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2 Purpose of the Workbook and Instructions This workbook will help you structure your reflection and learning after you complete the UP YOUR GAME: A LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE simulation and subsequent discussion with a facilitator and/or other participants. Your objective is to record and assess your performance dur ing the simulation, identifying areas of strength, as to include insights from listening to how other well as development opportunities. You are also encouraged participants handled the challenges in the exercise, as well as your facilitator’s input. It is important to invest time immediately (or soon after) the exercise to reflect on your work and the lessons learned. The more time you reflect on your experience, the greater the opportunity you have to identify future learning experiences that will effectively prepare you for y our career. By objectively looking at your strengths and vulnerabilities, you will gain newfound confidenc e and skills that enhance your development as a professional. As you complete the workbook, record what you feel you handled well for each issue and what you could have om this reflection as your strengths and areas for handled more effectively. Then, indicate what emerges fr development. Finally, indicate how you plan to build on your strengths and address your development needs. This Workbook has four parts: Page I Evaluate Your Approach: Tackling the Business Challenges 3 II 8 Self-Assessment III Strengths and Action Plans 11 Appendix A Email Response Analysis 12 2

3 I. Evaluate Your Approach: Tackling the Business Challenges A number of issues were identified in this simulation. Here is a summary: Safeway, a key retailer, has discontinued stocking your breakfast bars.  Paul Morin can’t complete market research for breakfast bars.  Opportunities surfaced as a cross-functional team leader and as an informal team leader.   Sales opportunity in Spain clashes with demand to minimize discounts.  California sales targets are not a priority for sales manager.  Strategy suggestions are needed for next year.  Peers need assistance. These challenges could take weeks to fully resolve, so the question is not how many you solved but how much emphasis you placed on initiating action in these areas. Assess what you handled well and what you might have handled more effectively, by considering these questions:  How high were these challenges on your list of priorities? How much did you convey a sense of urgency to tackle these problems?   What could you have placed more emphasis on? For each of the following leadership and business challenges, use the questions below to evaluate your performance. Refer to the In-Box you completed as well as the discussion and notes you made during the debriefing. Appendix A Includes a list of all the emails, strategies to consider and examples of responses that might assist you as you evaluate your performance. 1. Safeway, a key retailer, has discontinued stocking breakfast bars. Describe how you handled this challenge and your effectiveness. What could you have done differently? 3

4 I. Evaluate Your Approach: Tackling the Business Challenges 2. Paul Morin can’t complete market research for breakfast bars. Describe how you handled this challenge and your effectiveness. What could you have done differently? 3. Leadership opportunities surfaced as a cross-functional team and informal team leader. Describe how you handled this challenge and your effectiveness. What could you have done differently? 4

5 I. Evaluate Your Approach: Tackling the Business Challenges 4. Sales opportunity in Spain clashes with demand to minimize discounts. Describe how you handled this challenge and your effectiveness. What could you have done differently? 5. Need to improve sales in California but the sales manager has other priorities. Describe how you handled this challenge and your effectiveness. What could you have done differently? 5

6 I. Evaluate Your Approach: Tackling the Business Challenges 6. Strategy suggestions needed for next year. Describe how you handled this challenge and your effectiveness. What could you have done differently? 7. Peers need assistance Describe how you handled this challenge and your effectiveness. What could you have done differently? 6

7 I. Evaluate Your Approach: Tackling the Business Challenges 8. Other? Any additional challenges you viewed as important. Describe how you handled this challenge and your effectiveness. What could you have done differently? 7

