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1 All Aboar d! Detailed F are In for ma tion map This about giv es detailed inf or mation Chi ca go Transit Base/Regular F ares Reduced F are Pr ogram Full Reduced Student way tr ain ser vice , and sho ws ity bus and Author el e vat ed/sub Pay-per-r a Transit Account Ventr alue in a ares ide f , as deducted from v y The f ollo wing g roups are eligib le to pa Metr a com mut er tr ain routes in the Pace sub ur ban bus and A: are on CT a reduced f $2.50* $1.25 75¢ ‘L ’ train fare regular ed area. at CT dat up is It vice ser A avail ab le ly , and † to wn A CT rail , stations ters cen , visitor minals ter , Metr a do wn Children 7 thr ough 11 $2.25 $1.10 75¢ Bus fare . are Each child pa ys a reduced f ma air In for RTA. Travel Cen ter tion the calling by ts , or por 15¢ 25¢ 15¢ Transf er (up to tw o additional ‘L’ tr ain or b us r ides within tw o hours) Children under 7 ride free with a w. num ber belo fare-pa ying customer . Passes vice Over w Regional Ser vie Senior s 65+ and customer s with Reduced Full iod, from first use; Ventr add to Good f or full pass per or one person, f ides f a Transit or unlimited r disabilities with R TA Reduced ay tr ains vated/subw ele and A 1 to (routes buses 206) runs CT Account Fare P ermit nearb daily the and 35 ving y sub urbs . Most city routes run ser 13-31 call ion, 312-9 10. ion informat For applicat –––– 1-Da y CT A P ass evening, ev er y 10 . Sunda min utes y schedules through late to 20 –––– $10 Labor y, s Da Ne Da w Year’ ial y, Memor y, July Da 4th, apply on ing Qualify ride rs c an pay a reduced fare –––– –––– 3-Da y CT A P ass $20 . Thanksgiving and Chr istmas ed permits or Ventra with RTA- or CTA-issu –––– 7-Da A P ass y CT –––– driver before ff or on sta ify rail stati (not $28 buses PACE and runs 208 throughout the sub urbs (routes paying wit a Card fare Ventr h full ab run CT routes with connect y routes man and ove), A. Major –––– 7-Da y CT A/P ace P ass –––– $33** card). or bank min mid-e can . You to daily vening, ev er y 30 60 utes through –––– y CT A/P ace P ass 30-Da $50*** $105 Ventr a Card or Ventr your personal use your own or a Ticket, ogram Student F are Pr contactless bankcard to r ide . Reduced Student Other F ares The Student Reduced F children or are is f Full se v METRA uter tr ain lines from urban er al comm sub 11 runs alid CT A Student ages 7-20 with v are † CASH B ARE: US F F are applies if using cash/coins directly at f arebo x when boarding. Exact f ser do wn Chicago frequent; is minals . Rush hour to wn vice ter Riding P ermit. 75¢ $1.25 $2.50 ivileges ansf No tr required. er pr . are routes . Most 2 hours ever y 1 to otherwise run daily . Fares Valid on school da ys only betw een 5:30am and 8:30pm. , but le sepa rate a Link-Up Pass is a monthly Metr to availab wit pay a PAYG fare dir ectl y at bus or ‘L’ fare r eaders Y ou can OU-GO (P ARE: h AYG) F PAY-AS-Y otherwise er mit through school; Obtain P CT A ys 6am–9:30am ticketholders (w eekda on and use for cont bank or ay not a symbol). You m h car ice a temporary $5 act Pay app (wit d mobile less ebsite fill out an application on the CT . A w 3:30pm–7pm) or P ace (an ytime). $1.25 –––– $2.50 itchic ago .com/fares for mo re info on conta ctles s ssing. proce pending tion, oriza uth pre-a Vis it tr ans do wnto uter comm runs LINE SHORE SOUTH tr ains betw een wn ts. PAYG fares are the sam e on ‘L’ train or bus. paymen ograms Free Ride Pr Bend (Millennium and South Chicago and Van Buren stations) ollo roups are eligib The f ide le to r wing g ‘L ’ TRAIN F O’HARE ARE: Deducted on entr , when using Ventr a Transit y at O’Hare station only vice . F ares are separ ate . Air por t in Indiana. Daily ser $1.25 75¢ $5 free on CT A: y-per-use v alue , mobile P ay app or contactless bankcard. Account pa Qualifying Senior s and Customer s ormation For Inf A (6am-9:30am, and 3:30pm-7pm) and on P V alid w ys on CT eek da ace METRA LINK-UP P ASS: with Disabilities –––– –––– $55 ormation Inf Tra vel RTA a: Metr , Pace A, CT for Center Qualifying seniors ages 65+ and (an y time). Sold b y Metr a; use with Metr a monthly ticket. 312-836-7000. daily 6am to 7pm. Maps and schedules Open customers with disabilities who are a Ventr (Cash or (Cash or Ventr a $2.50 –––– $5 ip f are) 128 SOLDIER FIELD EXPRESS (round-tr cards only) cards only) enrolled in the Illinois Depar tment on go.or g. Plan y hica our tr rtac ip online at can be mailed. Aging Benefit Access Program and ha ve –––– –––– A CT Get website: schedules , Ventr the CT A map , get see a kets Tic le Ventra ds and Disposab w Ventra Car Ne alid Regional a v tation A ity uthor Transpor , mak order read about CT A ne ws inf or mation, e comments , even ree P (R TA) Circuit Ride F er mit are eligib le Ventr a Card can be purchased from a w Ventr A ne VENTRA CARD: NEW ending a f arecard v gifts at transitc hica go.com. TA at 312-913-3110 or . Call R ide free to r A tr ain station, online at v entr y CT achicago .com, b y calling 1-877-NO machine in an W-VENTRA, visit r .org f or inf o regarding the tachicago $5 Ventra website: ventrac go.com hica . The purchase f ee is refunded onto urbs or at hundreds of retailers around Chicago and the sub Circuit Ride F ree Program. paceb Pace website: us.com the card’ s Transit Value Account upon registr ation of the card. metrarail.com Metra website: Milita er sonnel ry P South Shore Line website: nictd.com : A disposab le Ventr a Ticket can be purchased from a Ventr a f arecard v ending VENTRA TICKET y personnel in e duty militar y activ An or m with US Ar full unif med F , orces ID machine in an y CT A tr ain station. Ticket cannot be reloaded. vice: OUR-CT A (1-888-968-7282), CT A Customer Ser 1-888-Y y personnel and e duty militar and activ y onto o tr us and tw ‘L’ tr ain or b , and includes Limited ers ansf or entr SINGLE-RIDE: Ticket good f $3 (all stations e xcept O’Hare); $5 (at O’Hare) 7am to 7pm. : 1-888-CT A-TTY1 (1-888-282-8891), TTY weekda ys eter ans with a CT A qualifying disab led v or cost of the ticket. ee f Use Media F or f eedbac [email protected] .com ansitchicago ass r ide free on CT A Militar y Ser vice P iding from first use 1-D AY P ed. aiv ee w . Limited Use Media F ASS: or 24 hours of r ket good f Tic $10 buses and tr ains . Administered b Paratransit: or mation, ther inf . F or fur ace y P call 1-847-364-P ACE; TTY : 1-888-847-0093 y CT ** 7-Da . iption routes ace non-premium/subscr A and P alid on CT ass v . Fares are subject to change ace P A/P *** A * Applies at all tr . mits are per TA-issued Reduced F iders with R le only to r vailab . are applies ain stations e xcept O’Hare , where a premium f Chicago T ransit Au thor i ty Ser vice Over vie w Rail System Map PURPLE LINE continues downtown Linden weekday rush periods Buses Central No yes ev 20 to er y 10 evening, late through daily run routes Most Foster et Downtown Ins Da vis (see route min utes Bus/Last First s Bus Times). All sched uled Dempster Dempster -Sk okie Br own Purple Red Line Line Exp Line Main on ap ules s Da y, w Year’ Ne ply da y sched have timetables. Sun ansf to tr er , arecard, use f okie Oakton-Sk South Blvd een walk betw State/ Clark/ Green ri bor mo La Me al Da y, July 4th, Da y, ele vated and Lake Lake d Ho war Clinton Lak e St Line ay subw May 2019 W LINE YELLO Jar vis 151 SHERIDAN Thanksgiving and Chr ist . mas Pink Mor se Line yola Lo ays check the destinati sign on ; not Alw RED LINE Blue Line E D VON TO Gran ville Lake N OWN LINE BR el to the end . line all bus es trav of the ansf er , to tr Thorndale arecard, use f walk via wr yn Ma Br Washington/ Also , a few ro utes have branche s. ay pedw Washington Washington/ Wells Berwyn Wabash y y kwell Cumberland O'Hare Harlem Rosemont p about every two bloc at Buses sto ks Ar gyle BLUE LINE Western Francisco Roc Damen Kimball Kedzie wrence La State St Subwa Subwa rout post e ed signs, which giv e basic Dearborn St er son P ark Jeff Wells St Monr oe Wilson Adams/ . The Owl information vice and ser ( ) t 22 Clark Montr ose Montr ose Wabash y Quinc Sheridan kson Jac all-n tes ica bol ind sym (Owl vice ight ser Ir ving P ark ark Ir ving P Ave dison Ad Ad dison Southpor every 30 min utes runs service ). Ad dison Paulina to tr er , ansf Wabash Wentw orth 24 arecard, use f walk betw een vated and ele Van Buren St ar buses All ). Oper le ( e accessib ator s Belmont Belmont ay subw LaSalle/ old Har Wellington stop plo de s are y ramps on request . All Van Buren Washington se y Diver Logan Square y Librar val times to 41411 for estimated arri e Line Blue Line have bik uses ed. All b announc e racks. Calif ornia Fuller ton Cong ress Clinton LaSalle Pkwy Green Line Line Red Orang k Sedgwic Armita ge Western y- s Train Damen n isio Clark/Div Clybou rn th/ Nor ark Division vator ark Each rail lin e has run lines . All a color name daily except the o go Chica Chica go go Chica eland Mer ch Grand Grand e Express Lin Trains Purple to Downto about ev ery 7 to wn. run Austin Cicer Central P Conser Oak P Central t Mar Laramie Pulaski Harlem/Lake Ridg Kedzie s in lat er evenin every 10 (see gs 10 min to 15 utes, and min ute GREEN LINE Lake See Times Firs t Train/ Last Train for hours ). The re are free connec- ornia ark gan wn Do wnto ark Inset o higan Mic all rail line tween s be tion si ble sta . Ac tions ces h wit ked s mar Calif Ashland Mor are mar . with ked Western Austin Oak P Cicer Harlem Homan Kedzie- Pulaski Illinois Medical District Forest P omer you. At stat ions, a Cust As sis tant is on duty to help BLUE LINE Polk Harrison UIC- Roose velt cat lo tons are but tance call turn er As tom Cus sis near ed stiles 18th Racine Halsted forms. Obtain a CTA system map , Down and on plat Transit town PINK LINE Cermak-M cCormic k Pla ce o wn k-Chin ato Cerma Map Not to Scale eing Guid e, or a time ta ble fro m rail station bro chur e Sigh tse ark ornia Halsted ORANGE LINE Cicer Kedzie Damen Pulaski racks. Train “Bik frequenc are post e & Rid e” sect ies ion ed. See Accessib le station Kostner Western Ashland Calif le policie s. below for bicyc Central P 54th/Cermak Park & Ride Lot 35th-Br IT onzevill e-I So x-35th cher 35th/Ar and dest ination s. e rail routes s on statio ns indicat Sign Rush periods onl y Indiana and front marked with are Trains . ion inat dest ting s indica sign side d 43r Free connection Kedzie between r outes ed in all rail cars t Rail map s are pos are tions nec . Sto con and ps 47th 47th 51st Western an nounced . Boar ding in direction