Total Line " rp 73 indicates that the in Amount exceeds An X-overpunch T in rp 65 and followed by another P-H record with a code $99,999,999.99 and must be the additional overflow amount. An X-overpunch in rp 74 denotes a decrease.

252 AP5.9 5.9 APPENDIX Record Entries Data Position(s) Element Name Data for Cancellation; PFK for PEK or 1-3 Document Identifier Acknowledgment. it Must match the contract number to which 4-1 6 applies. "ode. A six-position DFARS, appendix N Office Purchasing (4-9) Numeric. (10-1 1) Year Fiscal V, or W. C-H, K-M, A, S, P, lnstrument of Type (1 2) -9999; 0001 13-16: Rp (1 3-1 6) Serial Number 14-16: 001-999; rp and A-Z 13: or rp and rp AA-ZZ 4: 13-1 rp or -99 6: 01 15-1 I and 0 cannot used. be master the match must required, it file When 17-22 SPIIN: for this procurement instrument. 12) G, is A, D, or If Type Instrument (rp of (1 7-20) CallIOrder then 17-20 positions, alpha- is four rp is blank. 17-20 rp numeric. Otherwise, Blank. -22) 1 (2 CalllOrder Modification Number valid the CAO that a for DoDAAC Must be 23-28 Code: Abstract ldentity received the abstract. Recipient ADP Point be Must valid that the activity a DoDAAC for 29-34 Identity Code: Issued By abstract. issued the "CANCEL" for PEK record: "ABSTRACT 35-52 Text: Message RECEIVED" or "ABSTRACT CANCELED" for PFK record.

253 Record Data Position(s) Data Entries Element Name Date: Transaction 53-57 (53-55) Month JAN, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, FEE, JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC. in Day Applicable day for the month (56-57) rp 53-55. Reserved 58-80 Blank.

254 AP5.10 APPENDIX 0 5.1 MODIFICATION RECORD1 HEADER CORRECTION HEADER RECORD Record Entries Data Positiontsj Name Element Data Modification Header Record; for the PBI or 1 -3 Document Identifier PEI the Correction Header Record. for Must match the contract to which it number 4-1 6 applies. A six-position DFARS, appendix G code. Purchasing Office (4-9) Numeric. 1) (10-1 Year Fiscal K-M, C-H, A, P, W. or V, S, Type of Instrument (12) Rp 3-1 1 6: -9999; 0001 3-1 6) (1 Serial Number -999; 001 6: 14-1 rp and 13: A-Z rp or or rp 13-14: 15-16: 01-99. AA-ZZ and rp cannot be used. 0 I and file When required, it must match the master 17-22 SPIIN: this for procurement instrument. A, D, or is If the of Type 12 in rp Instrument (1 7-20) CalllOrder G, then rp 17-20 is four positions, alphanumeric. Otherwise, rp 77-20 is blank. any or of alphanumerics combination Must be (2 1 -22) CallIOrder be used. I and 0 cannot blank. Number Modification instrument of If the Type is other 12 in rp 7-22) (I Contract Modification than A, D, or A contain must 17 then rp G, Number contain alphanumeric must 18-22 Rp or P. data. 0 I and cannot be used. PEI In the PBI record. May be blank in the 23-29 of Effective Date below. record, structured as shown Modification: Numeric year (23-24) Year

255 Record Data Name Element Entries position!^) Data Month FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JAN, SEP, DEC. JUL, NOV, OCT, AUG, rp 25-27. Applicable day for the month in Day Text: No validation. Modification Authority Reserved Blank. Identity Code: Issued By DoDAAC. valid a Must be Code: ldentity be Must a DoDAAC and agree with Administered By previously submitted contract abstract record. Kind of Modification May record. PEI in the blank be In the PBI be record, must alpha A through 2, including and I 0. Reserved Blank. Code: Abstract ldentity DoDAAC be a valid Must Point ADP Recipient of Signature: Date May be blank in the record. In PET PBI the record, must shown below. structured as be Year Numeric year Month JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC. JUL, AUG, for the month in rp 72-74. Applicable day Day Numbering: Numeric. Record Count

256 APPENDIX AP5.11 1 5.1 SHIPMENT PERFORMANCE NOTICE SUPPLIES LINE ITEM Record Entries Data Positionbj PJJ. 1-3 Document Identifier the match number Must to which it contract 6 4-1 PllN applies. appendix DFARS, A six-position code. G Purchasing Office (4-9) Numeric. (10-1 1) Year Fiscal or V, S, P, W. K-M, C-H, A, Type of Instrument (12) Rp 6: 0001 -9999; 13-1 (1 3-1 6) Number Serial A-Z and 13: or rp rp -999; 001 6: 14-1 -99. 6: 01 13-1 4: AA-ZZ and rp or 15-1 rp I and 0 cannot be used. the master file When required, it must match 17-20 CalllOrder SPIIN: the Type for this procurement instrument. If of or D, in rp is A, 12 lnstrument G, rp then alphanumeric. four positions, 17-20 is Otherwise, leave blank. the contract line to which Must match it 21 -26 CLlN or ELIN: applies. 0001 -9999. (2 1 -24) CLlN Rp may 21 must an be alpha and rp 22-24 be (21 -24) ELlN any alphanumeric combination. I and 0 cannot be used. used. be cannot 0 and I blank. or AA-ZZ (25-26) CLlNlELlN Subline

