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1 LifeLinks International Fellowship Inc. A Family of New Testament Churches and Ministries “Win them, Train them, Send them” Introductory/Membership Information May 29, 2012

2 LifeLinks International Fellowship Inc. n Introductory/Membership Informatio Contents Introduction ... ... ... ... 2 ... Our Vision ... ... ... ... ... 7 Becoming A Member of ... ... ... ... 8 LifeLinks Appendix “A”: List of Annual Fees ... ... ... ... 10 Appendix “B”: Foundational Concepts and Constitution 11 ... ... ... Appendix “C”: Procedure For Discipline And Restoration ... ... 17 ... Appendix “D”: Doctrinal Statement ... ... ... 21 ... Appendix “E”: Comm unication ... ... ... ... 24 Appendix “F”: Membership Application Form ... ... ... 26 Appendix “G”: Associated Ministry Information ... ... ... 29 Appendix “H”: Partnership Relationships ... ... ... 31 1

3 Introduction To understand LifeLinks , it will be helpful for you to become acquainted with our historical roots and core values. Our historical ROOTS... We are a group of people dedicated to the extension of the Kingdom of God on earth and have found a place in the Body of Christ where we can work and co - operate together to see that vision fulfilled. We are still learning much about one another and our insights together are causing us to grow closer as a Family of Churches and Ministries. LifeLinks International Fellowship is essentially a Family of Believers, members of d which have found one another and become linked in strong personal relationships an commitment together. This relationship is more than an association of Leaders; it also vitally involves the individual church members in relationships that are meaningful. In 1987, a number of Churches and Ministries were struggling with their circumst ances – many being small Fellowships that had no one to assist them or to encourage them in the work of the ministry. There were currents swirling in Western Canada that left churches feeling that their independence was being challenged by external and so metimes hostile forces. As a result of a real need, leaders from three small streams of Churches came together for a Conference in Medicine Hat, Alberta, with a view to forming an alliance that would allow them to operate in safety and with encouragement and outside input. This was not a strong doctrinal alliance, but rather one that sprang from the need of those concerned for a stable and strong sense of security and belonging. These three streams were composed of some who had strong roots in the “Resto ration on the US/Canadian West Coast, others who were connected to the “New Movement” in Waco Texas, and a third group which had sprung from the Testament Stream” “Jesus People Movement” in Western Canada and the North Western United States only common denominator among these three groups (outside their faith in Initially, the Jesus Christ) was Keith Hazell who had a prophetic input into all three and an apostolic influence in one of the groups. Thus the original coming together was somewhat tenuous since no one knew one another and there were many who were hurt, suspicious and hesitant concerning the whole idea of belonging to anything. 2

4 LifeLinks since then has been a steady progression, discovering the The development of way that diverse people function together, and of learning to appreciate the uniqueness of the various groups. The LifeLinks International Conference held in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, became a regular occurrence each year, where we bring ministries who have something vital to share . Often these ministries are from outside our own immediate Family of Churches, to challenge us and to prevent us from becoming an introverted group. Family The LifeLinks constantly desires to be on the cutting edge and in tune with what God is doing. In our history, renewal in the Holy Spirit has positively impacted our churches and families and still continues to affect us in our Local Churches and in our corporate gatherings . We did not seek to promote “Renewal”, but have seen blessing in our Local Ch urches because of it. We are sure that God sent it to us to revive and renew the dedication and faith of many of our members. We are committed as a Family of Churches to move with God. We are not limited to our past experiences, but always are willing to move with God into new territory. For us, “Renewal” is always whatever the Holy Spirit is doing now! We believe there is a passion for Evangelism that sprang from what happened to many during those days of visitation. has a particularly vibra nt Youth ingredient. This is a direct outcome of our LifeLinks youth being exposed to Renewal and then beginning to live a vital and abundant Christian life to touch their generation with the Gospel. We can mark the beginning of that Renewal in our Youth to the ti me when the Holy Spirit swept through our Youth Meetings at the Hungry Horse Camp. This impacted so many with a positive experience with God and caused a renewed vision for the Kingdom. As a result of this, within the LifeLinks Family, designed for young people have been developed. Training Programs These are programs based in local churches in various areas. The worldwide growth of LifeLinks now means that we have churches and ministries in rica, Europe, Southern Family forming regional groupings in North Ame the LifeLinks Asia, Africa, and areas within the Pacific Rim . As regions gain numerical strength, they begin to host regional events such as conferences and family camps. These events are a source of great blessing and every year we are encourag ed to see families from our wide circle of churches being involved with one another and building long - term friendships. Information for these events and programs is available on the LifeLinks web site and the LifeLinks ). family email list (see Appendix “E” regarding Communications and right from the commencement of our The vision for the nations is strong in LifeLinks Fellowship, we have had international links and involvement. Leaders in the Fellowship often travel outside of their geographic regions, t aking with them others in an Apprenticeship Training situation. 3

5 continues to grow, both in numbers and in diversity, with unique expressions Family The of the Body of Christ rising in our midst and being joined to us. We do not pursue a recruiting policy . We are looking to see God bring to us those whom He chooses. As well, we believe a primary focus on evangelism will result in continued growth in our churches and in the planting of new churches. Our focus: RELATIONSHIPS... LifeLinks Family of Churches is a relationally based group of Churches and The Ministries and is not seeking to reproduce identical churches in every community. LifeLinks has what we describe as the “Apostolic Council” to As a basis of Leadership, Family. The present membe rs provide the umbrella of spiritual oversight needed in our of the Apostolic Council are (starting with the Team Leader and followed by the other members listed in alphabetical order): David Wells functions as the apostolic team leader. He and his wife Linda lead Harvest City Church i n Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. They have a thriving work and give apostolic oversight to many in the Prairie Region of Canada. As a strong teacher, David also travels extensively. Dave is in growing demand around our LifeLinks churches, and beyond into other streams and groups. Bria n Asay and his wife Margaret share a dream to be effectively pastoring and bringing people into the Kingdom in their community of Helena, Montana. Bryan’s strong pastoral gifting, passion and keen insights are a tremendous b lessing to his church, Mount Helena Community Church, and to the greater LifeLinks family. Byrd Ian The Bridge in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Ian has “grown up” in the pastors LifeLinks family, and has an increasing influence by encouraging and overseeing sev eral d . He and his wife Val carry a passionate pastoral burden ministries in Alberta and beyon for their church and community, as Ian is vitally involved in connecting with local pastors. Phil Cana lives in Sheffield, England, where he and his wife Yvonne lead Sheffield Christian Life Centre . Phil has a strong Prophetic Ministry. He also travels and gives oversight to churches in the United Kingdom, travelling into Europe , Africa and India, as well as to LifeLinks churches in North America. Steve Chupp is the senior pastor of Zion Chapel , located in Goshen, Indiana. Steve and his wife Ronda have served the church for many years, sharing a heart to effectively reach the next generation and across cultural barriers. Steve’s teaching and pastoral heart con tinue to be a blessing both to his local church and the LifeLinks family. 4

