1 HOWTO: Saving to a specific folder in OS X Introduction Saving to specific folder is an important skill. This short HOWTO explains how to save to a specific folder in OS X. Considerations ght be using 10.4, which This document has screenshots from OS X version 10.5. You mi looks slightly different, but works the same. This document focuses on saving within Microsoft Word. Saving usually works the same from almost every application. HOWTO 1. Open Word and type your document. 2. If this is the first time you are saving your document, simply click File and then Save. 3. Name your document, and look at the Where box. If this is where you want to save, simply click Save. If you want to save somewhere else, look at step 4. The where box

2 4. To save somewhere else, click the blue triangle next to the Save As textbox. 5. You can choose where to save in a two different ways. 5.1 Use the drop down menu to choose a save location

3 5.2 Click on a Pl aces icon, and then on a folder name. When you are ready to save, simply click save. Places In this example, I’ve clicked on Desktop, and then I’ve clicked on the “my important n “my important folder”. folder” folder. When I click save, my document will be saved i

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