257 Record Data Entries Positionls) Data Name Element Must match the contract line to which 27-32 it Code: Ship-To ldentity 27 D, B, is not do T, or K, P, applies. If rp U and 28-32 is validate. If rp 27 is code a blank, be Otherwise, must not validate. do DoDAAC. valid match it line to which the contract Must 33-38 Mark-For ldentity Code: Y, or T, K, do P, D, B, not applies. If rp 33 is a valid be must validate. Otherwise, either or DoDAAC blank. 39-45 Date Shipped: Numeric year, with a possible X-ovt, punch in (39-40) Year rp 39. FEB, JAN, APR, MAY, JUN, MAR, Month (41 -43) DEC. JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, (44-45) -43. 41 in rp month for the day Applicable Day 1 46-5 Numeric. Quantity: Quantity Shipped 52-59 Shipment Identification Data: Shipment Number (52-58) 52-54 alpha; alphanumeric. 55-58 Shipment Number Suffix blank. Z or (59) Shipment Mode of 60 one and zero Alphanumeric, except numerics excluded. are Shipment Advice Contract A-H or 61 Z. Stock Number or MILSTRIP Data:

258 Record Position(s) Data Entries Data Element Name Alphanumeric. (62-74) For Navy DLA, or Stock Number (75-76) Blank. Reserved Field blank or validated as follows: be may [62-761 For Army or AF, MlLSTRlP Data or P-W, J-N, H, A-F, 0-9. Z, Service Must be filled. Requisitioner Ordinal Date: 0-9. Year Decade of year). 001 -365 (366 for leap Day of Year or 0-9. A-Z Number Serial blank. Z or MlLSTRlP Suffix 001-365 (366 for leap year). Transaction Date or blank. T, C, G, H, L, P, Q, S, Status Transaction Indicator

259 AP5.12 5.1 APPENDIX 2 SHIPMENT PERFORMANCE NOTICE SERVICES LINE ITEM Record Entries Data Data Name Positionls) Element PJR. Document Identifier 1-3 contract number to which the it match Must applies. G code. A six-position DFARS, appendix Purchasing Office (4-9) Numeric. (I ) 0-1 1 Year Fiscal K-M, C-H, A, W. 01 V, S, P, 2) Type of (1 Instrument 6: 13-1 0001 -9999; Rp Serial Number (1 3-1 6) 14-1 rp and A-Z rp 13: or 001 -999; 6: 4: 01 -99. or rp 13-1 15-16: AA-ZZ and rp used. be cannot 0 I and When required, it must match the master file SPIIN: 17-20 CallIOrder this for If the Type procurement instrument. is D, rp then G, or A, 12 of Instrument in rp 17-20 is four positions, alphanumeric. blank. leave Otherwise, to which the line Must match contract it ELIN: -26 or 21 CLlN applies. 0001 -9999. CLlN an Rp 21 must alpha and rp be may be 22-24 ELlN any alphanumeric combination. I and 0 cannot be used. cannot be used. AA-ZZ or blank. I and 0 CLINIELIN (25-26) Subline be a valid DoDAAC. Must Code: Identity Performed-At

260 Record Data Entries position!^) Data Element Name Blank. 33-38 Reserved 39-45 Date Completed: Numeric year, with a possible X-overpunch in (39-40) Year 39. rp FEE, JAN, MAR, APR, JUN, MAY, -43) (41 Month AUG, SEP, JUL, OCT, NOV, DEC. 41-43. rp in Applicable day for the month (44-45) Day Blank. 46-51 Received 52-54 alpha; alphanumeric. 55-58 52-58 Shipment Identification Data: Shipment Number Blank. 59-60 Reserved Z. A-H or 1 6 Contract Shipment Advice No validation. 62-79 Text: Description of Services or blank. C 8 0 Status Transaction Indicator

261 AP5.13 APPENDIX 5.1 3 ACCEPTANCE ALERT Record Data Entriesi Positionfs) Data Element Name 1 -3 Identifier Document it Must match number to which the contract 4-1 6 PllN applies. appendix DFARS, six-position code. G A Purchasing Office (4-9) Numeric. (10-1 1) Year Fiscal or V, S, P, W. A, C-H, K-M, Type of Instrument 2) (1 0001 -9999; 13-1 Rp 6: 6) (1 3-1 Number Serial 14-1 rp and A-Z 3: 1 -999; 001 6: or rp -99. and rp AA-ZZ rp 15-1 4: 13-1 01 or 6: used. I and 0 cannot be When required, file master match the it must 17-20 SPIIN: CalllOrder for this procurement instrument. If the Type rp or G, then D, is A, in rp 12 Instrument of positions, alphanumeric. is four 17-20 Otherwise, leave blank. a be Must DoDAAC. valid 21 -26 Identity Contract Code: Point ADP Administration Must match the contract line to which it 27-32 Code: Ship-To Identity or not K, T, do D, B, P, is 27 rp applies. If is code and 28-32 is U If rp 27 validate. be a blank, do not validate. Otherwise, must valid DoDNX. 33-40 Identification Shipment Data: alpha,; 36-39 alphanumeric. 33-35 (33-39) Shipment Number