6 Ross Gerber and his wife Jennifer have been involved in the community of Sturgis, Grace Christian Michigan since 1987. Ross has since become the senior pastor of . He a nd his team effectively work at sharing the gospel in the community in Fellowship a relevant manner, and also are actively involved in international short term missions. Mark Hughes and his wife Kathy both have grown up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where Mark is t he Senior Pastor of Church of the Rock . With Mark’s evangelist calling and a strong ministry team, the gospel is being preached effectively locally in Winnipeg resulting in a large local church, and nationally through their vision for broadcasting the gos pel on television. Peter Kasirivu and his wife Irene live in Gaba, Uganda. Besides pastoring a large local church, Peter’s strong visionary and leadership gifting has given oversight to the development of Africa Renewal Ministries. This ministry is acti vely planting new churches, and ministering effectively through evangelism, youth ministries, conferences schools, medical facilities and orphanages. Peter brings a wider global perspective to the LifeLinks leadership team. and leads in in Castro New Life Christian Church Dennis McNally is based out of Valley, California, United States, where he lives with his wife Diane. Dennis is a man with a passion for the Kingdom of God and is one who likes to be on the cutting edge. He gives help and oversight to churches and ministries in Vietnam, Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, and the Pacific Islands. from The Apostolic Council undergoes expansion/change involving apostolic ministries Family grows to help give renewed direction as the the LifeLinks family around the globe and develops. Since we are a relational Fellowship, we believe that those joining our Family must build a significant relationship with a LifeLinks leader recognized by the ividuals in a Apostolic Council. Thus we have linked our Family through these ind network of relationships. These recognized leaders often have men and women around them in personal ministry Teams, who aid them in ministering to the churches that have established relationships with them. nal Statement that is purposely broad and does not has a Doctri The LifeLinks Family closely address many of the more controversial aspects of Christianity. From our history we have learned that relationship will allow us to work well with people who do not necessarily hold identical doct rinal views. 5

7 LifeLinks are unique and this means that those involved in The Relationship aspects of our Family have always someone to call on in times of difficulty, or to celebrate with in times of victory. The basis of our relationship with Local Chu rches is always voluntary. Thus the input into Local Churches is always measured by the desire and invitation of the leaders of the church. Those in our Fellowship who give apostolic oversight, or are a part of a Team which is doing this, have real knowl edge of the churches with whom they are dealing and thus are available to those in the congregation as well as the leaders. There is a safeguard of accountability as well as personal relationship established by these foundational relationships. The is open to all who sincerely love the Lord and are willing to assent Life Links Family to the basic beliefs and conditions of membership. We encourage people to come and y participate with us in our various conferences in order to be able to evaluate their abilit to fit and flow with us. This process also allows people to gain some understanding of our leaders and to anticipate the one through whom they wish to relate. The Apostolic Council meets several times a year to seek God and to give direction to the Fel lowship. There is a strong relational bond between the members of the Council, and they are much aware of the need to support one another as well as the churches for which they are responsible. Area meetings and special Conferences mean that they ministe r alongside one another and are able to complement one another in the work of the Ministry. means that we stand with the Local Church Leaders and Relationship Our emphasis on are always involved in a voluntary relationship. We do not attempt to retain an y member or church against their will and our policy is only to be involved with internal matters of a Local Church at the express wish of the Leaders and congregation. We value one another and our relationships in the LifeLinks Family and are always tryi ng to improve our practical application of the principles we teach. Since we lay claim to relationship as our key component, we are, and will always be, constantly challenged in this area, and we believe God is giving us the opportunity to learn and to so lve problems between individuals and groups as they arise. In the Family, our churches have a sense of identification, and our people form LifeLinks - term Missions strong and often international relationships with other believers. Short Teams, Camps, Mi nistry and Youth Training Programs have caused our people to be pollinated into a group that has a real sense of identity together. cross - Most of all we want to encourage people in their own personal relationship with Jesus. LifeLinks is all about Jesu s and not about us! 6

8 Our Vision We believe that God is clearly speaking to us to build strong churches and relationships. We are compelled to equip and train the saints for the work of the ministry by extending the Kingdom of God through establishing c hurches in the nations of the world. The Way Ahead! We are continually working with new churches that are joining LifeLinks . The nature of our original vision also allows for Apostolic Teams of existing Churches to affiliate with LifeLinks basic concepts. This results in having Apostolic Centres if they hold the same and Teams in various regions of the world. We believe we are living in a time of Restoration of the Apostolic Ministry and we have embraced the restored Prophetic Office also. God is calling us to develop the restored Apostolic Ministry with all that it entails. Apostles are more than administrators and are involved in a broad scope of Ministry. It has become clear to us that Apostolic we are moving the Ministry/Oversight Teams are the building blocks God uses, and LifeLinks Family towards an Apostolic understanding and pattern of development. continues to affect the Nations and will have an even greater LifeLinks Family The involvement in the future. We believe that our mission’s thrust to the n ations arises out of local churches. Through local churches we are actively involved in many nations. Our local churches will continue to support missionaries from their midst and we will continue to offer many short - term opportunities through those loca l churches and their missionaries. We will continue to seek to positively affect the nations by identifying people who are Apostolic, and to assist them in raising up Networks related to the in LifeLinks Family sing level of involvement of our Family their own nations. This requires an increa members by making available personnel, finances, and resources. As a reflection of the growth of our family in the nations, membership administration is also spreading to various locations worldwide, helping to meet linguistic and regional needs more appropriately. These administrative centers are noted in Appendix “E”. 7

