1 MISTLETOE SHALEE Three-Year-Old Filly Pace added. Entry fee for the consolation will be $1,000. Any horse that Owned and Serviced By: is declared for this race but does not draw in either event due to the The Meadowlands above condition (including a horse drawn as also eligible that does Sponsored By: not draw into the race) and meets the track’s qualifying standards The Meadowlands, et al. for the race will have their nomination and sustaining fees refunded For: in full and shall NOT be liable for the entry fee. 3-Year-Old Filly Pacers Money Division: To Be Raced As: One-percent of the purse will be awarded to each horse finish - A single event with a possible consolation ing sixth through last. The balance of the purse shall be distributed Estimated Purse: 50% - 25% - 12% - 8% - 5%. $190,000 Disputes: To Be Raced At: All owners, trainers and drivers of horses nominated to this event The Meadowlands must be accepted to participate at the Host Track or the nomina - tion/entry may be denied without refund of previous payments. Any Cancellation: change of trainers made fewer than 30 days or within four starts The Sponsors reserve the right to cancel any or all of the races if it of the date of this race will be reviewed by the sponsor and if not becomes impractical or undesirable in the opinion of The Sponsors accepted, may result in refusal of entry. Sponsors reserve the right to - to conduct said races. If an event is not raced, The Sponsors respon amend conditions as deemed necessary without liability. sibility and liability shall be limited to refunding, without interest, all payments collected toward these events. These monies will be Rules: - pro-rated among those owners of horses eligible at the time of can A minimum of seven (7) separate interests may be required in any cellation. event or the event may be cancelled. All starters are subject to the de - tention policy of the Host Track. The rules of the Host Track and its Added Money: state Racing Commission along with the USTA shall govern unless Sponsors will add a minimum of $70,000 to this race. These otherwise specified in these conditions. These races are subject to funds, barring any unforeseen circumstance which may preclude the Stallion Restriction Condition (SRC) see Meadowlands website this, in addition to all monies paid in by nominating horsemen shall for details. Any horse nominated to any Meadowlands stakes/event constitute the purses for this event. must be in the care of an approved trainer by April 15, 2019 for any Payments (in U.S. Funds only): stake/event raced during the month of May and by May 15 for all A nomination to each event requires payment as listed below. All other 2019 stakes/events. In addition, any owner who participates payments are forfeits. in a Meadowlands Stake or Early Closing event (with added money $300 February 15, 2019 ... greater than $25,000) with a trainer who has an outstanding Class March 15, 2019 $600 ... 1, Class 2 or TC02 positive test having occurred on or after January ... April 15, 2019 $900 1, 2019 and under appeal in any jurisdiction will be declared ineligi - $1,200 ... May 15, 2019 ble to participate in any Meadowlands Stake or Early Closing event Declaration Fee ... $2,500 for 12 months following the conviction if such trainer is subsequent - Supplemental Nomination/Declaration: ly found guilty relating to the Class 1, Class 2 or TC02 positive test. There shall be no supplemental nomination or declaration to this Nominator also agrees that any horse paid into any Meadowlands event. stake/event may be required to be stabled for up to 14 days at an Declaration: approved facility within a 150 mile radius of The Meadowlands or - Declarations will close at the time and date designated on the con the Tioga or Vernon Downs stable area or an approved facility in a dition sheet of the Host Track. Declaration fees shall be due at the - state that agrees to cooperate in an out of competition testing proto time of declaration and payable before the horse starts. Declaration col by the date set by The Meadowlands for that stake/event for the fees should be made payable to the Host Track. There are no refunds purpose of out of competition testing. Failure to comply with these for scratched horses. At the time of declaration, horses declared to conditions may result in any agreement created by the acceptance race in these events must have a past performance line that meets the of any stakes payment to be declared void at the discretion of The current qualifying standard for stakes and/or added money races at Meadowlands rendering the horse(s) in question ineligible to race the Host Track. in those stakes/events with no liability to The Meadowlands and no assurance of a refund of payments previously made to the stake/ Notice: event in question. A nomination to these events is an agreement to - Failure to make any payment required by the conditions consti the above terms and conditions. tutes an automatic withdrawal from the event. Make Checks Payable To and Send To: Racing Conditions: Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment The twelve (12) highest 2018-19 money winners (USTA records) Attn Racing Office that declare will race at the distance of a mile and one eighth. If ten #1 Racetrack Drive or fewer declare the race will be at one mile. If a consolation can be East Rutherford, NJ 07073 filled with sufficient wagering interests, that may be raced for 25% Phone: 201-842-5130 of the total purse pool before entry fees are added and the main Website: www.playmeadowlands.com event will race for 75% of the total purse pool before entry fees are

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