262 Record Data Entries Position!sJ Data Element Name blank. or Alpha Shipment Number Suffix (40) 41 -46 line the contract CLlN Must ELIN: match or it to which applies. 0001 -9999. (41 -44) CLlN 42-44 rp an alpha and -44) be must 41 Rp be may 1 (4 ELlN I and 0 combination. alphanumeric any cannot used. be CLINIELIN Subline cannot 0 and I blank. or AA-ZZ used. be (45-46) Quantity: Numeric. 47-54 Quantity Shipped Purchase Unit 55-56 Alpha. Stock Number 57-69 No validation. Date Shipped: 70-76 Year ) 1 (70-7 year, with a possible X-overpunch in Numeric 70. rp Month (72-74) JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JUL, SEP, DEC. NOV, AUG, OCT, 72-74. in rp Applicable day for the month (75-76) Procurement Quality 77 D or S. Assurance (PQA) Site Special Contract 78 blank. A or Provision: Liquidated Damages Clause Cash Discount Stipulation 79 D or N. Transaction Status 80 blank. or E, 1, 2, be May Indicator

263 AP5.14 APPENDIX 5.14 ACCEPTANCE REP'ORT Record Entrifs Data position!^) Name Data Element has been PKP, received; or PK5 when PKN, Document Identifier 1-3 has PK5 been not received. when match the contract number to which it Must 6 4-1 applies. appendix DFARS, A code. six-position G Office Purchasing (4-9) Numeric Year Fiscal I) (10-1 Type Instrument of (12) Rp 0001 1 3-1 -9999; 6: 3-1 (1 6) Serial Number 14-1 or rp and 13: A-Z rp -999; 001 6: 15-1 rp 13-1 4: AA-ZZ and rp or 6: 01 -99 I and 0 cannot be used. file master the it must match When required, 17-20 SPIIN: CallIOrder for this procurement instrument. If the Type 12 is G, rp then or D! A, of in rp Instrument positions, alphanumeric. is four 17-20 Otherwise, leave blank. DoDAAC. a valid be Must -26 21 Identity Code: Contract Point ADP Administration it to which Must match the contract line 27-32 Identity Code: Ship-To K, P, is B, D, not 27 or T, do applies. If rp is If rp 27 is code U and 28-32 validate. blank, do not validate. Otherwise, must be a valid DoDPAC. Shipment Identification 33-40 Data:

264 Record Data Entries position!^) Data Name Element (33-39) 33-35 alpha; 36-39 alphanumeric. Shipment Number Alpha or blank. Suffix Shipment Number (40) Must contract line match the to which it 41 -46 or CLlN ELIN: applies. 0001 -9999. (4 1 -44) CLlN may Rp must be be alpha and rp 42-44 41 an (41 -44) ELlN I and 0 any alphanumeric combination. cannot be used. be I blank. or AA-ZZ and 0 cannot used. (45-46) Subline CLlNlELlN 47-54 Numeric. Quantity: Quantity Shipped 55-56 Alpha. Purchase Unit Numeric. Zero Do not leave if necessary. fill, 57-64 Quantity: blank. Quantity Accepted 65 E, S-U, blank. or X, W, M-0, D, ShipmentIAcceptance Discrepancy Explanation 66-72 65 is code U. Otherwise, rp Blank only when ActualIEstimated be filled, with must a possible X-overpunch Date: Acceptance 66. in rp (66-67) Year year. Numeric (68-70) Month JAN, APR, MAR, MAY, JUN, FEB, SEP, AUG, OCT, NOV, DEC. JUL, Applicable day for the month in rp 68-70. (7 -72) 1 Date Deliveredloffered: is coded U. 65 rp Blank when 73-79 Year Numeric year (73-74) Month JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, (75-77) JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC.

265 Record Positionls) Data Entries Data Element Name in rp 75-77 Applicable day for the month (78-79) Day D, Ci 57-64 blank. When coded A, rp D, or 80 Status Transaction filled must be zero be and rp 66-72 must Indicator filled.



268 ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION HEADER RECORD Record Data Entl- Positionls) Name Element Data 1 -3 Document Identifier number the contract it to which Must match 4-1 6 PllN applies. appendix DFARS, six-position code. A G Purchasing Office (4-9) Numeric. (10-11) Year Fiscal K-M, C-H, P, W. or V, S, A, Instrument of Type 2) (1 13-1 Rp -9999; 0001 6: 3-1 (1 6) Number Serial 001 -999; 6: 14-1 and rp A-Z 13: rp or 6: or rp 134 4: AA-ZZ and rp 15-1 01 -99. be used. cannot I 0 and When required, it must match the master file 17-20 SPIIN: CallIOrder this for the Type procurement instrument. If G, then rp or D, 12 is A, of Instrument in rp 17-20 is four positions, alphanumeric. Otherwise, leave blank. be the alphanumeric and match contract Must 21 -22 ACRN funds applicable to the payment. I and 0 be used. cannot Alphanumeric. 23-28 Numbering: Voucher Number 0 used. be cannot and I Alphas. 29 Numbering: Batch Sequence

269 Record Entries Data Positionls) Data Element Name 30-79 agree with Must Accounting Classification the Accounting Data: to this applicable in the contract Data Classification payment. + [30-391 Appropriation be authorized Appropriation and Data Must in accordance with appendix structured AP1.12. .b (30-31 ) Identity Department (32-33) Transfer Department Appropriation Fiscal Year (34) (Beginning) Year Appropriation Fiscal (35) (Ending) (36-39) Fund Appropriation (40-43) Lirnit/Subhead be an authorized Must LimitISubhead. Supplemental Accounting (44-79) Classification Reserved 80 Blank.