9 LifeLinks Becoming A Member of The Membership of LifeLinks International Fellowship has been defined in terms of relationship since the inceptio n of the Fellowship. Membership Membership is open to churches or individuals who are willing to meet the following two conditions: Members need to be in an established relationship with a Senior Church 1. Life Links International , Leader who is recognized by the Apostolic Council of or by an Apostolic Council Member. This relationship provides, among other things, fellowship, ministry, accountability, encouragement, exhortation, and opportunity to contribute to the LifeLinks network. This process is described in detail in Appendix “B”, Article VI.7. Individual members and member churches will be expected to pay an Annual 2. Membership Fee as outlined in Appendix “A”, based on the size of the church or their status as an Individual Member. The income from these fee s will constitute the General Administration Fund from which the day - to - day expenses (information services, accounting, and administrative costs) and costs for Apostolic Council meetings are covered. Membership Benefits of 1. of LifeLinks will be able to call on other Ministry Resources in the Members Fellowship. E.g. Ministries needed for prophetic meetings, other specialist ministries, conference speakers, youth speakers, etc. 2. Members of LifeLinks will be able to use the large international contact bas e of the Fellowship to be able to participate in mission activities in other Nations. 3. Missionaries may join LifeLinks as individual members based on the requirements outlined above. Those who are associated with a LifeLinks Member Church do not have to j oin separately, but function as an Associated Ministry through that church. See more on Associated Ministries in “Appendix G”. 8

10 4. The signage of the Church or ministry, as well as the stationary and publicity presentations, may contain the words “Affiliated with LifeLinks International Fellowship Inc.” . What is expected from Members in return? connecting them to Sponsor will maintain the relationship with the 1. The Members LifeLinks and will be accountable to them for personal lifestyle and adherence to the basic LifeLinks Statement of Faith . st Annual Fees will be due by March 31 of each year. If unable to meet this 2. deadline, it is expected that members would contact their regional administration office to indicate circumstances and to be responsible in th e relationship that membership implies. way” flow, it is understood by those joining 3. Just as relationships require a “two - that they will want to contribute ministry resources, as they are able, to LifeLinks help strengthen other ministries. 9

11 Appendix “A”: List of Annual Fees Non - European *( members only. European fees are administrated through the European office). List of Annual Fees Required from NA Members of LifeLinks - $ 25.00 1. International (non NA/European scale) $ 100.00 2. For a couple or individual pioneering or travel ing in ministry (Individual Membership). 3. For a congregation of 40 or less. $ 200.00 70 - For a congregation of 41 $ 500.00 4. For a congregation of 71 to 150 5. $ 750.00 For a congregation of 151 to 250 6. $1000.00 $1500.00 7. For a congregation of 251 to 3 50 For a congregation of 351 to 500 8. $2000.00 $2500.00 9. For a congregation of 500 to 1000 For a congregation of over 1000 10. $3000.00 *For International Partners in regions where economies do not relate to the value of Canadian/US ollars, a commitment to membership is $25 (US/Canadian). d 10

12 Appendix “B”: Foundational Concepts and Constitution ARTICLE I - NAME The name of this Fellowship shall be calle d “ LifeLinks International Fellowship Inc. – A Fellowship of New Testament Churches and Ministries”. ARTICLE II - PURPOSE To promote interaction and relationship between like 1. - minded New Testament Churches, Ministries, and Apostolic teams. 2. To provide a context in which unrelated Ministries may come into a defined relationship and have a sense of belonging to a larger recognized group. To provide/recognize Apostolic oversight in relationship to Local Churches 3. elationships. without violating local Church autonomy and r To draw together ministries that will form teams, and to recognize existing teams, 4. their authority and relationships. 5. To help Local Church and Ministry Leaders at critical times in their history through prayerful counsel and correction, and by offering biblically sound solutions to problems when such help is requested by the local leadership of a Church. 6. To be available to Leaders to help mediate church related problems at their request. Members or Churches that act To be actively involved in discipline of Fellowship 7. in a manner that is in contravention of the principles of the Word of God. 8. To examine and explore all aspects of Truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit in the Word of God. 9. relationships, spiritual To arrange gatherings for mutual strengthening, deeper challenge, and training of leadership. To equip members to find and function in their calling. 10. To promote the cause of missions through cooperative action, prayer, and 11. finances. 11

13 ARTICLE III – SOVEREIGNTY OF THE LOCAL CHURCH - The Fellowship recognizes the right of local Churches to self government and will not impose their will or direction on any local Church. Should there arise a conflict between the Fellowship and local assembly which cannot be resolved by prayer or consul tation, that Church will be asked to resign from the Fellowship. Regional oversight teams within the Fellowship may hold a stronger viewpoint with regard to the independence of the local Church and the point and depth of their intervention in its affairs. However, the Apostolic Council will only intervene in a local Church’s affairs following a request from local Church Eldership and the overseeing team or Minister of that local Church. ARTICLE IV – DOCTRINAL STATEMENT Members of this Fellowship shall accept an agreed doctrinal statement as a basis for Fellowship. ARTICLE V – APOSTOLIC COUNCIL 1. An Apostolic Council, comprised of proven, senior and seasoned ministries from LifeLinks within the membership of the Family, shall oversee this Fellowship. N ew members of the Council should be members in good standing who have been 2. members of the Fellowship for at least two (2) years; who have demonstrated a care and concern for other leaders, and have proven fruit in their ministries. The existing Apostolic Council selects them. 3. Members of the Council will be removed and replaced by unanimous vote of the Council members. The recognition of the team leader is also to be a unanimous decision of the Council. The Apostolic Council members are subject to removal at any time when they 4. cease to qualify under the original qualifications by which they are appointed. They may also voluntarily withdraw at their own written request. - Chairman as well as a The Apostolic Council will appoint a Chairman and Vice 5. Treasurer of Secretary - LifeLinks . The Council shall meet at least twice annually. 6. - 7. No binding commitments or decision shall be made by the Council without a two thirds (2/3) majority of the total Council membership. However, all major 12