RED LINE Pulaski Garfield Garfield wn onl sho y : Sign Station Di trance Station En s: Sign rectional Mid y wa GREEN LINE GREEN LINE d 63r anch Ashland Br anch East 63rd Br d 69th ove lem-bound Halsted King Dr 79th ge Gr boarding only Har y 2019 Ma tination S igns: Train Des 87th m hicag o.co transitc Ashland/63r Cotta 95th/Dan Ry an ormation Detailed Train Inf More Inf ormation Accessibility Sta tio ns Park & Ri de at Tracker Fir and Train t Train Times st Trai Bus n/Las d. as directe tion Pay at pay sta Holid Monday–Friday Saturday ay Sunday/ ROUTE SM it trans Vis itchic information king te par mple ride for co kand m/par .co ago . ed arri Get estimat vals with CTA Bus Trac ker and Acce ssible Bus Ser vice BLUE LINE Between O’Hare Airport and Forest Park SM SM it* Station Spaces Cost Rail Lin e and Time lim n Trac ker CTA Trai ssib s All CTA buse s are acce s. CTA buse le to people with disabilitie O’Hare to Fore st Park y every da es tim all e at vic Ser BLUE Rosemont s 750 $7 for 0 -14 hour from CTA help tak e waiting Transit of trip. your tra ckers out the . All hei ght also “kneel” lowering on request, bus to curb buses Forest ’Hare to O Park $9 for 14 -18 hou rs SM CTA Bus With r estimated arr ivals from Tra cke CTA Tra in and forward doors ; anyone can ask for the ramp to be have ramps at the $13 for 18 - 24 hours BROWN LINE Between Kimball and Downtown SM SM Tra cke r can rest , you deployed. BLUE $6 for 0 - 14 hrs; gra duated 3 163 Cumber land Kimb all t o Loop 5:00a-1:00a 4:00a-1:00a 4:00a-1:00a ‘L’ er and nd less spe easi s for weekdays and rate 28 47TH/LAKEPARK 5M Other and whee e prior ity seats accessib includ res featu lchair ility 4:30a-1:30a 4:30a-1:30a l Kimbal p ‘L’ to Loo 5:30a-1:30a week ends up to $13 for 2 4 hrs . time waiting and more 6 WACKER/COLUMBUS 6M transitc kandride o.com/par hicag . Automa eme nts — both ted voice announc secur areas ement BROWN LINE Between Kimball and Belmont SM doi time ng. ails for more det 28 UNION STATION 10M ior inform and other p make stop, route exter ior — hel and ation inter mont 4:00a-2:00a Kimb 5:00a-1:00a 4:00a-2:00a all t o Bel Harlem (O’HARE) BLUE 53 rs $7 for 12 hou Information on both impaire ally are blin d or visu who le to people accessib e d. LED signag 4:55a-2:20a to Kimb all 4:55a-2:20a 5:55a-1:55a Belmont tra in service bus and BLUE $6 for 12 hou rs 650 For Park est who people enab CTA’s buses on a les re deaf or ired hea ring impa GREEN LINE Between Harlem/Lake and Cottage Grove or Ashland/63rd SM is availa ble on the BROWN Kimball 73 days) $6 for 12 hou rs (week access to information. thi s same end eek $5 for 12 hou rs (w s) a-12:45a tage Grov em to Cot 5:00a-12:45a 5:00a-12:45a Harl 4:00 e s, by text Web, in app Acce ssible Rail Ser vice tage Grove to H Cot 5:15a-1:00a 5:15a-1:00a arlem 4:05a-1:00a d Ashland/63r GREEN $2 for 12 hou rs 235 on and message wheelcha irs and have a des ignated All CTA train s provide space for many at digita l signs GREEN 117 rs $2 for 12 hou d Garfiel 5:15a-1:00a 4:10a-1:00a hland/63r to As Harlem 5:15a-1:00a d 4:55a-12:40a Ashland/63r d to Harlem 3:50a -12:40a 4:55a-12:40a CTA railc ars have Braille sign age, securement wheelchair area. All stops and tra in statio ns. (Look for arr ivals on either CTA bus ORANG E 299 Midway $7 for 12 hou rs s, and seat priority both interior and exterior stop and route reco rded signs on bus side s or on elect ronic shel roof outsi de of the ter ORANGE LINE Between Midway Airport and Downtown SM E ORANG 390 $6 for 12 hou rs (week days) Pulaski e annou voic . nts nceme stati ons!) in train rs (w s) $5 for 12 hou eek end ‘L’ 4:00a-1:05a 4:30a-1:05a 3:30a-1:05a Mid way to Loop E ORANG 157 $2 for 12 hou rs Kedzie 4:20a-1:25a Loo p ‘L’ to M idway 3:50a-1:25a 4:50a-1:25a acker.com r are availab fillers” “Gap e betw the spac een to bridge stations le at all ctabust your e’re Text us like w new best frie nd E ORANG $5 for 12 hou 200 rs Western If you need to get a gap filler plat form and train. , ask the on a train PINK LINE SM Between 54th/Cermak and Downtown E ORANG rs (week 69 days) $6 for 12 hou rcher h/A 35t arrivals k up estimated CTA Bus using ither e ore you go, loo Bef Customer operator for ass t or train ist anc e. Assistan 5:00a-1:00a 4:00a-1:00a ‘L’ 5:00a-1:00a rmak t 54th/Ce o Loop eek rs (w $5 for 12 hou ends) Tracke r on our text website Tracker or CTA Train and take note of the 5:25a-1:25a 4th/Cermak p ‘L’ to 5 Loo 4:25a-1:25a 5:25a-1:25a have elevators and/or ramp s to help customers ons Accessible stati E ORANG 31 rs $5 for 12 hou Halsted s. They look lik e this : messa ging inst ruct ion ch rly. For inf orm hou is updated status vator s. Ele platf orm rea ation on PURPLE LINE Shuttle Between Linden and Howard SM PINK k erma 54t h/C 175 $2 for 12 hou rs ted arr ivals 414 to 550 CTABUS Text . 11 ima for est temp elevators that are orarily out of ser vice: 5:30a-2:10a Linden 4:45a-1:25a 6:30a-1:40a to H owar d E PURPL rs den Lin 328 $4 for 24 hou 5:05a-1:50a 4:25a-1:05a n Howard to Linde 6:05a-1:20a imated arrivals. for est 11 414 to R THO CTATRAIN Text wait OUR-CT 1-888-Y , prompts for • call (1-888-968-7282), A RED / PURPLE / urs h $5 for 12 ho wit 592 Howard • On Fridays trains operate 40 minutes later - last train leaves Howard at 1:45am and Linden at 2:05am YEL LOW ticket validation the n pre ss 7. sure to write your then bus” or “ctat rain”, h “cta text wit a space, Be PURPLE LINE Express Between Linden and Downtown SM ed). • call 1-888- (for hearing impair 1-888-282-8891) CTA-TTY1 ( LOW YEL okie -Sk ster Demp rs in nor 441 th lot $2 for 24 hou g know the ID for the don’t stop ID. If you you’re goin the stop then $3 for 24 hou rs in sout h lot e a free At other times , mak chicag o.com. on • go t o “Ele vator Aler ts” page transit 5:15a-9:25a Linden to L oop ‘L’ look can , you IDs in adv to use by texting ance stop train bus and up to change subject *Rates connection betw een the 2:25p-6:30p ] to 41411 . ROUTE] or CTATRAI N [ROUTE COLOR CTABUS [ ple Line Shuttle Red Line and Pur ority Seatin g Pri in p ‘L’ to L Loo 5:55a-10:05a den at Howard. Other the bot instr , specific wise tom of uct s are now posted at ion 3:05p-7:10p s. Plea and senior wit se custom is for Priority seating ers ilit ies h disab Bik e & Ride and on timeta p sign eac ble posters h CTA bus located in eac h sto ase move from a priority seat when req uested. Ple rs allo w custome RED LINE SM Between Howard and 95th/Dan Ryan ied carr be and on bus bicycle rac ks . CT Bicycles can A tr ains on tio n. sta train s and board with disabilit ies to CTA buse first . trains Howar Ryan d to 95th/Dan Ser vice at all times e ver y da y ys weekda tr ains on mitted per are Bicycles to 7am from (e xcept 95th/Dan Ryan to H owar d for more detailed it inf ormation, Vis howto com/ ago. itchic trans sco wheelchairs use or oters have top prior ity to the Customer s who 9am and 4pm to 6pm), and all da y on Saturda ys , Sunda ys and s, and . Note: Message ance d option adv complet e list s of stop IDs s c e s m i a r e r u t r i a h c l e e h w t a e s - p i fl e n n t A T C n o s a e a . d r n a s e s u b YELLOW LINE Between Howard and Dempster -Skokie SM holida ys (e xcept July 4th and other per iods of cro wding; chec k . If you rier first car h your mobile . Check wit data rates may apply and Customer s have top priority to the ies and senior disabilit other s with ha ve indoor Ov er aler ts). 90 customer or sheltered bicycle stations okie to er-Sk Dempst 6:30a-11:15p 6:30a-11:15p 5:00a-11:20p Howard o.com. ansitchicag [email protected] us at feedba , e-mail d help nee all of our vehicles . All fixed ts on omers may sit cust priority sea other king. par 6:15a-11:00p 6:15a-11:00p 4:45a-11:05p okie -Sk Howard to Dempster needed by custome in these disa bilities sea ts unl ess they are rs with Operates until midnight for • 836-7000 for mation. all 312- infor ubs night games and selected special events. C all C car apply tw o bicycles per tr ain Limit or bus . Restr ictions to or seniors. are customers under age 14. at le availab Bik brochures e & Ride 19JQ007 also A rail stations , or by calling 312-836-7000. You can CT visit . CT A’ s w ebsite at tr .com/bik eandr ide ansitchicago

2 Times st Bus / Last Bus Fir WEEK DAYS SA TURDA Y SUN./HOL. # ROUTE & TERMINALS WEEKDAYS SA TURDA Y SUN./HOL. # ROUTE & TERMINALS WEEKDAYS SA TURDA Y SUN./HOL. # ROUTE & TERMINALS acces All Pace buses are CTA and sible to peopl e with disabilit ies. of ser Use thi s char t to deter mine days, hours vice, where each last ns and ends , and firs t and rout buses in each direc tion e begi Kimball/Homan See second note Outer Drive Express Wallace/Racine 147 82 44 each on e. rout 4:30a-9:30p 5:00a-9:40p 8:00a-6:00p 4:30a-9:40p (Orange) Racine/87th north to Halsted Howar d (R-P- Y) south to Michigan/ Ida B. Well s Devon/Kedzie south to Lawndale/31st 5:40a-9:40p 25a & 7:15a-10: 0a & 5:00a-9:3 5a & 4:50a-9:0 9:00a-6:00p Halsted 87t h to Racine/ sout ange) 5:15a-10:25p 8:50a-6:45p 9:45a-6:45p h (Or Y) 5:15a-10:30p (R-P- d owar Wells north to H 5:45a-10:30p 6:45a-10:30p da B. igan/I Mich 7:20p-12:00m 10:05p-12:30a 8:55p-12:00m ra cke CTA’s Bus ust (ctab e sourc is your r.com) Tra cker website • No stops between Foster/Marine and Michigan/Delaware. 