270 AP5.18 8 APPENDIX 5.1 DISBURSEMENTlCOLLECTION RECORD Record Data Entries Position(sj Name Element Data PV2. 1 -3 Identifier Document record. PV1 related the Must agree with 4-1 6 agree with the related Must PV1 record. 17-20 SPIIN: CalllOrder PVI record. Must agree with the related 21 -22 ACRN agree with the related PV1 record. Must 23-28 Numbering: Voucher Number Alphas. used. be I and 0 cannot 29 Numbering: Batch Sequence Must be 61 DoDAAC. valid 30-35 Code: Identity Recipient CPN be Must Disbursing a Symbol. valid 36-41 Code: Identity Disbursing Officer 42-48 Voucher Date: Numeric year. (42-43) Year MAR, FEE!, APR, MAY, JUN, JAN, (44-46) Month JUL, OCT, NOV, SEP, AUG, DEC. Applicable 44-46. in rp for the month day (47-48) H, F, R, Q, or Z. J-M, A-D, 49 Contract Payment Type Alpha. 50-5 1 Country Code Alphanurneric. 52-57 Numbering: (Original) Voucher Number

271 Record Entries Data Positionis) Data Name Element D-H, blank. P-Z, or N, J, 58 Contract Payment DeductionlCollection (Type of Collection) 59-68 Numeric. Amount Amount: Gross Numeric. 69-78 Amount: Net PaidlCollected Amount D, when 79 C, rp rp 58 contains a code; or when Contract Fund Reporting 58 is blank. Transaction 80 Blank. Reserved

272 AP5.19 9 APPENDIX 5.1 DEDUCTION RECORD Record En- Data PositionIs) Name Element Data PV3 1-3 Identifier Document with the related Must agree record. PV1 4-16 PllN record. PV1 Must agree with the related 17-20 CallIOrder SPIIN: Must with the related agree rer-rd. PV1 -22 21 ACRN Must agree record. with the related PV1 23-28 Numbering: Voucher Number Alphas. I and used. be 0 cannot 29 Numbering: Batch Sequence Leave blank for a non-CLIN deduction. 30-35 CLlN or ELIN: to contract line Otherwise, must match the it applies. which 0001 -9999. (30-33) CLlN niust be 30 may 31 -33 Rp rp be alpha and an (30-33) ELlN 0 any combination. I and alphanumeric cannot be used. I blank. or AA-ZZ used. be cannot 0 and (34-35) CLINIELIN Subline Blank. 36-43 Reserved or J, P-Z. N, D-H, 44 Payment Contract DeductionICollection (Type Deduction) of Numeric. 45-54 Amount: Deduction Amount 55 PlusIMinus

273 Record Data Entries position!^) Data Name Element N, J, D-H, blank. or or P-Z, 56 Contract Payment DeductionlCollection (Type of Deduction) - Numeric. Must enter if entry in rp 56. 57-66 Amount: Deduction Amount P or 56. M. Must enter if entry in rp 67 PlusIMinus N, or P-Z or blank. J, D-H, 68 Contract Payment Deduction/Collection (Type of Deduction) 68. rp in 69-78 entry Numeric. Must enter if Amount: Deduction Amount P or 68. in enter if entry M. Must rp 79 Plus/Minus 80 Blank. Reserved

274 AP5.20 5.20 APPENDIIX VARIANCE RECORD Record Data Entries position!^) Data Element Name PV4. 1-3 Document Identifier PV1 with the related Must agree record. 6 4-1 PllN record. PV1 the related Must agree with 17-20 SPIIN: CallIOrder agrels record. PV1 related the with Must 21-22 ACRN with the related record. agree PVI Must 23-28 Numbering: Number Voucher Alphas. I and cannot be used. 0 29 Numbering: Batch Sequence Blank. 30-43 Reserved is P or Q must 50 and rp when Required 44-49 ELIN: CLlN or rp When record. PV3 related match the 50 is blank. leave T, or A-E -999'3. 0001 (44-47) CLlN Rp 44 an be alpha and rp must 45-47 may be (44-47) ELlN I and 0 alphanumeric combination. any cannot be used. be used. 0 cannot I and blank. or AA-ZZ (48-49) Subline CLINIELIN Q, 01 T. A-E, P, 50 Contract Obligation Variance Numeric. -60 51 Amount: Amount Net Variance 61 PluslMinus