14 be a unanimous decision of all members (including a financial decisions should vote retrieved from those absent from meetings where such discussion/decision is made). 8. A Quorum for the Apostolic Council meetings shall consist of two - thirds of its members, excepting the conditions n oted in V.7 above. – ARTICLE VI MEMBERS 1. All members must be churches or recognized Ministries who are a functioning part of a local church. The latter may be registered as “Individual Members”. Due to the importance of God’s plan to use the Church to establish His Kingdom, LifeLinks seeks to ensure that its membership and purpose are aligned with this plan. For this reason, it will not promote “ministries” which have no solid e does, however, desire to facilitat connection to a local church. LifeLinks ministries that strengthen local churches. Individuals functioning in such ministries, who meet the qualifications of Individual Members, may register their ministry as an . As such, they will have the opportunity to Associated Ministry ion and testimonials about their ministry (without direct publish informat solicitation for financial support) amongst the LifeLinks membership (see Appendix “G”). 2. All members must be in doctrinal harmony with the statement of faith as defined in Article IV of this docum ent. All members must have a lifestyle consistent with the qualifications set forth for 3. Elders, as listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 of the Holy Bible. 4. All member Churches must be governed by Leaders who are members of the Fellowship, or are being overse en by an Oversight Ministry whose members are part of the Fellowship in the absence of locally appointed government. 5. All member Churches must hold and teach doctrine consistent with the Fellowship’s statement of faith. 6. Membership is open to those who are associated with and submitted to a Sponsor or Oversight Ministry, and who identify with the LifeLinks recognized ideals of the Fellowship. 13

15 7. All new Members must be received in the following manner: i. nship to a Candidates for Membership must have a personal relatio LifeLinks Sponsor (as defined in Article VII below) or Overseer for a period of no less than six (6) months before they should be considered for Membership. Candidates for Membership must be recommended for Membership by a ii. Sponsor who is willin g to sponsor them. iii. Candidates for Membership will fill out and submit (to the Administration Office for their region) a biographical form provided along with their application for Membership. This information will be distributed to the and kept on file at the Regional Administration office. Apostolic Council iv. Candidates who are accepted for Membership will receive a Membership Certificate for the current year. 8. All members of the Fellowship will be expected to submit annual dues to operational costs of the Fellowship. contribute toward the ARTICLE VII SPONSORSHIP – 1. A Sponsor is an Apostolic Council Member, or a Senior Leader of a LifeLinks church, who is a functioning member in good standing. ifeLinks Sponsor Each new Member will be introduced to the Fellowship by a L 2. who has had close contact with a potential Member for a period of no less than six (6) months and is eager to recommend them to the Fellowship on the basis of a spiritual witness and a sensing of a kindred spirit. The duties of 3. Sponsors w ill include vouching for the personal, financial, and moral integrity of the Membership candidate, and being a liaison to the candidate throughout his/her membership should adjustment or discipline be required. Sponsors should be willing to bear some of t he responsibility for those that they 4. put forth as candidates and may be called upon by the Apostolic Council to be involved in an ongoing way. 14

16 ARTICLE VIII – MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE An annual Membership Certificate will be issued to all approved Member s for the Fellowship. ARTICLE IX – DUES A current list of dues is contained in this booklet (see Appendix “A”). ARTICLE X – DISCIPLINE OF MEMBERS One of the purposes of the Fellowship is to help maintain purity of character and 1. to provide an Apostol ic oversight for like - minded Leaders and Churches. For this reason discipline may be required with regard to those who fail to maintain the standards of the Fellowship in sound doctrine, personal purity, financial responsibility, and ministerial integrity . Discipline will be handled on the basis of Matthew 18. The following stages of 2. discipline can be expected: i. One on one confrontation by another Fellowship Member. In the event there is no change, step two would follow. ii. Confrontation by two or three F ellowship Members including at least one Apostolic Council Member and the Sponsor/Overseer (if not part of the Apostolic Council). In the event there is no change, step three would follow. iii. Removal from the Fellowship by a unanimous vote of the Apostolic Council. A written notification will be handed/mailed to the Member in question along with a request for their Membership Certificate. All other Members will be simultaneously advised of the action taken in LifeLinks an appropriate manner. 3. Members of th e Fellowship may also be disciplined by removal from the Fellowship for one - time offences if in the judgement of the Apostolic Council such offences are worthy of such treatment. Offences such as moral impurity, ture. criminal offences, etc. could be of this na 4. Members who have been removed cannot be reinstated without the recommendation of a member of the Apostolic Council and a unanimous vote of the Council. 5. Restoration of a disciplined Member shall be in accordance with an established procedure (descri bed in Appendix “C”) since we recognize the Biblical purpose of discipline is to bring about restoration in the lives of God’s people. 15

17 ARTICLE XI – APOSTOLIC OVERSIGHT 1. The Apostolic Council will be available to provide overall Apostolic oversight for th e Fellowship and offer judgement on its behalf when requested to do so by a local Church or Sponsor. However, members are encouraged to look to their Sponsor when appropriate. Representatives of the Council will be available: For counsel to Fellowship Me mbers. i. Where possible to visit and minister to Churches and Ministries to help ii. impart strength to them. iii. To aid and assist local Churches in their ordination of Ministries. iv. To Elderships who need assistance in pulpit supply and assist in finding ndidates. Pastoral ca To local Church Elderships that find it necessary to bring a charge against v. their Senior Leader. 2. It should be noted that all of these functions are carried out upon request and in no way override the autonomy of the local Church involved. Auth ority of LifeLinks International Fellowship in the local Church is a result of the relationship that a member has established with the Sponsor/Overseeing ministry of their choice. The Sponsor may involve the Apostolic Council on especially delicate matter s should they deem it necessary. AMENDING THE ARTICLES & DISSOLUTION OF THE – ARTICLE XII FELLOWSHIP Amendments to the articles contained in this document may be made by a 1. unanimous vote of the Apostolic Council. ill be determined by a unanimous vote of the Dissolution of the Fellowship w 2. Apostolic Council. Upon such conditions all assets of the Fellowship shall be distributed to other like organizations with compatible purposes at the total discretion of the Council. 16