5a & 4:45a-8:2 0a & 6:15a-9:2 0a & 4:30a-7:4 Lawndale/31st north to Devon/Kedzie 47th bus via arr ival times estimated n and locatio of your k the to chec 47 6:00p-12:10a 7:35p-12:05a 9:00p-12:15a east ge) (Oran Park h/Lake 4:00a-12:45a Midway 4:00a-12:40a 4:00a-12:35a to 47t Clarendon/Mic higan Express , south terminal extended west of Lawndale/31st to 31st/Pulaski. After 8:35pm daily • and Tra in Tra cker comp uter or web-enab led mobile device . See Bus 148 4:00a-12:30a 4:00a-12:40a 4:00a-12:30a 47th/Lake Park we st to Midway (Oran ge) rison rine so Fos 6:00a-9:20a uth to Sta te/Har ter/Ma vice between 31s Sunday/holiday ser • Earlier southbound. lue), 4:35am Belmont (B northbound and 5:10am t and panel bel ow and l eft for more i nformation. • Ever y 30 minutes Sunday and holiday middays west of Kedzie. State/Harrison north to Fo ster/Marin e 3:00p-6:30p 10:40a-7:10p Cente r sou th to Lawnda le/31 st 9:10a-9:45p 9:45a-8:25p wood Town Lincoln are. n/Delaw d Michiga ine an ving Park/Mar n Ir s betwee • No stop South Damen to Linc Town Center 7:50a-8:40p 8:30a-7:20p 9:40a-6:35p olnw ood Law ndale/31st north 48 (Or 6:35a-9:25a & ange) to Western en north h/Dam 87t Sheridan Line Pink wn e Re own fere (Br nce s: Line k) = Bro ) = Rail Lin (Pin 151 son Peter 2:05p-6:05p 5:00a-1:25a 5:25a-1:30a 5:15a-12:55a Union Station north to Devon/Clark 84 = (Bl ue) = Blue Line Red e (Red) Lin (Oran ge) = Ora nge Line 7:30a-7:30p 5:00a-9:30p 5:00a-7:40p Central/Caldwell east to Br yn Mawr/Sheridan 4:00a-12:30a 00m 4:30a-12:30a 4:20a-12: Station th to Union von sou Clark/De Western 6:30a-9:30a & 7th /Damen (Orange) south to 8 (Purp Pur ple Lin e (Yellow) = Yellow Line le) = Mawr/Sheridan west to Central/Ca Bryn ldwel 5:25a-8:15p 5:35a-10:00p l 8:00a-8:05p 2:35p-6:40p Ad dison y 30 minutes weekday evenings, and early Sunday/holiday mornings. • Ever = Red , Pur ple , Yellow (R-P-Y) Line en Gre n) = (Gree 152 Western e 5:00a-9:40p on/ land east to Addis Addison/C 6:00a-7:20p 8:00a-7:20p Lak e Shor umber 49 Central All times All times All times estern/79th and Between W and e Shore west to Addison/C 7:45a-8:10p 5:50a-8:15p 5:00a-10:30p Addison/Lak umberl 85 Western/Ber wyn (5300N) 4:35a-12:30a 4:40a-12:30a 4:25a-12:30a yn Mawr/Elston Central/Harrison north to Br • Additional earlier eastbound ser vice between Addison/Central and Addison/Lake Shore daily . WEEKDAYS Y SUN./HOL. SA TURDA # ROUTE & TERMINALS 3:40a-11:40p 4:00a-11:35p Br yn Mawr/Elston south to Central/Harrison 4:00a-11:40p • Additional earlier westbound ser vice between Addison/Kimball and Addison/Cumberland daily . Nor th Western 49B Nor th Central 4:20a-12:20a estern/Howard (Brown) north to W Western 5:20a-12:20a 4:20a-12:20a De von 85A 155 (Brown) 5:35a-12:35a 4:35a-12:40a estern Western/Howard south to W 4:35a-12:35a ouhy/Lehigh 5:50a-7:20p (Blue) north to T 5:10a-9:00p Jeff Park 5:20a Devon/Kedzie east to Morse (Red) 4:45a-12:20a -12:20a 5:00a-12:20a eville/Union Station Br onz 6:00a-7:30p Touhy/Lehigh south to Jeff Park (Blue) 5:25a-9:10p 1 5:40a -12:40a 5:20a-12:40a 5:10a-12:40a Morse (Red) west to Devon/Kedzie • Western Express Limited stops along entire route. Indiana/35th north to Union Station 5:40a-9:05a & y 30 minutes weekday middays and evenings after 7:30pm, and all day Saturdays. Ever • X49 79 th north Western/ rwyn (5300N) to Western/Be 5:30a-9:00a & 2:25p-6:15p LaSalle eland gansett/Ridg Narra 2:30p-5:30p 156 Union Station south to Michigan/35th 6:10a-9:00a & 86 5:15a-7:30p tion n Sta to Unio d south lste nt/Ha Belmo Ridgeland (Green) north to Devon/Milwaukee 5:50a-9:40p 3:00p-6:50p estern/79th Western/Ber wyn south to W 6:00a-9:00a & Hals nt/ ted n north to Belmo Statio Union 6:10a-8:15p 2:30p-5:30p Devon/Milwaukee south to Ridgeland (Green) 5:20a-9:00p Hyde P ark Express y 30 minutes after 7:30pm. Ever • 2 aylor ville/T Streeter 6:00a-9:20a & 60th/Cottage Grove north to Navy Pier Damen 157 50 3:40p-6:05p 87th Califo e Sh rnia ea st to Ch Ogd en/ 5:30a-6:15p ore est nut/Lak (Orange) north 35th/Archer 6:05a-11:05p 5:35a-11:15p 6:10a-11:10p 87 t/La Ches ke Shore west to Ogden/C alifornia 6:20a-7:15p tnu Betw een 87th s All time s All time s All time estern & 87th/W (Red) an /Dan Ry to Ashland/Clark 6:55a-9:20a & Navy Pier south to 60th/Cottage Grove 5:00a-10:00p 5:00a-10:00p 4:30a-10:00p Ashland/Clark south to 35th/Archer 3:30p-7:05p 4:00a-1:00a estern east to 91st/Commercial 4:00a-1:00a 87th/W 4:00a-1:00a West 65th (Orange) 3:55a-1:05a 3:55a-1:05a estern 91st/Commercial west to 87th/W 3:55a-1:05a 165 • No stops between Hyde Park area and Columbus/11th (Museum Campus). lem ay e) west to 64t h/Ol Midw (Orang 5:35a-9:05a d Har AM rush: Clockwise loop in Hyde Park, enters Lake Shore Drive NB at 47th; exits SB at 57th. • 6:20a-12:00m 8:30a-12:00m 88th/Cicero east to 91st/Commercial 5:15a-12:05a 51st 2:50p-6:10p (Orange) to Midway east 64th/Old Harlem 51 • PM rush: Counterclockwise loop in Hyde Park, enters Lake Shore Drive NB at 57th; exits SB at 47th. 5:40a-11:05p 91st/Commercial west to 88th/Cicero 4:20a-11:05p 7:35a-11:05p 8:10a-9:10p Kedzie (Orange) east to 6:00a-8:55p 6:00a-9:00p 69th/UPS Express (Red ) 47th/Dan Ryan King Drive Hig gins 169 3 (Red) and UPS in Hodgkins for weekday shift Fewer stops between 69th/Dan Ryan 88 47th/Dan Ryan ) west to 7:40a-8:40p 5:35a-8:35p (Red 5:30a-8:30p 95th/St. Lawrence north to Fairbanks/Huron 5:50a-11: 00p 5:55a-11:00p 4:25a-11:05p 5:55a-10:30p 4:55a-10:30p (Blue) Devon/Canfield east to Jeff Park 7:00a-10:25p changes. Call 312-836-7000 for schedules. (Orange) Kedzie Fairbanks/Erie south to 95th/St. Lawrence 7:05a-12:10a 5:30a-12:15a 5:40a-12:25a 5:45a-10:15p 4:45a-10:15p (Blue) west to Devon/Canfield 6:45a-10:15p Jeff Park • vice from 25th/Michigan starts at 5:00am. Earlier weekday southbound ser U. of Chica ark go/Hyde P • alcott, Canfield, Devon, A vondale and Harlem. alcott, via T Clockwise around loop, starting at Harlem/T Kedzie/Calif ornia 171 52 vice from 79th/King Dr starts at 4:25am. • Earlier Saturday northbound ser • Ever y 30 minutes weekday middays and late evenings, and all day weekends and holidays. 8:00a-6:00p 8:00a-6:00p 54th/South Shore south to 60th/University 7:15a-6:00p 6:00a-10:20p 5:00a-10:40p 4:30a-10:40p Kedzie/63rd north to Rockwell/Addison 60th/University north to 54th/South Shore 8:20a-6:20p 8:20a-6:20p 7:35a-6:20p 4:55a-10:20p Rockwell/Addison south to Kedzie/63rd 5:50a-10:20p 4:30a-10:40p Cotta ge Gr ove Harlem 4 Operates ever • y 30 minutes weekday middays, Saturdays and Sundays. 90 5:05a-10:10p 6:00a- 115th/C e Grove north to C olumbus /S. Water 10:05p ottag 10p 7:05a-10: South K edzie 6:55a-9:25p 5:00a-10:05p 4:50a-11:15p (Green) north Harlem/Lake late Operates shown as In summer , runs weekday rush periods only . • mid-June through September above. 52A 5:20a-8:25p 5:15a-8:30p Columbus /S. Water south to 115th/C ottag e Grov e 5:15a- 8:25p (Orange) 115th/Springfield north to Kedzie 4:15a-10:10p 4:55a-9:55p 7:45a-8:50p (Blue) to Harlem/Higgins cago 4:10a-6:10p 95th-Chi e see not 5:30p 9:00a- State S. Water us/ umb Univ. nort h to Col 3:55a-10:50p 4:30a-9:40p (Orange) south 7:30a-8:35p Kedzie enw ood U. of Chica go/K Harlem/Higgins 6:20a-8:40p (Blue) south 4:20a-10:35p 4:30a-9:20p 172 to 115th/Springfield s/S see not Stat e Univ . 6:45a- Columbu e 9:50a-11:50p 11:50p hicago h-C h to 95t . Water sout (Green) to Harlem/Lake 8:00a-6:00p 8:00a-6:00p 7:15a-6:00p Hyde Park/East End south to 60th/University 8:20a-6:20p 7:30a-6:15p 60th/University north to Hyde Park/East End 8:20a-6:20p • Overnight (Owl) buses operate between 63rd/Cottage Grove and Columbus/South W ater . Pulaski Austin 53 • Ever y 30 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays/holidays. vice from 95th/Chicago State University (CSU) to • Additional weekday northbound ser 91 Between Harrison & Ir ving Park All time s All times All times Austin/Roosevelt north to Jeff Park 4:50a-10:40p (Blue) 6:55a-10:05p 6:20a-10:20p n abov e. In summer ekda y ru sh per • Operates late Septembe r thr iods only , runs we mid- June . as show ough ater 10:35pm to 11:35pm. Columbus/South W 3:55a-1:00a 3:55a-1:00a 3:55a-1:00a Pulaski/31st north to Pulaski/Peterson 5:40a-9:40p 4:15a-10:00p (Blue) south to Austin/Roosevelt Jeff Park 6:20a-9:30p • Limited Sunday ser vice to/from 95th/St. Lawrence/Chicago State University (CSU). Ser vice to/from CSU go Hospitals Express U. of Chica 3:55a-1:00a Pulaski/Peterson south to Pulaski/31st 3:55a-1:00a 3:55a-1:00a • Also ser ustin, Gunnison and Nagle on school days. chool via A aft High S Roosevelt and T ustin/ vice between A also provided by #3 buses. 192 h e/57t Grov th to Cottage Clin ton/Madi 6:30a-9:00a son sou South Pulaski Foster South Shore Night Bus 53A nton/Madison 3:45p-7:00p 850 E. 59th north to Cli 92 N5 4:50a-10:35p 4:00a-11:40p 6:20a-10:35p Pulaski/81st north to Pulaski/31st (Blue) Park 4:50a-10:30p to Jef (Red) west Berwyn 5:55a-9:50p 4:45a-9:50p ferson 95th/Dan Ryan 11:50p-4:20a 11:50p-4:50a (Red) north to 11:50p-4:20a , board southbound on Clinton at Madison. ransportation Center • At Ogilvie T 6:50a-11:05p 5:25a-11:10p 4:35a-12:15a Pulaski/31st south to Pulaski/81st 4:20a-9:20p 5:30a-9:20p 4:20a-10:00p (Blue) east to Ber wyn (Red) Jefferson Park (Red) 69th/Dan Ryan At Union Station, board southbound on Clinton at Jackson. • 69th/Dan Ryan 12:15a-4:45a h to (Red) sout 12:15a-5:15a 12:15a-4:45a (Red, Green, Orange). No stops between Union Station and Roosevelt • Pulaski/111th north to Pulaski/31st 3:45a-11:25p 5:55a-10:25p 9:20a-10:20p Calif ornia/Dodg e (Red) 95th/Dan Ryan (Red, Green, Orange) and U of Chicago. • No stops between Roosevelt 8:20a-10:20p 5:25a-11:10p Pulaski/31st south to Pulaski/111th 4:35a-12:15a 93 (Brown) north to Davis Kimball (Purple) 5:00a-9:00p 7:00a-7:30p 115th/Springfield north to Pulaski/31st 3:45a-11:25p Jac ark Express kson P e Central/Ridg 6 5:40a-9:40p (Purple) south to Kimball Davis 7:40a-8:15p (Brown) 201 4:35a-12:15a Pulaski/31st south to 115th/Springfield 79th/South Shore north to W 4:45a-12:05a 4:00a-11:50p acker/Columbus 4:55a-12:00m (R-P-Y) north to Old Orchard Mall Howard 5:00a-8:00p 9:10a-7:10p y 25 to 30 minutes weekday middays and all day Saturdays. Ever • y 30 minutes Sundays and holidays before 8:30am. Ever • 5:00a-1:00a 5:50a-1:00a 5:40a-1:00a Wacker/Columbus south to 79th/South Shore 8:55a-7:15p 5:50a-8:00p (R-P-Y) Old Orchard Mall south to Howard No stops between 47th/Lake Park and Columbus/11th (Museum Campus). • South Calif ornia Cicer o 94 culator Ev anston Cir 54 5:00a-10:15p 5:20a-9:20p 3:40a-11:00p 74th/Damen north to Chicago/Kedzie 206 4:00a-12:30a 4:00a-12:50a 4:00a-12:40a Cicero/24th Place north to Cicero/Montrose Harrison 7:05a-8:20a & ellow (Red, Purple, Y Howard ) north 6:20a-10:20p Chicago/Kedzie south to 74th/Damen 4:40a-12:00m 5:55a-11:20p 7 4:10a-12:40a 4:00a-12:45a 4:10a-12:35a Cicero/Montrose south to Cicero/24th Place B. Wells igan/Ida to Mich east ral Harrison/Cent 6:10a-9:05p to Central/Crawford 2:40p-5:20p igan/Ida B. Wells west to Harrison/Cent ral 5:55a-9:55p Mich 95th Central/Crawford south to Howard 7:15a-8:00a & Nor th Cicer o/Sk okie Blvd. 95 54A en east 4:30a-12:30a 4:30a-12:30a o to 92nd/Buffal 87th/Dam 5:00a-12:30a 2:20p-5:05p ellow) (Red, Purple, Y 6:00a-9:40a & Ir ving/Pulaski (Blue) north to Halsted 8 men to 87th/Da 92nd/Buffalo west 5:35a-11:40p 4:55a-11:40p 6:05a-11:40p Old Orchard Mall/Skokie Courthouse 2:10p-5:45p • In AM rush, buses operate north on Ridge and Lake, and south on Dodge and Asbur y. Halsted/79th north to Broadway/W 3:40a-12:30a 4:05a-12:30a aveland 4:05a-12:30a • (Red) and 91st/Commercial provided by #N5 bus. vice between 95th/Dan Ryan Overnight (Owl) ser • In PM rush, buses operate south on Dempster and Ridge, and north on Dodge and Asbur y. 5:00a-12:30a Broadway/W 4:05a-12:40a 4:05a-12:40a aveland south to Halsted/79th Old Orchard Mall/Skokie Courthouse south to 6:30a-9:35a & Ir ving/Pulaski (Blue) 2:00p-6:15p Lunt South Halsted 96 (Y ellow) until 6:35pm. vice operates from Skokie Courthouse to Dempster -Skokie • Southbound ser 8A Morse (Red) west to Devon/Kedzie 5:45a-7:05p See Below y Halsted/119th north to 79th/Perr 6:00a-8:40p See Below Devon/Kedzie east to Morse (Red) 5:25a-6:35p See Below 79th/Perr See Below y south to Halsted/119th 5:30a-8:05p o South Cicer 54B Ever y 30 minutes weekday middays. • 5:05a-11:40p Ford City Mall north to Cermak/Kenton 4:55a-11:25p 7:20a-8:00p y 6:10a-8:30p 6:05a-8:40p 9:05a-2:10p Halsted/127th north to 79th/Perr 4:20a-10:50p Cermak/Kenton south to Ford City Mall 4:30a-11:05p 6:40a-7:10p 5:40a-7:50p 79th/Perr y south to Halsted/127th 8:20a-1:25p 5:35a-8:00p Sk okie 97 & St. Laurence H igh School at Central/ 77th. (Orange) vice betw ay een Midw • Additional ser • Pace bus #352 provides limited stop ser vice at all times south of 95th Street. 