8 II: Self-Assessment ical leadership and business issues, evaluate how Now that you have evaluated how you managed the crit effective you were in demonstrat ing specific skills and behaviors. contribute to performance. The competencies listed A competency is a group of skills and behaviors which below are important factors of success as a leader, as well as other competencies. We identified these as particularly important to this simulation. Read the description of the competencies and performance indicators listed below. Rate your level of performance using the following scale based upon how effe ctively you demonstrated the positive indicators: Strongly Disagree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree 2- Disagree 1- 3- 5- 4- Strongly Agree COMPETENCIES – Identifies core issues of problems; sees full complexity of issues Problem-Solving and Decision Making and interrelationships among them; develops logical, well-thought-out solutions. Difficulties might indicate that under certain circumstances, you might not consider t making decisions under time he full range of issues when pressures. Negative indicators of my performance Positive indicators of my performance  sees connections among issues  deals with issues independently develops in-depth solutions   requires more information than needed  identifies underlying trends or themes focuses mainly on symptoms  makes clear, firm decisions   hesitant to make firm decisions  tackles tough issues  avoids dealing with tough issues SELF-RATING ___ Performance- Oriented – Pursues challenging targets with determination to achieve results; not easily defeated; displays a sense of urgency and tackles obstacles with energy. Difficulties might indicate that under certain circumstances, you need to develop more confidence in dealing with unfamiliar issues. Negative indicators of my performance Positive indicators of my performance delays action for further information   takes initiative and responsibility calls for meetings rather than action  proactive and took appropriate actions   seeks boss’s advice excessively conveys a sense of urgency   does not challenge objections challenges objections with tenacity  ___ SELF-RATING 8

9 II: Self-Assessment Planning & Organizing – Approaches issues in an orderly systematic fashion; uses time and other resources efficiently; shows awareness of key priorities and bigger picture. Difficulties might indicate that you have challenges with how you plan and organize under time pressure and in unfamiliar situations. Positive indicators of my performance Negative indicators of my performance covers a number of issues in one email misses key priorities and interconnections   creates plans and agendas for future   spends too much time on details sets timeframes for actions to occur  makes no plans for meetings or other  actions indicates follow-up steps after return to  office does not mention time frames  SELF-RATING ___ Teamwork – Proactively involves others in plans, invites input; encourages collaboration with colleagues; promotes joint ownership, team spirit and uses of “w e” language instead of over emphasizing “I.” Difficulties might indicate that you can work well as an individual contributor but need to learn how to be more inclusive and collaborative with your team. Positive indicators of my performance Negative indicators of my performance   issues requests in a one-way fashion regularly asks colleagues for input suggests working together on issues stresses own need to get things done    uses praise and other supportive language adopts an adversarial tone  thus valuing others  conveys an “us vs. them” outlook with “I” regularly uses “we” instead of “I”  language SELF-RATING __ Communication – Expresses self clearly; specific and concise; seeks to understand the views of others; reaches out to people to get to know them and to build working relationships and structured communications logically. Difficulties might indicate that your communication style might be affected by time pressures or other issues and that under these circumstances you might focus more on the task than on relationships. Positive indicators of my performance Negative indicators of my performance uses vague language   concise, confident and clear emails  offers too much detail sticks to the point, few digressions  too brief, thus unclear  conveys a willingness to listen   demanding, one-way tone suggests spending time with people to get   overly focused on task rather than to build relationships relationships SELF-RATING __ 9

10 II: Self-Assessment Influence – Helps others understand your point of view, often c onvincingly; assertive in a diplomatic, sensitive manner; shows leadership by striving to influence the course of the business; and takes the initiative to get “buy in” from key stakeholders. Difficulties might indica te that you need to learn how to consider the needs of others when trying to influence them. Positive indicators of my performance Negative indicators of my performance takes “no” for an answer  confronts objections assertively but  diplomatically  confronts objections aggressively makes definite suggestions to gain support   hesitates to offer advice doesn’t hesitate to contribute ideas  adopts a deferential tone  takes opportunities to show leadership   depends on others for support ___ SELF-RATING Managing Conflict – Addresses conflict confidently and in a timely manner; defuses emotional tension; shows respect and takes ownership by using “I” statements. Di fficulties might indicate that you approach conflict as something to avoid; view it as personal and allow emotions to take over; and/or see the other person as an adversary. Positive indicators of my performance Negative indicators of my performance  seeks to understand the needs of others  delays action on conflict or shows a lack of involved confidence in approach engages stakeholders in the search for  ignores needs of others, focuses only on  mutually satisfactory solutions own needs and solutions manages own emotions and has a calming   loses control of own emotions effect on others assumes that others will buy into resolution  understands how to gain agreement  SELF-RATING __ 10

11 III: Strengths and Action Plans two Based on your self-assessment of t he competencies, identify your two strongest competency areas and areas for development. Describe your action plans for each. My strengths and how I can use them to my advantage: 1. 2. Competencies I want to further develop and my plans on how to do so: 1. 2. 11

