1 I AM THE MOUNTAIN OF MANZANAR Dust storms Sweat days Yellow people Exiles I am the mountain that kisses the sky in the dawning I watched the day when these, your people, came into your heart Tired Bewildered Embittered I saw you accept them with compassion impassive but visible Life of a thousand teemed within your bosom A thousand that hated and feared you Silently you received and bore them em from your breast Daily you fed th Nightly you soothed them to forgetful slumber Guardian and keeper of the unwanted They say your people are wanton Saboteurs Haters of white men Spies Yet I have seen them go forth to die For their only country Help with the defense of their homeland America I have seen them look with trusting eyes at nature And know the pathos of their tearful laughter Choked with enveloping mists of dust storms Pant with the heat of sweat days, still laughing Their only sin, their faces Exi les And I say to those who hate and those outside your bounds Scoff if you must, but the dawn is approaching When these, who have learned and suffered in silent courage Better, wiser, for the unforgettable interlude of detention Shall tread on free soil a gain Side by side, peacefully with those who sneered at the Dust storms Sweat days Yellow people Exiles Michiko Mizumoto, Manzanar High School, 1943 Teaching with Museum Collections National Park Service, Park Museum Management Program

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