275 Record Data Entries position!^) Data Element Name must When applicable, it match the related 62-67 or ELIN: CLlN leave rp or A-E is 50 When PV3 record. T, blank. 0001 -9999. (62-65) CLlN alpha and be must an 62 Rp be may 63-65 rp (62-65) ELlN any alphanumeric combination. I and 0 be used. cannot blank. AA-ZZ used. and be cannot 0 I or (66-67) CLlNlELlN Subline or is A-E 50 When rp T. or Q, T, A-E, P, 68 Contract Obligation leave blank. Variance rp 68 is blank. Otherwise, Blank when 69-78 Amount: numeric. Variance Net Amount or P is blank. Otherwise, 68 79 rp Blank when PlusIMinus M. 80 Blank. Reserved

276 LINE F- REPORT ITEM Record Data Entrh position!^) Data Element Name PV5. 1-3 Document Identifier Must agree with PV1 record. the related 6 4-1 PllN PV1 related the with Must agree record. 1 7-20 CalVOrder SPIIN: related Must agree with the record. PV1 2 1 -22 ACRN record. PV1 Must agree with the related 23-28 Numbering: Number Voucher I be cannot and 0 used. Alphas. 29 Numbering: Batch Sequence 30-37 Shipment Identification Data: rp be be must 30-32 Rp must 33-36 alpha; (30-36) Shipment Number numeric. blank. or Z Suffix Shipment Number (37) Blank. 38-39 Reserved Must match the contract line to which it 40-45 Code: Identity Ship-To applies. If rp 40 is B, K, not T, D, P, do or validate. If rp 40 is code and -45 are 41 U must not validate. Otherwise, do blank, be a valid DoDAAC. Blank. 46-53 Reserved F. C or 54 Contract Payment Line Item Status Numeric. 55-62 Quantity: Expenditure Quantity

277 Record Entries Data Position!s) Data Element Name 63-68 match the related Must record. PV3 ELIN: CLlN or (63-66) CLlN 0001 -9999. ELlN (63-66) Rp must 63 be may 64-66 be an alpha and rp 0 and alphanumeric combination. any I cannot used. be * CLINIELIN Subline used. cannot and 0 blank. be (67-68) AA-ZZ or I Amount: Numeric. 69-78 Item Gross Amount Reporting Contract Fund Transaction Reserved 80 Blank.

278 AP5.22 APPENDIX 5.22 TEXT HEADER RECORD Record Data Entries PositionIs) PVA. 1 -3 Document Identifier "HDR "PAYMENT TEXT 'words the Enter 4-20 Record Legend Text: and 20. 1 1, 16, with a blank space in rps Numeric 21 -24 Numbering: Item Count Blank. 25-28 Reserved Alphas. I used. and cannot be 0 29 Numbering: Batch Sequence DoDAAC. be valid Must 30-35 Code: Identity CPN Recipient 21 valid Disbursing Symbol Must be 36-41 ldentity Code: Disbursing Officer Alphanumeric. 42-44 Numbering: Batch Serial Number Blank. 45-57 Reserved Numeric. 58-68 Amount: Amount Collected Numeric. 69-79 Amount: Disbursed Amount or F blank. 80 Transaction Status Indicator

279 AP5.23 APPENDIX 5.23 CONTRACT COMPLETION STATEMENT Record Positionls) Entries Data Element Name Data 1-3 PK9. Document Identifier the Must match which it contract number to PllN 6 4-1 applies. code. G A six-position DFARS, appendix Purchasing Office (4-9) except Alphanumeric. Normally, numeric, Fiscal Year 1) (1 0-1 when X-overpunched for cancellation. P, S, K-M, C-H, W. or V, A, Type of lnstrument 2) (1 Rp 13-16: 0001-9999; Serial Number 6) (I 3-1 and 13: A-Z rp or 001-999; 14-16: rp 15-16: 01-99. rp and AA-ZZ rp 13-14: or used. I and 0 cannot be When it must match required, file master the SPIIN: 17-22 for this procurement instrument. is A, 12 in rp Type of lnstrument If the D, or (1 7-20) G, then rp 17-20 is four positions, blank. alphanumeric. Otherwise, leave be of any combination When applicable, must Modification CalllOrder (2 1-22) used. be cannot 0 alphanumerics. I and Number in Instrument of Type if the When applicable, (I 7-22) Contract Modification or rp 12 is other than A, D, 17 then rp G, Number P and rp 18-22 must be must contain A or alphanumeric. a valid be Must DoDAAC. 23-28 Identity Code: Administered By

280 Record Data Element Entries position!^) Data Name Must DoDAAC. valid 29-34 Identity Code: a be Purchasing Ofice Blank rp 35-80 When then rp 35-80 is X-overpunched, 10 blank; otherwise, continue as below. will be Amount: 35-42 blank. Numeric or Amount Unliquidated Contract Closeout Group 43 D. or C, B, A, Reserved 44 Blank. Date Physically 1 45-5 Completed: Year (45-46) Numeric year. Month (47-49) JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, DEC. SEP, OCT, NOV, JUL, AUG, 1 ) (50-5 month Applicable day for the in rp 47-49. Day Date of Final Payment: A; otherwise, 52-58 Blank when code rp 43 is below. shown as continue Year Numeric year. (52-53) Month APR, JAN, FEB, MAY, JUN, (54-56) MAR, JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC (57-58) Applicable day 54-56. in rp month the for Day Contract Completed: Date A; code is 43 otherwise, 59-65 when Blank rp continue shown below. as Year (59-60) year. Numeric Month 1-63) (6 APR, MAY, JUN, JAN, FEB, MAR, JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC (64-65) Applicable day for the month in rp 61-63. Code: ldentity 66-71 may Must be a valid Disbursing Symbol, or Disbursing Officer if rp 43 is code A. be blank

