R1 Ice Breaker Qs


1 FORWARD MOVE “IF” ICE BREAKER QUESTIONS Cut these questions out and place face down. WHAT IF... The whole world was listening, You had only 24 hours to live, what would you say? what would you do? You could be another person for a One song was to describe your life, what song would it be? day, who would you be? You received the greatest bit of You could have only one skill, what would it be? advice, what would it be? You could be invisible for a day You could change one thing in what would you do and why? the world, what would it be? You could spend a day with any You could live anywhere, celebrity, who would it be and what where would you live? questions would you ask that person?

2 “IF” ICE BREAKER QUESTIONS WHAT IF... You had only 3 words to describe yourself, You could move anywhere, where would you like to live? what would those 3 words be? You could be famous (a household name), You could travel back in time, what would you like to be famous for? where would you go? You could only listen to one song You could stop a bad habit that for the rest of your life, which song you have what would you stop? would you choose? You were a professional athlete, We could live for 300 years, what would the life be like? what sport would you play? You had one wish, what You were given three wishes, would you wish for? what would you wish for? You had the opportunity to be You were the leader of your country, what would you change? different, what would you change? You could go to dinner with anyone in the You could have any electronic item, world (dead or alive), who would it be? what would that be? You could hear what someone is You could meet any famous person, thinking for a day, who would you choose? dead or alive, who would it be and why?

3 MUSICAL BINGO Instructions: Talk to other people in the room and see who... Then, have that person initial the box that applies. First person to fill four boxes across, down or diagonally, wins Listens to Uses Spotify Saw a live performance in Can name a song by Hip Hop music Ed Sheeran (write below) the last 12 months Has watched a music video Has watched Pitch Perfect Still listens to the radio Listens to music while in the past week in the shower Has seen Beyoncé Knows one song by The Cure List favorite artist below Listens to Electronic Dance Music in concert (FREE SPACE) (write below) Can hum the tune of Plays or used to play at Uses Pandora Owns at least one CD “Happy” by Pharrell least 1 instrument

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