4:55a-10:35p Dempste 7:00a-10:30p 7:00a-10:30p d to Howar (Yellow) east e r-Skoki • Extended ser vice daily for Solo Cup Factor y shift changes. (Red-Purple-Y ellow) Ashland 9 5:15a-10:45p 6:30a-10:30p 6:35a-10:35p (Red-Purple-Y ellow) west Howard Garfield 2:50a-12:00m 2:50a-12:00m Ashland/95th north to Clark/Belle Plaine 2:50a-12:00m 55 -Skokie (Y ellow) to Dempster 5:00a-2:00a eum of Sci 5:00a-2:00a & Ind Midw ay (Orange) east to Mus 5:00a-2:00a 4:15a-1:30a Clark/Belle Plaine south to Ashland/95th 4:15a-1:25a 4:15a-1:25a 4:10a-1:10a 4:10a-1:10a ange) (Or 4:10a-12:45a Mus eum of Sci & Ind w est to Midw ay 6:25a-10:30p 7:20a-8:50p 7:10a-8:30p (R-P-Y) Old Orchard Mall east to Howard (Red) station and North/Clark. Overnight (Owl) buses operate between 95th/Dan Ryan • Howard 6:30a-7:40p 6:35a-8:05p (R-P-Y) west to Old Orchard Mall 5:55a-10:45p • y and 55th/St. Louis. Overnight (Owl) buses operate between Museum of Science & Industr 6:00a-9:10a & Vincennes/104th north to Clark/Belle Plaine • Ever y 30 minutes after 8:00pm Saturdays, and all day Sundays and holidays. 2:35p-7:15p ustin 55th/A 55A Avon Express Clark/Belle Plaine south to Vincennes/104th 4:30a-7:10a & 5:30a-8:45a & Austin/65th east to Midway (Orange) X98 12:30p-5:05p for weekday shift chang between Avon in M orton erson No Grove an d Jeff stops Park (Blue) es. 3:40p-6:35p dules. for sche Call 31 2-836- 7000 5:10a-8:20a & (Orange) west to Austin/65th Midway • Limited stops along entire route. Ashland Express X9 3:20p-6:10p er y Manor Express Jeff Ashland/95th north to Ir ving Park/Sheridan 6:00a-9:00a & 100 2:50p-6:00p 112th/A venue C west to 95th/Dan Ryan (Red 5:30a-9:05a & ) 55th/Narra gansett 55N 3:20p-6:40p Ir ving Park/Sheridan south to Ashland/95th 6:00a-9:05a & nge) 5:40a-8:25p 5:50a-7:20p Narra ganset t/63rd east to Midway (Ora h/Dan Ryan 95t to 112 (Red ) east ue th/A ven C 6:05a-9:00a & 2:55p-6:00p 5:30a-7:00p 5:25a-8:05p (Orange) west to Midway ving Park/Sheridan. vice between 74th/Ashland and Ir Additional earlier and later ser • 2:45p-7:05p Narragansett/63rd (Red) and 95th/Cottage Grove. Fewer stops between 95th/Dan Ryan • • Ever y 30 minutes weekday middays and all day Saturdays. Ventra Card Museum of Science & Industr y 10 d West 103r 8:55a-3:55p Michigan/Chestnut south to Museum 8:55a-3:55p 8:55a-3:55p waukee Mil 103 56 nnes 4:50a-11:15p 4:50a-11:00p 103rd/Vince 5:10a-11:20p east to 95th/Dan Ryan ) (Red 9:40a-4:40p 9:40a-6:10p 9:40a-4:40p Museum north to Michigan/Chicago 9:40p 4:20a- Jeff Park (Blue) sou th to Washi ngton/W abash 4:20a-9:40p 4:20a- 9:40p • Operates daily Memorial Day through Labor Day . 95th/Da an n Ry s 4:30a-10:40p 4:40a-10:20p west to 10 3rd/V (Red) 4:35a-10:35p inc enne Madison/W 5:05a-10:40p abash nort h to Jeff Park (Blue) 5:05a-10:30p 5:10a-10:40p olumbus/11th (Museum Campus) and Museum of S cience and Industr y. • No stops between C expiring soon? (Red 6:35a-11:05p 5:10a-10:50p 5:00a-11:10p ) 104th/Pulaski east to 95th/Dan Ryan Laramie 57 h/Dan Ryan (Red 6:05a-10:35p 4:40a-10:20p 4:30a-10:40p 95t laski h/Pu ) west to 104t Lincoln 5:40a-9:00p 6:20a-6:00p (Blue) ison th to Cicero/Harr 8:40a-6:00p be sou Grand/Latro 11 • Ever y 30 minutes after 10pm Sundays and holidays. north rd/ McC ormick West 7:10a-7:00p to Howa ern (Brown) 7:05a-6:30p 6:00a-7:00p 6:00a-9:20p 6:35a-6:20p 9:00a-6:15p Cice ro/Harr ison (Blue) north to Grand/ Lat robe vice to Brother Rice/Mother McAuley high schools at Pulaski/100th. Also ser • 6:25a-7:30p (Bro 7:35a-7:30p 7:30a-7:00p wn) south to W estern ard/McCormick How 59th/61st y 30 minutes Sundays and holidays. Ever • 59 East 103r d 106 Midw ay (Orange) east to 60th/S tony I sland 6:05a-8:00p 7:50a-7:50p 103r (Red ) 4:45a-10:30p 4:45a-9:45p 4:45a-10:15p an an Ry west to 95th/D Island tony d/S Roose velt y Isl and west to Midway 60th/Ston 5:40a-8:10p 7:45a-8:05p ) nge (Ora 12 95th/Da n Rya n 5:00a-10:30p (Red ) east to 103 rd/ Stony Island 5:00a-10:20p 5:00a-10:00p 4:10a-12:30a 4:10a-12:30a Central/Harrison east to 16th/Indiana 4:35a-12:30a • y 20 to 30 minutes on weekends and holidays. Ever Blue Island/26th 16th/Indiana west to Central/Harrison 4:05a-12:25a 4:15a-12:30a 4:15a-12:40a 60 vey College until 10:30pm weekdays and 5:45pm Saturdays. • Buses ser ve Olive-Har Drive/ Randolph 4:35a-11:00p 4:40a-11:00p Cice 5:20a-11:00p ro/24th Pl east to Harbor 24t 6:05a-11:50p 5:30a-11:50p h Pl west to Cicero/ ph /Randol r Drive Harbo 5:35a-11:50p er y J ump Jeff J14 Halsted/95th 108 5:15a-9:00p 6:20a-8:00p north to W Island tony 3:45a-10:20p on effers ashington/J d/S 103r • ashington/State and 54th/Cermak Overnight (Owl) buses operate between W (Pink). (Red h/Dan Ry an 5:45a-8:55a & h to 95t th nort 127 Halsted/ ) 5:35a-11:10p 03rd/S Washington south to 1 tony Island 8:15a-10:00p 7:15a-11:05p /Jefferson 2:05p-9:00p Ar cher • No stops between Jeffer y/67th and Columbus/11th (Museum Campus). 62 ) south to Ha lsted /127t h (Red 6:05a-8:45a & 95t h/Dan Ryan 4:00a-2:00a 4:30a-2:00a Archer/Harlem north to State/Kinzie 4:20a-2:00a Fewer stops between 103rd and 67th - see map on other side. • 3:30a-1:15a 3:30a-1:15a 4:00a-1:15a State/Kinzie south to Archer/Harlem 2:00p-8:30p Jeff er y Local vice at all times from selected stops along route. Pace bus #352 also provides ser • • Overnight (Owl) buses operate between State/W ashington and Midway Airport via State, Roosevelt, 15 y Academy at 132nd/Doty from 95th/Dan Ryan ver Militar vice to Car Also ser • (Red). an Island 103r d/S tony north to 47 th/Dan Ry (Red) 5:00a-11:50p 5:00a-12:00m 4:05a-11:40p Halsted, Archer and Cicero. 47th/D an an Ry (Red) 5:30a-12:40a 5:30a-12:45a 03rd/S tony I sland south to 1 5:00a-12:30a 111th/King Drive Ar cher/Harlem 111 62H 16th/18th field nort 117th/Marsh ) 5:35a-10:40p 4:55a-10:20p 4:30a-10:40p (Red n n Rya h to 95th/Da (Orange) 5:30a-6:30p 5:15a-8:20p 63rd/Archer east to Midway 18 8:00a-7:00p 7:00a-7:00p 6:00a-8:20p 16th/Cicero east to Roosevelt n Ry 95th/Da an 6:00a-11:10p (Red ) south to 117th/Marshfield 5:00a-11:10p 5:20a-11:05p (Orange) west to 63rd/Archer 5:25a-6:25p 4:50a-8:00p Midway (Red, Green, Orange) y 30 minutes weekday middays and all day Saturdays. Ever • 6:00a-9:10p (Red, Green, Orange) 7:00a-7:50p 7:55a-7:45p Roosevelt Pullman Shuttle A 111 west to 16th/Cicero d 63r 40p rd/Stony 6:2 to 103 north 6:20a-7:40p 6:20a-7:40p ve 115th/Cottage Gro 0a-7: nd Isla 63 3rd ) & 6 s nge (Ora All time way s n Mid s Betwee All time All time Isl and /Stony 103rd/Stony 6:1 to 1 15th/Co ttag e Gro ve Island south 0a-7: 30p 6:10a-7:30p 6:10a-7:30p United Center Express 19 • , Extended to 63rd Street Beach on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day For Bulls and Blackhawks games, and selected events at United Center . and daily from mid-June thru August, 9:00am to 9:30pm. Vincennes/111th Call 312-836-7000 for information. 112 (Red 5:10a-10:10p 111th/Pulaski east to 95th/Dan Ryan 5:15a-10:15p ) 4:30a-10:20p • Buses operate frequently from Michigan & Randolph, starting 90 minutes before event, until start of event. West 63r d 63W h/Dan Ryan 95t 4:45a-10:15p 5:00a-10:20p laski h/Pu ) west to 111t (Red 5:10a-10:10p y few minutes for up to 1 hour After event, ever . 5:05a-10:55p 63rd/Archer east to Midway (Orange) 4:30a-10:55p 7:00a-10:00p • Ever y 30 minutes Saturdays before 8:00am and after 8:00pm, and all day Sundays and holidays. • . No stops between Halsted/Randolph and United Center or ventrachicago.com at Register Midway 4:10a-10:30p 6:40a-9:40p (Orange) west to 63rd/Archer 4:40a-10:30p y 30 minutes weekday middays and late evenings and all day weekends and holidays. Ever • Madison Pullman/115th 20 • Ser vice on this route is coordinated with Pace Route #386. your mailing log verify in now and 115 All times All times All times igan ich n & M Between Austi th to 95th/D an 4:25a-10:35p ) 117th/Marshfield nor 5:20a-10:30p an Ry 4:40a-10:30p (Red 4:10a-8:25a & Madison/Austin east to Randolph/Columbus Grand an n Ry 95th/Da 5:00a-11:15p ) south to 117th/Marshfield (Red 5:50a-11:00p 5:30a-10:55p 65 the you can we so address send 1:50p-6:30p Grand/Nordica east to Navy Pier 4:45a-9:00p 6:40a-9:05p 5:00a-9:00p bus to Madiso n/Austin west Randolph/Colum 5:00a-9:35a & Navy Pier west to Grand/Nordica 7:30a-10:00p 5:50a-10:00p 5:40a-10:00p higan/119th Mic 119 2:45p-7:30p card new free for — — when north to 95th/Dan 5:10a-12:30a 5:00a-12:50a 119th/Ashl and Ryan (Red ) 4:00a-1:00a go Chica 95th/Da n Ry an 5:40a-12:30a 4:30a-12:35a 5:10a-12:35a 119th/Ashland (Red) south to Cermak 66 21 it’s time! 4:10a-11:55p 4:15a-11:55p 4:00a-12:00m Chicago/Austin east to Navy Pier spital 4:10a-10:55p 4:10a-10:30p 5:50a-10:30p to Mercy Ho east (Pink) 54th/Cermak 4:40a-12:55a (Red ) 6:25a-12:45a 6:15a-12:25a h/Dan Ry rth to 95t an h/Western no 119t 5:10a-12:50a 5:05a-12:50a Navy Pier west to Chicago/Austin 5:00a-12:55a ermak pita l west to 54th/C Mercy Hos ) (Pink 5:00a-11:20p 4:45a-11:20p 6:40a-11:20p Ryan 95t h/Dan estern (Red ) sout h to 119th/W 4:30a-12:15a 5:40a-12:30a 6:10a-12:35a • Overnight (Owl) buses operate between State/W ashington and Chicago/Pulaski. 