18 Appendix “C”: Procedur e For Discipline And Restoration Agreed process for the discipline and restoration of those involved in Membership of LifeLinks International Fellowship. Due to the fact that from time to time it is inevitable that various types of failure in leadership will arise, it is important that there be a plan of action taken in regards to discipline and restoration. BASIS FOR DISCIPLINE & RESTORATION BIBLICAL 11; 2 Thessalonians 3:14 - 13; 1 Corinthians 5:9 - 15; - Romans 16:17; 1 Corinthians 5:1 2. - 20; 1 Peter 4:15 - 18; 1 Timothy 4:14; Galatians 6:1 - 1 Timothy 5:19 BEFORE A DISCIPLINE TAKES PLACE: 1. er is in fact guilty and no accusation should be We should ensure that the lead spoken or inferred but in the mouth of two or three witnesses (1 Timothy 3:19). 2. We must make sure that the discipline does not take place before certain procedures are followed: (a) Report the misconduc t to local Church leadership (b) Report the misconduct to LifeLinks leadership. 3. We must be certain we are making spiritual and scriptural judgements regarding the matter (1 Corinthians 2:15). 4. It should be established that the misconduct is congru ent with scriptural misconduct (references for which are given in Biblical Basis for Discipline & Restoration above). 5. Work with any group or denomination with whom this person may have been or is involved. 17

19 THE TIME DURING THE DISCIPLINE AND JUDGEMEN T PERIOD 1. Where sin is private, seek to stop the spreading of reproach. 2. Where sin is public, seek to protect yet be honest. 3. Counsel the offender to make a confession and to request forgiveness on whatever level is appropriate. Also, a submission to the disciplinary process should be . stated publicly 4. In the case of a public confession of sin, the LifeLinks Apostolic Council/members thereof will attempt to ascertain that the offender is seeking to ly entering into true assume full responsibility for the offense and is willing repentance, described as “godly sorrow” described in II Corinthians 7:8 - 11, and evidenced in: A newfound love, peace, and joy. i. ii. Acceptance of their ministry in a growing way among leaders and congregation. Willingness to work in any area of self - support. iii. Not seeking or demanding support from the body of Christ. iv. v. Not seeking self - defense as a way out of the discipline. vi. Financial responsibility in all areas. Seeking absolutely no excuses for failure. vii. Sorrow for past sin. viii. ix. A testimony of n ewfound grace and victory over the area of failure. An obvious release of the anointing on the person’s ministry. x. xi. Not seeking for ministry, but to please God and allowing God, through others, to restore them to ministry if deemed appropriate. 5. A reevaluati on by corporate leadership after a given period of time (preferably . in the spirit of these guidelines every six months) to evaluate the progress 18

20 THE PROCESS OF RESTORATION 1. Initially, weekly counseling sessions should be established with the person or persons involved in restoration after one month or so biweekly and possibly on a monthly basis later on. It is advisable that the person be counseled and gains oversight from one person 2. or persons in consultation. 3. That all areas be covered that relate to the moral integrity and character of the person in question. Roots of the result of failure must be discovered. 4. That where appropriate, the wife or husband of the offender be involved in the counseling process as well. 5. That definite assignments be given f rom the counseling sessions and reporting back on progress by both parties. 6. In the case where professional counseling takes place, that reports be given by the counselor to the person in charge of the restoration that can aid in evaluation. 7. rational, spiritual, and social stability of the person under That emotional, discipline be noted and reported by the counselor and all who evaluate before responsibilities are again resumed. 8. Small non - public areas of service and ministry are given before the completion of restoration takes place. 9. The following are considered good signs of healthy restoration: i. Both husband and wife (in the case of this being a couple) come into good open relationship with God and one another. A noted freedom to worship God. ii. iii. of guilt and condemnation. An overcoming iv. for A willingness to allow leadership to set the pace and time line restoration and to cooperate with it. v. Full submission in action and attitude to the discipline handed out, no longer seeking a way out . REINSTATEMENT 1. Publi c reinstatement would include the following: (a) Having the offender write out a statement of confession and intent to be approved by appointed leadership. (b) The leadership should then respond by publicly receiving or rejecting the spirit and statement of the convicted party. (c) The leadership should then encourage (unless the situation is negative) the receiving of the confession and the restoration process by asking the people involved to cooperate with the plans for restoration. (d) A clear statement first of all by the leadership of the person having met the requirements and being recognized as restored. (e) A testimony of gratefulness and purpose on the part of the restored. 19

21 A “laying on of hands” by members of the Apostolic Council and local (f) church Leaders as req uired for reinstatement of the ministry where appropriate and encouraging people to receive the person restored. That after the person is reinstated, there is ongoing positive relationship with 2. restorative leadership. 3. That letters be sent to the constit uency explaining the restoration and commending them to the brethren. All leadership should be asked to stand with the judgement and plan for 4. restoration so that no confusion can enter in. 20

22 Appendix “D”: Doctrinal Statement THE WORD OF GOD I. i. We beli eve the Bible to be the inspired Word of God. We accept it in its entirety as the Word of God in its original manuscripts, ii. Holy, inspired, infallible, and our source of Spiritual light and truth. It is our source of revelation of God, the knowledge of sa lvation, the iii. origin of all things, and of the hereafter. iv. It is the final Court of Appeal on all points of doctrine, life and Godliness (2 Timothy 3:16 - 17; 2 Peter 1:21; Hebrews 4:12 - 13). v. nspired We believe that the scripture of the Old and New Testament is the i Word of God. The Doctrine and Beliefs of this Fellowship are contained and limited to the Bible. II. THE PERSON OF GOD i. We believe in one God, manifested as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, eternal in existence. ii. We believe God to be the Creator of a ll things and Author of Eternal Redemption. - sufficient Saviour. We We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the only all iii. believe the Lord Jesus Christ to be God manifest in the flesh, as the very Son of God, the Creator of all things with the Father, and as t he appointed Judge of all men (Colossians 1:12 - 19; Acts 17:31). We believe in the virgin birth of Christ, His vicarious death on behalf of iv. lost humanity, His appointed burial, His bodily resurrection, His ascension on high, His High - Priestly ministry in t he Heavenlies and His physical return to the earth to receive the righteous, both living and dead, and to execute judgement upon the wicked. v. We acknowledge the Holy Spirit as: Comforter, the agency of he cross, and the regeneration, the Revealer of Christ and His work on t Distributor of gifts and graces upon the Church. 21

