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1 For iOS For Windows and Android · Wrong mode being sent to 3D when a show file is opened Features · Only auto-check ‚Feedback when data received‘ on faders if it‘s been checked before on a fader · Selected fixture tab saved when saving a show file (right now it auto-checks it if it‘s been checked on a button) · Added shortcut to select BPM mode (including Show Mode shortcut) · Mapped MIDI faders lost when ‚Load Last Show File‘ selected · Enable different MIDI-mappings on all universes · Problem setting the color of a selection of show mode buttons · Add full range MIDI/DMX triggering on channels (you can now choose to control through current · ‚Auto-hide palettes‘ option reset after saving show and re-opening preset range or 0-255) · Several minor bug fixes · Add option in MIDI mapping dialog to control the entire channel range when mapping a MIDI fader · Problem saving and loading MIDI devices on Windows to a channel fader · · File not found window hidden behind splash screen on Mac on start up · Color bar added under each channel on the General tab · Autohide bug when minimising / full screen · Disable Fader Animation channel preview bug The new release also includes an updated version of the 3D visualiser with support for multi-beam · Fixed bug where software was displaying offline warning even when connected to internet in LED bars. The beam intensity now takes the intensity stored in the fixture profile into consideration. certain cases If you want to change the intensity of an individual fixture or fixture type, this can be changed in the · Bug with Scene fade out fading to 0 instead of set value fixture settings with the Scan Library editor. Alternatively you can right click a fixture in the fixture list · Scene fade outs not working on inverted channels inside Easy View and select ‚Profile Settings‘ to quickly update an individual fixture. · Fixed bug allowing empty scenes to be written to Stand Alone · Bud with mapped Midi Presets not being saved in certain showfiles · Show Mode midi mapped fader feedback bug · Show Mode button icon bug · Fixed bug with Show Mode changing icon when changing colour · End of text cut off from Show Mode button when over 6 characters · Corrected German text on port input in preferences · Problem with relative control when a channel is inverted · Fixed bug with beam off button when preset has no dimmer or color mixing channels · Show Mode adding general association after closing and re-opening show · Triggering a Snapshot from Show Mode created two new Scenes · Bug on scene media if triggered in a jump Scene · Crash when GZM is connected over Ethernet and opening preferences · Pan-Tilt „Center“ button now works fine with LTP channels · Bug with switching from HTP to LTP when fader is controlled over MIDI/DMX Input · DMX input only working when ‚input 1‘ was selected · Connectivity settings input/output lost when disconnecting and reconnecting device · Bug with linked .mp3 to scene not playing after closing and re-opening Show · Error when opening HM from menu on Mac · Bug with Beam off button and reversed dimmer · Bug with last extra colour channel being controlled even when not white · Fixed bug with Direct Patch on Midi · Fixed crash bug when opening certain. dlm file and saving as .dvc · Crash when software can‘t find .mp3 attached to scene in Showfile · Unable to manually add a MIDI assignment until after an auto-learn had been made · Update correctly show mode control when scene color is changed · Midi console controls not resetting (sliders, buttons...) on start-up · Fixed MIDI editing on faders affecting one preset of channels · Bug with keeping HTP values when resetting channels · Improved file save/load process · Pan-Tilt line effect now appears with 2 points only to start with · Effect Generator general reset feature now resets phasing values too · Fixed „Beam On“ feature. It now handles properly inversed dimmer channels · Fixed „Beam Off“ feature. It now handles the rights channels · Set max fixture index to 99999 instead of 999 in patch window · Fixed auto completion on step timing · Save steps settings when steps lose focus · Fixed slight flicker on general dimmer · Fixed blackout flash when one of several playing scenes stopped · Window scrolling no longer works in Live Mode when you select a group tab · Crashing on Midi when moving fader quickly · Fine dimmer not automatically coming on when you click the beam on button · Fixed MIDI watcher window counting channels from 0-15 instead of 1-16 · Bug fix on Scene Speed interpretation for scenes with a set number of loops Cameo D4 Software Links

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