1 Big Mac & Little Lu’s Seafood Restaurant th Ave 2851 W. 120 Westminster, CO 80234 303 - 404 - 2722

2 Calamari Crab Cake Crisps Fresh calamari available fried or g r illed Crispy fried crab cakes, served with cilantro with jerk marinade and served with a lime sauce and pineapple chutney 14.00 refreshing lime sauce 12.00 Smoked Fish Dip Conch Fritters Savory smoked fish dip served with fried Six fritters served with our spicy creole whale chips, capers, hearts of palm, banana cream and St. Vincent dipping sauce 14 .00 .00 12 peppers Coconut Shrimp Big Mac Mussels Whale chips and mango BBQ 14.00 Fresh mussels cooked in either garlic butter and white wine sauce, marinara Ahi Poke Nachos or tangy sweet green curry sauce, Diced sushi grade tuna tossed in soy ginger served with grilled bread 14 .00 glaze served on a bed of tortilla chips with .00 and half 17 *Substitute Clams or go half avocado, jalapeños, cilantro lime sauce and Old Bay King Crab Dip creole cream 16 Served with toasted baguettes 16 - LU LU’S Sweet & Spicy Shrimp Fried shrimp and Big Mac’s slaw tossed with our house made honey .00 riracha sweet and spicy sauce 14 s Northwestern Clam Chowder Turks & Caicos Conch Chowder Straight from the Oregon coast comes this Spicy red based chowder made with signature classic, cream, and savory clam chowder shellfish of the Caribbean Bowl 8.00 Cup 4.00 Bowl 8.00 Cup 4.00 Lobster Bisque Soup of the Day .00 10 Bowl C Chef’s choice daily soup up 6.00 Bowl 8.00 Cup 4.00 Whale Chips 4.00 Creole Fries 4.00 Baked Potato (served after 4p.m.) 4.00 Caribbean and Saffron Rice 4.00 Side House Salad 4.00 * Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may i ncr ease your risk of foodborne illn ess, especially if you have certain medical c onditions

3 range balsamic Blue cheese or O , asabi vinaigrette Choice of ranch, Caesar, W Glazed Salmon * Grilled Shrimp Caesar Jumbo shrimp, grilled romaine, croutons, and Soy glazed salmon, spinach, cranberries, parmesan cheese with Caesar cucumbers, candied walnuts and citrus dressing 16 slices 18 .00 .00 Sesame Seared Tuna * House Salad Sesame tuna, mixed greens, cucumbers, radish, Mixed greens, radish, cucumber, avocado pickled ginger and wonton strips 18.00 and citrus slices 8.00 * grilled fish or shrimp 16 .00 Add sh, Tuna, Grouper or Scallops 20 Add Hogfi * .00 Fish Tacos Lobster Roll Grilled Catch of the Day, Caribbean slaw, Buttered lobster tail on a New England avocado, pickled onions and choice of rice or bun with lettuce, tomato, mayo, celery, veggies 16 .00 and lemon juice sauce ser ved with whale chips 19.00 N Chips ‘ Fish Beer battered Catch of the Day with remoulade * Lettuce Wraps e and served with whale chips 18 sauc .00 Lettuce, slaw, cucumbers, cilantro, pickled onions and sides of chipotle aioli and citrus The Paulie . dipping sauces Grilled or fried grouper on a Kaiser bun with Choice of Fish 17.00 lettuce, tomato, creole remoulade, pepperjack .00 3 titute: Grouper ubs S .00 e and served with whale chips 18 chees BLTA Fish Wrap * avocado , tomato and mayo on a spinach tortilla with your choice of grilled fish Bacon, lettuce , Choice of fish 17.00 S ubs titute: Grouper 3 .00 Po Boy’s - Choice of catfish or shrimp on a hoagie roll with remoulade, lettuce, and tomato served wit h whale chips and creole slaw 16 .00 Boy for an additional 2.00 Make it an oyster Po - ease your risk of foodborne illn ncr Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may i * ess, onditions especially if you have certain medical c

4 Served until 2 P.M. Mahi Tacos avocado and - Three grilled tacos filled with Mahi Mahi Caribbean slaw, cilantro, .00 onion 12 pickled red Blackened Mahi Sandwich Mahi, lettuce, tomato, pickled r Grilled Mahi .00 - ed onions and remoulade sauce 14 * Salmon Sandwich , cucumbers, radish, and Caribbean aioli served with Atlantic salmon, spinach .00 whale chips 13 Tuna Sandwich * rade tuna in a ginger soy glaze, lettuce wasabi mayo and grilled pineapple Sushi g served with whale chips 14 .00 Big Mac Mussels & Fries A bowl of our fresh mussels in a garlic white wine sauce and toast points served with French fries 14 .00 go half and half Add clams 2.00 or Po - Boy Po Oyster - Boy Catfish Fried oyster on a hoagie roll with Fried catfish on a hoagie roll with tomato, lettuce and our creamy tomato, lettuce and our creamy remoulade sauce served with whale sauce served with whale remoulade .00 chips 12 chips 14 .00 Po Shrimp Boy Combo - Po Boy - Half Po Fried shrimp on a hoagie roll with Boy sandwich with a choice of - .00 salad or house made soup 12 tomato, lettuce and our creamy - Po Boy for an Make it an oyster remoulade sauce served with whale additional 2 .00 chips 14 .00 ess, * seafood, shellfish or eggs may i ncr ease your risk of foodborne illn Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, especially if you have certain medical c onditions