23 III. THE TWO ORDINANCES We believe that Christ observed, established and commanded the Church to observe two ordinances: Water baptism by immersion, of confessed believers in the Lord Jesu i. s Christ, as practiced in the New Testament Church (Acts 2:38). This act is a visible representation of our death, burial, and resurrection with Christ. ii. The Lord’s Supper, as a means of fellowship in the Spiritual body of Christ, and to partake of the Sp iritual benefits provided for New Covenant believers. IV. THE BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT i. We believe in the infilling of the Holy Ghost, subsequent to the New Birth, with the Biblical evidence of speaking with other tongues and/or prophecy and the enduement with power to witness, and the accompanying gifts and graces. (Acts 1:8; 10:44 46; 19:1 - 6; 1 Corinthians 12:5 - 11; Romans 5:5). - V. THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH i. We believe that every born again believer is a member of the Body of - Christ, His Church (Colossians 1:18; - 23; Ephesians 1:20 - 13; Ephesians 4:11 - 16). 1 Corinthians 12:12 VI. DIVINE HEALING i. We believe that divine healing is part of God’s provision for mankind and that through the gifts of healing, the laying on of hands, the anointing with oil, or by simple fai th alone, physical healing and deliverance from pain are privileges of humanity throughout the Gospel Age. (Mark 16:17 18; 1 Corinthians 2:9 16). - - 10; 1 Peter 2:24; James 5:13 - VII. EVANGELISM We recognize the highest obligation of the saved is to spread the G i. ospel to the lost world. ii. This may be accompanied by: preaching the Word, praying, living according to the tenets of the Bible, and the sacrificial giving of the Saints - 23). - (Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:18 - 20, Matthew 3:8 10, 1 Corinthians 9:7 22

24 THE SECOND CO MING OF CHRIST VIII. i. We believe in the physical, personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ and the events pertinent to the following Scriptures (Acts 1:11; 1 Thessalonians 4:16 - 17; Titus 2:12 - 14; 2 Thessalonians 1:7 - 10). - IX. THE CHRIST LIKE LIFE i. We believe that ALL Christians are called into a life of separation from sinful practices and that they should take every opportunity to promote - righteousness and Godliness (James 4:4; Romans 12:1 - 2; 1 John 2:15 17; 2 Corinthians 6:13 - 18; Romans 13:1 - 10). OF HANDS X. THE LAYING ON We believe that the laying on of hands as practiced in the New Testament i. is an operation of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit for: the dedication of children, ordination of ministries, sending out of ministries (Acts 13:3 – Paul and Barnabas), hea ling of the sick, baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the reception of spiritual gifts. ii. We believe through the laying on of hands, prayer and prophecy, that spiritual gifts and ministries are imparted or confirmed in Spirit - filled believers. ON XI. ONGOING REVELATI We recognize that God is continually restoring further truths to His i. Church; we therefore, place no limit on further revelation. However, each new understanding is to be reviewed in the light of God’s Word, and shall be in conformity to the principles of the written Word of God. The Apostolic Council, with prayer and fasting and seeking the Lord for confirmation, shall consider such changes. XII. ASCENSION GIFTS OF CHRIST fold ministries In view of our recognition of the Restoration to the Church the 5 - (as in Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers referred to by Ephesians 4:11) of the universal Church, we further recognize their ministries within the context of the local Church, when separated and consecrated by a recognized local Church body . Travelling ministries will be recognized in our local Churches when related Biblically to a recognized Ministry Team or when responsible to a local Church that is part of the Fellowship. 23

25 Appendix “E”: Communication Li The Apostolic Council of the is vitally concerned with communicating feLinks Family with our members and our friends. In order to do so, we have tried to apply ourselves to the available technologies as well as to make ourselves personally available to our spiritual Family and friend s. website for To this end we have encouraged every Member to gain access to the Internet . The Apostolic Council has access to an email distribution list comprised of themselves email addresses supplied by members for their leadership teams via the rship/renewal process, and periodically communicate with church/member membe leadership using this means. Details of LifeLinks has a Web Site on the Internet at the address . meetings and events can usua nformation of a lly be obtained from there. Directory i LifeLinks is available to personal nature, other than the Senior Leader(s) of a ministry, . members through a password protected portion of the web site. Our Web site team is continually developing te chniques to allow us to assist and serve you better. From the Web site, you can find directory information, regional and international ministry events and news, and links to other LifeLinks ministry sites. - teaching and for registration of Our use of the Internet will increase for on line Conferences etc. We strongly advise our Members to become acquainted with the use of these means of communication. You will find the addresses and information concerning our Members and : Chu rches on the Web site 24

26 All Applications for Membership should be sent to the one of the following regional offices: LifeLinks International Fellowship Inc. Canada/USA: th 2202 8 Ave. N. S4R 7T9 Regina, SK. Canada Europe: 217 Handsworth Rd. Sheffield, South Yorkshire S13 9BH UK Pacific Rim/Mexico/Africa: 20394 San Miguel Ave. Castro Valley, CA 94546 USA , you may contact For general information concerning [email protected] . LifeLinks Your inquiries will be directed to the appropriate place to serve you as effectively as possible. 25

27 Appendix “F”: Membership Application Form Membership Application Form PERSONAL INFORMATION Da te of Birth: Full Name: Spouse’s Name: (if applicable) Street Address: City: Province/State: Country: Postal/Zip Code: Cell Phone: Home Phone: Email Address: 26

28 CHURCH/Ministry INFORMATION (If different from the above) Church/Minis try Name: Contact/Administration Person (if different from senior leader): Mailing Street Address: Province/State: City: Country: Postal/Zip Code: Meeting Place (description/address if different then mailing): Church Phone: Fax Numb er: Church Email Address: Web Page address: Ministry Information In which of the five fold Ministry offices do you operate? (Circle applicable office/offices) - Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, Prophet, Evangelist Or, a re you: An Elder A Ministry in Training ____ A Missionary applying for Individual Membership A Missionary associated with: ______________________________ (name of LifeLinks church/Sponsor) A Youth Pastor/Worker A Christian Worker ____ Other (describe): _______________________________ Do you hold beliefs that are contrary to the accepted charismatic/evangelical position? YES ______ NO _______ Do you currently hold credentials with a government - recognized group or denomination? NO _ YES ______ ______ If yes, which one? 27

