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1 Asking companies if they have any jobs You don’t have to wait for jobs to be advertised. ies, or are likely to have any vacancies in the future You can write to companies to ask if they have any vacanc hows employers that you are proactive and enthusiastic - this is known as making a speculative enquiry. It s to improve your chances of finding work if you about the type of work you are enquiring about. You are likely AND making speculative enquiries. are applying for advertised jobs Here are some points to remember: ontact appropriate companies (try using, Think about the type of work you want to do, and c □ the Yellow Pages or other business directories). □ Plan your letter carefully. Think about why you are interested in a particular career / company and what you have to offer. □ Always check your spelling and grammar (don’t rely on the spell check). named person (you may have to phone the company to Whenever possible, try and send the letter to a □ find out who is in charge of recruitment). If you are writing to a person by name, end the letter with ‘Yours sincerely’. If you start a letter with ‘Dear □ Madam/Sir’, end it with ‘Yours faithfully’. □ Include a CV. Keep a record of the companies that you have c ontacted. If you don’t hear back from a company, try and □ follow up with a phone call (generally after two weeks). □ If the company doesn’t have any vacancies at the moment, ask if they will keep your details on file in case a suitable job becomes available in the future. Example letters Example 1 This fact sheet shows two [Your address] example speculative letters. [Your phone number] You will need to make your Mrs D. Ramsden letters relevant to the jobs you Ramsden Garages are enquiring about (but always Knotford tell the truth). Southshire ZX01 2AB Think about different ways that [Date] you can demonstrate the skills Dear Mrs Ramsden employers are looking for. For example, look at any skills I am writing to ask if you have, or are likely to have, any vacancies. you may have developed in I have recently finished school, and I am looking for full-time communication, ICT, leadership employment (although I would also consider part-time work). and teamwork - as well as any job-specific skills. I would really like to work as a mechanic, and would be prepared to You may have developed commit to any training that might be required. Working on cars and these skills in school (perhaps helping to keep them running properly is something that I really on work-experience), as a enjoy. I have helped friends and family to service their cars and also worked with them to fix minor mechanical faults. volunteer or as a member of a club. I have enclosed my CV, and I look forward to hearing from you (I can be available for interview at any time). Although you may be looking for full-time employment, don’t forget that part-time work is a Yours sincerely good way to build-up skills and experience. It can often lead to [Your signature] full-time employment. [Your name] 1

2 Telephone enquiries Example 2 [Your address] You can use the telephone if you are [Your phone number] looking for vacancies. But it’s important to spend some time preparing for the Mr K. Graham phone call. Bright Marketing Company Have the information you need □ Knotford available (about the employer and Southshire ZX90 7ZY yourself). [Date] □ If using a mobile, make sure you have enough credit and battery life. Dear Mr Graham Rehearse what you are going to □ I am writing to ask if you have, or are likely to have, any say, and write down any questions you want to ask. vacancies at your company. Speak with confidence, and be □ prepared to sell yourself. I have recently finished a BTEC National Diploma in Business □ Have a pen and paper to hand. and Phone from somewhere where you Finance, and I am looking for full-time employment (although I □ won’t be disturbed. would also consider part-time work). Afterwards, make a note of any □ good points (to use again) and bad I particularly enjoyed the marketing modules of the course and points (to avoid). would like to pursue a career in marketing. I am willing to commit to any training that might be required. Some of the things you might I am a volunteer with a local charity, and have helped to want to think about when deciding produce leaflets to promote the charity. The charity is currently whether to write or phone are: developing its website, and I am a member of the group that is working on this project. □ Cost. Your skills / confidence (do you □ I have enclosed my CV, and I look forward to hearing from you (I can be available for interview at any time). communicate better in writing or verbally?). How busy is the employer □ Yours sincerely - are they going to give your phone call their full attention? [Your signature] [Your name] CV builder For more work-related fact sheets or to create your own CV, visit Speak to someone Get help and advice by calling freephone 0800 085 4448 to speak to speak to a Youth Support Worker from the Children and Young People's Integrated Services. Published in February 2012 2

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