5 * Spanish Paella Almond Crusted Hogfish Chorizo sautéed scallops, shrimp, mussels and Big Mac’s house favorite, hogfish pan seared in , .00 ed over a bed of saffron rice 28 serv clams an almond crust and covered with our stone crab mustard sauce, served with Caribbean rice * Brock’s Entrée .00 and chef vegetables 28 Ultimate build your own entrée. Your choice of fish cooked the way you want it, served with Spicy Shrimp Linguine our Carib bean rice and sautéed spinach 24 .00 Blackened shrimp, spinach and linguine cooked Substitute Grouper 3.00 rum garlic sauce topped with parmesan in a 6.00 Substitute Scallops for .00 cheese and diced tomatoes 24 Jumbo Crab Cakes Volcano Tuna * 8oz of jumbo lump crab meat formed into Maryland Wasabi sesame seed encrusted tuna with a soy ginger el style crab cakes with jerk sauce, fried bruss sauce served with house made Asian slaw and sprouts and Caribbean rice 27 .00 Caribbean 28 .00 Brown Bag Swordfish Lobster Mac and Cheese Fresh swordfish in a jerk marinade with walnut Chopped Caribbean lobster tail, bacon, onion, .00 el sprouts and Caribbean rice 27 bacon bruss tomatoes and macaroni all come together in a y sauce 26 cheesy, smooth morna .00 King Crab or Lobster Dinner Island Beer Mussels Fresh shellfish picked and cooked to order served Fresh mussels, chorizo, sautéed red onions, with with chef vegetables and baked potato M.P. , served with creole fries 22 .00 garlic and tomato Linguine & Clams * Turf Surf ‘N Linguine pasta with white wine clam cream sauce ½ Choice of lb King crab legs, Caribbean lobster tail with garlic, tomato and herbs 22 .00 scallops with our all natural 7 oz filet or seared , * Beef Tenderloin baked potato 44 .00 s erved with chef vegetables and Substitute Ribeye for an additional 6.00 oz all natural grassfed beef tenderloin grilled 7 to your specification and served with chef vegetables and a baked potato 32 .00 Caribbean Snapper Fresh Florida Keys blackened snapper with * Beef Ribeye chimichurri sauce, and pineapple chutney, 12oz all natural grassf ed bone in ribeye grilled bean rice and chef vegetables served with Carib to your specification, served with chef vegetables 27 .00 .00 and a baked potato 36 .00 ½ LB Snow Crab 12 Seared Scallops (4) 16.00 ½ LB Ki ng Crab M.P. Caribbean Lobster Tail 16.00 ease your risk of foodborne illn ncr Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may i * ess, especially if you have certain medical c onditions

6 Sashimi Tuna Ceviche of the Day * * Classic Spanish dish with marniated fish, Sushi grade tuna, pickled ginger, wasabi and soy roasted bell pepper, cucumbers, onion, ginger glaze o 8 z 16.00 jalapeño and cilantro served with tortilla z 9.00 o 4 12.00 chips Tuna Poke * Peel N’ Eat Shrimp , h sushi grade tuna Hawaiian specialty wit cucumbers, and avocado serve cktail Jumbo golf shrimp, old bay seasoning, co d with Asian slaw .00 traditional poke sauce 14 & sauce, lemon 8 oz MP 16oz MP * Oysters on the Shell (12) 24.00 1) 2.25 ( (6) 13.00 Shrimp Cocktail Jumbo shrimp served traditional style with house made cocktail and lemon 16oz 21.00 8oz 12.00 Big Mac & Little Lu’s seafood market is a family owned and operated Mackenzie (Big Mac) and restaurant named after Paul’s daughters Delaney (Little Lu). Born and raised in south Florida, both girls could rig a ballyhoo before learning to ride a bike, problem was nothing was biting ballyhoo in Colorado. After loving the state but missing fresh Atlantic e decided to set up a distribution facility in the Florida Keys seafood, w and import fresh seafood daily. After spending twenty years traveling the West Indies on business, I accumulated many recipes from many different islands and built a menu based on these flavor s. We try to keep an island mentality in everything we do here, so if you would like something, all you need to do is ask! ess, ease your risk of foodborne illn *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may i ncr onditions especially if you have certain medical c

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