29 Do you understand that your acceptance by and your involvement with the LifeLinks LifeLinks Sponsor ? Fellowship is dependent upon your ongoing vital relationship with a Sponsor’s Name: _____________________________________ ______________________ Apostolic Overseer (if different from Sponsor): __________________________________ If you desire your ministry’s leadership team members listed in the LifeLinks directory, please attach with this application a sheet listing their/ spouse’s names, address, phone number, and email addresses where applicable. Please check one of the following that this application represents: (not applicable to missionaries/Associated Ministries connected to a LifeLinks church/member) : Membership Fees - International (non  00 NA/European scale) $ 25. $ 100.00  Individual Member /Couple $ 200.00  Church with 40 or less people - 70 people  Church with 40 $ 500.00 $ 750.00  Church with 70 - 150 people  - 250 people Church with 150 $1000.00 Church with 250  - 350 people $1500.00 00.00 Church with 350 - 500 people $20   Church with 500 - 1000 people $2500.00 $3000.00 Church with over 1000 people  Please write and attach a brief testimony (you may do this on a separate sheet). I have read and understood the information presented by the Introductory Information booklet and wish to apply for Membership of LifeLinks International Fellowship Inc. ned: __________________________________________Date: ___________________ Sig Please send the application form to: LifeLinks International Fellowship Inc. Europe: Pacific Rim/Mexico: Canada/USA: th 20394 San Miguel Ave. 217 Handsworth Rd. Ave. N. 2202 8 Castro Valley, CA 94546 Sheffield, South Yorkshire Regina, SK. S4R 7T9 USA S13 9BH United Kingdom Canada For Office Use Only... _________________________________________ Approved by: __________________________ Apostolic Council Representative Date of Approval 28

30 Appendix “G”: Associated Ministry Information LifeLinks exists to promote God’s p lan to bring His Kingdom to the world through His Church. While the support and strengthening of the local church is our primary focus, we recognize that the Lord provides gifts/ministries to strengthen the church. As such, we use the term “Associated Mi nistry” to apply to individuals who may be involved/directing “ministries” that are not in themselves local churches, but have demonstrated themselves to be fulfilling God’s mandate to strengthen and build local churches. As well, these individuals need t o be rightly related to a local church (which LifeLinks does not need to be a member). Associated Ministry of LifeLinks, then you If you desire to register your ministry as an must be an “Individual Member” of LifeLinks according to the conditions explain ed in this booklet. This Information page is only to be submitted with a completed “Membership Application Form” (see Appendix “F”). , you have agreed to be accountable to As indicated in the Membership Application Form eLinks a Sponsor that is a part of the Lif family in matters relating to moral, ethical, and Associated ministerial conduct. This will be essential to the ongoing recognition of your LifeLinks. Ministry in To ensure that both the named Sponsor and yourself understand the importance of this condition, please complete the following: LifeLin To obtain recognition of an Associated Ministry of ks International, Inc. We, the undersigned, have willingly entered into a relationship whereby the Associated Ministry named: ________________________________________________________________ Under the direction of: _________________________________ ______________________ (Name of Individual Member directing Associated Ministry) is accountable in matters relating to moral, ethical, and ministerial conduct to: _______________________________________________________________ (Name of LifeLinks Sponsor) 29

31 As an Individual Member with an Associated Ministry, you will have the opportunity to publish information and testimonials about your ministry (without conducting direct solicitation for financial support via the LifeLinks communication networks). Please fill in ONE of the following 3 options to indicate your preference for your choice LifeLinks directory, Web site, and membership certificate of information display in the firm your status as an Individual Member of (the latter of which is issued to con LifeLinks). 1. ____________________________________________________________ (Your name with your spouse if you share a partnership ministry) Street address will appear here. ______________________________________ ______________________ (Name of Associated Ministry) Your email address will appear here. Your Sponsor’s name will appear here. 2. ____________________________________________________________ (Name of Associated Ministry) Street address will appear here. ____________________________________________________________ (Your name with your spouse if you share a partnership ministry) Your email address will appear here. Your sponsor’s name will appear here. If you desire to have your Associated Ministry’s na me appear on your Member Certificate, please use the following option: 3. ______________________________ of ___________________________ (Your name/with spouse if applicable) (Name of Associated Ministry) Street address will appear here. s will appear here. Your email addres Your Sponsor’s name will appear here. 30

32 Partnership Relationships Appendix “H”: A Suggested Model for Apostolic/Oversight Relationships The LifeLinks Apostolic Council recognizes the opportunity for LifeLinks members to with ministries within or without the LifeLinks form Apostoli c/Oversight relationships family. These give members the benefit of the protection and the building effects of such relationships. Members have the freedom to form partnerships within these relationships. These arrangements are not part of the membership requirements of LifeLinks , but are negotiated between LifeLinks members and the Apostolic/Oversight ministry of their choice . When such a relationship is desired with a LifeLinks Apostolic/Oversight Minist ry, the Apostolic Council is available to provide counsel as to how to enter into such a relationship. This example is The following is a suggested model/guideline for Partner Relationships. ther types of partner O based on a partnership with an Apostolic/Oversight Ministry. relationship may be formed with Prophetic or other types of ministries. Terms relating to “Apostolic Ministry” refer to the Apostle or Apostolic Team, and “Partner partnership Member/Church” refers to the party who is voluntarily entering into a arrangement with the chosen Apostolic ministry. 1. Partner members/Churches, as they are able to do so, contribute to expenses for visits from Apostolic/Oversight team members. The degree of contribution is dependent on the ability of the member /church to do so, and the agreement made with the Apostle they relate to. Contributions of the Partner Member are made to the Apostle’s Apostolic Fund (described below). 2. There may be a financial aspect to the relationship in which the Partner Member/Chur ch pays an equivalent to the tithe of the Senior Leader to the specific Apostolic/Oversight ministry with whom they maintain a connecting relationship. The calculation of this amount should be undertaken with the involvement of both parties. It is unders tood that this may represent some hardship to small churches and there should be efforts made to accommodate them in the interim to enable them to grow their church in a way that will eventually help them to achieve the goal. This is suggested as a method that is a just and equal manner of collecting contributions to sustain the ministry of the Apostolic/Oversight Ministry . 3. Each Apostolic Ministry within the LifeLinks Family will administrate, or delegate the administration of the funds described above, through their own Apostolic Fund. (Note: for the Canadian/American context, this fund should be administrated by a registered charity organization in order to facilitate the should be accounted to the Apostolic Fund receipting of contributions ). The ividual churches/members they are overseeing through written financial ind reports. 31

