Points to Consider: Any Tobacco Product Ingredient Listing Spreadsheet


1 Any Tobacco Product oin s t o Consid er P t Ingredient Listing Spreadsheet :  This spreadsheet can be used to submit ingredient listings for any tobacco product category; the examples shown are for ENDS products. Follow these instructions to complete the ingredient listing spreadsheet: any tobacco product 1. Click on the Instructions tab and read the instructions. 2. If the “Instructions” tab is empty like the picture below (left) , click on the “Product Identification” tab and then click on th e “Instructions” tab again. The Instructions should now be visible. Error = blank What you should see 3. Ensure Macros are enabled (see the eSubmitter instructions for more information). 4. At the bottom of the spreadsheet, click on the tab labeled “Product Identification.” a. Enter the information requested for each tobacco p roduct. i. An asterisk * indicates a required field. ii. Hold your mouse over the red triangle in the top right corner of the column he aders for more information. iii. Many of the columns in the spreadsheet contain drop - down lists. You will know there is a dropdown list if you see a small down arrow on the right side of the

2 cell when you move your pointer to or click on the cell. Please select from the when there is one list ; otherwise you will receive an error message. iv. When you are done entering the information for all of your tobacco p roducts, save your spreadsheet and then click on the “Instructions” tab at the bottom of . the spreadsheet 5. Click on the “Create Ingredient Listings” link (shown below). Clicking this link will create a new the tobacco products you listed on the “Product Identification” tab. tab for listing ingredients in 6. Reset Form ” link in the to p right corner of the “Instructions” tab. To start over, click the “ 7. Verify that a new tab was created and then save your spreadsheet. 8. Go to the Tobacco Ingredient Sheet. 9. Select the Product Name by clicking the down arrow and selecting a Product Name. 10. Select the corresponding Product Identification Number by clicking the down arrow and selecting the appropriate number . 11. Once a combination of Product Name and Product Identification Number matching an entry from the Product Identification tab are selected, Product Category will automatically populate.

3 Please do not try to enter the Product Category manually. Verify tha 12. t the Product Category cell is populated correctly and save your spreadsheet. 13. Enter the remaining product, component, and/or ingredient information. Look for drop-down lists and select the appropriate items. If there isn’t a drop -down list, just type in the requested information. your spreadsheet every few minutes, to avoid any accidental loss of data. 14. to save Don’t forget 15. If you offer a product with multiple, unique quantities of an ingredient, you can list all quantities in one cell. For any ingredient, this should be the total volume or mass of that ingredient in the final product. For example, if a product is available in three nicotine levels, you could list the ingredient nicotine and list all three levels under the spreadsheet column called, “Amoun t Calculated - Singular Quantity.” Separate the numbers using a semicolon (;). If you want to add a continuous range for a quantity, separate the minimum and maximum levels with a hyphen. For more information, please refer to the Listing of Ingredients in Tobacco Products Guidance for Industry .

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