12 APPENDIX A Email Response Analysis Each email has been copied into this workbook for your reference. The discussion of each item begins with a statement of the main issue in the email. Then, a few options for dealing with the matter are suggested. There are several ways of being effective, but this workbook cannot cover all possibilities. The options listed are by no means exhaustive . However, they provide a clear guide to the major issues and some of the more positive leadership actions that could be taken. If you have a diffe rent approach that you believe was effective, you will want to discuss it with your facilitator or a coach. Email 1 – Losing a major retailer From: Ilsa Fluery, Manager Hope you enjoyed your week off! Thanks for taking time to get some things going on Sunday before you go to the Strategic Marketing Seminar! As you know, we have a big push on our break fast bars for the next two years and we have been advertising them aggressively on the Internet and TV. Unfortunately a major grocery chain, Safeway, has just discontinued them, citing too many brands with insufficient sales. Safeway’s new person in charge of purchasing for snack foods, Craig Verma, is a big fan of Nature Valley, Quaker and Safeway’s own label brand, so we need to persuade him to buy our product. You helped develop our marketing plan for breakfast bars this year so I’d like you to email Craig to promote our brands and see if you can set up a meeting for one of our sales people to visit him. Make our breakfast bars sure he knows about our advertising campaign and customer reviews, which rated highest for nutritional value and low salt content. Our breakfast bars are the best sellers among health conscious consumers because they have 10% more fiber and protein than the next best bars. I emailed him myself but he hasn’t replied and he isn’t returning my phone calls so I’m hoping you can come up with an idea to turn him around. Safeway is obviously a big distributer and we have challenging growth targets for this year and next. I should also tell you that I had some dealings with Craig when he worked for another large supermarket chain previously. We seem to have had a personality conflict or something. Anyway, he complained about how difficult I was to contact for marketing-related support so that may partly explain his negative attitude toward our products. Issues:  Need to capitalize on advertising campaign for breakfast bars.  Safeway has discontinued carrying the USF’s breakfast bars.  Possible relationship problem between Safeway purchasing manager, Craig Verma and Ilsa Fluery. How to overcome Craig Verma’s objections and build a constructive relationship.  12

13 Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Pass it back to Ilsa to handle, saying that it is her relationship with Craig Verma that needs addressing. 2. Tell Craig Verma that his predecessor liked USF’s breakfast bars. 3. Suggest to Ilsa that USF should approach other retailers instead of Safeway. 4. Offer Safeway a significant discount as an incentive. More effective options: 1. Email Craig Verma to sell the benefits of USF’s breakfast bars and the opportunity presented by the advertising campaign. 2. Ask Craig Verma about his preferences, seeking to build a relationship with him. 3. Write to Craig Verma offering to meet him as soon as possible, promising to provide the best customer service you can. Stressing the benefits of USF’s breakfast bars might seem to be the logical course of action but might not get very far if Craig feels that USF isn’t interested in a relationship with him or making much effort to meet his needs (because of his previous experience with Ilsa). It would be a better idea, as a longer-term initiative, to email Craig stressing your desire to get to know him, understand his needs, and find ways to work together for mutual benefit. Offering a discount would clash with the directive to minimize discounts in order to maintain profitability. Email 2 – Market research for breakfast bars Paul Morin, Market Research Manager From: Hope you enjoyed your holiday. I heard that you were going to be reviewing some issues this Sunday so I market research you wanted done to help promote our breakfast bars for thought I would let you know that the September as you requested. In fac next year won’t be finished by the end of t, as I have lost two key people this month, I can’t see getting it done before the end of the year at the earliest. ed up on a big project for our trail mix line. As you know, Further, Chris Dolzaki, VP Marketing, has us pretty ti he’s really into trail mix products himself so he is enthusiastic about promoting them. Sorry about that! Issues:  This email poses a problem because of the need for continuous efforts to find new and better ways to in light of the company’s ambitious 5-year growth market breakfast bars or to find new markets, especially plans.  Chris has changed the priority from breakfast bars to trail mix. Has the strategy changed?  with resources and/or with employee retention? Given the loss of two key people, are there challenges 13