8:00a-10:40p 4:55a-10:20p 8:55a-8:35p North Riverside Mall east to Mercy Hospital Ogilvie/Streeter ville Express 6:45a-11:20p Mercy Hospi tal west 8:00a-7:40p to North River 4:45a-11:20p side Mall 120 67th/69th/71st 67 to Fai . east Ctr p. Trans Ogilvie 6:50a-9:10a rbanks/Chicago • Later eastbound ser vice from North Riverside Mall to C ermak/ aturdays Pulaski weekdays until 12:10am and S 5:00a-11:20p 5:35a-11:15p 6:40a-11:20p Ford City Mall east to 67th/South Shore 7:05a-9:20a . Ctr p. Trans west to Ogilvie McClurg/Huron until 12:15am. 67th/South Shore west to Ford City Mall 5:10a-10:55p 5:15a-11:00p 5:45a-11:00p . east Ogilvie Trans p. Ctr to McClurg/ Hur on 4:10p-5:45p Some eastbound trips ser • ve LaRabida Hospital 6:00am-11:05pm daily , ever y 30 minutes. Clark 22 Ctr Trans west to Ogilvie rbanks/Huron Fai . 3:50p-6:10p p. vice between 69th/Dan Ryan Overnight (Owl) ser • y provided by #N5 bus. (Red) and 67th/Jeffer All times All times All times Between Howard (Red, Purple, Y ellow) • No stops between Ogilvie T ransportation Center and Lower South W ater/Michigan eastbound, and Lower ison & Clark/Harr thwest Highwa Nor y Wacker/Michigan westbound. 68 Ridge Park 6:45a-8:15p 4:45a-9:45p 4:50a-9:50p (Blue) Park erson th to Jeff Metra sou Wentw or th ville Express Union/Streeter 24 Jefferson Park (Blue) north to 6:30a-8:00p 4:30a-9:30p Park 4:35a-9:30p e Metra Ridg 121 79th/Vincennes north to Dearborn/Randolph 5:45a-7:40p Union Station east to Fairbanks/Chicago 6:40a-9:15a • y 30 minutes weekday middays and late evenings and all day weekends and holidays. Ever Clark/Lake south to 79th/Vincennes 6:40a-8:30p McClurg/Huron west to Union Station 6:45a-9:35a 87th/Racine north to Dearborn/Randolph 7:00a-9:20a & Division 4:00p-5:55p Union Station east to McClurg/Huron 70 1:40p-7:30p alton/Dearborn Division/Austin east to W 5:00a-10:40p 5:00a-10:40p 4:40a-10:40p Fairbanks/Huron west to Union Station 3:40p-6:15p Clark/Lake south to 87th/Racine 6:40a-8:30a & 5:40a-11:35p 5:40a-11:20p 5:20a-11:20p n orn west to Division/Austi Walton/Dearb No stops between Union Station and Lower South W ater/Michigan eastbound and Lower W acker/Michigan • 12:30p-6:00p westbound (except as noted). 71st/South Shore 71 South Shore Express 5:20a-11:40p ce north to 69th 112th/Torren (Red) 4:45a-11:40p 4:40a-11:40p vy Pier Na 26 124 4:15a-1:45p 103rd/Stony Island nort h to Chicago/ Fai rbank s 69th 5:10a-11:45p ce (Red) south to 112th/Torren 4:50a-11:50p 5:40a-11:45p 8:40a-10:05p 8:40a-10:00p 8:40a-10:05p Union/Ogilvie Stations east to Navy Pier 8:25a-10:30p Navy Pier west to Union/Ogilvie Stations 9:00a-10:30p 9:00a-10:30p Island 1:15p-9:20p 03rd/Stony Chicago/Mies south to 1 (Red) 5:40a-12:00m 5:05a-1:00a 4:30a-1:05a ange north to 69th 73rd/Exch y and Columbus/11th (Museum Campus). No stops between 67th/Jeffer • • Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day operates 90 minutes later in both directions. 69th 5:40a-11:45p 4:10a-12:40a ange th to 73rd/Exch (Red) sou 5:10a-12:35a ransit Center (Jackson/Canal). At Union Station, board eastbound at Union Station T • y Island Ston Nor th 28 At Ogilvie Station, board northbound on Canal at Madison. • 72 5:05a-12:00m 4:45a-12:00m 4:00a-11:45p 103rd/Stony Island north to 47th/Lake Park North/Narragansett east to North/Clark 4:10a-12:45a 4:15a-12:40a 4:10a-12:50a Island 47th/Lake Park south to 103rd/Stony 5:10a-12:30a 4:35a-12:25a 5:30a-12:30a Water Tower Express 4:05a-12:25a North/Clark west to North/Narragansett 4:00a-12:30a 4:00a-12:45a 125 Olive-Har vey College north to 47th/Lake Park 5:50a-10:20p 6:15a-9:20a & Desplaines/Harrison north to Chestnut/Mies 4:05a-12:45a North/Harlem east to North/Clark 6:40a-12:40a 4:10a-11:10p 47th/Lake Park south to Olive-Har 5:35a-9:45p vey College 2:50p-6:45p 4:00a-12:45a North/Clark west to North/Harlem 5:55a-12:25a 4:00a-10:05p No stops northbound from Grand/Orleans to State/Ohio. • vey College north to Union Station Olive-Har 5:50a-8:55a & venue Beach weekends and holidays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Extended to North A • , ventrachicago.com and daily from mid-June thru August, 9am - 9:30pm. 3:25p-5:05p 0a & 6:40a-9:2 Chestnut/Mies south to Desplaines/Harrison • Later westbound ser vice to North/Pulaski until 1:30am. 7:00a-9:20a & Union Station south to Olive-Har vey College 2:50p-7:20p 3:50p-6:40p • No stops southbound from State/Ontario to LaSalle/Grand. ge Armita 73 No stops between 47th/Lake Park and Columbus/11th (Museum Campus). • 4:20a-9:40p Grand/Latrobe east to Clark/North 6:20a-6:40p 5:20a-6:40p Jac kson 126 Clark/North west to Grand/Latrobe 6:00a-7:30p 5:00a-10:20p 7:00a-7:25p State /Austi n east to Michigan/Ida B. Wells 5:20a-10:40p Jackson 6:00a-10:40p 6:00a-10:40p 29 3:55a-11:25p 3:55a-11:30p 3:55a-11:25p 95th/Dan Ryan (Red ) north to Navy Pier 5:20a-10:40p n/Austin to Jackso igan/Ida B. Wells west Mich 5:55a-10:30p 5:55a-10:40p Fuller ton 74 Navy Pier south to 95th/Dan Ryan ) 5:00a-12:30a 5:00a-12:30a 5:00a-12:35a (Red ves Illinois Medical District via On weekday late evenings, and all day on weekends and holidays, ser • Grand/Nordica east to Fullerton/Halsted 4:00a-12:00m 4:00a-12:00m 5:40a-12:00m Jackson, Ashland, Harrison, Damen, Jackson. 4:45a-12:40a 6:25a-12:45a 4:20a-12:40a Fullerton/Halsted west to Grand/Nordica South Chica go 30 Station nor th to 69/Da n Ry an (Red ) Hegew isch 4:30a-10:30p 4:55a-10:30p Soldier Field Express 74th/75th 128 75 (Red 4:40a-10:30p 5:50a-10:30p ) sou Station th to Hegew isch 69/Dan Ryan , Union Station & Soldier Field for Bears games. ransportation Ctr Nonstop between Ogilvie T 5:00a-11:00p 5:00a-11:00p 74th/Damen east to 75th/South Shore 5:00a-11:00p Buses leave stations starting 2 hours before game time until 30 minutes after kickoff. • 6:00a-9:45p 4:30a-10:30p 4:55a-10:30p tation north to 79th/South Chicago isch S Hegew 5:45a-11:45p 75th/South Shore west to 74th/Damen 5:45a-11:45p 5:40a-11:35p anal. d east on Jackson at C tation, boar d south on Clinton at Madison; at Union S • At Ogilvie, boar 79th/South Chicago south to Hegew isch Station 6:40a-10:30p 4:50a-10:40p 6:00a-10:40p y few minutes for 1 hour after game; board east on McFetridge. From Soldier Field, ever • Diver se y eekdays, and after 8:00pm S 6:30pm w nings and after • Ever ol. at/ Sun/H y 30 minutes early mor 76 . entra accepted only Special round trip fare $5 adults; $2.50 reduced, cash and V • Diversey/Harlem east to Nature Museum 4:30a-10:20p 8:00a-7:45p 6:00a-9:15p Nature Museum west to Diversey/Harlem 5:55a-10:10p 8:05a-8:45p 4:55a-11:10p 31st 31 Museum Campus 130 10:00a-7:00p Ashl and (Oran ge) east to 33r d Place/ King Drive m Cam pus ion Stati ons east to Museu 9:30a-5:30p /Un Ogilvie 9:30a-5:30p 9:30a-5:25p Belmont and 33rd Place /King Dri ve west to Ashl 10:00a-7:00p ge) (Oran 77 6:00p Campus 9:55a- 9:55a-6:00p 9:55a-6:05p Museum west to Ogilvie/U Stations nion 4:05a-2:15a 4:15a-1:45a 4:15a-2:15a Belmont/Cumbrlnd east to Belmont/Halsted all 312-836-7000 for • Operates daily , Memorial D ay weekend thr u Labor Day , and select dates. C schedules. 3:30a-1:00a 3:30a-12:50a Belmont/Halsted west to Belmont/Cumbrlnd 3:30a-12:55a higan South Mic 34 • ransportation Center , board south on Clinton at W ashington. At Ogilvie T n 131 st/El lis and 95 th/Dan Ryan (Red ) All times All times Betwee All times 5:00a-11:55p 4:20a-11:50p ey Divers 6:10a-11:50p Belmont/Cu mbrl e Shore/ to Lak nd east • At Union Station, board east on Jackson at the river . vice to Car ver Militar y Academy at 132nd/Doty . • Also ser 5:20a-12:45a Diver 7:05a-12:40a 5:35a-12:55a sey west t o Belmont/Cumbrln d Lake Shore/ Overnight (Owl) buses operate between Halsted and Harlem. • kton/LaSalle Express Stoc 31st/35th 134 35 6:15a-9:20a acker Sheridan/Briar south to Adams/W 4:00a-11:20p 4:00a-11:25p 4:00a-11:20p 36th/Kedzie east to 35th/Cottage Grove ose Montr 78 Franklin/Jackson north to Sheridan/Belmont 3:45p-6:30p 4:30a-11:50p 35th/Cottage Grove west to 36th/Kedzie 4:30a-11:50p 4:30a-11:55p t to Montros 6:00a-10:00p Har 7:00a-10:00p lem/Fores t Preserve eas e/Marine 5:00a-10:00p • acker/Columbus. No stops between Stockton/Arlington (2500N) and W 5:00a-8:00p 5:00a-8:00p 5:10a-8:00p Cicero/24th Pl east to 35th/Cottage Grove west to Har serve Montrose/Marine 7:05a-9:55p 6:05a-10:05p 5:10a-10:05p t Pre lem/Fores 4:30a-7:00p 4:30a-6:50p 35th/Cottage Grove west to Cicero/24th Pl 4:30a-7:00p Beach we • Extended to Montrose 9:30pm. , 9:00am- l Day weekend through Labor Day oria , Mem ekends/holidays to get cta Updates or Sign up f Clarendon/LaSalle Express 135 Extended to 31st St. Beach on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day • , e south to Adams/W Claren don/Sunnysid acke r 5:45a-9:20a te xts or emails about things that 79th 9:10am-9:40pm. 79 Franklin/Jackson north to Wilson/Clarendon 3:00p-7:00p ect y ip , such as ma y aff our tr All times All times Between 79th/W All times estern and 79th/Lakefront acker/Columbus. • No stops between Belmont/Lake Shore Drive and W Br oad wa y upcoming ser vice changes and 6:20a-12:20a Ford City Mall east to 79th/Lakefront 5:15a-12:20a 6:20a-12:20a 36 4:00a-11:20p 4:20a-11:20p 4:20a-11:20p Clark/Devon south to LaSalle Metra Sheridan/LaSalle Express 5:05a-11:15p 4:15a-11:15p 79th/Lakefront west to Ford City Mall 5:10a-11:15p ts about reroutes , aler disr uptions 136 4:55a-12:30a 4:55a-12:40a 5:00a-12:30a LaSalle Metra north to Clark/Devon y shift changes. Extended ser • vice daily for Solo Cup Factor 5:45a-9:00a Sheridan/Devon south to Adams/W acker ail vice ain ser us or tr to b , and r • After 10:30pm daily , buses begin and end their trips at Desplaines/Harrison (instead of W ells/Harrison). Franklin/Jackson north to Devon/Sheridan 3:45p-6:30p . vator updates station ele Ir ving P ark • No stops between Marine/Bittersweet (4100N) and W acker/Columbus. 80 k Sedgwic ving/Broadway 5:00a-12:00m Ir ving/Harlem east to Ir 4:00a-12:00m 4:00a-12:00m 37 Fullerton (Red, Brown, Purple Express) 6:00a-6:55p 4:55a-12:10a 3:55a-12:15a Ir ving/Broadway west to Ir ving/Harlem 4:05a-12:05a higan Express Stoc kton/Mic Tailor y our aler ts b y route 143 (Blue) south to Clinton 5:15a-9:15p 8:30a-9:05p Ir ving/Cumberland east to Ir ving/Broadway 4:25a-9:10p an/Briar south to Michigan/Ida B. Wells 6:30a-9:00a Sherid y – sign up at and time of da Clinton (Blu e) north to Fullerton 6:35a-7:30p Ir ving/Broadway west to Ir ving/Cumberland 4:05a-8:05p 4:20a-8:10p 7:30a-8:05p an/ Belm ont 4:00p-6:35p Ida B. Wells /Mic hig an nor th to She rid (Red, Brown, Purple Express) ! go. com/updates transitc hica vice to Ir Later westbound weekday ser • ving/Central until 12:50am. • No stops between Stockton/Arlington (2500N) and Michigan/Delaware. Per shing wrence La 39 higan Express Inner Drive/Mic 81 38th/St. Louis east to 40th/Lake Park 5:00a-10:00p 7:30a-5:15p 7:30a-5:15p 146 Jeff Park (Blue) & W ilson /Marine All times All times All times Between 6:00a-10:40p 5:55a-10:40p 6:00a-10:40p wyn (Red) south to Museum Campus Ber 40th/Lake Park west to 38th/St. Louis 8:10a-6:00p 5:40a-10:40p 8:10a-6:00p 6:50a-11:40p wyn (Red) Museum Campus north to Ber 7:00a-11:35p 6:50a-11:35p wrence West La 81W 43r d • No stops between Inner Drive/Belmont and Michigan/Delaware. 5:20a-10:20p (Blue) 8:45a-10:15p to Jeff Park land (Blue) east Cumber 5:25a-10:25p 43 (Red, Green, Orange) starts at 5:00am and from • Earlier weekday ser vice from Ber wyn south to Roosevelt 7:00a-6:50p 5:00a-8:10p 6:40a-6:50p Root/Halsted east to Oakenwald/43rd Jeff Park 8:20a-9:50p 4:50a-9:50p to Cumberla nd (Blue) (Blue) west 4:55a-9:55p Roosevelt wyn at 5:50am. (Red, Green, Orange) north to Ber 7:20a-7:15p 5:20a-8:00p 7:05a-7:15p Oakenwald/43rd west to Root/Halsted • y 30 minutes all day weekends and holidays. Ever (Blue) and Lawrence, operates via East River Road on weekdays, and via Between Cumberland • 5:05a-10:40p (Red ) east to Oaken wald/43rd 47th/Dan Rya n Cumberland on weekends and holidays. h/Dan Ryan to 47t wald/43rd Oaken west 5:20a-10:55p (Red )