281 Record Positionls) Data Entries Data Name Element blank if rp 43 is be Alphanumeric, or may 72-77 Numbering: code A. Voucher Number 78-79 Blank. Reserved r Transaction Status Indicator -

282 AP5.24 5.24 APPENDIX UNCLOSED CONTRACT STATUS Record Data Entries Data Element Name Positionls) PKX. 1-3 Identifier Document to which match the Must contract number it 6 4-1 PllN applies. G DFARS, code. appendix A six-position Purchasing Office (4-9) Alphanumeric. Normally, numeric, except 1) (10-1 Year Fiscal when X-overpunched for cancellation. C-H, K-M, A, or V, S, W. P, Type of Instrument (12) 6: 0001 -9999; Rp 13-1 6) 3-1 (1 Number Serial 14-1 6: 001 -999; rp A-Z and 13: rp or or 4: 13-1 rp AA-ZZ 01 -99. 6: 15-1 and rp be cannot 0 used. I and the must file When match required, it master 17-22 SPIIN: procurement instrument. this for in rp Type of Instrument If the 12 is A, D, or (1 7-20) G, is four positions, rp then 17-20 leave blank. alphanumeric. Otherwise, must combination any be When applicable, of 1 -22) (2 Modification CallIOrder and I used. be cannot 0 alphanumerics. Number Instrument When applicable, if the Type of in (1 7-22) Modification Contract 17 rp A, D, or G, then 12 rp is other than Number must contain P be must 18-22 and rp or A alphanumeric. Blank. 23-24 Reserved DoDAAC. Must be a valid 25-30 Identity Code: By Administered

283 Record Data position!^) Data Entries Element Name DoDAAC. ldentity valid Must be a Code: -36 31 Office Purchasing Identity Code: Contractor be 38-42 must Rp blank. 37-42 be 37 must Rp valid CAGE code. 43 Contract Closeout Group 44 Reserved Blank. Date Physically 45-51 Completed: Year Numeric year. (45-46) Month JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, (47-49) DEC. JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, (50-51) day Applicable the in rp 47-49. month for Day Date Final Payment: of 52-58 A; when rp Blank otherwise, 43 is code continue as shown below. Year (52-53) Numeric year. Month APR, MAY, JUN, JAN, FEB, MAR, (54-56) AUG, SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC JUL, 54-56. rp month in for Applicable day the (57-58) Day Estimated Completion 59-65 Date Year year. Numeric (59-60) Month 1-63) (6 MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, FEB, JAN, JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, DEC NOV, (64-65) month in rp 61-63. the for day Applicable Reserved 66-71 Blank. Reason for Delayed 72 or Six any 7, or alpha, except that I and 0 Contract of File Closing cannot be used.

284 Record Entries Data Data Name Element position!^) or any alpha, 7, or Six 0 and I except that 73 Reason for Delayed used. be cannot File Closing of Contract except that I alpha, any 0 and 7, or or Six Delayed 74 Reason for used. cannot be of Closing Contract File Transaction Date: 75-79 MAY, JUN, JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, Month (75-77) SEP, JUL, AUG, OCT, NOV, DEC. Applicable in rp 75-77. day for the month (78-79) Blank. Reserved 80

285 5.25 AP5.25 APPENDIX CONTRACT CLOSEOUT EXTENSION Record Entries Data position!^) Name Element Data PKZ. Document -3 1 Identifier match the contract number to which it Must 6 PllN 4-1 applies. G code. A six-position DFARS, appendix (4-9) Office Purchasing Alphanumeric. Normally, numeric, except 1) Fiscal Year (10-1 when X-overpunched for cancellation. V, or W. K-M, A, C-H, P, S, (12) of Instrument Type Rp 13-1 6: 0001 -9999; 6) Serial Number (I 3-1 or rp 13: A-Z and rp 14-1 6: 001 -999; 01 or rp 13-1 4: AA-ZZ and rp 15-1 6: -99. cannot 0 I and used. be master When required, it must match the file SPIIN: 17-22 for this procurement instrument. in rp If the Type of Instrument is A, 12 D, or G, rp 17-20 is four positions, then alphanumeric. Otherwise, leave blank. When applicable, must be any combination of Modification (2 1 -22) CallIOrder 0 cannot be used. alphanumerics. I and Number When applicable, if the Type of lnstrument in (1 7-22) Contract Modification rp 12 is other than A, D, 17 G, then rp or Number must contain A or P and rp 18-22 must be alphanumeric. Must be a valid DoDAAC. Identity Code: 23-28 Administered By a valid be Must DoDAAC. Identity Code: 29-34 Purchasing Office

286 Record Data Element Entries Name Data Positiontsl Blank. Blank Contract Closeout Group or B, C, D. A, Reserved Blank. Date Physically Completed: Year Numeric year. Month FEE, MAR, APR, MAY, JUN, JAN, NOV, JUL, AUG, SEP, OCT, DEC. 47-49. in rp the day for month Applicable Day Reserved Blank. Date:: Extended Closeout Year Numeric year. Month JAN, MAR. APR, MAY, JUN, FEB, DEC SEP, OCT, NOV, JUL, AUG, Applicable day for the month in rp 61-63. Day Reserved Blank.