14 Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Accept the situation and inform Ilsa what has happened. 2. Tell Paul Morin that you are disappointed that he let you down. 3. Voice concerns to Chris Dolzaki about disrupting the market research department’s plans. More effective options: 1. Ask Paul Morin for suggestions on how the original goal can be met. 2. Persuade Chis Dolzaki about the urgency of getting more research resources given the profitability and growth of breakfast bars. Keep Ilsa informed. 3. Ask Chris for suggestions on how to maximize the marketing effort for both trail mix and breakfast bars. 4. You or Ilsa should arrange a meeting with Paul and Chris to discuss ways around Paul’s resource constraints. This is an opportunity to show leadership and influence Paul or Chris rather than simply accepting the situation. Ask for suggestions as a way of engaging Chris and Paul in solving the problem and starting a conversation of the opportunity rather than voicing concerns about it. A positive approach would stress taking advantage about being let down. Email 3 – Pricing and suggestions to boost sales Chris Dolzaki, VP Marketing From: Good morning everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day week or weekend! ke our numbers by the end of the year. We are 8% As you know, we are faced with a huge challenge to ma behind where we should be at this time of year on ou r sales target, 9% behind on profitability and 11% short on market share to the end of August so we need to pull out a ll the stops if we are going to achieve our numbers by the end of December. The last quarter needs to be massive for us this year. I know everyone’s doing all they can to boost sales but we can’t buy market share if that means missing our re from sales to cut deals on big orders with major retail profit target. As you’d expect, we’re under a lot of pressu chains but we need to resist the temptation to give more than 5% reductions on our prices, while not alienating our sales colleagues if we can help it. We need them as much as they need us after all! However, we mustn’t give any discounts, at all, on orders that are less than $600,000. I’m looking for creative suggestions from our associat e brand managers on how we can increase our sales for s by the end of the day on Monday, September 23. Thanks! the rest of the year. Please let me have your thought We can do it! Issues:  How to boost sales and get them back on target by year-end. How to increase sales while maintaining profit margins.  How to avoid alienating sales colleagues who want to offer discounts to get sales.  What creative suggestions can be offered to increase sales?  14

15 Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Decide that no reply is necessary until you have time to think about it. 2. Reply by saying that you will give it some thought. 3. Reply by saying that you don’t have any ideas to offer because you are so new on the job. More effective options: 1. Ask questions about what is being done now and what other companies are doing; gather facts about market trends or any other information. 2. Make a list of creative suggestions imm ediately since you will be away next week. Recognize the implications of this email for the potential deal in Spain, where the regional sales manager says that a significant discount will be necessary to win this business. There is also the connection to the company’s stated objective of growing its non-U.S. business significantly over the next 5 years. However, at this stage, it is best not to make any suggestions when consideri ng Ilsa’s most recent email requesting a coordinated response from her team as a whole. Still, it’s a good relationship-building opportunity and you could reply with enthusiasm that you will give it a high priority and develop some creative ideas. Email 4 – Leading a cross-functional team From: Luis Cabral, Associate Brand Manager I left you a phone message today, but thought I should email you as well. Ilsa asked me if I would like to lead a cross-functional t eam of specialists to look at redesigning some of our people from manufacturing, purchasing and someone from breakfast bars to cut costs. The team will include some new ingredients in mind to replace the peanut Jake Fong’s design department. Our design people have butter, honey, sweetener and milk powder we are curr ingredients would improve ently using. Lower cost profitability but we need to watch the brand image, which is very high on quality. Ilsa says it would be good for my development but she said I could ask you to do it if I didn’t feel that I could lead such a project. As I have only been on the job 6 months , I’d rather learn from your experience for now. to do it. The first meeting is Monday, September 23 at 1 Please let me know as soon as possible if you’d like p.m. I think it’s going to last all afternoon. If you thin k you could lead this important project, you’ll need to draft an agenda for the meeting as soon as possible. If you send me your agenda, I’ll see that it gets distributed first ek at the Strategic Marketing Seminar. thing this Monday as you’re away all we I’m sure you’d be good at leading this project. See you after you get back from the seminar. Hope you enj oy it. I’m looking forward to attending it next year. Many thanks! Issues: Lack of confidence in Luis Cabral to show leadership in this situation   Opportunity to rise to a significant leadership challenge and make a good impression Request that you draft an agenda when you lack knowledge or information.  15