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Street div ides nort h and sout h addresse LaS h 66 66 Bellw ood Park Riv er d numbers vary; not urban street Sub all use in ago Chic ian Ukrain y, A-5 National-Louis Univ ersit J-3 ge Mall, Rid Chicago 309 25t St. Charles Garf d iel 313 a Nati onal i vatory– bard is equal t ile m. One m ’s syste ago Chic o 800 Forest lan Park tral Marion Museum Ar t, National Museum of Me xican Chicago Sta te Uni v., K-7 Western 313 Oak (4400 N) : Montrose s. Example number street Ridgeland r- Conse Harlem/La Aust 94 65 Mayfie ld Lom ser tral Park Drive St. Charles ask Louis Grand Kedzie 309 313 vato ry Justi ne Grand 400N 3600 is one m ile nort N). on ( h of Addis G-6 Ash iforni keley Ber Park Cen Laramie e Lak Chinato wn, G-6 Cicero St t h Pul s e Lak er Con Cen Melrose lwood Bel Fulton Veter Ar t Museum National , ans Kedzie Cal e Lak 19t ers ity, F-3 Concord ia Univ Blv d South Riv 200N on ngt Washi Fores Maywood Park D-4 303 Garfield SEE 315 Cook County Cour ts: 314 310 757 X9 on Par k Oak Butt erfield Madiso n 0N/S Des Plaine F n Madiso Madiso n y, theaster Nor n Illinois Univ ersit Dist , Paulina DO WNT OWN 310 303 20 20 320 20 317 Greektown w, K-3; ridge B vie 317 Jackson ed Center Unit Morgan C-5 Clint on Jackson Jackson Nor th 300S MAP 757 320 318 Buren Van Maybrook Oak 311 307 126 126 ago at Chic Maywood Lexington 126 Cook Co. X Malcolm Hamlin Par k Univ th Nor y, D-5 ersit s Cong res 301 85 57 Colleg e Ill Med ld Cour ts Coll ege Park Darmstadt Western Van Bur en Damen Clint 7 ornia /Calif 26th , G-5; rfie 1st us Columb n iso Harr Maywoo d 316 600S Bellw ood Kostner 305 Nor , G-3 erside Par k Mall th Riv Butte Eisenho wer Expw y Par k i 7 s 7 7 320 Harrison Maywood, F-2; 60 Harrison Harr is on 757 le Polk Forest Park ine e, n Business Colleg ester thw Nor Fifth ser ved ask sted s Illinoi Forest Polk ch Bran UIC 157 Ogden Taylor Skokie, A-4 by 301 Circ on on Lexingt Lexingt rd in Ave Taylo r 157 91 Medical Loomi Hills ide I-3 5th Park Wolf 12 Rac Pavilion Roos evelt 1200S Homan Homan rk Kedzie- Distr ict Pul Park evelt Roos a, Morgan Roosevelt 12 Harlem 12 12 18 Roose velt Copernicus Center, D-4 301 305 301 305 East Cla 316 ester n Univ ersity , Nor thw 308 al Aust ter 94 52 82 54 53 Cicero Lomba nd Scott Oak er, via Arch Dougl as Forest Park al M ILE 1 view Broad 62 N Peori UIC-Hal Daley Colleg e, J-4 1 24 12 Douglas A-6 anston, Ev ted, Hals 157 Damen d al ly Nor ther amie Loyol a Centr Racine Par k 327 Roos t, evel s VA Hine onal useum Nati M Ashla Island P ar k Medical m 3 Lar Dawson itute, H-6 Technical Inst r Islan i 60 Sta te E-6 t Nature Museum, Notebaer al Hospit Balmor can Art of Mexi J14 Kedzie Ogden Cent er 1 K M h 16t 1600S Centr Park Westches 16th Cic ero naw Western 18 nhei 308 Austin d Halste Ind rial ust Blue Cermak 18th dare ersit DePaul Univ y, 314 Park erbury Cant unity Colleg e, Oakton Comm ask 18 18th on Man 4 Kil 18th e Histori c District Prairie Avenu Park, E-6 oln Linc Harlem Oak Cermak- Laramie A-1, B-4 33 1 Washte Pul Kostne Kent Oakbrook Ce nter 9 54th/ a Wintru st Aren China town Cicero 315 Park Hyde West chest er Cermak Cermak Loomis DeVry University , D-5 Archer 23rd Stat e Cermak Cermak O’Hare Air t, C-1 por 2 322 a 322 322 21 21 21 21 LaG 54 B 2200S k Place McCormic Cermak- N60 21 6 h Nort 50th ity, E-3 ers Dominican Univ Yorktow n Center 29 e, K-7 e-Har 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Mall, I-4 Ford City 31 Woodl Ellis t 31s Des Pla Pr air ict, ic Distr ie Aven ue Histor 2 35 31 31 35 Grove l Loc 28 v y 33 1 d 302 B 54 y 172 172 rang e LaG na Dr 6 nle k 171 G-7 Tri-State Sta 315 Frank t Lloyd Wrigh 316 Lake Sho ne PM Riv erside 1 d Zoo Brookf iel Park India Sox- 33rd Pl University 28 King Lake Park toric Distr ict , F-3 His 55th Cott age 1st 49 ic Distr Pullman Histor ict, K-7 2 Komensk 55 35th 1 ends A 53 LaVerg h 35t 171 Brookfield Walla ce Halsted Harding 50 T 33rd begins Forest Preser ve h 35t Smart re Drive 35th rvato Park Conse field ry, F-5 Gar Berwyn o AM thw . ield (Nor n Univ an F Ry ester 192 304 3500S 35 35 l Austin l Museum h 36t Harlem w able DuS 171 35th Washingt on rne Hawtho a eville-IIT 35th-Bronz 55th, 56th, 57th Wildcats f ootball) , A-5 South Shore Museum s Gol r, A-2 f Mill Sho Cente pping y Archer 35th/ Course Race ed Guarante nstein Lib Rege rary Morton 314 34th 192 res Pulaski Rate Field 57th erside 39 Coll ege To 36t h Pl Prairie Maple ersit vier Univ y, K-5 St. Xa ter ekto wn, F-6 Gre Pers hing velt/ Roose Lak s Pers hing ng Pershi Riv Pers hing 39 way Orient al wood 3900S Park Cong 39 field State and hes 39 2 e Park Seat Geek Stadium, I-3 33 1 als Hospit te Institu Guar Field (White anteed Rate Ind ian a Loui St wnto Do wn of Museum 172 6 Holly Chicago Dorc Science orth 59th 302 Brook 9 4 rang e LaG x), H-6 So H-8 t Museum, Smar 62 Stevenson Express 59t h ry & Indust Dawso n 26 192 43 n ) 53 A Ogden Technical X9 Kedzie y ckne Sti Burlington Archer oot R , D-3 Plaza Harlem/Ir ving South Shore Cultur al Center , I-8 Rd Wentw 28 Institu te 43rd 43rd 6 4300S 171 43 ay ra 94 Ave 856 rne Race e, G-4 Hawtho Cours wn Wester Springs r, C-2 vention Cente Stephens Con Met Lyons 2 J14 Railw range wnto 855 X49 60th BNSF lington PM AM 54B 15 y Bur to Do rak service 3 851 Princeton Pulaski 59 Grove 52 To Aurora Hine spita l, G-2 s VA Ho ict) e, E-2 Triton Colleg Stat e h 46t LaG Stone 61st (J ac kson/Clinton) 850 wn 28 Amt Island Ston (via Illinois wnto H 47th h 47t 4700S West ern 47t h h 47t 47th 47th Illino m is Holocaust Museu 47th Medical Distr e, D-6 Truman Colleg Forest to Do e th Michigan 31 1 47 47 47 47 alle (Nor Cott age al 755 (also 2 n Cent & Informatio er, A-4 ands Spri ngs Dr Aven ue) View United Center (Bulls , LaS Lawn o Joliet e Park 44 8 Centr is Institute Illino of Highl 2 6 28 King Lawndal nonstop kha Blac wks) , F-5 669 Western Kedzie Lak t 51s 5100S ar k/47th betw ke P een La Karlov Hyd e Park Cicer 51st Park McCoo k y, G-6 olog Techn Hwy 51 51 us/11th and Columb 15 Summit ersity of Chicago & Univ 330 2 171 62 L Amt rak service (also ) ask i Pul AM PM a l Dist is Medica Illino rict , F-5 orth Washington s , H-8, Medical Center I-7 k 47 rd 51st-53 H 62 Hyde Wolf e 48 15 62 Par k Archer Joliet 6 S Wells A 52 49 N 62 Neva range eum of Int ernational Mus h 330 ersity of Illinois UIC (Univ 55t h 28 h 55t o Archer 5500S 55t h Garfi eld 28 Wentw field Gar r h 55t St. Loui 55th Garfi eld 330 e N 55 A 55 Surgical Sc e, E-6 ienc LaG 55 55 55 F-6 at Chicago), D and tt 55th r d 56th i i v e ern e um, ms Hull House Muse Jane Adda , F-6 avilion UIC P 57th Austin East 59 Woodl er Harlem DuSa ble of Univ aganse Museum of Scien ce see UIC , F-6 Wells Stat e 5900S Ashlan Calif ornia Racin West Damen Halsted Kedzie 59t h Pulask Oak Museum Riv 59th go Chica Ukr ainian National Museum, F-5 307 & Industry 59 2 den Narr t PM AM Lin e Count rysid 60th Kendall Co e, E-6 lleg Summit Midway Jolie 2 62 H X49 A-4 Westfield Old Orchard, Midway y Plaines J14 Kennedy- 4 N Ship Canal J14 26 X9 Airport nonstop 59 ge, I-6 Kennedy-King Colle 24 24 g Kin A 55 55 N 61st Des een Jeff ery/67th betw Wolf 52 ust Arena (DeP Wintr . aul Univ Island Ston ry & 26 Colleg e d 63r d 63r 63rd 63rd e Cascad us/11th and Columb 63 W 63 W 63 63 63 Lexington College , F-6 nita t etball, Blue Demons bask Archer 63 386 64t h 6300S Cott age Sa 63rd B 54 d Pl 63r 63rd y 6 Wells 3rd East Ashl and Grove Chicago Sky), G-7 oln Linc Park Zoo and 65t h Balzekas Mu of seum Dr 67 Gilber ve Forest Preser 379 63rd h Branc 165 29 15 Jac kson Par k ania Lithu n Cult ure d/6 sted ry, E-6 Conservato Branc h 67th Rhodes 94 Wr D-6 igle y F ield (Cubs), 382 669 Old 386 N 5 67 Arcadia Shore South I lan King t Hal 6700S 69th wood er, B-5 Cent Town oln Linc Harlem Wr ight Colleg e, D-3 856 Jolie 383 28 Hodgk ins A 53 6 inbound onl 5 N tt 69t 69th h N 5 e Marquette cal Cen ter, G-2 Loyola Medi 67 Ash Bed ford Park 384 South Shore Cul tural Cente r 26 30 nse Keef Par k 71st essway Stevenson Expr 385 Loyola Univ y, ersit 71 71 Seat Geek 71s t Exchange 94 Sou Sout h worth 7100S 67 d For Stad ium 94 d 73r e Shor Lake Shore, C-6 Narraga City Bryn th Shore Mawr Stony Island 382 382 855 X49 30 72n d Mall Went 74t h 54B 5 N y Dale 73rd Oak 75 Park 75th 75th Coll ege Burr h 75t Yates on 74t h 75 382 7500S est N 5 Wind sor Park 49 t ge Rid 67 UPS 6 76t h 3 4 J14 76th r 52 A mis 77t h Sayre 48 8 24 9 Eggl Nort hweste rn 75 es Service Chang 26 d 44 emon Business Coll ege Loo 15 71 vice Special UPS limited-stop ser 379 Chelte nham Kostne 79th 7900S Clar h 79t h 79t . Schedule coincides with shift changes Sout 79 79 79 y Line R 379 384 379 79th or details Call 312-836-7000 f Wright wood 79th A 8 349 s Bus h Sho 169 to/from 69th station (CT A Red Line) ic Metra Electr 383 X9 Perry ank Burb ern Count t ay station (C TA Or ange Line) 390 to/from Midw Sout h Chicago 29 29 Justice s: e Hour Servic ved Impro 385 Excha A Green Line) 392 to/from Cicero station (CT re Branch 83rd nset Damen West Vincenne Ashburn A Red Line) 395 to/from 95th station (CT 8300S 83rd South Chica e Grove 83rd d 83r d N 5 nge 24 890 to/from Har vey, Home wood , Chicago Heights Archer #62 – e fre Service rvi ce. nutes 15 mi nt Sunday se Mor que , very will operate e ral Dr ro ne and Dan tead of every 20 m ins 8am and 12 inutes, betw noon. een 26 King State Halste Cottag Stony Island