33 4. The monies given to the Apostolic Funds may be used as follows:  For the payment of the salary of the Apostolic Ministry. This will relieve the pressure on Local Churches wh ose Leader is traveling Apostolically, allowing a proportionate reduction of the Local Church responsibility as the Leader’s outside responsibility increases.  For transportation costs to smaller churches that cannot afford to fully pay for expenses, thus a llowing all to assist one another in growth. For sending other Ministries to churches overseen where some assistance  and maintenance is required.  To allow Apprentice Ministries from the churches involved some subsidy for the expense of traveling with and l earning from Senior Ministries. To assist in bringing in relevant speakers and the arrangement of area and  specific local Conferences.  Offering hospitality to those Local Church representatives visiting his out with hospitality on a home/church (or where others in the church help regular basis). Benefits of Partnership Relationships fold In the spirit of the New Testament church, LifeLinks believes in the support of 5 - ministries such as apostles and prophets in the same way that the contemporary church has supported mission ministries. As the saints contribute to the support and furtherance of ministry by recognized 5 - fold ministries, the kingdom is advanced, and the support given is not necessarily tied to a “direct benefit” to those who are giving. A t the same time, there are obviously benefits that come from a genuine relationship with these ministries. Through visits, phone calls, and other means of communication, the Apostolic ministry can assist the local church/partner members in areas such as s uggested in the following agreement form. This is not a legal This form may be a useful tool to help establish these partnerships . document or contract, but is intended to set out the practical expectations of relationship oken expectations which cause friction and unfruitfulness and to prevent there being unsp in the relationship. 32

34 (suggested...) Apostolic/Oversight Partnership Agreement That is: The Relationship between ________________________________ (Apostle/Overseer) and those working directly with him, AND _____________________________________________________ (Partner Member ) (Partner Member) the will be related to 1. ____________________________ partner above named Apostle/Over seer and those associated in the care of churches with him. members / The relationship shall be one of mutual agreement and is to be maintained by real 2. interchange of counsel, prayer, practical help, and support. the Apostle/O verseer is suggested to be a sum equivalent to 3. Financial support for the true and agreed amount of the Senior Leader’s tithe. This amount should be sent monthly to the Apostle’s Apostolic Fund. This support will be sent in the form of a cheque made out to: _____________________ __________________ and sent to the following address: __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ 33

35 as A postle/Overseer or a member of their team will visit the Partner Member 4. The able, and in the case of a church partner member, to confer with the Leaders, maintain contact with the congregation, and to do whatever is possible to maintain the growth and healt h of the church. 5. The Partner Member, or in the case of a church, the Senior Leader/Leadership Team Member, will be encouraged, on occasions, to travel with the to increase the strength of the relationship. This would be at the Apostle/Overseer expense of the Partner/Church, but likely there would only be travel expenses, since there would usually be hospitality offered for traveling companions. 6. At any mutually convenient time during the year, the Partner Member, or in the , may visit with der/Leadership Team Members case of a church, the Senior Lea at his home and will be offered hospitality in an attempt to Apostle/Overseer the foster relationships and to deal with any problems arising or personal difficulties being experienced. Where the 7. Partner Member i s a church, the Apostle/Overseer or members of their Team will attempt to assist in areas such as:  Vision casting and development  Development of Leaders Focusing of Missionary Ministry   Youth input and development  Prophetic Presbyteries Providing speakers for key conferences  Such help would be on the usual Ministry basis for the specific incoming Ministries but they would only come at the request of the Leader(s) of the Church. None would be “sent” without such request. 34

36 The Basis of Apostolic Visits Th e following are some points set out in a book by Rodney Lynch which would form the basis of the Apostolic visits. Normally an apostle ought to visit once a year. There might be a greater 1. frequency for a new work, one recovering from a major set back, or one with a new Leader/Leadership Team. Length of visits may vary but a number of days should be set aside to be sure that they are available either in one or in two slots. When the Apostolic Ministry visits, he/they: 2.  Meet with the pastor and elders and their wives for mutual sharing, problem solving, prayer and exhortation and encouragement of the Leaders.  Resolve any conflicts in the church where possible.  Impart vision for Ministries at home and abroad. Assist in Missions Focus.  ths. Teach Foundational Tru Recommend or endorse candidates for Eldership or for the Ministry in church planting.  Ordain ministries   Spend quality time with the Pastor, wife, and family.  Visit in Elders homes if possible  Have opportunities to be known by the congregation. 3. In the absence of the Apostolic Ministry:  remain available for emergency calls or visits.  pray regularly for the Church and its Leaders.  keep a faithful record of visits and impressions. maintain regular contact by email or phone and is available for consultati on at reasonable  times. receive and read a monthly report from the Pastor outlining events in the Church.   are available to the Congregation if they wish to gain his/their perspective on any issues.  provide an annual statement of Income and Expenditure from the Apostolic fund. 4. What is expected in return? Public recognition of the role of the Apostolic Ministry and Team   Pray regularly and publicly for him and his family and those who work with him.  Give reports to the congregation, from emails or other co mmunications received, of activity and prayer needs.  Financially support regularly and without prompting.  Receive the input given prayerfully and act on it prudently.  Keep him advised of prophecies, special meetings, and events where the Holy Spirit has sp oken to the Church.  Encourage others to financially support specific projects and to financially sponsor some who may need to travel in order to gain experience with him and his team. Youth Encourage the participation of the youth in their churches in the Training  Programs of the Fellowship. 35

37 Other aspects of this Partnership agreement not covered in the above include (attach page if more space is needed): Signed, ________________________________ __________ _______________________ (Apostle/Overseer) ) (Partner Member/Senior Team Leader Please make a copy of this agreement for both parties. 36

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