16 Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Reply by saying that Luis should lead the team as he was asked to take on this responsibility and that you are too busy. 2. Ask Ilsa for advice on what to do. More effective options: 1. Accept the opportunity and ask Luis to communicate your willingness to participate and ask him to gather all the background information he can to help you prepare. 2. Develop an agenda for the first meeting with general headings such as design options, cost, quality, risks, opportunities and alternatives. 3. Develop an email for Luis to forward to all participants asking them for their input in planning an agenda for the first meeting. This is an opportunity to assume a leadership challenge, bearing in mind that you could lead this team with little experience, primarily by taking the role of organizer, facilitator and coordinator. You could be effective by asking good questions of the participants rather than doing th is on your own. Ilsa already knows that you could be taking this role, but it’s important that she understand your workload, since you are taking on an added responsibility. Email 5 – Meeting to review sales ideas From: Ilsa Fluery, Brand Manager houghts on how we can make our numbers by the end of You got an email from Chris asking for our creative t the year. pendently but I’d like to develop a coordinated brand Chris has asked you to send in your ideas inde management response. I would therefor e like the three of you, or at least two, to meet with me Monday, re than an hour to pool our best thoughts. September 23 at 2:30 p.m. It shouldn’t take mo st rd Please send me your ideas by Friday the 21 so I can begin reviewing them before our meeting on the 23 . ing, I still want really compelling, fresh ideas from all associate brand Even if all of you can’t make the meet managers. Also, next month we’ll be presenting our stra tegy suggestions, for next year, to Chris. I would appreciate it if you would take a look at our numbers and give me your thoughts on what you think our focus should be for next year. Thanks! Issues:  cross-functional team that you have been asked to lead. This meeting clashes with the first meeting of the  rategic thinking, have some influence over next year’s This is an opportunity for you to get exposure to st plans and make a positive impression on Ilsa. 16

17 Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Ask Ilsa what you should do. tional team meeting that is expected to last all that 2. Advise Ilsa you can’t attend because of the cross-func afternoon. 3. Use the meeting time conflict as a reason to refuse to lead the cross-functional team. More effective options: 1. Ask Ilsa to reschedule her meeting or reschedule the other meeting. ffer to send her your ideas in advance of the meeting. 2. Indicate that you can’t attend Ilsa’s meeting but o 3. Persuade Luis Cabral and Erin Riggs to attend Ilsa’s meeting since she stated that she would be happy if at least two of you attend. Ideally, you want to attend both meetings, so rescheduling one of them might be a good option, provided that meetings rather than just pointing out a you do so in a positive way. Explain the benefits of being at both conflict in your timetable. Although important, the first cross-functional team meeting is perhaps less urgent, so you might suggest that you want time to meet each of these team members independently in order to develop the most efficient possible agenda. Also, this situati on can be seen as an opportunity to show leadership to Luis and Erin to ensure that they both attend Ilsa’s meeting. You also could offer to meet with Ilsa separately to review your suggestions, thus gaining some benefit of exposure to her thinking and ensuring that she appreciates the merits of your ideas. Email 6 – Sales opportunity in Spain Fernando Gomez, Regional Sales Manager, Spain From: a regional sales management position for Spain. I don’t think we’ve met as I was recently promoted to Carrefour. As you know, they are one of the world’s I have a big opportunity for a $500,000 breakfast bar sale to ions primarily in Europe, the Middle East and South largest supermarket chains, based in France with operat America. Carrefour hasn’t carried any of our healthy snack lines before so this is a great opportunity for us to expand our presence outside the U.S. to see what sort of discount we could offer them and she said that you are I spoke to your manager, Ilsa Fluery , in charge of pricing for breakfast bars. I don’t believe t hat we will get this business unless we can offer them 10% off of our price. ed me that, if sales go well, I made it clear to them that this would only be an introduc tory offer. They have assur they would double their order for next year and in troduce it in some of their stores in France. I need your reply urgently as they want to get stock into their stores by the end of September. Hope to meet you soon! Thanks for your help in landing this order! Issues: Great opportunity to grow the business in Europe and elsewhere outside the U.S.   of Chris Dolzaki’s directive to limit them. Problem with the requested discount in light Need for an urgent decision and reply.  17