Kedzie Cent Narraga Raci Cice Ashl Pulaski Ry an Harlem Cork fery ayette 48 go Woods Holla nd 71 Bri dgeview 87th Jef Centra #85 l – begins Service earlier and ends 15 minutes later on 15 minutes Laf Gresha m 8700S 87t h 7th 8 87th 87t h 87th 87 87 87 87 J 385 385 87 kory Hic wee Saturdays, and S undays/holidays kdays, section for t Bus rst Bus/Las . See Fi w Willo 28 Springs 4 3 Home town 9 h 88t Willow 382 379 386 384 aw mor atio n. e inform Hil ls 30 Buffalo ngs Spri d ts #14 Expr – /Michigan ess r Drive 6 Inne kda the tween y service be Ear lier wee Commerci al 95 91st Mackin et. y and 91st 26 t 91s yn Line Red Mus eum C Berw station. The fi rst southbo us and amp epart und trip will d 5200W 4800W N 5 400W Rober Brainer 800W 4000W 3200W 3600W 8800W 2800W 2400W 1200W 8000W 7600W 7200W 6400W 5600W 6800W 9200W 6000W 8400W 2000W 1600W 1600E 1200E 2400E 400E 800E 2000E 0E/W 895 Oak 9600W nste m. ne stati n Red Li fro m Berwy ad of 5:55a on at 5:30am, i und rst northbo The fi Ewing 93r d 92nd X9 Ridgel 95th/ on 95 4400W To Rosemont N 5 95 349 will instea depart from Museum C s at 6:40am, trip d of 7am. ampu Lawn h St. – 95t 93rd and Schaumb urg Dan Ryan 385 93rd 95 Corridor To Joli Beverly Hills h 95t 9500S h 95t N 9 ay Through Frida N 5 95 30 95th Houst 95th 381 381 381 1 U. Park – cago/H yde of Chi #17 servi ound tri southb p weekday Earlier rst ce. The fi 381 Ave 895 100 h 95 t 112 Mond A 53 d of 7:30a :17am, m. will outh Shore at 7 The fi instea from 54th/S rst depart 108 e Oak Lawn rgreen Park Eve rial i a Heritage l 88t 353 Chicago Beverly h Ave wn 95th 95th 359 o Yates rates Van Vlis nor d trip thbound instea d of 7:45am. epart from 60th/U niversi ty at 7:35am, J Ridg ll e Ma 2800E 3000E 4000E 3600E Metr 76t 386 352 o 100 go Chica Ope Indust T 34 71 Sta te Univ A 52 9900S e #17 2 U. of Chi cago/K enwood – wee kda y service. Th e fi rst sou thb oun d trip Ear lier Calumet 100th singe 100th Woodla n i 99t h 103 28 3200E Stony Island Par k 383 L 100t h from Hyde m, 0am. The fi ast Park/E will rst instead of 7:3 depart End at 7:15a n n 100t h 106 4 353 cial 9 Chicago Oliv e- a Cook Co r St Xavie instead of 7:45am thbound from 60th/U niversi ty will trip nor . depart at 7:32 am, s res 169 69th-UPS Exp b 15 111 r Harvey ts Cour 119 Unive rsit y 381 28 103 u 115 hwest Hwy Colleg e Bridgevie w b 103rd 10300S u 103rd 103rd d 103r 103r d Sky Hour Rev s: rvice ised Se Sout Line Red 384 Commer S J14 379 106 382 103 103 way 26 103r d Chi cago 104th 103rd o Chicag 103r d 69t on h Stati d 383 gto n Washin rts 104th #24 entwor W th – tions Service ins 40 minutes later. The fi in both direc beg rst n 386 A 8 384 h 104t Ridge 385 106th s Height a 69t h 106th Sat l 26 Rid ge s m. Th e ad of 5:05a nor thbound trip will depart from 79th/Vincen nes at 5:45am, i nste 100 I UPS onl y 108 Robe 349 384 k es 34 79t h C c ge Grove p from Clark/Lake und tri fir st southbo will depa rt at 6:40am, instea d of 6am. h 107t B o d 10700S 107th Willo K h 107t 381 Palos R nonstop to UPS ce 119 Spr a ero land Cotta t g Dr w d r see schedule e Moraine Archer Doty – #13 2 Goose Islan d Expr ess inued. Ser vic e on this rou disc been te has ont ings t ia (EB) Vincenn lem e gelan ero ls Hil 352 i e Avenue l Valley Cic Wentworth Pulaski 111A Avenue Kin 30 Halsted Ash o Western and to the Goose Isl e service Alt ernativ ed by area is provid 70 #8 Halsted and # M Pulaski Torren Cic Rid Har ege Coll Peor J Western Kedzi y 359 Worth 112 o k Islan 111th 111t h 111t h h 111t ision b us routes, and the R ed Li Div ne. 11100S 111th T 86th Ave h 111t Dot 71 e 384 385 379 111 112 385 385 100 n i Mont Ewing L n Pullma ange: Rou ting Ch an ere n i y Histor ic District 112th 112th Calumet Sag Chann Front a 114th ingfield Metra Roc #18 16th/18 th – he e interse perma re of th Due to t closu cti on at nent M 111 ip Als Halsted Michig Wort h Kensin n gto 115th h 115t Spr 115t h O 11500S el s now ope rate treet, via 18th S recti ons in both di c, buse naw to thru traffi 16t h/Washte 115 A 52 Palos 353 Heights Wes tween th Street be rate on 16 will no longer ope Buses gden, and Albany. tern, O land Avenue rn. and Weste California Ash Marshfi eld h 119t 119th e Lak #47 47th – vice te e Park and M idway Airpo 47th/Lak rt will n Ser ow opera between 11900S 119 Forest Merri onette 119 T lue Island tric B Metra Elec Branch 118th 119t h r Preser ve i met Calu - 385 383 ng. early morni ng until late eveni from daily S t (Oper ate s Mon day Throug h Sat urd ay) a Park 877 t e Bis T 386 o l l to w Pullm #11 an Shuttle – 1A 5th operat es between 11 and /Cottag now Service e Grove hop a y n Oak Brook, West wart State d 123r Palos d. Buses now Islan ullman 103 ty Center at Communi serve the P rd/Stony 12300S Racine Ford Free Palos Hei ghts Lombard, Blu e Ste Ridge Park Pullma ange wners Gro ve Do 34 359 349 104 th/Woodl awn. To 124th ctr ic Park Island A 8 ip Als land ory Palos oop LaGr 108 nonstop way 108 Ash e Line Burr Oak Lowe ra Ele ANA 12700S ersity Thr ver HS to Car 127t h Wolf Tra in w N O I S Burr O ak Greg Park h 127t 385 877 383 hange Met L Main e Lak 127th Univ n 379 Calume t Route 83 lem Red L ine – m on is now fully open , wit h access t /Dan 95th o/fro stati The new Ryan Burr 130th Prairie Vermont Calumet Lombard, to Oak Brook, Exc Baltimor Sagina e d 353 Oak 130th 130th 888 30 Har Do ve wners Gro 34 ort h and sou h the n th termi nals, ern, sp bot with mod s and aciou provi ding customers Park 30 Wood Kedzie Homa Vermont 348 y) 131st Sag 359 I NDI I LLI 34 353 Line Sout h Shore 348 34 . perience t ex ble facilit accessi nsi t tra asan ple fully d a more ies, an gelan 385 y Francisco rt Blue Island a rates tral To Gary, Michiga y, n Cit Forest Preser ve 132nd Rid t Vermont S Saturda Ellis Sout h Bend Air por t 133rd 132nd 352 135t h h 135t thWest Servic Rev ised Routing/Service : Orlan d Park Cen gh 383 385 Park Langle 358 Indian 353 Square 359 Eberha ire 13500S tan (Ope Cla Mall Leyden Red Line – peri M rush AM and P onger ods will no l ring Line tr ed Select R ains du Brainar ns Robbi erdale Riv 348 Crestwood 355 Forest Preser ve Metra Sou ence 386 Western ope rate via the Gre en Line betw een so uth of R oos evelt to /fro m Ash land/63 rd. All 359 877 383 To Orland Pulaski d Riv erd ale Kedzie & Manhat 138th 139t h 349 Torr Robbins Monday Throu 364 Howard Line will r un betw een service and Red Ryan. /Dan 95th 348 353 Hegewisch Midlothian Loo ated – p Elev k, and station Pin nge, Brown, Ora , serving s Quincy e Expres Purpl new lin es, is ssi ble, featuri ng new e lev ators, reno vated stair ways, and now acce 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 lig hting.

4 10 13 11 9 12 36 70 ware een Michigan/Dela nonstop betw ion Divis 1200N ion Divis 70 ion Divis 1200N 143 lington (2500N) and Stoc kton/Ar 70 36 Clark / own es not sh Rout ware nonstop betw een Michigan/Dela Divi sion 146 and Inner Dr iv e/Belmont (3200N) LaSalle 151 iv e een Michigan/Inner Dr nonstop betw icago Downtown Ch Elm Rush per wn • iod routes from do wnto 147 oster (5200N)/Mar ine and F 1 21 and 192 120, a stations Metr Lake Sho een Michigan/Dela nonstop betw ware (In ner Dr (see maps belo w). 37 Bus lin e with 148 Subway rail li nes and Ir ving P ine ar k (4000N)/Mar 70 000 Cedar route number and sta n tio 70 Hill , • Special and seasonal routes 19 ive) re Oak Street A A 128 and 130 (see maps belo w). CTA Jump route 000 Maple Elevate d rail li nes, Beach S H U R vue Belle directio on n and stati CTA Night Owl v • ar iations N4, N22, Part-t ime bus STR EET 000 22 service only N60, N66 (all b uses lea ve from ard I G HTLI N F E 8 Line Express: Purple ashington). State/W E A A R y Newberr h perio ds only Weekday rus No stops Oak 1000N 200E 400E to Linden Research Oak along bus route to How Rush Library xpress b Pace e • us routes 755, 850, Free train connecti ons ess Call 312-836-7000. 851 and 856. l t Ow Nigh n at statio N62 156 only service Walto n e st insid Connect ion ation to Kimball Walto n ations Walk for free bet ween st Loop Link Red Line 143 ion, farecar ed d requir connect transitw ay Washington Square 146 Dewitt Metra le stati Accessib on Delaware Locust ago 360 Chic van der Rohe 147 comm rail uter Purple Line Expr Br own Line 36 22 22 To McCormic k Place Delaware rances ary sta tio Auxili n ent Ride Bus 3 southbound on 148 36 Mies and machines Farecard staf f at of Point inte rest . Michigan (800N to 2100S) daily ent rance this 157 151 Chest nut Chestn ut 125 Coll ege or farecar d mac f No or staf hines CH XX Chestn ut Wat er at this ent ranc e university U A R TER O NE-Q MILE Tower 157 Pla ce Shelte red bicycle par king Instit ute Pl son Pear 100W r Street numbe an Lak e MB Shore hig 3,26 of Museum 400 METER S LU 0E/W Par k Contem porary Art Mic B B Chicag o 800N 66 66 Chicago 66 800N th Nor Admini strative T H N O N WESTER R ago Chic 26 ago Chic Hearing Facility 125 3, 26, G UNIVER S I T Y Ann & r Superio 3 (Cou nty Cour t) begins/ 125 600W 400W 800W 200W Robert H. ends Supe rior rior Supe 26 Luri e Lak Children ’s R N WESTER N O T H k 125 37 e Shore Dr Hospit al n L I T A MEMORI A P L HO S lin ns wic 143 sbury d e abee rk Huron Huro n ir 146 Larr Cla LaSalle Wells King Orlea Stat Rush Wabash Dearborn Sedg Hudso Frank 3 ive Halste 147 66 134 St Cla 148 37 Erie Erie 157 135 151 N A VENUE SHOPPIN NU begins/ Erie 3 ends 136 e Oliv 125 125 157 2 Par k Ontario Ontario 2,157 O R T H IVER N R rg nks 2 C H IGA T E T MEN T AIN R E N Kennedy/Dan Ry an Ohio R E A A Fairba McClu Expwy F eeder Ramp Street Ohio 600N TH MI h Beac Ohio 600N 125 125 2 157 2,66 2 2,157 Grand NOR 65 29 124 66 65 29 65 2 er Navy Pi Grand Grand Grand 2 29 65 C C eeter 3 tig o Kings Str 26 Pesh 36 s Illinoi Chi cag o bury Illi noi s 37 56 143 65 29 65 66 124 65 29 ren’s Child 37 2 8 125 Museu m on lo wer le vel Hubbar d 146 56 125 Milw aukee mbus 147 d Hubbar d Hubbar front 29 22 22 148 Colu Park New Plaza City 36 36 151 re Drive 124 North Water UC 157 Kinzie Kinzie 400N 400N Blue Line 62 2 dise Merchan of Museum ID 146 Lake Sho Riv er Mart ton Broadcast 148 nic ati ons Commu Clin Chicago Riv 156 29 6 er s e Merchandis to O’Hare 2 r 134 6 e Mart 20 ine 135 k c 136 6 Canal Wayman a ie Kinz Wacker 6 W 146 S ILLINOI Airport 20 Despla Union 148 (r ush 125 TER CEN per iods) 4 134 136 135 Wacker Fult on Sout h Water Water side 2 24 4 State/ 56 Sout h Water Wacker/Columb een nonstop betw us s on middle le vel 124 124 HW 125 Lake 134 D D and Ar lington (2500 N)/Stoc kton Gr een Line 56 6 124 shore TB to Harlem/Lak e nonstop betw