287 API 1. APPENDIX I I PARTICIPANTS MILSCAP implementation of MlLSCAP is not simple to portray because different AP.II.1. The total implemented in various locations are ServicedDLA activities. parts of MILSCAP at different very necessary to implement all of the MlLSCAP processes. At few locations is it The purpose of this appendix is to identify the activities that process MILSCAP AP.11.2. transactions. The activities are grouped by and by MlLSCAP functional ServiceIAgency the participation within processing (ADP) system used The automatic data Se~ice/Agency. by each the participants is also identified. of MlLSCAP Focal Point representatives are AP.11.3. to ensure that the data in this required appendix are kept current. All changes should be furnished in writing to the Do0 MILSCAP System Administrator who will include them in the next change to the manual. AP.11.4. overview, the groups of MILSCAP participants that appear on the following an As are identified as follows: pages Paae Activities Service APl l-2 Army 5 Subordinate Commands AMC AP11-4 Depots 6 APl l-5 Sites Test 3 APl l-6 lCPs 2 Navy APIA-6 4 Systems Commands APIA-7 23 Stock Points APIA-9 AFMC Buying Offices (using J041 system) 29 Force Air AP11-12 AMIS) AFMC Buying Offices (using 79 1-20 API DSCs 5 DLA APl l-22 Defense Depots 28 APIA-24 3 DCMDs AP11-30 bases) data Operations (MOCAS 3 DFAS

288 Group A1 Commands Armv Code G App. DFARS Issued Point by ADP Identifier DoDAAC RI COMM DoDAAC pl&l CalllOrder Activity J J Wl5Pl RUCIAGA W52PI IOC IL Rock Island, RUCIBGH ATCOM DAAJO9 B S RUCIBGH -- St. Louis, MO DAAKSO* RUClBGH -- DAAK51 * RUCIBGB * BB DAAKOI RUCIBGB E I DAAK7O* RUEDMTA DAAB07 BG CECOM RUEATEA ZP 0 I DAAB Ft. Monmouth, NJ RUCDGDA MlCOM CC DAAHOI Restone AL Arsenal, TACOM W56HZV W56HZN RUCIWMA Warren, MI W52H09 RUCIAGA W52H09 W15QKN RUCIAGA W15QKN W15QKN 5QKN RUCIAGA W1 separately. Command that utilized this no longer exists * PllN The five subordinate commodity commands, all responsible to the Army Materiel Command, use Commodity Command Standard System (CCSS) and issue award the by and Document System documents generated the Procurement Automated Data is programmed to: (PADDS). CCSS I. Issue: a. Contract modification, and correction abstracts. b. Cancellation records (PEK). c. Shipment Performance Notices (PJJ) (to MlPR initiators and within AMC CCSS sites). lieu of acceptance Acceptance Report (PKNIPKP) (in d. DD Form 250). e. Contract Closeout Extensions (PKZ).

289 Group A1 Armv Commands Receive 2. correction a. Modification abstracts. and Acknowledgment records (PFK). b. (PJJ/PJR). Performance Notices c. Shipment Alerts d. Acceptance (PK5). Contract Payment (PV-). e. Notices Completion Statements (PK9). Contract f. Unclosed Contract Status (PKX). g. Group A2 De~ots Armv Receiving ADP Point DoDAAC RI COMM DoDAAC NamelLocation RUEOFRA W25GlV W25G1V Tobyhanna, PA RUWJBTA W67G22 Tooele, UT W67G22 W45G18 RUVVTBFA Red River, Texarkana, W45G18 TX R I RUEPABA W25G Chambersburg, PA R W25G1 Letterkenny, W31GlY RUCLNNC AL W31GlY Anniston, W45N7Z RUWTNBC Corpus, Christi, TX W45N7Z mission of these Army deports has been assumed by LDA: however, they The distribution (SDS) which is programmed to: Standard Depot System continue to use the Army's DD 1. Issue Acceptance Reports (in lieu of acceptance (PKNIPKP) Form 250). 2. Receive Acceptance Alerts (PK5).

290 Group A3 Test Sites Armv Receiving Point ADP Activity RI COMM DoDAAC DoDAAC NamelLocation RULNAPC W23QLO W23QLO Directorate of Contracting (STEAP-PR) MD Aberdeen Proving Ground, RUCGWSM Directorate of Contracting (STEWS-PR) Missile White Sands Range, NM RUWJHUA W6I HZF W6 1 HZF Directorate of Contracting (STEYP-CR) Yuma Proving Ground, AZ These three test sites use their own local systems which are programmed to accept Shipment Performance Notices (PJJ/PJR). White Sands is also programmed to accept PK9 and PK5 transactions.