18 Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Reply that the discount isn’t possible or that it must be a lower amount, simply repeating Chris Dolzaki’s policy directive. 2. Forward the email to Ilsa for her attention. 3. Advise Fernando he will have to wait until you gather more information or until you return from your weeklong seminar. More effective options: 1. Ask Fernando what he can do to get the business without a discount. Engage him in planning an approach based on product features and benefits compared to competing products. 2. Reply by requesting that Fernando reflect on the need to maximize both sales and profitability. Encourage him to sell the customer on the benefits of USF’s breakfast bars and the marketing support you will provide. This leadership opportunity addresses the question of how to sell Fernando on doing what’s best for the business as opposed to passing along information about company policy. It is a matter of encouraging him to do his best to convince the customer purchase USF’s breakfast bars without a discount, but leaving the door open for a small discount as a last resort. It’s not about telling him what to do but rather persuading him to think about what is best for the business. To influence him, praise his efforts, and stress how important this business is to the company’s plans, and that he has your full support in landing this sale. Show that you appreciate his position; sales people are motivated to increase sales and sometimes they can give less thought to profitability. Email 7 – Erin Riggs asking for help with marketing campaign Erin Riggs, Associate Brand Manager From: for our salt-free, shelled sunflower seeds. As you Ilsa asked me today to develop a new marketing campaign hs, so I haven’t done this before. She said I should ask know, this is my first job and I’ve only been here 3 mont you for help as you did such a good job on the campaign for breakfast bars. What help can you offer me? I really need to get start ed next week but I understand you’re at some course all next week. Is there anything you can suggest to get me started? Can you spend a couple of hours with me rd early the week you are back in t he office, preferably Monday the 23 or Tuesday at the latest? I want to do a good job on this but I really need some help from someone with a little more experience than me. See you. Issues: t-staffed with only inexperienced people available  Problem with the brand management team being shor who need to rely on you for help  Opportunity to show some leadership and practice leadership skills having trouble retaining experienced staff. How Question about why the company is losing people and  effective is Ilsa at managing people? Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Advise Erin that you are too busy and to ask Ilsa instead or someone else. 2. Offer to meet with Erin and to work together on this project. 18

19 More effective options: 1. Make some suggestions regarding your approach but don’t get further involved, offering only to review Erin’s progress part way through. 2. Reply in a manner that might help to boost Erin’s confidence, perhaps saying how you learned starting with no experience and not being afraid to learn from mistakes. From a leadership perspective, the question is how to help and support Erin, without taking on direct responsibility, which is how you would handle a similar leadership challenge. You might make some suggestions to get Erin started and offer to review progress at an agreed date, at which time you will provide feedback and further suggestions. To help boost Erin’s confidence, provide moral support and encouragement, rather than doing the work yourself. Email 8 – Boosting sales in California From: Ilsa Fluery, Brand Manager Sorry to bombard you with so much when you’re away but I got some sales figures for our breakfast bars in for the year-to-date in California and we need to do something fast if California. We are 12% behind our target ear. The sales manager for that region, Sylvia Palumbo, we are going to turn this around before the end of this y rd will be in our office the week of the 23 . Please arrange a meeting with her as a matter of urgency that week to brainstorm what can be done to get our numbers up for her region. Thanks, Ilsa cc. Sylvia Palumbo PS. Sylvia emailed me saying: I appreciate your concern regarding sales of breakfast bar s in California but I’m going to be extremely busy the week I’m at headquarters, especially in meetings with Ch ris Dolzaki to explore some ideas he’s got for ramping up our trail mix sales in my region. California because the competition is incredibly fierce, Our trail mix line is not doing as well as we’d like in especially among health conscious snackers, our target market. Unless there is a really compelling reason to meet with Alex Carson the week I’m in headquarters, I’m af raid I’m just going to have to let breakfast bars take care of themselves for the rest of this year in my region. Issues:  California is a big market and the company has advertis ed the product there, so the firm needs to capitalize on this investment. meet and not seeing breakfast bars as an immediate  Problem with Sylvia Palumbo having no time to priority Question as to why the company is pushing its trail mix in California if the competition is so fierce for that  product and it’s not doing well generally. (See the figures provided earlier in email #3.) 19