een Wacker/Columb us Park Acces 135 6 e Shore and Belmont (3200N)/Lak Lake water Break 200N 200N Lake West 20 Wacker/Columb een nonstop betw us 146 CTA 148 Bent on Use 136 4 Pink Line ine weet (4100N)/Mar and Bitters Head quarters/ on farec a rd Clark / son to 54th/Cermak 60 er Ventra Cus tom Gall ery 37 Sis kel Lake Service Cente r Clint Cente r Film Stet Well s Fiel d Wacker for the Arts Lake Ctr Thompso n 60 125 20 Harbor Cente r ICT D ISTR T H E A T R E Randol ph lph Rando Chica go 4 60 itor Vis ral Cultu y Dale usic Harri s M Info Ctr Cente r a Metr Cente r n 37 125 & Dance Theater Millennium iga 37 Traffic 125 Station ic, Metra Electr Metra Use Cit y Hall/ side (in Court begins Line h Shore Sout Union farec ard 20,56 y Bldg Count ’s) Macy Mich 60,124 Pacific J14 J14 on ngt Washi Washi on ngt ngt on Washi 147,151,1 57 Maggie 20 56 20 60 157 124 56 20 147 151 Pr itz ker J14 151 ush per 20 (r iods) 147 Pavilion Metr a y Dale Civ ic on/ ngt Washi G ngt on/ Washi 2 Ogilvie J14 60 a Opera Par k Wells Transp h Wabas 124 ends Hous e HC 157 Millennium 6 DT J14, 56 Center 157 20 20 157 124 60 56 Par k J14 J14 J14 Plaz 0N/S 0N/S Madison Madison 20,56 60 e MC 134 60,124 124 29 go Chica Canal erside lin ton EET SHOPPIN Stat 157 157 ile Mercant 60 60 135 J14 22 Riv 36 Exchan ge Clin E E Dearborn Frank 124 2 124 136 AI d 24 Monroe 26 125 156 29 e Monro Mon roe s Wells Halste Wabash 147 Expwy Wacker 125 146 ine 62 S TATE STR 151 rk 157 136 134 135 147 22 146 bus LaSalle Cla 151 end Jefferson Despla Kennedy 148 24 tit ute Art Ins 156 151 28 28 of Chicago 7 7 126 126 1 126 151 200S Colum aukee Metra Milw s Adam / Adams 36 200S 7 1, trict, North Dis h Wabas Will is 28,126 E R A L FED CA rak/ Amt 148 62 CK ST tral Service Cen 8 Petri llo Tower Metra 134 Symph ony ncy Qui CS TER CEN 7 c Musi 151 ay, Railw Metra BNSF n Unio 135 r Cente Archi- l Shel 1 Her ridor , itage Cor Sta tion 136 Jackson T O W N 156 r Cente ARK Sout hWest Service 151 156 begin/ 37 3 1 Jackson Jackson end 28 151 126 7 1 4 126 G REEK d a Metr JM DU P Chica go 1 6 7 Van Board begin/end le/ LaSal 7 28 124 Use 37 en Bur 134 Metra Electr ic, of Trade 7 28 farecar H W Lib rary Bure Van n Str eet Line Sout h Shore 151 156 126 135 Station 26 37 Monroe Harbor Van Bur en Y W ALK W A Van Bur en 400S 136 400S 28 125 7 7 begin 36 higan a Metr 126 HI Ch icago 143 LaSalle 37 Hostel ted 37 Harold le 143 on ends eet Str RU Wash- UIC- RM Blue Line 60 F F Station 60 2 Hals n ingto to F ark orest P LaSal Clint 147 Library kingham Buc 6 Ida B. Wells n tai Foun 7 hower Exp wy Eisen 7 29 Metra J14 60 157 125 36 Roc k 126 37 62 Greyhound d Islan 148 143 Bus Terminal trict Dis 148 ends 146 36 147 begins 600S Harriso n 7 60 600S 36 125 7 60 n Harriso Y A ALK W W 7 y Cook Count son Harri Broadw xtended us e ay b 36 J14 37 CC Spertus Court Lake Mic Main Polk 6 to Harr ison/Desplaines 26 GRANT 60 Museum rn Post after 10:30 pm daily Vernon Park 28 al 125 of Judaic a Offic e 2 Feder Dearbo 22 UI Balbo 2 6 Lexing ton 62 157 157 400W 200W 8 62 22 600W Polk 800S 800S Polk 2 s Jane Addam rive 8th igan 6 Hull e Hous Museum ace l s Cabrini 26 Mich on 0E/W alle 28 e Shore D EW rk mouth Express ser wnto wn vice from Do G G Ply Park Terr Wells Cla Wabash LaS Financia Lak to Museum of Science and Hutch inson Halsted Desplaine Jeff ers Canal Clinton 1 us y route 10 vided b y pro Industr Field 9th Stat e ial Da daily Memor y through 3 w. Labor Da y. See map belo 29 4 Columb 1000S Taylor 1000S 29 62 J14 62 146 24 18 146 KET 6 2 28 us/11th and La nonstop betw ar k/47th ke P een Columb ALK W Y A W 11th DeKoven S TREET us/11th and Jeff een Columb nonstop betw er y/67th Metra J14 26 t Metra ctric, Ele Museum 18 Sout h aw Grensh Cour W A Delano L Campus/ K e Shor W A Roose velt 11th Street Y Line S U N D AY MAR M A XWELL 146 18 Museum Campus d Aquarium Shed / 62 N velt Roose N 62 12 18 1200S m Oceanariu 146 18 12 1200S Roose velt Adl er us y b Museum Campus ser ved b N62 Planet ariu m 18, N62 y 130 daily from Memor ial Da 12 week y. end through Labor Da See map belo w. 12 12 Airport ity Solidar 146 m Field Museu ay 8 H 12t h Street H 13th Ryan Expwy Beac h 18 Linn Ashland/63rd 146 McF e tridge 1 62 N Dan to Midw White or to Cottage Grove Colum bia 3 on Hunti ngt to 95th/Dan Ryan mpus Dr Maxw ell a al Colleg e a Bank n ilio Pav Dr C 4 mouth e Danc at Northerly r Cente m Feder Indian Ply Island u dier Field Sol e s u Or ange Line Red Line Gr een Line ther Nor ly M 14th Island 12 to Par k 16th/Indiana ity • Comm Author tment , Chicago © Ma y 2019 unications Depar Transit leges and Un Col iversities Downtown Points of Interest nal Rail road Termi s: pera House Civic O , E-1 0 Museum ary Art, B-12 of Contempor 0 MB Mood y Bib le Instit ute, B-1 Career colleg CA es, E-11 1 LaSalle St. Station (Metr a), F-1 , H-11 College Dan ce Center bia Colum Navy Pie r, C-13 MacCormac Colle ge, E-11 MC ge, F-11 Colu CC mbia Colle Mille tra, m Station (Me nniu Coun , F-9 Clinton) arrison/ ty Court (H Cook ry Research Libr ary, A-1 Newber 1 I ing and CH Hos pita Cook lit y NU Northwestern Universit y Sch ool outh Shor S -12 e ), D ters, D-9 CTA Head quar ly Island Park, H-13 Norther ago , B-10 Inst itute of Chic apy, B-12 of Physica l Ther Transp. Center gilvie tra), E-10 (Me O er, E-11 Daley Cent North Michig area, C-12 ing an Ave. shopp CK e ago-Kent Colleg Chic Rober t Morris Uni RM y, F-11 versit (Amtr ak, Met ra), E-10 Station Union Federal Buildin Cour gs and ts, E-11 rn Memorial Northweste Hos pital , B-12 of Law (IIT ), E-9 etarium , H-13 Plan Adler RU Roo sevelt University, F-11 Field M useum , H-13 Petrillo Shell , E-12 Music Chicago r, E-11 CS este Sem ative Hear Adm inistr Facility ing AI School of the Art Institute, E-11 Galler y 37 Center for th e Arts, D-12 Pritzker Pavilion , E-12 DeP ersi ty, aul Univ DU 0 t), B-1 nty Cour (Cou Park Festi vals, F-12 Grant Aquar Shedd eanar ium ium/Oc , H-13 Downt own, F-11 ST of Busines s Stuart School & Robe s en’ rt H. Lurie Childr Ann (IIT), E-9 Termina l, F-9 Gre yho und Bus Sis kel Film Cent er, D-11 EW East- West University, G11 pital Hos , B-12 Harold Washin gton Libr ary , F-11 Soldier Bears), H-13 Field ( e, D-11 Business Institut TB Taylor old Was HW Har hin gton Arc hiCenter , E-12 usic & Danc Harris M e Theater, D-12 2 ica, G-1 uda tus Museum Sper of J College , D-11 y of Chicago Universit UC Art In sti tute of Chic ago, E-12 Gleac r, C-12 her Cente Hoste ago l, F-11 HI Chic eet shopping , E-11 State Str Har College rington HC Beac : hes Huntington Pavilio Bank n at ny Center, E-12 pho Sym of Des ign, E-10 y of I UI Univ llin ois ersit ak St., A-12; Ohio St., C-13; O ago, G-9 at Chic ther d ly Islan Nor , H-13 Theatre Distr ict, D-11 ign -IIT, D-10 Insti tute of Des ID 12th St., H-13 er area, D-12 Cent Illinois ate of Illinois) r, D-11 Cente Thompson (St J dem DT Int’l Aca ign & y of Des ham Buc king F-12 tain, Foun Hous Jane Addams Hull- e Museum, G-9 y Center), D-11 Court (i n Dale Traffic Technolo gy, E-11 d of Boar Chicago Tra de, F-11 Maggie Daley Park, E-12 , D-9 mer Service Center Ventr a Custo Law arshall JM John M C-13 n’s Museum, Chicago Childre Main ce, F-10 Post Offi Cent Visitor Information er, D-12 l, F-11 Schoo 2 Chicago Cult ural Center, D-1 Maxwell Street Sunda rket, H-9 y Ma Water Tower Plac e, B-12 LU University, Loyola Chicago M ercant ge, E-10 Exchan ile Water Tower, B-11 Mart, D-10 Merchandise Willis Tower, E-10 Cit y Hall/ County Buildin g, E-11 ast Com adc of Bro ations, D-11 Museum munic 360 Chica go, B-12 tions Period Buses Rush from Downtown Metra Train Sta al and Seaso Other Speci nal Routes 19 U press enter Ex nited C of Ch Hospital Univ s Exp 192 icago useum and 10 M Indu stry of Science xpress AM 120 Ogi ie/Stree 20 Ogilv PM 1 ress terville ervil le E Exp /Street lvie Ogilv ie Board at Ogilvi e rville AM Express reete ress vil le Exp ter 21 Union/St nion/Stree PM 1 121 U Water wks, for Bul Service ls, Blac kha Transp Center: Transp Towe r n Cent er and c s oncert 120,121 120 n SB on Clinto Service week day Service weekd ay Pla ce on Madis 120 120 K an end 121 son at Madi S onl y rus h periods onl rus y h periods Chicag o 121 121 Clinto begin L 53rd between No stops Jac kson end a begin ks k Huron Huron ks Halst ed and e Union an Michig an S rive Unite d Cen ter Statio n h o Ontario Roos evelt Wacke r r Ogilvie e Halsted Orang e Lines ) (Red, Green, Fairban Michig Lower Michig Lower D Fairban illenni um M Transp McClurg bark Randol ph McClurg Grand Grand r Roosevelt Station Cent er bus Lake Sho NO STOPS Kim Ellis Lake Park ton Washing s Illi noi Illi noi s 56th S T O P S N O te 57th Madison Board at Lake Shore D 57th n e Colum Sta an n Station: Unio Gold bla tt Wacker Wacker d United AM AM g Bld SB on Clinto n Union Stat Ogil vie vie Ogil Cent er only only A C K E R A C K E R N W N W at Jackson Station 59th O O o Balb Transp Transp Jefferso Michig S S Lake Lake P ny Islan P r Cente r Cente Midway m of Museu Grove r e and Union : From Og on Center ilv ie Trans Station portati Plaisa nce Sci e an enc d Indus try Sto vice weekd ay Ser 120 120 D 60th d on Madison at Clin ton bound west Board Post Pl. Post Pl. tage ny r rush periods only on ngt Washi ngt Washi on N O S T O N O S T O Sto Cot Islan : at Ogilvi rd 120 e Transp Center Boa 850 E 59th Unio n n Unio at Ogilvi e Transp Center rd 120 Boa : on Can SB gto n al at Washin Sta tio n n Sta tio SB only Franklin Franklin Clinton SB on Can al at Washin gto n Clinton s Adam s Adam n n Jackso Jackso Station: at Union rd 121 Boa Boa Station: at Union rd 121 mpus useum Ca 130 M ess— 128 Soldie eld Expr r Fi 121 121 on Jackso n at Can al EB EB al n at Can on Jackso Lake fare educed $5 f are $2. 50 r vice Memorial Dail y ser Washing ton Ogilvie l through Day weekend Ogil vie Transp rk for Bears Service Art r Transp Cente Day Labor Cent er onl y football games Cana Cla Inst itute L Clinton Madison Adams Clinton al Unio n Jackson Sta n tio Union Wil lis Can Station Towe r Congres s n Jackso lle St LaSa N O Station Balbo te Boa rd at S T : Transp Center Ogilvie Sta O P Shed d ton at Washington SB on Clin S er Adl Aquarium rd at Boa Columbus - Planet e Transp Center Ogilvi : Station: on rd at Uni Boa m ariu Field on at Madiso SB n on Clint river n at the EB on Jackso Museu m McF etridge Northerly rd at L Boa aSall e St Station: e McFetridg Sol dier on: Stati Boa rd at Uni on Island Field EB on Jackso Pl. n at Financial al EB on Jackso n at Can Par k dier Field Sol

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