1 EMPLOYEE SEPARATION CHECKLIST AM H S TATE U NIVERSITY S OUSTON S TUDENT ERVICES D IVISION OF S e, it This checklist is designed to guide supervisors through the process of employee separation/termination at SHSU. When possibl members prior to their separation. Once completed, this form should remain in the employee’s should be reviewed with staff department file. Name (print): Employee’s Sam ID #: Employee’ s Employee’s Department: Employee’s Title: Supervisor’s Name (print): Last Date of Employment: Ple ase check off applicable items: 1. should be completed within three (3) business days of receipt of a written The items in this section notice of resignation: Advise employee of action item timelines to avoid delays in the a. process . separation and process Payroll Action Form documenting the last day of employment. A copy of the written b. Prepare shall be employee’s stored in the notice of resignation should be attached to the PAF, and the original department file. c. If the employee has any questions about the separation process, benefits or vacation leave balance payout - 294 - 1070. procedures, he/she should contact the Human Resources Department at 936 The Human Resources Department will send the separating employee a separation packet once notification is received This packet includes benefit related documents and a voluntary Exit Interview regarding the separation. Questionnaire. d. Advise em ployee to contact Human Resources at 936 - 294 - 1070 if he/she is transferring to another Texas state agency or university within 30 days of the separation date. e. Request employee to provide a written summary of projects /programs to be transferred to other staff and begin notification to relevant parties of the pending re - o ensure a members assignment of programs t ost the fo - mail auto reply : “Due to a change in department smooth transition. For example, p llowing on e ffective (date), please contact John Smith regarding the ABC Program.” staffing, e f. Complete Travel Voucher for pending travel report. 2. SECURITY – On the effective date of separation, these items are to be completed: a. Collec t department - issued building, office , and vehicle keys from employee , as applicable . Verify employee has returned all university - Physical Plant Work Control by obtaining from the issued keys to his/her Key Card reflecting all keys have been returned . employee a copy of b. - Card from employee , if applicable . Collect P c. Revie w and reset P - Card login credentials and verify documentation of P - Card purchases within the current billing cycle. d. Submit notification of termination of signature authority to P rocurement and Business Services with effective date. e. Submit notification of termination of signature authority to Controller’s Office with effective date.

2 f. Submit notifica tion of termination of signature authority to Accounts Payable Department with effective date. 3. PROPERTY – On the effective date of separation, these items are to be completed: Co llect university - owned a. and software issued to employee (laptop, cell phone, handheld radio, equipment etc.) items assigned for off - campus use as per Property Department F and/or - 22 . Acquire all orm RA passwords to protected electronic equipment and verify access to operating systems. b. Submit to Property an updated RA 22 for each item returned to campus or assigne d to another employee. - c. All personal and non - essential software and files should be removed from university - owned property. Reset passwords on all office equipment as needed to ensure data protection. d. e. Reconcile any Petty C ash accounts under the purview of the employee. 4. On the effective date of separation, these items are to be completed: COMPUTER USE – a. Notify Computer Services via online Work Order of employee’s separation, username and effective date. via online Work Order Notify Telephone Services of employee’s separation, telephone extension and b. effective date. – 5. At earliest time after effective date of separation, these items are to be completed: OTHER a. Update university websites referencing separated employee’s name. b. Cancel any pending Travel Applications, travel arra ngements, and event registrations. c. Remove or change name of institutional memberships and subscriptions established in the employee’s name. d. employee’s final approved timesheet or leave report to Payroll. Submit e. Employee mail to be forwarded as applicable to: f. Notes on additional separation procedures: Supervisor Signature: _________________________ 6. Checklist complete Date: _________ ____ VPSS 2010

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