20 Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Insist on taking a few minutes of Sylvia’s time; perhaps imply that you would take the matter to Chris Dolzaki to resolve. 2. Confront Chris or Sylvia with the argument that there is no sense in pushing trail mix in California when breakfast bars present a much better opportunity. More effective options: 1. Work at influencing Sylvia by stressing the impor tance of her region to the future of the business and offering to speak with her on the phone. Stress the value of the breakfast bar business and the opportunity presented by the advertising campaign. 2. Offer to meet her for breakfast or fly out to her location, thereby showing your enthusiasm and determination to succeed while acknowledging that she is very busy and that her time is important. Email 9 – Request to act as an informal team leader From: Ilsa Fluery, Brand Manager As you know our two senior associate brand managers, were promoted last month to regional sales manager roles and we are really short staffed at the moment. Fo r budgetary reasons, we will be hiring new graduates to replace them rather than experienced people. be an informal team leader for our newer staff. I know Because I’m out of the office so much, I need someone to e than you but the little extra time you’ve been here that Erin and Luis have only a few months less experienc seems to have made a big difference to your confidence. I was meaning to sit down with you before you left to talk about this but I was just too busy. I know that Erin and Luis already look to you for advice and support so I want you to be a little more proactive in helping them. Not only are they lacking in confidence, they don’t get along very well. Both are a little too competitive and they it. As a result, there is no real teamwork in the office don’t share information or help each other if they can avoid at the moment. I would appreciate it if you would email them with yo ur thoughts on how they can work together more effectively as a team. Also, please set up a meeting with them for some day as soon as possible after your return to discuss how the three of you can support each other and the two new associate brand managers who will be joining us in a couple of weeks. This is an informal role for now but it would be gr eat for your development and your future career! Finally, please suggest a time to meet with me early the we ek you are back in the office to discuss this idea in more detail. Please copy me on the email you send to Erin and Luis. Thanks a million! Enjoy the Seminar! Issues: You are again being asked to show leadership. The iss ue for you is whether you would expect or want to  be thrust into a leadership role so early in your career. Why doesn’t Ilsa hire more experienced staff to assume this role?  20

21  Why isn’t Ilsa showing this kind of leadership herself? Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Reply by saying that you are concerned about being asked to be involved in another leadership challenge and want to focus on brand management for now. 2. Voice concerns that that this isn’t your job and that someone else should do it. said they aren’t working very well together 3. Email Erin and Luis telling them that Ilsa and that she asked you to work with them. More effective options: ng to accept the role but that you want to divide your 1. Ask to meet with Ilsa and emphasize that you are willi time between leadership and brand management work for the near future. 2. Email Erin and Luis, requesting a meeting to discuss how the team could help and support each other better, and request that they bring suggestions for discussion. Meeting with Ilsa is a reasonable compromise, as you might influence her to grant you some control over your time and career progress. By asking Erin and Luis for suggestions on how the team can work together more effectively, you are engaging them in solving the problem and increasing the likelihood that they will commit to proposals that would be considered. Involving people in developing a plan is one of the best ways of influencing them to accept it. This is an opportunity to make a positive impact on everyone in your team. Email 10 – Website updates From: Denise Hanna, Design Manager, Interactive Communications I trust you enjoyed your week off. As promised, we will complete the changes that you and your team requested for the breakfast bar section of your website on Monday September 16. You said that it was critical that the changes be st ready to go live by noon on Friday the 21 . th Can you review the changes no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday the 18 to give us time to make any further changes or fix any errors before Friday’s launch? I’m bearing in mind your need to get the details right on these changes because of the trouble caused by errors made on previous changes. Thanks! It’s been a pleasure working with you! Issues: Need to do an effective job on the website, as this section of the site is your responsibility to manage.  nges because you will be away that week. You have no time to review the cha  Minimal or potentially negative options: 1. Reply saying that you will try to fit it in during the week you are away. 2. Ask Ilsa to do this for you. 21

22 More effective option: 1. Request that Erin or Luis follow-up on this task in your absence; provide encouragement to take a different role, which will provide a development opportunity. s. Rather than just asking This is an opportunity to delegate to Erin or Luis and to pr actice your leadership skill by stating how this gives them an opportunity to take for their assistance, you have a chance to motivate them more responsibility, learn new skills and to have input into an important marketing tool. The point is to sell it to one of them rather than simply telling one of them to do it. 22

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