1 Suffolk County Police Department S ctive V iolence E mergency ( SAVE ) Hotline Program chool A Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is the purpose of this program? direct communication between Schools and The SAVE hotline is a dedicated phone line that provides immediate - the SCPD 911 communication center in the event of an active shooter situation. 2. Why is this important? The SAVE hotline improves Police response time to active shooter incidents by instantly providing 911 supervisors location of an active shooter incident and allows real - time person to person communications. with the exact sible to the 911 supervisor. Information from the SAVE hotline registration form will be immediately acces S uffolk County Police 911 operators cessary resources to the active shooter location. will dispatch all ne 3. How will this program work? At least one designated phone for each School building will be programmed to automatically dial the Suffolk County Police 911 communication supervisor. The 911 Supervisor wi ll receive an instant display of the incident location and provide immediate verbal communication between the School employee and 911 Supervisor. Police resources will be immediately dispatched to the incident location. Is special equipment needed? 4. Th e SCPD recommends at least one separate phone be utilized for the SAVE hotline. A “button box” can also be - - way used. A button box is a telephone auto dialer devise which provides push button activation, and amplified two communication. A dedicated phone li ne is mandatory for either SAVE phone hotline or button box. Additional phones and designated phone lines may be added at the Schools discretion. Cell phones are not recommended due to the inability of determining the exact location of caller. 5. Who prov ides the funding for the pu rchase and/or installation the SAVE hotline phone, button box, and designated phone line? Schools participating in the SAVE hotline program are responsible for funding the purchase and installation of equipment. 6. How does our School register for the SAVE hotline program . Download SAVE hotline form from SCPD website: Call: SCPD Community Relations Bureau @ 631 852 6109 - - 6112 Fax: 631 852 Email: [email protected] Mail: Suffolk County Police Dept. 30 Yaphank Ave, Yaphank NY 11980 A Department representative will contact you u pon receipt of the SAVE hotline initial registration form . This representative will oversee your school district’s, SAVE hotline registration process. It is essential to fulfill all steps of the registration process to ensure proper functioning of your installed equipment. Important * D istrict s will not be fully registered until all equipment is operational with active phone numbers * 852 S.A.V.E. Police Coordina Sergeant Kathleen Kenneally 631 - tor: - 6563 [email protected]

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