291 Grour, N1 Inventory Navv Control App. DFARS G Code ADP Issued Identifier POINT by CalllOrder COMM RI DoDAAC DoDAAC Activity GB AS0 NO0383 NO0383 GC RUEOITA I NO0383 PA Philadelphia, 104 SPCC NO0 NO0104 RUEORGA EP NO0104 PA Mechanicsburg, (ICPs) use the ICP Uniform Automated Data Processing These two inventory control points System Abstracts are issued through a special module that receives data from (UADPS). MILSCAP formats. ICP UADPS is programmed to: ICP and arranges it in the UADPS 1. limited contract abstracts on some items by using a special module. Issue Receive: 2. Shipment a. Performance Notices. b. Contract Payment Notices. Completion Statements. c. Contract PK5 transactions, sends them to their program that receives SPCC also has another FOCUS file where the PK5 data is printed out, one to a sheet. The paper is sent to the buyer for acceptance information. Generally are not supply items; they are usually these i.e., documentation, etc. After the sheet is annotated by the test reports, exhibit lines, buyer, the data is posted to the FOCUS file and accepting official and the a PKN PK5 the been received has not transaction to a When DCMC. transaction is returned paper acceptance document is sent by mail to the administering DCMC; a PKP transaction is not used Navv Systems Commands G Code DFARS ADD. ADP Point Identifier DoDAAC COMM RI CalllOrder pllJl Activitv RUQACCK NO0019 Naval Air EFIGU NO0019 Systems Command NO0024 RUQACCF UO I EH NO0024 Sea Systems Commands Naval RUQACEL NO0039 NS NO0039 Warfare Systems Naval and Space Comm.

292 Navv Svstems Commands DFARS App. G Code Identifier ADP Point Activity DoDAAC RI CalllOrder COMM PllN Strategic Systems Programs NO0030 EK NO0030 RUQAYJV four SYSCOMs has a special program hookup through Each DAAS, and a of these the COMM to receive PK9 records for their contracts. RI, unique Group N2 Navv Stock Points Activity ADP Point COMM RI Receiving DoDAAC DoDAAC NAS Corpus Christi, TX RUWTNBA NO0216 FL Jacksonville, NAS RUCLDKA NO0207 Norfolk, NAS VA RUEBBHR NO01 88 NAS North Island, San Diego, CA RUWMFFF NO0246 FL Pensacola, NAS NO0204 RUCLMHA Point, NAS Barbers HI RUHJFEE NO0334 FL NAS Cecil Field, RUWTAWC N60200 NAS Lemoore, CA N63042 RUWMFFE NAS Miramar, San Diego, CA N60259 RUWFVAA NAWC Patuxent MD River, NO0421 RUEBRDA Whidbey Island, WA NAS RUWJAWO NO0620 Norfolk, Portsmouth, VA NSY NO01 81 RUEDMPA FlSC * Charleston, SC NO0612 RUCIFLN VA FlSC Norfolk, NO0189 RUEOIUO FlSC CA * Oakland, NO0228 RUWMEKO FlSC Pearl Harbor, HI NO0604 RUHHJBO Puget Sound, Brernerton, WA FlSC NO0406 RUWMBWO 1-6 API

293 Group N2 Navv Stock Points NO0244 RUWJPHK Diego, CA FlSC San N68836 RUCLDKO FL Jacksonville, FlSC N68860 RUCLMHD FL FlSC Pensacola, RUEBBEC NO0146 MCAS NC Cherry Point, NO0244 RUWJCFA MCAS El Toro, CA RUWJMRA NO0244 AZ MCAS Yuma, longer receiving stock. no * Activities

294 Group N2 Stock Points Navy Twenty-three receiving activities Navy 3 Marine Corps) Navy and Uniform (20 use the to: Automated Data Processing System for stock points (UADPS SP) 1. Reports (PKN), in lieu of acceptance DD Form 250, Material Issue Acceptance Inspection and Receiving Report. 2. Receive Acceptance Alerts (PK5). UADPS SP posts PK5 transactions when they pass validation. A large number reject because stock number is missing. When receipt data is posted and matches a PK5, a the PKN transaction is automatically issued. When the receipt data does not match a PK5, an 250 is mailed to the DCMD. acceptance DD Form



297 Grow Fl Air Force Materiel Command wde Identifier Issued by ADP Point RI COMM CalllOrder DoDAAC DoDAAC NameiLocation RUVRRIA BLDG 300 FD2060 WR-ALCILNK PERRY 265 STREET ROBINS 31098-1607 AFB GA RUVRRlA FD2060 WR-ALCILUK BLDG 300 226 COCHRAN STREET FA 31098-1622 ROBINS AFB RUVRRIA FD2060 WR-ALCILVK BLDG 300 225 OCMULGEE COURT ROBINS AFB GA 31 098-1647 RUVRRIA FD2060 WR-ALCILYK BLDG 300 380 SECOND STREET, SUITE 104 31098-1638 AFB GA ROBINS RUVRRlA FD2060 WR-ALCITILK BLDG 301 255 SECOND STREET. SUITE 122 ROBINS AFB 31098-1637 GA The above listed AFMC activities use the AFMC Automated Contract Preparation System (ACPS) and J023 (Small Purchase System) to system generate fixed price contracts. also use the J041 (Acquisition and They Due-in) System which is programmed to: 1. Issue "tailored" contract abstracts, and Acceptance Reports (PKNIPKP) (in lieu of acceptance DD Form 250). 2. Receive Shipment Performance Notices (PJJIPJR), Acceptance Alerts (PK5), and Contract Completion (PK9). Statements





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